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Supershow / Retailer inquriy
« on: January 07, 2016, 10:07:12 PM »
       ...if a retailer wanted to carry Supershow, what's the process? I tried to email the address on your website, it bounced. I tried to contact both #'s from the SRG business card I got at Gencon, but no voice mail options.

Tournament Announcements / Winnipeg - Raw Deal Reunion
« on: December 31, 2015, 11:56:53 AM »
Coming up this Sunday, January 3, 2016 - Hosted by WOMP

A Muse N Games
1839 1/2 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3J 0G7

Dust off your Raw Deal, and come lay the Smackdown!

General Chat / "I thought she was with you?"
« on: December 03, 2015, 08:59:17 AM »

In the new Batman Vs. Superman Trailer it looks like they might have figured out that maybe having a bit of humour in a superhero movie isn't the worst thing in the world.

Classic Raw Deal / Looking ahead to 2016
« on: August 06, 2015, 08:10:38 AM »
Hi everyone,

   As you know, Raw Deal is for the players, by the players. Having just made it through the 2015 worlds, we start looking ahead to the 2016 worlds. As always, your feedback is crucial to the success of Raw Deal.

In planning for the 2016 World Championships - should we do it the same? Have we fond the balance that works? Should we make changes?

I see other games like Highlander that crowns a world champion for each format. Is that a model we should discuss moving toward?

By the way Raw Dealers, give yourself a pat on the back. Highlander which is currently in print had 8 people out for their worlds events. Raw Deal had 18, along with a number of spectators. Well done!

Classic Raw Deal / Why is it?
« on: July 28, 2015, 12:25:43 AM »
That I never go into Gencon being well rested? That would probably make the entire convention experience easier.

Professional Wrestling Discussion / Extreme Rules *Spoilers*
« on: April 26, 2015, 06:45:20 PM »
Did they just compare Kane to Zul from Ghostbusters?

Classic Raw Deal / 2006 Flashback
« on: March 03, 2015, 10:00:24 PM »
So my drop box is about to lose a 20 gig bonus that it had, and I'm doing a bunch of cleaning.

In that cleaning, I found a bunch of deck lists from 2006.

So yeah... without any context, I figured I'd post the flashback. (If Mods/Admins - if you feel this should be somewhere else, by all means move it.)

General Chat / TCO Fundraising Drive 2014
« on: December 25, 2014, 03:42:40 PM »
Hi All,

I've posted the once every several years Fundraising Drive on the front page:,TCO_Fundraising_Drive_2014.html

Thank you to everyone who donates in advance, and thanks to everyone who has continued to support Raw Deal over the years.

...the revolution will not be verified. / The Revolution was verified?
« on: December 18, 2014, 11:22:25 PM »
Back in early 2007 when I created this section of the boards it was in tribute to Stephen Colbert, and in one of his segments regarding Wikipedia, the word was "The revolution will not be verified."

7+ years later the Colbert report has now ended.

Was the revolution verified?

Classic Raw Deal / The 2014 Pre-Match Discussion
« on: October 09, 2014, 11:51:33 AM »
Blargh... I wasn't originally planning on starting this here or now, but based on where the "Your Town" thread is going, I think this needs to be started.

Something that's on my far too lengthy "list of stuff to do" is write a "State of the Game 2014" article. Why you ask? Because during Gencon 2014, and the World Championships, we had players from 3 different countries participate in the most heavily attended Raw Deal tournaments I've seen since the game stopped being printed.

As much as there was a lot of Raw Deal played (and there was a lot of Raw Deal played), there was also a tremendous amount of discussion on a variety of things.

Those discussions touched on a number of topics, and I think that a number of those discussion need to be moved past just those who were able to attend Gencon, and brought to the Raw Deal community as a whole.

One of those topics is pre-match. There is already a great discussion going on about Your Town. It can be found here:,15012.0.html

But that discussion is starting to move past the card your town, and moving on to Prematch as a whole, as teased here:

I think there needs to be a balance. Superstars like Rock, Taker, HHH, Etc - have become these massive "I play 12 prematch card" beasts, and and Your Town reigns a couple of them in to a small degree.

Superstars are generally balanced around their Superstar-Specifics as a whole package, and that includes the Pre-match. Does it bother you that Ric Flair gets to play 16 Pre-match because it's unbalanced, or because it's a big number?

While there should be the odd situation where someone drops 12-16 prematch (There are only 6 prematch slots), I feel it's becoming far too common where every match both players are playing 10-12 prematch. This prematch play is taking sometimes 20 minutes or more. In addition there are now so many cards, and so much text, the required reading drags out the prematch.

The fact that I had an opponent look at me after a tournament pre-match and say "There's too many card, and too much to read from your prematch right now, just tell me - should I concede now, or will we actually get to play a game?"

This was coming from someone who had traveled to play Raw Deal, and not just someone who stopped by to play as a lark.
This is also not the first time I've heard this sentiment or something similar to it.

Continuing the lifting of relevant comments from the Your Town tread:
Quote from: creed
You decided to draw 1 card (in Raw Deal context, decided to build a one-dimensional deck with no outs against Your Town).

The banker decided not to (in Raw Deal context, decided not to build a deck that relies heavily on Feud, Stipulation, Manager and Object).

This is the part I objected to.  With all the Stipulations, Managers, Feuds, and Objects in the game, NOT using them makes your deck 'one dimensional'?  Seems to me the more Pre-match is restrained and limited, the more it forces decks to play only the strong and obvious cards, which makes decks suffer from more sameness and causes gameplay to become more bland.

Sure, I can agree with the concept of not having everything you want in Pre-match, but I'm quite shocked to see this many people supporting a 'grenade' type card created by the old guard that severely limits creativity in design and play.  But as said, if that's what the people want, that's fine.

That might lead to a completely separate discussion of "has prematch become too much overall? Amount of cards played+packed+types/complexity of prematch determining the game more than the actual deck, etc"

That is a discussion worth having (in another thread), but I'm curious as to why you feel like the Pre-match is not part of the game or "actual deck".

So I present this discussion - is the prematch too much, is it just right?

Should players expect to play 6, 12, or 16 prematch?  Should there be an expectation at all?

How do you feel about the state of the prematch today? Are you happy with it? Is it just right, or is it too much?
Is there too much of an emphasis on the prematch where games are exclusively won and lost there?

I turn over the discussion to ya'll. I'll weigh in later.

Singapore / So... uh... guys?
« on: September 25, 2014, 10:31:53 PM »
Since you've gone and started your own Raw Deal Website, and haven't posted here in three years - is there any reason for us to maintain this section?

If we haven't heard anything in a month, we'll shut this area down.

-The Management

Classic Raw Deal / World Champs 2014 Discussion
« on: August 16, 2014, 05:54:25 PM »
Hey all....

I'm starting this thread because I'm missing the google hangout where we could interact while the championship is going on.

Part one is uploaded...

Any thoughts?

This is one of the more amusing WC's I've witnessed, and can't wait to share the next part with you folks!

Classic Raw Deal / Gencon Packing Prep
« on: August 07, 2014, 10:57:51 PM »
Hey all, since I drive out starting Tuesday morning, I'm starting to look at packing already.

I'll be bringing my 4000 count box loaded with Rares, Ultras, and Superstar specifics (if you've been there, you know what box I'm talking about, it's more sorted then in previous years.)

But what I'm debating on is whether or not to bring the sealed revo.
I'm presently sitting on the following:
Revo 1 combo box, with all 4 starters, and 24 boosters
Revo 2 combo box, with all 4 starters, and 24 boosters
12 Revo 1 boosters
12 Revo 2 boosters

Reason why I ask - is I'm opening a gaming shop in the next couple of months, and if I still have the product, it's going into my store. However if someone wants to buy it because they need Revo for worlds, I'd rather facilitate people playing.
However I also don't want to carry down sealed product if all I'm going to do is taken it back home. (Luggage room and all)

If I've heard nothing by Monday evening, I'll leave the product at home.

Classic Raw Deal / Gencon 2014: Eat like Goth & Budha
« on: August 06, 2014, 03:03:10 PM »
Drew and I are grabbing the Chris Ruth Steak Slider deal on the Friday.

It's only available if you pre-order, and pre-orders end August 7 (Tomorrow)

Here's the website

om Nom!

Sports Discussion / CFL 2014
« on: June 23, 2014, 11:14:15 AM »
Hey all,

    The CFL 2014 regular season opens this Thursday.

Sports Illustrated is starting to look at covering the CFL, and their Monday Morning Quarterback opens a week of CFL Coverage. Their guest columnist is the coach of the Chicago Bears, Marc Trestman:

    If you're unfamiliar with the CFL, but enjoy football, take a look at the above article, as it gives you a good intro to the CFL.

Professional Wrestling Discussion / *Spoilers* Wrestlemania 30
« on: April 06, 2014, 05:20:48 PM »
I've doing this live as it's going, and no idea how committed I'll be to this...

Daniel Bryan Vs. HHH

Bryan wins clean (!!!?!!!). Then HHH does the post match beatdown to create the "physically unable to compete" (Props to Jdub for calling it)

Shield absolutely squashes NAO + Kane.

30 man train wreck (AKA - lets make sure everyone gets a payday) - currently in progress.

Cesaro SLAMS(!) Bigshow to win the Andre the Giant (Great finish)

So far I'm happy with Mania, all "younger" talent has been put over. Let see if it continues.

Wyatt Vs. Cena -

This match is good, with actual ring psychology, Wyatts getting the awesome Wrestlemania entrance.

Highlight of the night:  Wyatt goes to trash the Spanish announce table, and all the Spanish announcers start pointing at the French announce table. (HHH & Dbry already had fun with the english announce table.)

Highlight continues: Wyatt  gives a chair to Cena and kneels in front of him crying "finish me!" in the silence you can hear the crowd singing "He's got the whole world in his hand."

Cena wins, but Wyatt was seriously put over by the match. Good match. (I also suspect the feud isn't over, and we may Cena finally heel turn in the next few months as a result of this.)

Taker vs. Brock

So I totally took "over" on the Over/Under for "Would Taker's entrance be longer than 10 minutes." I was wrong, it was only 7 minutes and 19 seconds.

The timer is now running on the match to see if it will be longer than Taker's entrance.

Taker vs. Brock is brought to you by Ring Psychology Leg.

18 Minutes into the match I thought: "Anyone remember when Taker matches used to be a highlight of Wrestlemania?"

23 Minutes - Hopefully that's the last "last ride" we have to see.

24 Minutes - That was a really safe Tombstone. Really safe.

25 Minutes - What?  Your first entrant in the 2015 Hall of Fame - The Undertaker.
Brock finishes the streak. It was clean, in the middle of the ring off the 3rd F-5.
Complete with 21-1 Graphic.  Should have dropped the streak to Punk last year.

Well... they managed to not be WWE predictable.

Synchronized announcer clapping, across 3 announce tables. Well done WWE.

15 Diva Trainwreck

What was Natalia doing?!

Holy crap... they've finally cleared the ring, and a wrestling match has broken out! A gorgeous widows peak by Bella on Bella, followed by a pile of solid moves.

Awesome finish!! AJ Retains, by taping moving Naiomies (sp?) hand for her while in a submission hold.

Nice booking, another good match.

Fossils bury the hatchet

Piper, Orondorff, Mr. T, and Hogan all shake hands, and have a happy fuzzy moment.

"The Main Event"

Orton has a band sing him in. Woo.

Batista's Moobs are in full effect.

Bryan is injured, he is definitely your underdog as he's holding his arm.

The match opens with a new entry for Botch-a-mania where Batista fails sell a huricanranna

Orton poses and shows off his babyoil sheen.

And we now have Authority interference, along with a crooked ref.

The odds are certainly stacked against D-bry who topes into HHH.Stef,Crooked Ref.

Oh... the heels need to take off his bandages!

Ohs Noes! HHH and Stef are injured. Don't we feel bad for them?!

Ouch, dbry dwarf tossed/powerbombed into an RKO where Orton lands on a monitor that wasn't removed, and it cut open from the monitor. More botch-a-mania.

Dbry now being stretchered out. I'm expecting him to make the miraculous run-in for the win.

No miracle run in. Just a hulk-up as being stretchered out.

Now for the many false finishes.

Dbry WINS! Clean win, Yes lock on Batista in the middle of the ring.

Start the Yes Chants! "Daniel Bryan has overcome the authority."

Any idea who this Random Blonde and Kid are who were brought into the ring to celebrate?

General Chat / Chile - You Ok?
« on: April 01, 2014, 06:30:58 PM »
Just giving a shout out to our Chilean friends.

Saw the following news story, and hoping you're alright.

Hero Of the Day / HotD: Laurel Snyder
« on: March 27, 2014, 09:54:29 AM »
Laurel Snyder is an American poet and writer of children's books, including novels and picture books.

One of her books she wrote is called Penny Dreadful In the book, there is a character "Twent" who it's mentioned in passing "Has two mommies"

She has received many inquiries about this, and recently she wrote a blog to direct future references to. I thought it was Brilliant, so I share it here:
In 2010 I published a middle grade novel called Penny Dreadful. It was a fun book. Some people liked it. It went on to become an EB White Readaloud HONOR book. Huzzah!

But I get a lot of emails about it. Because in the book there is a very minor character, a boy named Twent, who happens to have two mommies.

Last night I received one such email, and because I was having a very hard week, I ignored the email. Typically I respond to these emails. I try to explain. Because maybe (just maybe) the author of the letter is not only writing me a mean letter. MAYBE they are open to a response. I don’t want to miss that chance, if it’s real. But last night I didn’t.

S0 I thought I could respond here, today. And then, in the future, when I get these emails, I can direct readers to this post…

Madame X (not her real name) writes of Twent (among other things):

“How do you explain that? OUR FAMILY IS VERY AGAINST THAT.”

And I will answer her:

Ahhh, Anastasia, good question! How do I explain it? It’s really very simple.

The world is very full of people. No two people are alike. They live many different kinds of lives. Some of them are nuns. Some of them are corporate lawyers. Some of them are the owners of magical chocolate factories. But we cannot all be nuns, or magical chocolatiers. For this reason, we have many different kinds of books. To reflect the many kinds of lives people live. In some cases, we expect people to SEE THEMSELVES in the pages of books. In other cases, we expect books to expand the way people see the world. Maybe YOU have never met a magical chocolatier, but thanks to Roald Dahl, you can!

When someone writes a book, they cannot ask, “Who will I offend with this particular book?” Because every book will offend someone. A writer can only tell a story, and if they are fortunate enough to find a publisher, hope some people want to read it.

It makes me sad to hear you were offended by my book. I didn’t mean to do that. I wasn’t writing it for YOU. But I’m not sorry for Twent’s moms either. I won’t apologize for them.

I wrote Penny Dreadful to reflect the world I live in. A world populated by many kinds of people, not just nuns and corporate lawyers and magical chocolatiers. My neighborhood has many gay families in it, in addition to people who aren’t white, and Jews like me. There are also some folks who have hearing loss, or are blind. My neighborhood has musicians in it, and artists, and world travelers, and gardeners, and women with very long hair, and people who like to make their own jam. All of these people climbed into my book when I wrote it, because I wanted the book to reflect the world I inhabit.

Honestly the book has received criticism for being “unbelievably diverse.” People find this difficult to accept, especially since the book is set in the south. I would argue that the people who make these complaints are not comparing my book to the actual world of humans, but to the very whitewashed landscape of traditional nuclear families in which most children’s books have been set. I would further argue that the people who argue that THE SOUTH is not diverse in this way should try visiting the actual south. That is just another stereotype.

In any case, this is how I “EXPLAIN” Twent’s two moms. Twent has two moms because many kids I know have two moms. Twent is a minor character, a friend Penny meets along the way. The same way that I, a girl with a mom and a dad, have friends with two moms or two dads. Should I not have written the world I love and inhabit?

I’m guessing what upset you most about the book was that you got no WARNING. There is no backmatter to inform readers that they might encounter diversity in this book. You may feel that your daughter should have had a chance to choose for herself that she was about to encounter a few lines of text in which there were gay people. I don’t know how this would work. Should I have also included a warning label: WARNING: THIS BOOK HAS SOME JEWS IN IT?

Books are the best way I know for kids to encounter the world beyond their own experience. Books build empathy and understanding. They get kids ready for what they’re going to stumble into when they take their first job, or open a copy of the New York Times (yeah, I know that’s unlikely, but I still get the paper myself, so play along).

I don’t expect your kid to turn gay. I don’t actually want your kid to turn gay, or Jewish, or into a magical chocolatier. I’d just like to think that when she encounters magical chocolatiers in books, you won’t scare her away from them. I’d like to think that you, as her mother, will engage with her question. That you’ll explain that you understand her surprise, since she’s never met a chocolatier before. You can explain that YOUR family doesn’t make chocolate, personally. But yes, the world has chocolate in it, made by magical chocolatiers, and isn’t it nice that the world is such an amazing place, full of surprises and mysteries…

Professional Wrestling Discussion / Raw 24.03.14 *Spoilers*
« on: March 24, 2014, 11:44:22 PM »
So I decided to flip to Raw after watching the Daily Show, Colbert Report, and @Midnight.

Happened to catch the Shield Vs. the Real Americans.

There was a Holy Sh*t chant that broke out in the match, and I think the match overall deserved that.

As an aside, with HHH Vs. DB and Now the Shield Vs. N.A.O & Kane, and Cena Vs. Wyatt - does anyone else feel like there is a chance that WM XXX could be a passing of the Torch to the next generation?

General Chat / Antigoth's 40th Post-Whoring Extravaganza
« on: February 11, 2014, 11:05:49 PM »
I made it to 40. Now what do I do?

Sports Discussion / Fantasy Football Week 17 - Overthinking
« on: December 27, 2013, 03:31:19 AM »
I'm playing as the number 1 seed in my work championship this week.

Here's the problem... the number two seed has the following roster:

QB - Peyton Manning
RB - Jamal Charles
RB - Knowshon Moreno
WR - Brendan Marshall
WR - Vincent Jackson
TE - Charles Clay
W/R - Alshon Jeffery
K - Tucker
Def - Panthers

For obvious reasons, he's been lighting up the league this year. We have the same season record (11-3) but because I beat him in our first match-up, I won the tie break.

Anyhow... knowing that I've got to fill:
QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, W/R, K, Def

Here's what I've got to work with:

QB - Aaron Rodgers / Alex Smith - I'm leaning towards Rodgers because despite the rust from not playing, it looks like Alex Smith will only play a limited amount if he plays at all.
Waiver Wire QB's: Tannehill, Cutler, Palmer, Cousins

RB - Rashad Jennings, Frank Gore, Zac Stacy, James Starks
Currently leaning towards Jennings/Gore - I snagged Starks off the waiver wire just in case Lacy is ruled out. Something about a RB against Chicago's D seems tasty.
Waiver Wire RB: Donald Brown, LeGarrette Blount

WR: Michael Crabtree, Cordarrelle Patterson, Eric Decker, Calvin Johnson
Currently leaning towards Crabtree / Patterson, with Decker in the W/R flex slot. Presently sitting Johnson because he hasn't put up spectacular numbers for the last two games, and is playing in a meaningless game.
Waiver Wire WR: Marvin Jones, Torrey Smith (Just dropped to pick up Starks), Riley Cooper, Michael Floyd

TE: Delanie Walker, Zach Ertz
Picked up Ertz earlier this week (Dropping Andre Brown in the process) as a "Dunno/Maybe?"

W/ R - See Above (Currently starting Decker there)

K - Steven Hauschka
Hauschka's been my guy for most of the season. But I'm willing to consider a switch since Vinatieri has been hotter over the last 4 week stretch.
Waiver Wire: Adam Vinatieri

Def: Seattle Seahawks - They've been my team all year, with St. Louis in the Bye Week.
I just dropped St. Louis to pick up Indy because while they're projected low, they're against Jax, and in theory they could have a monster week. But Seattle is at home, and they've been solid at home all season. But really... I'm starting Seattle.
Waiver Wire: St. Louis

I'm way over thinking this... thoughts, suggestions, comments?

General Chat / GTA Ice Storm 2013
« on: December 23, 2013, 11:22:21 AM »
To all of our many Toronto based users, I hope today finds you warm and with power despite this weekend's Ice Storm.

Feel free to check in and let us know you're doing alright and/or your power has returned.

General Chat / *Spoilers* Agents of SHIELD
« on: September 25, 2013, 10:00:06 AM »
So this is a spoiler, you've been warned:

Coulson is an LMD.

I know we all know this already, but I just needed to put this in writing for when the major plot arc gets revealed.

I'm really hoping we get to see Whedon handle a Nick Fury Vs. SHIELD because I loved those comics.

Sports Discussion / TCO Fantasy Hockey 2013-2014
« on: September 16, 2013, 01:45:57 AM »

Sports Discussion / Hey Hockey Lovers...
« on: September 05, 2013, 01:24:34 AM »
So there's an online Hockey Game that I've been addicted to forever and a day.

It's called Metropolis Hockey [MetroHo]

If you check it out, use the following link as a referral link:

If you head on over there, feel free to ask me any question, I'm one of the Admins over there, so I'm often helping new users with questions anyhow.

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