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Fantasy Cards / The Constable
« on: December 22, 2018, 07:49:15 PM »
Backstage Area

When packing this card you may pack 1 maneuver card in your arsenal that has the Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Lashley, or Drew McIntyre logo and one stipulation in your backstage area. When you play a non-Baron Corbin superstar specific card, you lose the game via pinfall. During any player's turn when you are about to lose the game you may hide this card to put one stipulation from your backstage area into your ring area and you cannot lose the game for the remainder of the turn.


Rules Forum / Just Call Me Dave vs Brahma Bull
« on: May 15, 2018, 12:20:28 AM »
Just Call Me "DAVE"     (Batista logo)
Backstage Card
Your non-unique maneuvers with 'spine buster' or 'spinebuster' in the title are +2D.
During your turn when your Fortitude Rating is 0 and your opponent's Fortitude Rating is 10 or more, you may hide this card to search your Arsenal and Ringside for Unleashed Bomb, reveal it, put it in your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal; that card cannot be blanked.
Unique     RMS logo

The Brahma Bull
Pre-match Event
When this card is in your Ring area, all your opponent's maneuvers played from the hand of 4F or less are considered to have a D:1 and their text is considered blank. In the opponent's Ring area those cards are counted normally for purposes of Fortitude Rating.
F: 0   D: 0

My question is, if your opponent hides Just Call Me Dave, is it possible to play Restricted Use In This Area on their Unleashed Bomb to get rid of the "That card cannot be blanked" text and then play a appropriate reversal like a revolution of the mind to their Unleashed Bomb.

Sorry, seems my friend and I posted close to the same time with the same question.

Hello peeps was joking around with a friend while watching wrestling and tossed out some raw deal references and per his request finally did commentary to a full match. So I bring to you AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens with custom commentary. The sound is muted except my commentary and I hope people are as amused as my friend and I were with it. Just a heads up for Creed, I am a bit rough on Creed towards the end of the video, so I won't be hurt if ya don't really care for it. Hope people enjoy it anyways, thanks. :)

General Chat / Getting autographs from the Bullet club
« on: September 29, 2017, 12:43:36 AM »
So I bought a ticket to the meet and greet with the Bullet Club in Chicago, was just searching for good ideas of what I should have them sign. I"m probably going to get Kenny Omega to sign a Sephiroth card from the final fantasy tcg game, then Young Bucks obviously my tag titles, not really sure what I should have Cody Rhodes and The Villian Marty Scurll sign. Possibly a intercontinental title for Cody. Looking for ideas and suggestions, would like to keep the stuff raw deal related so I could possibly show them off in games.

Rules Forum / Cards considered played from hand from other areas.
« on: September 18, 2017, 09:27:48 PM »
Okay this is going to be a two part question, first is with Terry Funk's ability

Veterans of Extreme     (Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk logos)
Backstage Card
When packing this card, you may pack up to 5 non-Unique Foreign Objects hidden in your Backstage Area; at the end of the Pre-match Phase, reveal all Foreign Objects in your Backstage Area and shuffle them into your Arsenal.
Your Mid-match Capacity is +2.
When you are Terry Funk, you use your Ability, and you have lower Fortitude or 3+ fewer cards in hand, you may play a Foreign Object from Ringside as if from hand; when it is successfully played and you have 5+ greater Fortitude, put that card in your Ringside regardless of other effects.

Extreme Rules Match
Pre-match Stipulation
Can only be packed if there is an ECW card in your Backstage Area.
All players ignore the "Can only be played..." text on Foreign Object cards played from hand.
ACE: Once during any players’ turn, that player may either overturn 5 cards or discard 2 cards to put a Foreign Object card from his Ringside into his hand.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     ECW logo

If the foreign object in his ringside pile has a can only be played restriction, will extreme rules match still ignore the text?

And the second part of the question along the same lines.

Vice Lock let's me put cards underneath it if it's successful, let's say I put a revolution of the mind underneath it, can I use that to reverse something like precision kick that can only be reversed from hand if my revo is underneath another card? Thanks.

General Chat / TCO sign in question
« on: September 06, 2017, 10:21:50 PM »
For a while when I try to log in to the forums, I very frequently get a webpage pop up that says.

The page you are trying to access is restricted due to a security rule.

If you believe the security rule is affecting the normal operation of your website, contact your host support team and provide detailed instructions how to recreate this error.
They will be able to assist you with rectifying the problem and adjusting the security configuration if needed.

Does anyone else have this problem? And the website never keeps me logged in. Just thought I'd ask.

Fantasy Cards / Had a little idea for Braun Strowman
« on: August 27, 2017, 07:01:58 PM »
Braun Strowman

HS: 8
SSV: 4

Superstar Ability: Your arsenal may only contain maneuvers and reversals. During your turn you may not play non-maneuver cards.
Before your opponent's draw segment if your fortitude rating is higher than your opponent's fortitude rating
they choose one of the following. They cannot draw cards this turn. They must discard 1 card to play a card this turn. Or before
their draw segment they must randomly remove 4 cards from their ringside pile from the game and allow you to shuffle 4 cards
from your ringside pile into your arsenal.

I'm Not Finished With You!
Backstage Area Card

This card is always considered hidden. When packing this card you may not reveal other backstage area cards nor can your opponent
move your backstage area cards from any location. Once during each of your turns you may take a hidden backstage area cards and
place it face down into your ring area to shuffle one superstar specific card from your ring area back into your arsenal and draw one card.
Your fortitude rating is considered +10 for every face down backstage area card in your ring area.

Haven't really put much thought into the rest of his stuff, possibly let him pack "We're Here". Bit just kinda figured that his ability and backstage card were the most important part. Anyways hope the idea gets the wheels of creativity a turning.

Tournament Reports / Have Fun Collectibles Virtual Classic 3/18
« on: March 19, 2017, 06:14:02 AM »
Hello peeps, thought I would put up a little tournament report, we only had 6 people show up this time so it was a round robin with 5 rounds. I don't remember everyone's name so I'll put up what I know.

Suicidal_Sephiroth - Eddie Guerrero
RioTheBeast - The Showstopper
LawnMowerMan - DX
Kevin Owens
Macho Man
Big E

Round 1 vs The Showstopper

Was up against a BASH Showstopper, nothing too special happened. Dropped Overrated Superstar and went first with showtime, started the game with the maneuver of doom into the perfectly executed tope. Just started the game with too much of a jump for showstopper to really get into it, A couple pain reversals later and a dynamic high risk, the game ended via Count out with Mania.

1-0 via count-out

Round 2 vs Big E

Much like the first game, used interest of fairness to tutor out a sidewalk slam and went straight to town with maneuver of doom into a You're Not In My League which cleared out the hand of future action reversals. Big E just couldn't get a splash onto the table in between anything and hate it, rechazo, and managers.

2-0 vis pinfall

Round 3 vs Kevin Owens

More of the same as the other games except Kevin Owens does get some fort to start with a flawless transition + quick snap body slam after he ends my turn with his mid-match after I overrated superstar + showtimed him. Then maneuver of doom into perfectly executed tope into atomic knee drop left him with one card left in arsenal, and ended the game with a spinebuster as a reversal.

3-0 via pinfall

Round 4 vs DX

The wheels fell off for me this game, after houston, hometown hero, old school manager, and hhh fued my hand was -9 to start. I tutored out one of his 2 sidewalk slams with interest of fairness and start the game, he drew a don't try this at home off of his 2 he drew off of my interest of fairness which nuked my venue, bring the hammer down hits my divine and then he top decks another sidewalk slam to use both when I play let me get a shot in. Followed into kitchen sink into 2 more bring the hammer down = me losing roughly turn 3 with nothing on the board. I was salty about lucky top decks, rightfully so.

3-1 via pinfall

Round 5 vs Macho Man

The last and longest round was against a blindside Macho Man, my match started the way it normally does straight into maneuver of doom into You're Not In My League to clear out some action reversals out of his hand, I did eat a few turn the tides though into blindside tornado strike, was saddened when he reversed my Beg For Mercy with a ref catches something, spoofy ref anyways. The game ended shortly after a pulp mania to remove his divine intervention into a tech high risk, following turn a And the crowd roars into another tech high risk.

4-1 via pinfall.

The deck worked as intended nearly every game, the unfortunate top decks against DX hindered the experience a bit but sometimes RNG just bends a person over the table once in a while and let's them have it. Was nice to go back and play a superstar that doesn't get talked about much anymore and be fairly successful. Might pick the deck up again some other time. Hopefully we get a larger turnout for the next one, 6 is a smaller number for our tournaments but it happens. Good tournament, with good people. Will do it again next month. Thanks for reading.

Rules Forum / quick don't be a douchebag question
« on: March 15, 2017, 06:07:02 AM »
Was browsing some rulings for the card and i know that it reverses cards modified by superstar abilities differently, I just wanted to make sure that I understood the situations correctly so my question.

1: A move modified by Big Freakin' Machine's ability can't be reversed by douchebag from hand but can be flipped on the overturn if it's non-unique?

2: Can douchebag reverse a non-unique maneuver of Bobby Lashley's on the overturn, I'm guessing no for the same reason that it can't be played from hand against big freakin' machine's ability?

3: Can Don't be a douchebag ever be used against a non-unique high risk made irreversible from Eddie Guerrero's superstar ability?  What if I played something like shooting star press as my first high risk, while normally douchebag would hit the move, would my ability protect it from being reversed?

Thanks in advance. :)

Rules Forum / Tournament question
« on: February 25, 2017, 11:30:30 AM »
Is superstar specifics public knowledge at a tournament? For example my opponent is playing the new day, could I use a outside source to know what their cards do. Like if I have them in my binder could I look at it during the game to know what their cards reverse?

Rules Forum / Evolution Total Teamwork question
« on: January 24, 2017, 02:38:59 AM »

Starting Hand Size: 10     Superstar Value: 10
Tag Team Superstar Ability: You can pack the Tag Team Title Belts. At the start of your turn, before your Draw Segment, look at the top 3 cards of your Arsenal, put them back in any order, and overturn 2 cards. Once during each of your turns you may discard 3 cards, overturn 3 cards, and put 1 card from your opponent's Ring area into his Ringside pile. If that card is a maneuver of F:0, he may shuffle it into his Arsenal.

Time to Find Out Who I Am
Backstage Card
*Can only be revealed during your turn when you successfully play an Evolution-specific card.
When packing this card, you are a Stable.
Before your Draw Segment, you may hide this card.
When this card is revealed, your Ability is blank.
When this card is hidden or revealed, your non-F:0 Evolution-specific Actions are Multi, and the number of cards removed from the game by Yesterday is So Long Ago is reduced to 0.

Total Teamwork
Action / Reversal: Special
Can only be packed by a Tag Team Superstar, except by The Home Team or The Heat Seekers.
As an action, can only be played if you reversed a card to end his turn, and this is the first card played on your turn.  When your next card played is a maneuver, it can only be reversed from Arsenal.
As a reversal, reverse any non-unique maneuver and draw up to 2 cards.
F: 14     D: 2     Unique

The question is since Evolution is a tag team superstar it's legal to pack Total Teamwork, but would packing the backstage card that makes me a stable make it an illegal pack. Or does the backstage card let me be a tag team AND a stable?

General Chat / Jake The Snake Roberts Unspoken Word show
« on: July 11, 2016, 07:35:18 PM »
Hi peeps, anyways planning on going to see Jake's stand up show tomorrow night, was wondering if anyone has seen it yet. Mainly asking to see if he does autographs before or after the show and how much it might cost? Was hoping to get some of my Jake the snake set autographed by him.

Edit: Just got back from the show a little bit ago, was a pretty funny show. Jake was quite funny so if you get a chance to see the show I would recommend it. I do think he went on for a bit long about overcoming his previous demons but I totally understand why he would do that, and it says a lot for the guy that he offered to talk to anyone with addiction problems after the show and try to help them if they needed someone to talk to. Could only get one thing signed because of the steep price but that could just be me, $20 is a decent chunk of change for a autograph if you bring your own item to be signed. But did get him to sign my copy of his pre-match Lucifer.

Rules Forum / dymincally inclined + test
« on: May 27, 2016, 07:25:57 PM »
Dynamically Inclined
Backstage Card
Cannot be packed by Doink or Lex Luger.
Before starting hands are drawn, search your Arsenal and Ringside for 10 non-Trademark-Finisher maneuvers with "dynamic" in the title, put them under this card, and shuffle;  if you do not, hide this card.  At the end of the Pre-match Phase, choose 1 card under this card, put it into your hand, and shuffle the other cards into your Arsenal.
Your Pre-match Capacity is +1 for each The Luck of The Draw card in your Ring greater than 1.
Your non-Unique maneuvers with "dynamic" in the title are -3F and +2D.
When you have lower Fortitude, your opponent is considered to have double the number of reversals in his Ring for your effects with "dynamic" in the title or text.
Unique     RMS logo

my question is, does the double the number of reversals stack? So if my opponent has 1 reversal out, would it go 1x2=2 then 2x2=4. Or would it try to double the reversals at the same time and not really have any extra effect.

This is of course assuming I'm revealing 2 copies of dynamically inclined as Test.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / A buddy and myself recorded a raw deal game.
« on: February 19, 2016, 10:16:18 PM » If peeps are interested in checking it out, just kinda testing out recording a game so we can record the finals of the tournament next week. It's  Two Man Power Trip vs Showstopper.

Fantasy Cards / The Cleaner Kenny Omega
« on: February 01, 2016, 05:09:45 PM »
Figured I'd try something new with this fantasy set so here...we go.

Kenny Omega

SHS: 7
SSV: 3

Superstar Ability: When playing a maneuver from hand or ringside pile you may roll a 6 sided dice, if 1 or 2 your maneuver is now a multi strike with +1 stun and volley equals the damage of the maneuver. If 3 or 4 your maneuver is now a chain submission that requires 3 cards to reverse instead of 2, if  5 and 6 then your maneuver is now a high risk instead. Your maneuvers are no longer printed chain or volley. You are a Bullet Club member.

The Cleaner
Backstage Area Card
Cannot be blanked.
When this card is revealed and you have less fortitude than your opponent, your maneuvers are now multi and ignore completely on your opponent's reversals. Once during each of your turns, you may discard 1 card and blank a card in your opponent's ring area until the end of his next turn. You may hide this card and then your cards are no longer considered to be blanked.

Kenny Omega logo

Bullet Club
Pre-Match: Allegiance

When you are a member of Bullet Club and this card is in your ring area, your superstar-specific pre-match do not take a slot in your ring area and your hand size is +1.

Your run-ins are not affected by Hell in a Cell and when you successfully play a run-in or a card with "Interferes" in the title you may draw a card.
F: 0
D: 0

Devil's Sky
Pre-Match Event

Cannot be blanked.
When you have lower fortitude than your opponent, once during each of your turns you may re-roll a dice. ACE: Once during each of your turns after successfully playing a maneuver you discard a card and roll a 6 sided dice then in any combination shuffle up to that many cards from your ringside pile into your arsenal or randomly remove that many cards in your opponent's discard pile from the game.

F: 0
D: 0

It's a Superkick Party!

Mid-Match: Reversal: Special Run-In

Cannot be played against The Young Bucks.
As a reversal, reverse any Trademark Finisher or when your opponent plays a maneuver with a reversal restriction or cannot be reversed, blank that maneuver and reverse it and then end your opponent's turn.
Kenny Omega logo
F: 15
D: 5

I'm here to clean up the Junior's Division!
Mid-Match: Action
When this card is any area, you may put it into your backlash deck and end your turn. When your opponent has a card with "high-flying" in his ring area, he may not respond to this card. Shuffle 1 card in your ringside pile, removed from the game, and ring area into your arsenal and then remove one card in your opponent's ring area from the game then end your turn. You may reveal The Cleaner if it is hidden.

Kenny Omega logo
F: 25
D: 0

Omega's Hadouken
Strike + Manuever: Special
Your ability roll is added to this maneuver instead of replacing it.  When played as a counter, this card is a multi and +5d.

F: 12
D: 8
Stun: 1
Kenny Omega logo

Croyt's Wrath
Grapple + Maneuver: special/Reversal: Special

Your ability roll is added to this maneuver instead of replacing it.
As a reversal, reverse any maneuver played after the cards titled "From the top rope" or "From the middle turnbuckle".

F: 15
D: 15
Stun: 2
Kenny Omega Logo

Bomaye Knee
Trademark Finisher
When played by Kenny Omega, your ability roll is added to this maneuver instead of replacing it and is now a multi.
When successfully played your opponent discards 2 random cards. When played as a counter, or after a successfully played maneuver, after damage is applied you may shuffle this card into your arsenal.

F: 20
D: 20
SV: 2
Kenny Omega, Shinsuke Nakamura logos

One Winged Angel
Trademark Finisher + Maneuver: Special
Your ability roll is added to this maneuver instead of replacing it. When this card is in your ring area, your opponent may only play one card a turn. During his turn he may, in any combination discard or overturn up to 7 cards to put this card into your ringside pile.

F: 37
D: 27
Stun: 3
Kenny Omega Logo

Trying some new designs with this one, I would definitely play him. Now to just try and get my bestest friend Nico to get cards for it so i can print him off. =p

Professional Wrestling Discussion / NJPW coming to AXS TV
« on: February 01, 2016, 12:50:49 AM »
Seems that New japan pro wrestling got a t.v. deal in the states and Jim Ross is going to be doing weekly commentary, does anyone by chance know if the episodes that has his commentary will be on the new japan pro wrestling world website? It's kinda like the wwe network but for njpw.

Looking to get things all tidy and ready to go for my first tournament next month, was wondering if there was any software to keep track of pairings and matchups easier or if i'll have to use the old pen and paper?

Probably not a popular opinion but if a female superstar runs the Raw allegiance, which would essentially give them 3 unique reversals, 3 any 6d or greater move reversals in the mid-match is just a lot to go through. Sure you can reverse the activated card effect, but that's not really the problem, having to work through all those  reversals is the problem. Especially since nearly all the cards nowadays are uniques, gives females just a ton of reversal power.

But yeah the problem cards are We Burn It To The Ground Tonight with The King Interferes, being able to pack 3 Kings and popping one after you use it is insane.

What's up peeps, setting up my first tournament for the area and would love a good turnout, going to be running 2 tournaments back to back.

The first tournament will be a Aussie Raw Draft. I purchased a box of starters from Vengeance and a booster box from Insurrection and we will draft with those. The rules will be the classic ones 10 pre/10 mid and you may pack any superstar's cards in your deck as long as the deck is still legal. (Can't mix raw/smackdown, face/heel etc etc.) This tournament will be first and mainly for new players interested in learning the game and immediately following will be...

A virtual classic tournament. All current virtual cards are legal for this tournament, this will be to show the new players how the new cards interact in a competitive environment.

As for the location, it's still a bit up in the air at the moment, going to talk to the owner of my local Chinese restaurant and see if we can reserve a few tables for us, so we can have a buffet during the tournament. I thought it was a great idea.

Location: 114 S 2nd St, Knoxville, IA at the Lucky Buffet

Fees: Entrance is the cost of the buffet.

Prize Support: Since I'm not a sanctioned judge their won't be a prize support for this tournament, But if you have friends getting into the game, I do have a lot of extra sets for superstars that I'd be willing to part with to some newer players to help them get started.

After the tournament: After the conclusion of the tournament, everyone is welcome to come back to my place to partake in some DC Deck Building Game and 4 player Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, with that being said. I only have 4 chairs in my apartment, so if you want to chill with us and hang out more, please bring a chain. :)

Time: 1:00 p.m.

If ya need to get ahold of me on the way there, my number is 641 660 9185.

Professional Wrestling Discussion / So I feel like I was missing out.
« on: January 09, 2016, 04:13:28 AM »
Was doing searches on Kenny Omega and came across the wrestle kingdom 9 ppv, watched the entire thing and enjoyed every match on the card. Enjoyed them enough to sign up for new japan world, currently enjoying wrestle kingdom 9, it's nice that they have english commentators. Too bad they don't have good ol' J.R. again but oh well. I'm sure a lot of people know this already but if you're a fan of wrestling, I'd recommend checking out NJPW. :)

Rules Forum / revo batista
« on: November 14, 2015, 09:32:14 AM »
wasn't there a mrp version of revo batista made that said he had to discard one when he played a throw to cause the random discard? Pretty sure i remember seeing one. Unless it was changed back.

Rules Forum / raw deal draft rules
« on: November 02, 2015, 10:14:30 AM »
was wondering if there was anyone on this forum that had the rules for a raw deal draft? I checked comic images and the rules they had up aren't the draft that I played in. Was looking for the rules where you put the starters on a table, everyone gets so many packs and they bid on starters, if you win that starter you put your packs on top of another starter to "sweeten" it. It's been a while since I've done it, was mainly wondering if you can keep bidding on a starter or if you only get one chance. For example

I bid 3 packs on dude love
Tom bids 4 packs on dude love

could I then bid 5 packs? or is it a one shot thing where you have to bid high enough that you hope you aren't outbid.

Raw Deal Online / Lackey League - Week 3! Payback!
« on: October 31, 2015, 11:16:31 PM »
A video package plays for the audience, showing cuts from the previous week on raw in the semi-finals  of the tournament with the assistance by Tazz, The Viper Randy Orton advances to the finals, also through a beatdown on the fan favorite Daniel Bryan to a chorus of boos Kevin Nash advances as well.

Pyro explodes upon the stage as we are welcomed to the pay per view Payback!

Cole: Welcome everyone! I am the voice of the WWE Micheal Cole, broadcasting tonight with WWE Legend JBL.

JBL: Hello everyone! It's going to be a big night, champions will be crowned and dreams will be shattered! I love it Micheal.

Cole: A bit cynical John but yes tonight we will find out who will be the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion and it seems like the 2 candidates have been hand picked by The Game Triple H. The viper Randy Orton and Kevin Nash will collide for the vacant title.

JBL: It's amazing Cole, no matter what, the Authority wins. As it always should be.

We go backstage to The Game sitting in his office chair looking over his desk where a sledgehammer is resting with a note saying

"Problem solved. Thanks for the loan.
Your future World Champ, Kev

P.S. First round's on me tonight. Come join the party."

With a smile, The Game puts the sledgehammer away and the note in his pocket just as soon as Kevin Nash makes his way into the room.

Nash: Hey Hunter, good to see ya, going to be a big night tonight. Hope you aren't too hung over from last week haha.

Triple H:  Haha actually I'm fine and that's what I wanted to talk about. Tonight we crown the new world champion, and Kevin I think you...-

The Game gets cut off as Randy Orton enters The Game's office, the three of them all a part of the Authority but there is a air of hostility forming.

Orton: Hey Hunter, tonight is the big night. Now I'm sorry that It's going to have to come at the cost of your buddy Kevin over there but we all know that I should be the face of the WWE and tonight I reclaim that title, and retake my spot as world champion.

Nash: Woa easy the rattler there Viper, we're all friends here right hunter? How about we flip a coin for the title? Paper, Rock, Scissors? No? (Orton looks less and less amused with every passing word from Nash) Well that's fine, but we're a team here. If one of us wins, The Authority wins, The Kliq wins. And that is...(Nash shoots a sly smile to The Game) Best for Business.

The Game: That's right randy, we're all friends. Let's ease the tension, sit around and have some laughs before the big match. No matter the outcome, we all win.

Orton: do have a point. And yes the Authority winning is important and all but there is nothing like being the world champion, the face of the WWE. So I will have to decline on the little get together, I need to get ready for my match.

The Game and Kevin Nash give each other looks and shake their head after Orton leaves as they go back to talking amongst themselves.

We see Paul Heyman walking around backstage obviously all worked up over something then he turns the corner and bumps into Mae Young.

Mae Young: Hey Paul, wanna see my puppies?!?

Mae does awkward thrusts moves and tries to hop towards Paul as he retracts in absolute disgust and horror, quickly turning and running down another hall and into the first dressing room he sees, but unfortunately what he sees is a man sitting on a bench, taping up his hands with a towel over his head.

Tazz: A advocate now right? You used to be the boss Paul and now you just take orders, fetch food and water for your 'beast'. His schedule too busy to do it himself is that it Paul? Or can you no longer support your own family and decide to use Brock to do what you can't and to help you make a living. Do you lie to him like you lie to us? Or does he not have pride and doesn't mind a fat, disgusting leech to live off of him. (Tazz' voice steadily building up in tone as his anger can be felt building)

Paul Heyman: Now Tazz calm down, I didn't mean to disrupt you and I'm sorry. I know you are a violent man, but I am just a advocate and I am your friend. We're friends right? I still think of you as a friend. I'm sure it was all a mis-understanding between yourself and Brock, I'm sure if you just apologize... (Tazz jumps up from his seat and grips paul by his suit and pins him to the door.)

Tazz: Apologize? For what? Paul you need to get something through your head as you should know better, but explain this to your 'beast' too okay? a human suplex machine, he might be calling what he does now Suplex City, but I'm the one who build the damn City. I paved the street of suplexes that he walks on. I am a fighter, I am a winner. And tonight Paul, you tell him that tonight I am going to dump him on his head. And then I am going to choke him out. Tonight Brock Lesnar will not win, and he will not survive. Because I will not let him.

Tazz let's go of Paul as he quickly scampers out of the locker room in a panic.

Back to the desk with Cole and JBL as they are hyping up the pre-show and newest additions to the roster.

Cole: John, are you as excited about the newest members to the roster as I am? Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose, and Vader.

JBL: Why yes, that is some exciting, hard hitting talent. But you know, I've heard that despite the protests from the Authority that Mae Young is coming out of retirement and wants another run in the men's division!

Cole: No way John, she'll be seriously hurt if she competes against these superstars.

JBL: I agree Cole, but she signed a waiver against anything bad happening, so it's all on her at this point. But tonight we are also going to have 4 superstars compete to see who will face each other to be the intercontinental champion.

Cole: I can't wait for the ppv to start, which you at home can still buy at the low price of $9.99 a month.

Daniel Bryan sits in his locker room with a ice pack on his head and ribs, still sore from his run-in with Kevin Nash earlier as Ryback walks up to him and gives Bryan a pat on the back.

Ryback: Hey DB, chin up. You need to stay positive, the road of life always has speed bumps but just keep driving forward and you'll get there.

Bryan: (looking up at Ryback with a puzzled look then nods) I..did not expect that from you  Ryback...but yes you are right. Just because I hit a speed bump doesn't mean my journey to the world title is over. in fact I will claim the intercontinental title and work my way back to the top of the company as any superstar should.

Ryback: Well can go for the IC title but I am as well, let's hope to see each other in the finals and have a great match.

Daniel Bryan and Ryback shake hands as the camera pans out to the sold out audience  excited about the show beginning. Then back to the Authority's office as Triple H is talking to Stephanie.

The Game: Yes Steph, I tried to talk her out of it, but your old man thought it was a good idea and she signed a waiver. Yes I know the shareholders are going to flip out..but it could draw some controversy and I heard that creates cash..right? My hands are tied on this one.

Stephanie: Okay, we can go about this two ways Hunter...we can take it easy on her, or try to end things quick for her.

The Game: (with a sly smile as he looks at his watch then back to Stephanie) I think we should go with the latter option, by the you know what time it is..? It's Vader Time..(The Game starts laughing at the bad joke as Stephanie looks onto him with a horrid expression shaking her head)

This Week's Matchups:

MrPeoplesTeam (Beast Incarnate) vs Jokerfish (Tazz)
Mitch (Showstopper) vs Rumpelstiltskin (Ryback) - semi-finals of intercontinental tournament
Niiiiick (Daniel Bryan) vs Matthardynotdie (alberto del rio) semi-finals of intercontinental tournament
Terrance (Vader) vs Drywall (Mae Young)

menard316 (Dean Ambrose) vs ???????

DebuRaito (The Viper) vs BigPimpin (Kevin Nash) for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

i suspended Theren and Tutoman for the time being, if ya miss your games 2 events in a row then i'll take you out until you let me know when you can play again. It's frustrating to try and plan something and the games just don't happen. Two weeks for one game is enough time I would think.

Raw Deal Online / Lackey League - Week 2
« on: October 17, 2015, 08:06:44 PM »
Pryo fills the stage of the arena as we go over a summary of what transpired the previous week on the Raw after Wrestlemania.

A quick video recap of the beating Sami Zayn took at the hands of the Conqueror Brock Lesnar, black and white still shots of fans crying in the stands as Sami is loaded onto a stretcher and wheeled out of the arena. Then goes back to a picture of a laughing Brock Lesnar. A second small video package of the classic bout in between Orton and Bray Wyatt showing Orton getting the advantage, doing his classic pose on the turnbuckle with a fallen Bray laying in the ring. Then we go back to an angry Triple H  standing in his locker room as Kevin Nash walks in.

Triple H: Hey big man, how are ya? Man I admit that I made the mistake in giving you the night off last week. Jokes on me right to give talent that show up to work the night off and then a handful of guys don't show up. But you know what? That's fine. Joke's on them. Reigns and Rollins are both out of the world title tournament and unfortunately Shawn had something to do..something about baptizing Marty Jannetty...again..b ut that gives us a problem that we need fixed. Daniel Bryan qualifies in the world title tournament. And Big Kev, I need you to fix this problem for me. And I trust..that you can do this...

The Game opens up his locker as the camera zooms in on a sledgehammer, pulling it out he then hands it over to his friend Kevin Nash.

Nash: Hey Hunter, I hear ya loud and clear. And you know me, I'll do anything for a friend. And if it means getting one step closer to the world title then hey, count me in.

The two shake hands as we go into the arena, with a camera man heading to Randy Orton's locker room but passing by the locker room of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar, which strangely has the number 13 spray-painted in orange on their door. The camera focuses on this for a few moments before turning around to see Orton passing by, who stops as he notices the camera man.

Orton: Hey you, yes come here. This thing on? Good. As you can tell it seems that Brock has other issues besides me tonight. And that's a shame. See what everyone needs to realize is that there is only a population of 2 in suplex city. Brock Lesnar..and whoever he is suplexing. It seems that someone has not taken to kindly to how Brock Lesnar has come across like suplexes are the brand new thing around here and that's fine by me too. Listen Brock, we're not going to suplex city tonight. In fact you, like Sami Zayn will be going to the hospital after I drop you with a RKO and then possibly punt you in the head. Like all beasts, tonight is your night to be..put..down...

The camera cuts to the other side of the building as Matt Striker interviews Daniel Bryan who appears to be doing his pre-match stretching for the big semi-final tournament match up toinght.

Striker: Daniel, despite it appearing that you are not wanted by the Authority in this tournament, it seems you dodged a bullet last week as Shawn Michaels had prior commitments. But it does not seem that this week you'll have the same luck. It seems that Kevin Nash is set to put you out of the tournament, and if things go according to The Game, perhaps out of the WWE.

Bryan: You know Matt, that's how bullies operate. And that's all the Authority is, a bully. Pushing their weight around, and playing favorites with their friends. It seems that working hard, and keeping your nose to the grindstone aren't what get people ahead anymore right? Wrong. That's how I've always lived my life and that's how I'm going to win this tournament and once again be the WWE world heavyweight champion. Kevin Nash can't stop me, The Game cannot stop me, Randy Orton has tried and failed to stop me, and even Brock Lesnar cannot stop me. This yes movement will not be stopped. Just like tonight I will not be stopped. Kevin Nash, tonight I woke up the sleeping giant, and then i put him back to sleep after I kick his head in. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The entire building can be felt rumbling from the loud Yes! chants from the entire audience as they chant along with bryan.

Terri Runnels catches Bray Wyatt walking out of the building with his bags as she stops him, looking for answers.

Terri: Bray, the night is still early. Where are you going..?

Bray: You know darlin', I don't owe you an answer. But it's always in my best interest to feed the hungry with the knowledge that they crave. So I give you your answer, I am lost. And I simply need to walk away from the chaos that fills this arena and fills my head. I need to find myself once more like I once had, I need to find my reasoning for existence. And I need to family. Have you heard the expression "It's possible to feel alone when surrounded by people?" well I have and that is how I felt when surrounded by my children. Yes they all looked up to me, they did. But none of them understood me. And that is what a person needs to find a bond. Someone who understands them, and they understand that other person. See if you don't have that, then it's just lust ins't it? But of course Terri you would know all about that.

Bray smiles at Terri with a twisted grin before pulling his bag out of the arena and into the dark night.

This week's matchups.
MrPeoplesTeam (Beast Incarnate) vs DebuRaito (The viper)
Niiiiiick (Daniel Bryan) vs BigPimpin (Kevin Nash)
Theren (Roman Reigns) vs Rumpelstiltskin (Ryback)
Mitch! (Showstopper) vs Tutoman (Seth Rollins)

Virtual Raw Deal / Team Hell No suggestion.
« on: October 12, 2015, 02:08:57 PM »
Hello peeps, i'm sure the player community has extensively playtested these guys and think they are okay. I'm just going to toss my opinion out there and offer a suggestion, do with it what you will. After building several versions of team hell no, they seem incredibly underwhelming for 2 major reasons.

1. They don't have a large amount of specifics to run so their ability has a fairly limited use. If you run all of their available cards, best case scenario if everything is successful you'll use their ability 11-12 times a game. Okay that may be a lot for a superstar but also their ability is pretty underwhelming compared to a lot of other superstars who can either draw for moves successful, or promo for successful moves.

2. Their pre-match is a bit rough. I see the point of using the ace on their pre-match is as a last ditch effort, but if the ace gets reversed "which is discarding the superstar specific move" and then you lose 2 more for the don't try. Odds are you'll never use their pre-match again unless you get some really lucky top decks because you lost the fuel for the card you want to play.

So here is my suggestion for Team Hell no and their pre-match.

Team Hell No

Tag Team Superstar Abilty: Once during any player's turn when you successfully play a maneuver or superstar-specific card, randomly choose 1 card in your ringisde pile and then either shuffle  that card into your arsenal and draw 1 card, or your opponent overturns 1 card. You can pack Daniel Bryan and Kane non-trademark finisher unique arsenal maneuvers, and they are not Raw. You cannot pack any Title belts except the tag team title belts, or corners.

I would also maybe consider adding Masked Vengeance to being able to be packed. But not a real big deal, the drawing off of maneuvers could open up their options by a great deal against the sea of discard decks.

And a suggestion for their pre-match.

Anger Management Classes
Pre-match event

cannot be blanked. Your non-revolution kane maneuvers are -5f and multi, and when you have lower fortitude, ignore 'completely' in your opponent's reversals and effects to them.

Ace: During your turn when you do not have a maneuver in your ring, you may reveal one superstar specific maneuver, and then when your next card played this turn is a superstar-specific maneuver it is multi, can only be reversed by 2 reversals, and -#F where # is equal to the printed damage of the discarded maneuver. If the maneuver is successful, discard the revealed card.

I can see that small change to their pre-match could help save them in a bad situation as they would have the chance to using the ace more than once if it fails. Anyways, just thoughts and ideas.

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