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Virtual Deck Reviews / Bianca Belair
« on: September 11, 2021, 11:38:30 PM »
Bianca Belair's build skews towards multi manuevers but with a twist to have different maneuver types. This deck is another swerve on the idea without running those per say, but focusing on Watch Me Shine's RFG effect to make anything we play multi with different maneuver types. I went with Technical for this build because it was easy to understand, gave me all the 3 maneuver types I want, and I don't really need to worry about my fortitude since I can keep searching for them because of Great Technical Prowess.

Watch Me Shine
Backstage Card
You may not flip cards face-up.
When your card reverses (even from Arsenal) you may put it face-down in your Ring.
Your Fortitude is +1 for each maneuver type and face-down card in your Ring.
When you play a printed non-Multi maneuver without a reversal restriction from your card, you may RFG 1 non-Multi Ringside Strike, Grapple, or Submission, and your played maneuver is now Multi and gains that type until reversed or resolved. If it is unsuccessful,  Bury 1- non-"Divine" RFG card.
Unique     RMS

Bianca Belair / Heel / Fan Favourite / Technical

Bianca Belair
Watch Me Shine
The Era of the Superstar
Great Technical Prowess
Hometown Hero

I'm Always On the Winning Side - MY Side!*
Boston, Massachusetts
Trash Talking Interview TB
Technically Sound and Brutal
The EST of WWE
I've Had More Championships than You've Had Women
Raw Women’s Championship Belt*
Smackdown Women’s Championship Belt*
Night of Champions*
Luck is for Losers
For the Love of the Game x 2

You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Restricted Use in This Area
Your Reach Exceeds your Grasp
The Road to Victory
The King Interferes
The Women’s Evolution
Beware The Hair of Bianca Belair
Dirty Low Blow TB
The Sex, The Gods, The Freaks, The Frauds x 3

Maneuvers (22)
Technical Drop Kick x 2
Technical Monkey Flip x 2
Technical Slam x 3
Technical Body Lock x 2
Technical Lunging Lariat x 2
Technical Power Bomb x 2
Tornado Takedown of Doom
Maneuver of Doom
Press Slam
Classic Gorilla Press Slam
Chicken Wing Facebuster
Kiss of Death
Back Body Drop TB x 2

Actions (8 )
Technical Bear Hug x 2
Here Comes the Cavalry
Simply the Best x 2
The StrongEST
The FastEST
The ToughEST

Reversals (30)
Revolution of the Mind x 3
Elbow to the Face x 2
Get the F Out x 3
Manager Interferes x 3
Volley This x 2
No Chance in Hell TB x 2
Don't be a Douchebag
Carlito Says That's Not Cool
Divine Intervention
Out of Nowhere
Sidewalk Slam TB x 2
Hold the Phone x 2
Don't Try This at Home x 2
You Missed Your Chance
Breaking Ground
Revolutionizing the Division
I'm On My Own, Against the Wall
You Don't Even Go Here!

Pre-match: The first 10 cards are the ideal cards to get down. Boston lets you use Tech MF and Tech DK as protected Set-ups. Trash TB is there to get rid of some initial reversals that you opponent would have. Technically Sound and Brtual is there for the 2 card hand refresh and 2 card recover. The belts are there for recovery as well, since either belts can both recover technicals. Luck is for Losers is to help keep the 1 Tech MF / DK that you search for with Great Technical Prowess in case your opponent plucks it away, leaving you with 0 starting maneuvers.

FtLotG x 2 is just there in case you need to drop some Pres, or give you that extra 2F since Hold the Phone is probably going to be used on your maneuvers instead.

Mid-match: Standard reversals. Went with 3 The Sex The Gods because I foresee a lot of RFGs to trigger Watch Me Shine. Upside down is there to eventually turn some of your reversals face up (if required).

Maneuvers: Mostly Technical maneuvers with 2 Back Body Drops to get back the Technical MF and DKs in Ringside. Press Slam and Classic Gorilla Press Slam are both TMFs, while Tornado Takedown of Doom and Maneuver of Doom are just largely packed for its multi with different maneuver types. If you are uncomfortable with starting only with vanilla maneuvers, they can be swapped for Boot Lace to go off your DLB as well.

Actions: You will probably be stacking a lot of RFGs, so I ran 2 Technical Bearhugs for that recovery. The rest are specifics and Simply the Best to have some ring manipulation.

Reversals: Standard pack. Spinebuster OG and Indian Deathlock is just there for the random overturn reversal from arsenal to put into Ring, only to be flipped over the next turn with Upside down for the free fortitude. You can obviously swap those 2 cards for whatever else you deem fit.

Overall, this deck is built to fully utilise Watch Me Shine if you are lost on how to build her. Like the other V12 superstars, she is very versatile as well, so this is just one of the few methods that she can be played. Swapping the maneuvers up for Dynamic could be a possibility too since you have Matt Strikers to be put into Ring for fortitude. Alteratively I can see her, with some effort, run a First Blood Match and just multi her way for Kitchen Sink into victory. The plain old Homecoming Build would be another simple alternate build for her too.

Hope the decklist helps to get you started!

Virtual Deck Reviews / WALTER
« on: August 31, 2021, 01:44:52 AM »
WALTER is all about the Chops and getting maneuvers into your Ring. He does get an inherent weakness with a smaller than usual Handsize and the need to pull out the Chops to trigger the ability.

Therefore stun values would come into play for this deck, and no better way to get them than via Volley maneuvers. Quick wins can probably come from Backslides and Inside Cradles, while the burn will come from Nigel since reversing Chop + Strike will put both under it for burn 2.

WALTER / Heel / NXT / Fan Favourite / Volley

The NXT Breakout Star
The Five-Star Ring General
Standing at Ease
Chop x 3
Chop to the Chest x 3
Knife Edge Chop x 3
Classic Chop

We're Not Your Kind*
Empress Ballroom, Blackpool*
Tech in a Bottle
Symphony of Destruction*
Managed by Lita
Corey Graves: Savior of Misbehavior*
Mauro Ranallo: The Voice of NXT*
NXT Takeover*
NXT UK Title Belt
Pyrotechnic Volley
Nigel McGuinness: NXT's Artful Dodger*
The Opening Volley
Trending Worldwide

You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Your Reach Exceeds your Grasp
Restricted Use in The Area
Outside Interference
The Road to Victory
Unscrupulous S.O.B.
Introduce Your Brain to your Mouth
Sustained Damage
Topé Suicida
WALTER's Splash

Maneuvers (26)
Chump Punch x 3
Straight Clothesline x 3
Straight Head Butt x 3
Classic Judo Chop
Solarplex Knife Edge Chop x 3
Kidney Punch x 3
Fisticuffs x 3
The Ol’ Straight-Arm Shot x 3
WALTER's Shotgun Dropkick
WALTER's Sleeper
WALTER's Shotgun Chop
WALTER's Power Bomb

Actions (6)
Here Comes the Cavalry
Volley Call x 2
Mamma Mia
The NXT Generation
The Bull from Vienna

Reversals (28)
Counter Hold
Counter Assault
Counter Throw
Elbow to the Face x 2
Get the F Out x 3
Manager Interferes x 3
Volley This x 2
No Chance in Hell TB x 2
Don't Try This At Home x 2
Hold the Phone
Divine Intervention
Don't be a Douchebag
Carlito Says "That’s Not Cool!"
Unintended Consequence
No Sell Maneuver
Inside Cradle
WALTER's Brutal Lariat
The Mat is Sacred
The Most Dominant Wrestler in NXT UK

-Everything can be played, with the Asterisks being free due to the Allegiance.
-Managed by Lita is the Draw engine required to boost your hand and Trending Worldwide (played as the last card) would be there for added hand bonus.
-Tech in a Bottle is there to search out something to play your first Chop with while Pyro is there to help get your first move through if possible.
-Blackpool, NXT UK title is there for the damage boost.
-MVP is probably Nigel as mentioned above. When Chop + strike is reversed, both will go under Nigel and whenever the opponent would attempt to play a maneuver, he has to overturn 2. The more he reverses, the more it would cost for him to play a maneuver, so chances are he would alternate between reversing and letting your maneuvers in so the most cost he has to pay is overturning 2.

Staple reversals, and packing, nothing special.

Fan-favourite Strikes are used because they generally have more stun value to draw off to boost your hand and draw into more Chops, while also acting as a backup to win games with Backslide or Inside Cradle.

Mostly for recovery.

The plan for fortitude gain is a bit wobbly, so Counter reversals were chosen since they will go to ring if reversed from arsenal.

Overall it is a very straightforward deck of drawing into Chops and playing them with Volley maneuvers to get the stun to get out another chop for the next turn. It's also a good way to cycle through your decks along with 5 Star General since you have 70 cards to go through.

Hope the decklist helps to get you started!

Virtual Deck Reviews / Street Profits
« on: August 17, 2021, 10:00:09 PM »
Street Profits seems like a prime candidate to run a mono High Risk deck with their ability to convert 'Drop Kick' cards to High Risk and ignore the 'can only be played after...' portion of High Risks at the same time. Although the ACE part could be better abused, this build is generally for beginners who want to try out High Risk decks.

Street Profits / Heel / Raw / High Flying Style

Street Profits
Montez Ford's Solo Cup
Hometown Hero

Rochester, New York
Trash Talking Interview TB*
Handicap Match TB*
We Want the Smoke
High-Flying Style
Smackdown Tag Team Titles TB*
Raw Tag Team Titles TB
Chris Nowinksi, Guest Ring Announcer
Backstage Interview with Terri
For The Love of the Game x 3

Classic Teamwork
Sustained Damage
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Restricted Use in This Area
Your Reach Exceeds your Grasp
The Road to Victory
The King Interferes
Backed by Bianca Belair
Dirty Low Blow TB
See How it Feels TB
Crucifix Roll Up TB

Maneuvers (24)
Blindside Hook x 3
Boot Lace x 3
Drop Kick x 3
Standing Drop Kick TB x 3
Classic Drop Kick
Hurricanrana TB x 3
Dynamic Finisher
The Finisher
Black Panther Moonsault
NBA Slam
Leapfrog Stun Gun TB
Tandem Drop Kicks
Cash-out Spinebuster
From the Heavens

Actions (6)
Candice: Internet Icon x 2
Technical Bearhug
From the Middle Turnbuckle x 3

Reversals (30)
Counter Hold
Counter Throw
Counter Assault
Elbow to the Face x 3
Get the F Out x 3
Manager Interferes x 3
Volley This x 2
No Chance in Hell TB x 2
Don't be a Douchebag
Carlito Says That's Not Cool
Divine Intervention
Out of Nowhere
Sidewalk Slam TB
Hold the Phone
Don't Try This at Home x 2
Total Teamwork
You Missed Your Chance
Counter Strike
Breaking Ground
Nah, Fam!
Bring the Swag

To run the first 9 cards, no specific order, but preferably starting with the title belts in case the opponent plays them first. Rochester, New York, is there for a perpetual ACE to use every turn, but the deck technically doesn't require it.
If your hand size isn't tampered with by the opponent, you should start with 9 cards and a chance to refresh your hand.
Nowinski and Backstage Interview is there to give you 2 rounds of 12 card recovery that can't be stopped (unless of cause your opponent runs HiaC or removed them from your Ring).

Backed by Bianca gets you back your Boot Lace / Black Panther Moonsault for first-time re-use, while its ACE + Sustain can get -D from the opponent's successful maneuvers. I'm also hoarding TMFs since my arsenal will have 4 too.

Blindside Hooks are there for recurring starting fort while Boot Lace is there for some bridging from DLB to your Drop Kicks and Standing Drop Kicks which are all High Risks. Whatever you draw is whatever you will play. With 4 TMFs in the arsenal, Out of Nowhere is there to grab those.

Nothing much except for recovery and some Middle Turnbuckles to grab HRs from Ringside. They cannot be reversed after all.
Technical Bearhug is there for infinite RFG recovery.

Chose the Counter reversals, packed Breaking Ground, and Counter Strike to get that much-needed fortitude since the starting fort isn't exactly the easiest to get. 3 Elbow to the Face is there too to get coverage for 7d- maneuvers after deducting from Backed by Bianca and/or Sustained Dmg.

Hope the decklist helps to get you started!

Virtual Deck Reviews / Keith Lee
« on: August 11, 2021, 07:01:43 AM »
Keith Lee is pretty versatile and easy to operate, so this is just something I feel new players can pick up and run on the spot.
I have a couple of builds for him, so I'll probably use this thread to post them whenever I get the chance.

Keith Lee / Raw / Face / Fan Favourite / A Puncher's Chance

Backstage (just a personal preference to omit the standard pack that you can go for)
Keith Lee
As Big and Tough As Two Men
The Moment Maker
Hometown Hero

Madison Square Garden
Playing by the Rules TB*
NXT Championship Title Belt*
NXT Tag Team Titles*
NXT North American Championship Title*
Bad Blood*
Bask in His Glory
A Puncher's Chance
One of the Big Boys
Flanked by Arena Security

You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Restricted Use in This Area
Your Reach Exceeds your Grasp
The Road to Victory
The King Interferes
Introduce your Brain to your Mouth
The Sex the Gods x 3
Throw into the Corner Turnbuckle TB
Limitless Leegion

Maneuver (24)
Blindside Hook x 2
European Uppercut TB x 3
Left Cross Punch x 3
Right Cross Punch x 3
Gut Punch TB x 2
Flying Clothesline TB x 2
Series of Punches x 2
The Maneuver of Doom
Spinning Wrist... of Doom
Dynamic Finisher
Grizzly Magnum
The Pounce
Spirit Bomb
Big Bang Catastrophe

Action (4)
Technical Bear Hug
Here Comes the Cavalry
Think You Can Stand up to Me?

Reversal (32)
Counter Hold
Counter Throw
Counter Assault
Elbow to the Face x 2
Once is Enough x 2
Get the F Out x 2
Sloppy... Very Sloppy x 3
Volley This x 2
No Chance in Hell TB x 2
Don't be a Douchebag
Carlito Says That's Not Cool
Divine Intervention
Out of Nowhere
Sidewalk Slam TB
Hold the Phone
Don't Try This at Home x 2
Youthful Agility
No Sell Maneuver
You Missed Your Chance
Breaking Ground
I Ain't Playing Around
It's Best you Stay on the Ground

The idea for the Pre-match is to run the 10 cards in order, and then choose between Big Boys and Flanked by Security. Big Boys is just to avoid those Pesky Powerslams and Overshot your Mark, while Flanked is there to protect your Grizzly Magnum from getting moved out of your hand. Bad Blood is there to pick up Grizzly Magnum which would be your important card to start the game with.

Limitless ACE is best used at lower fortitude, it would be good to be conscious of your opponent's fortitude, and also plucking your Ring cards for its ACE effects.

The idea of the Mid-match is to run 3 The Sex the Gods since you are going to ACE your Limitless a lot. The ACE is also helpful in getting the most out of Insurrextion too. The Throw into the Corner Turnbuckle is there to be played for Series of Punches. Limitless Leegion is really just there to combo off a quick Flying Clothesline in case your opponent doesn't have early game High Risk reversals.

For the maneuvers, the deck consisted of mainly Punch related cards to activate of A Puncher's Chance whenever possible. As Bask in Glory recovers non-hybrid stuff, I avoided Rapid Fire Punch and Dynamic Hooks. Once you get Magnum in, your Punch cards are mostly free for play. Use Limitless ACE to pick up the Punch from Ring / Ringside to play every turn. A nice combo would be to play Left/Right Cross Punch, Bury the corresponding for Bask, and then search for it with that played Left/Right Cross Punch.

The actions are clear-cut. Technical Bear Hug is there for infinite RFG recovery, while Cavalry and the specific is there for Ringside recovery. Vengeance is there for Bad Blood.

The reversal section is just filled with standard packs and nothing much. With the amount of RFG recovery, it would also make sense to replace the Counter reversals (and No Sell) with Revolution of the Mind x 3 and another reversal so they can be RFGed from Ring, and then recovered again.

Hope the decklist helps to get you started!

Virtual Deck Reviews / Ember Moon No Escape
« on: March 07, 2021, 02:47:36 AM »
Another deck that got a victory in the recent tournament using mostly the cards in There is No Escape.

Ember Moon's support her good protection for her maneuvers, so its easy to get your moves in. The ECW allegiance and non-tb ECW title is just to pump up the damage, while the female titles are there to boost my recovery. As there is no Banned from Ringside for this deck, it is crucial I get my recovery so I have enough maneuvers to play. Even up the Odds is a good way to limit my opponent's handsize so Moonrise can trigger as early as possible.

The deck didn't have much to boost about, just the usual No Escape blank maneuvers to get protection from DaB, and a few unique maneuvers to top it off.

Ember Moon x 1
Moonrise x 1
Era of the Superstar x 1
Pre-match (12)
Don't Question the Fire That Burns Inside x 1
There Is No Escape x 1
I've Had More Championships than You've Had Women x 1
Raw Women's Championship Belt x 1
Smackdown Women's Championship Belt x 1
United States Title Belt x 1
NXT Women's Championship Title Belt x 1
ECW Championship Belt x 1
World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Title Belt x 1
One Ember Sparks a Fire x 1
Drawing a Blank x 1
One of the Big Boys x 1

Mid-match (12)
Desperate Struggle x 1
Dirty Low Blow x 1
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice x 1
Backlash! x 1
The Road to Victory x 1
Restricted Use in This Area x 1
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp x 1
The King Interferes! x 1
Outside Interference x 1
The Women's Evolution x 1
Unscrupulous S.O.B. x 1
You'll Really be Stunned x 1

Arsenal (60)

Specific (1)
Eclipse x 1

Reversal (28)
A Revolution of the Mind x 3
Elbow to the Face x 2
Manager Interferes x 3
Get the 'F' Out! x 3
Divine Intervention x 1
Don't be a Douchebag! x 1
Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!' x 1
Back Throw x 1
Sidewalk Slam x 1
Hold the Phone! x 1
Don't Try This at Home x 2
Volley This! x 2
No Chance in Hell! x 2
Stop Trying To Hit Me and Hit Me! x 1
You Missed Your Chance x 1
Revolutionizing the Division x 1
Breaking Ground x 1
Counter Strike x 1

Action (3)
Candice: Internet Icon x 1
Here Comes the Cavalry! x 1
Technical Bearhug x 1

Maneuver (1)
Dynamic Finisher x 1
Hip Toss x 3
Punch x 3
Hammerlock x 3
Russian Leg Sweep x 3
Roundhouse Punch x 3
Classic Hip Toss x 1
Classic Knee to the Groin x 1
Body Slam x 3
Table x 1
Press Slam x 2
Classic Claw x 1

Virtual Deck Reviews / Ken Shamrock Face B2B
« on: March 07, 2021, 12:08:16 AM »
This Shamrock build recently got a win in the tournament so I thought it would be fun to share it.

The general direction of the deck is to search out enough cards for my deck to hit 30- to activate my ability for multi +4D for my maneuver. on turn 1. With 23 B2B cards and minimally 7 HS, it should more or less be activated unless your opponent minus your HS.

His Specific Pre-match were not essential to his overall build so he was an ok candidate for B2B build. Went Face with him, since my maneuver already gets the +4D from ability, while I can bank on OS Psycho x 3 to wear off opponent's hand if they choose to reverse from backlash.

Pre-match consisted of Iowa as well to get some constant recovery per turn, while my mid had 2 The Sex The Gods to recover RFG cards, since I can't pack Technical Bearhug.

The arsenal contained Blindside Takedown which is legal pack, since it gets put into Ringside for its effect when I search for B2B, and B2B doesn't check ringside for its text.

I don't have the habit of packing the other backstage stuff, but they can come in handy for sure.

Ken Shamrock

Backlash (24)

Pre-match (12)
A Foundation of Old School Wrestling x 1
Dubuque, Iowa x 1
Back to Basics x 1
Old School Cage Match x 1
Old School Manager x 1
World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title Belt x 1
Old School Wrestling Match x 1
Getting Some Old School Payback! x 1
Old School Donnybrook x 1
Old School Psychology x 3

Mid-match (12)
The Road to Victory x 1
Backlash! x 1
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice x 1
The King Interferes! x 1
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp x 1
Restricted Use in This Area x 1
When You Thought You Had All the Answers ... x 1
Introduce Your Brain to Your Mouth... x 1
You Don't Shoot on Shamrock x 1
Shoot Counter x 1
The Sex, the Gods, the Freaks, the Frauds x 2

Arsenal (60)

Specifics (8)
An Ultimate Fighter x 1
He's About to SNAP! x 1
Shamrock's German Suplex x 1
You're Entering the Danger Zone! x 1
Shamrock's Mounted Punches x 1
Shamrock's Spinning Back Kick x 1
Shamrock's Knee Bar x 1
Shamrock's Ankle Lock x 1

Reversals (26)
A Revolution of the Mind x 3
Elbow to the Face x 2
Get the 'F' Out! x 2
Once is Enough x 2
Sloppy ... Very Sloppy x 3
Volley This! x 2
No Chance in Hell! x 2
Don't Try This at Home x 2
Unintended CONsequences x 1
Breaking Ground x 1
Don't be a Douchebag! x 1
Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!' x 1
Divine Intervention x 1
Hold the Phone! x 1
I Gotta Say, Out of Play x 1
You Missed Your Chance x 1

Action (3)
Shoot Action x 2
Here Comes the Cavalry! x 1

Maneuver (23)
Blindside Takedown x 1
Old School Piledriver x 1
Foot Stomp x 1
Hip Toss x 1
Punch x 1
Backhand Slap x 1
Arm Drag x 1
Roundhouse Punch x 1
Head Butt x 1
Russian Leg Sweep x 1
Atomic Drop x 1
Body Slam x 1
Elbow Drop x 1
Clothesline x 1
Press Slam x 1
Snap Mare x 1
Haymaker x 1
Hammerlock x 1
Belly to Back Suplex x 1
Belly to Belly Suplex x 1
Vertical Suplex x 1
Drop Toe Hold x 1
Drop Kick x 1

Popping this Q&A from Discord for recording purposes.

You Can’t Spell “Funaki” Without F-U-N
Pre-match Event: Face
When this card is in your Ring area, during your turn you may put this card into your Ringside pile and then put 1 Face card and 1 Unique card from your Ringside pile and 1 of your cards that has been removed from the game into your hand.
¶ ¶ ¶ (Activated Card Effect Symbol)
F: 0      D: 0

The ACE above can only be done if there is a Face AND unique in Ringside, AND 1 RFG card.

Explanation (direct copy paste from Dilbert's post):
“Do What You Can” vs. “Do it All or Else”
-If a card requires a cost to be paid for an effect to occur, you must be able to both pay the cost and complete the effect to trigger the effect.
-If a card has text that occurs upon successfully playing that card, you do what you can.
ACEs are Do it All or Else. If you don't have valid targets for the effect, you are not permitted to even attempt to pay the cost.

The above is different from the ruling of successfully playing cards like From the Middle Turnbuckle that do not specific 'up to', but its just to the best of your ability.

From the Middle Turnbuckle
Action: Set-up
Can only be played after a successfully played maneuver or if you reversed a card from your Arsenal to end your opponent’s last turn.
Put 1 non-unique High Risk maneuver from your Ringside pile into your hand and if your next card played this turn is a High Risk maneuver, you may ignore the “Can only be played after…” text and it cannot be reversed from your opponent’s Backlash deck.
F: 5      D: 0

Explanation (direct copy paste from Dilbert's post):
-If a card has text that occurs upon successfully playing that card, you do what you can.

Pre-match Pay-Per-View Event
Can only be played when there is a Feud card in any Ring area.
The maximum number of Pre-match cards you may have in your Ring area is increased by 1.
If you are about to lose the game via Pinfall victory, you may instead put this card into your Ringside pile and then all players put their hand on top of their Arsenal and then shuffle # cards from their Ringside pile into their Arsenal, where # is equal to double their Superstar Value. (This is not affected by the card titled Hell in a Cell Match.) End the current turn.
When this card is in your Ringside pile, before your Draw Segment, remove the top card of your Arsenal from the game.
F: 0      D: 0

If the person activating the card is not able to shuffle that number of cards from Ringside, then Wrestlemania can't be used.
Eg. my SSV is 5, so i get to shuffle 10. But because it is worded in bold above, if you only have 9 (applicable) cards, you cannot ACE Wrestlemania.

Explanation (direct copy paste from Deburaito's post):
One more of this example that a lot of ppl overlook is Wrestlemania, where the player popping that ACE HAS to have sufficient cards to recover from ringside. This scenario can happen when players lose via pin fall due to instant win condition cards like backslide/slingshot into the ring etc or just purely have most of their cards in their ring/hand/rfg

**Edited the remarks after correction from Deburaito and Dilbert. Thanks for the clarification! Luckily the deck still works.

Ten Gallon Hat - Depending on which stage of the game you are at, might be picking up Boot Lace for starting fort or Kitchen Sink if all 3 are in RSP
Backed by The Cabinet - Only use when its a big move or when you know you are out of reversals

Pre-match (12)
Don't Question the Fire That Burns Inside - To get double the number for ECW Title TB
JBL's Limo - To search for Pump Kick and Revo/Douche, depending on situation. If you can foresee you won't start first, then don't even search for pump kick
Bitter Rivals - Play only if you have lower SSV, objective is to pull off the Undisputed Title TB so you have enough slots to play tour other Pre-match cards
First Blood Match - To make Kitchen Sink ++ a threat for them to reverse
Orlando Jordan: Chief of Staff - Key card in the deck to deal compulsory 3 'damage' to opponent every turn
WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Title Belt - Makes your specific Pre and Mid not take up slots. JBL has 3, so this is important
ECW Championship Belt TB - TB version so I can get lesser damage. Added damage is not very important to the deck since in the long run, I don't need to deal a lot of damage if his hand has more cards than arsenal.
The Champ Is Here!
One of the Big Boys - Non-unique reversals to FOs deal 1D
Armageddon Is Upon Us
ECW One Night Stand - Most cases I don't care about opponent's hand so I will shuffle then draw
For the Love of The Game - For discarding or as an action when desperate

Mid-match (12)
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Introduce Your Brain to Your Mouth...
The Road to Victory
Restricted Use in This Area
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
The King Interferes!
Sustain Damage - Discard FOs to play with Kitchen Sink
Immune to Pain TB - Additional -D with ECW Title TB
I Am a Wrestling God
Panic Throw x2

Maneuver (24)
Armed and Dangerous x3
Take Your Own Medicine x2
Everything and the Kitchen Sink x3
Struck by a Kendo Stick TB x3
Garbage Can Lid TB x2 - Goes well with Kitchen Sink as the ACE is a helpful reversal
Trash Can TB
Boot Lace x3
German Suplex x2
Shoot Lock-up x3
Pump Kick

Action (3)
Everybody's Got a Price
Getting a 418 Energy Boost!
Here Comes the Cavalry!

Reversal (33)
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Elbow to the Face x2
Get the 'F' Out! x2
Once is Enough x3
Sloppy ... Very Sloppy x3
Volley This! x2
No Chance in Hell! TB x2
You Forgot About Orlando Jordan...
Divine Intervention
Don't be a Douchebag!
Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!'
Breaking Ground
Back Throw
You Missed Your Chance
Sidewalk Slam
Hold the Phone!
Don't Try This at Home x2
JBL's Clothesline from Hell
Work Harder, Work Smarter
I Am Who I Say I Am x3

Overall Remarks
JBL got nerfed pretty bad due to his insane drawing ability, especially with all the uniques in VC going on. Worst still, he doesn't get the usual compensation of Drawing a Blank for superstars with Blank ability. That said, his Pre-match support (Orlando and Limo) are really strong and can be put to good use.

While Limo grabs you your starting Pump Kick and reversal, Orlando is the key card to this deck as its forcing opponent to draw a compulsory 3 cards, meaning its 3 less cards in his arsenal.reusable to pick up reversed cards with the potential to draw out opponent if they are not conscious about it. But as corrected by Deburaito and Dilbert, it is their option to draw up to 3. To make sure he plays the reversals regularly, Foreign Object seemed like the correct tech to use, using Kitchen Sink as bait AND to deal damage. First Blood match would force my opponent to keep reversing my FOs so I can keep using Orlando's effect.

Starting fortitude is either from Pump Kick, or to keep hitting Armed and Dangerous with Panic or FtLotG till they stick. Along the way, Boot Lace and German Suplex TB should get you to the correct fortitude to start playing Kitchen Sink.

Alittle wonky on getting my starting fortitude, but from there it should be ok. Also have to find out a good way to pluck Sustained Damage.

Key card texts:
Orlando Jordan: Chief of Staff
Pre-match Manager
When this card is in your Ring area, if your opponent reverses a card from his hand or Backlash deck, you may put this card into your Ringside pile and then put the reversed card into your hand instead of your Ringside pile.
When this card is in your Ringside pile, during your turn you may allow your opponent to draw 3 cards and then put this card into your Ring area.
¶ ¶ ¶ (Activated Card Effect Symbol)
F: 0      D: 0

Everything and the Kitchen Sink
Strike: Foreign Object: Face
When played, choose up to 2 Foreign Object maneuvers in your Ringside pile not titled Everything and the Kitchen Sink. Those maneuvers are considered played from your hand and are played in the order of your choice after this card. Resolve each card's effects and damage before the next card is considered played. After all of these cards have been played, if any have been reversed, your turn ends.
SV: 1
F: 14    D: 6

Virtual Deck Reviews / Vickie Guerrero (feat. Deadman)
« on: May 25, 2020, 02:59:28 AM »
Vickie Guerrero
Rock, Deadman, or ... Matt Hardy? - Choose Deadman
Backed by La Familia - Last paragraph for non-damage pinfall as a reversal
Hometown Hero - to make sure New England gets in for Face the Music
The Era of the Superstar - Just to get Women's Evolution and Revolutionizing the Division

Pre-match (12)
I'm Always On the Winning Side - MY Side! - free slot to +1 HS
Newcastle, England - Doubles your Face in Ring, to combo with Face the Music which you can keep picking up with Deadman's ability
Back to Basics
A Foundation of Old School Wrestling - Just to make sure you can play all your Old School Psychology
World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title Belt - Staple for B2B decks to get initial fortitude, weak against Managed by Vince
Old School Cage Match - The deck dishes out low damage, so I won't want my maneuvers to be plucked from RSP preventing me from re-playing them. Good against Thrust Knee Lift and NWO Lethal Poison
Old School Manager
Old School Donnybrook
Old School Psychology x3
For the Love of The Game - For discard or play as action

Mid-match (12)
For the Love of The Game - For discard or play as action
The Women's Evolution
Restricted Use in This Area
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
Introduce Your Brain to Your Mouth...
Enforcer Interferes
The Road to Victory
Ready to Fight x3 - Either use as recovery or to force discard from chain effect

Maneuver (19)
Belly to Back Suplex
Roundhouse Punch
Head Butt
Hip Toss
Arm Drag
Russian Leg Sweep
Snap Mare
Body Slam
Atomic Drop
Drop Toe Hold
Press Slam
Backhand Slap TB
Elbow Drop
Foot Stomp
Old School Piledriver
Cougar Splash
Vickie's Slap

Action (14)
Great Power Brawl TB - To make my maneuvers deal more damage
Face the Music x3 - Key card for the deck to force 6 discards as soon as turn 1
You Feeling Lucky? TB x2 - Another card to either force discard or to get fortitude
Didn't I Already Fire You? - To change to The Rock for recovery if circumstances require
Here Comes the Cavalry!
Shoot Action x2
Everyone Wants to Watch Women, Period x2 - cheap action to use for ability to lure reversals out, before hitting them with Face the Music
Vickie's Scream
Smackdown!'s Executive Consultant

Reversal (27)
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Elbow to the Face x2
Once is Enough x3
Get the 'F' Out! x2
Sloppy ... Very Sloppy x3
Divine Intervention
Don't be a Douchebag!
Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!'
You Missed Your Chance
Hold the Phone!
Don't Try This at Home x2
Unintended CONsequences
Breaking Ground
Master Manipulator
Revolutionizing the Division
Vickie Guerrero Interferes
The Coach Says, 'Today's the Day!'
I Said, 'EXCUSE ME!'

Overall Remarks
This deck went 3-2 i the recent OCTGN tourney (after trying out 6 other different builds). That said, her ability was used probably twice in the 3 games, which speaks volume on the 'usefulness' of her ability. Plus, her ability actually also makes your opponent's action successful since you can't play reversals to it while your action is only chain so that doesn't help much. Also, the entire deck can actually be copy pasted to probably 80% of the existing roster and still perform better than Vickie.

Instead, I gave up on her theme as a predominantly Action deck deck, Excuse Me! and even her specific enforcer, but focused on a discard route. Since she don't need her ability, Excuse Me became useless and B2B just seems to fit in. With 3x OS Psy, the discarding would be huge. Going Face was just so I can use Deadman's ability to pick up Face the Music for forcing discard. To maximise the card text, I went with Newcastle, England to double the number of Face cards in my ring so Face the Music is an instant discard 6. From there, just keep using the lower damage maneuvers to lure our their backlash reversals for the 3 OSP discards and try to win with Cougar Splash or OS Piledriver.

This is the best I can do with Vickie with her current cards. What's other builds that you tried her with, and if given a chance, what could be a suitable support for her? For me, i know that she would minimally get the chance to reverse the action that she interrupts, and also have more purpose to use any of her specific enforcers. A Sable-ish Wildcat effect would be a nice addition to her otherwise lackluster maneuver base.

Key card texts for reference:

Vickie Guerrero
Starting Hand Size: 0+     Superstar Value: 2+
Superstar Ability: Once during each of your opponent's turns, when he plays a non-maneuver card, you may immediately play an action card from hand and he may respond to it as if it was your turn. His responses to that card do not end his turn, and you may not respond again to the card that you interrupted.
He cannot play cards with 'Vickie' in the title.
You may pack Master Manipulator, and you may pack Enforcers in your Backstage Area; when you reveal your Superstar card, reveal 1 Enforcer card and choose 1 Enforcer.  You may not pack ECW or nWo cards.

Backed by La Familia
Backstage Card
You are considered a Stable for your opponent's The Numbers Game.
Your Superstar-specific non-Revolution maneuvers are considered Smackdown and non-F: 0 for Backed by Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero, and your Vickie Guerrero Interferes is -5F.
When you completely reverse his maneuver from hand or Backlash, you may hide this card and he overturns 5 cards.
Unique     RMS logo

Back to Basics
Pre-match Feud
You can only play Pre-match cards with the words "old school" in the title.
Your opponent cannot play the card titled Hell in a Cell Match.
Search your Arsenal for 1 of each of the cards titled Arm Bar, Arm Bar Takedown, Arm Drag, Atomic Drop, Belly to Back Suplex, Belly to Belly Suplex, Body Slam, Chop, Clothesline, Collar & Elbow Lockup, Drop Kick, Haymaker, Head Butt, Hip Toss, Press Slam, Punch, Roundhouse Punch, Russian Leg Sweep, Snap Mare, Vertical Suplex, Wrist Lock, Backhand Slap, Drop Toe Hold, Elbow Drop, Foot Stomp, and Hammerlock, reveal them to your opponent, and put them under this card. You may play these cards as if they were in your hand. Your opponent searches your Arsenal and Backlash deck. If he finds any non-Superstar-specific Maneuver cards, you lose the game via Pinfall Victory. Shuffle your Arsenal.
¶ (Restricted Modification Symbol)
F: 0      D: 0

Newcastle, England
Pre-match Venue
All players may only play 1 Face or Heel card during each of their turns.
All players are considered to have double the number of Face or Heel cards they have in their Ring area.
Universally Active
F: 0      D: 0

Face the Music
Action: Face
Your opponent discards cards equal to the number of Face cards in your Ring area. The maximum number of cards he discards from this card is 6.
F: 2      D: 0

Virtual Deck Reviews / Eric Bischoff's Tribute to Howard Finkel
« on: May 24, 2020, 08:36:57 PM »
Eric Bischoff
Controversy Creates Cash - Always grab Karate Kick with Eric's ability and put it under
The People's Champ, The Big Freak'n Machine, or The Game? - Start with BFM, use Kick's effect as first card to change to Finkel
Coach, Cole, or Finkel?

Pre-match (12) (Play all the cards with Asterisk in order. You should have 2 more free slots to play whatever you want.)
nWo T-Shirt* - Mainly to trigger Managed by Eric to protect Backed by Eric as you would be removing cards often
Madison Square Garden, New York City* - Gets you +1HS and +1SSV for No Way Out for free
Trash Talkin' Interview* - Pluck any action reversals, but keep Douche, Carlito, You Missed Your Chance in his hand so he has less chance of overturning for your non-dmg effects
Managed by Eric Bischoff TB*
No Way Out TB* - Main card to generate damage
Survey Time! Who's Here to See The n...W...o...?*
Ruthless Aggression*
For the Love of The Game x3 - Free fortitude if he plays title belts + Champ is Here
Again With This Crap?!?!? - You can replace this with anything else, only 4 slots taken so far
Special Guest Referee- You can replace this with anything else, only 4 slots taken so far

Mid-match (12)
Turning Everything Upside Down - Unique replacement for Cow on Ice
The Road to Victory
Restricted Use in This Area
nWo Reinforcements Have Arrived!
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
Undermine the Competition
Dirty Low Blow TB
The King Interferes!
Shoot Counter
The Sex, the Gods, the Freaks, the Frauds x2 - for recovering RFG cards

Maneuvers (7)
Uncle Eric's Karate Kick
Back Leg Front Kick
Thrust Knee Lift x2 - for discarding purposes for Finkel's ability
Steel Chain Shot TB x3 - for discarding purposes for Finkel's ability

Actions 24
Technical Bear Hug x2 - for infinite recovery of RFG cards rather than playing as maneuver
Shoot Action x3 - For dealing dmg
Inferno Match x2 - for additional overturn if he plays reversals to your easily reversed actions
Take One Second - to build fortitude and lure out GTFO/OiE for Shoot Action
Backed by Eric Bischoff x2 - protected by Managed by Eric TB
I Can't Be Reading This Right... x3 - for discarding purposes for Finkel's ability
When Kurt Met Christy - To trigger Steel Chain Shot TB back to hand
Out Think the Fink x3 - What's a Finkel deck without Out Think the Fink!
Here Comes the Cavalry!
Commission-er Rules! TB
Roll Out of the Ring x2
nWo Comes to Ringside
The Inmates Aren't Running My Asylum
Two-Time! Two-Time!

Reversals (29)
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Elbow to the Face x2
Manager Interferes x3
Get the 'F' Out! x3
One Issue On My Mind x3
Volley This! x2
Divine Intervention
Don't be a Douchebag!
Carlito Says 'That's Not Cool!'
Back Throw
You Missed Your Chance
Sidewalk Slam TB
Hold the Phone!
Don't Try This at Home x2
Master Manipulator
Shocking Interference
Breaking Ground - to get your some fortitude
Counter Strike - to get your some fortitude

Overall Remarks
The idea was to have a milling deck with Finkel's ability as pivot. To work off that, No Way Out was the best PPV card to do the job but that also risks you might end your turn without even having draw segment if he overturns a reversal for NWO. To avoid walking into countless overturns from Old School Wrestling Match TB, Eric Bischoff was chosen since his opponent cannot play Stipulations. And since he can't play OSWM TB, technically I don't need to run maneuvers, so majority of the deck are actions, and the only other maneuver you might play is his TMF. And since he can't pack Stipulations, I can focus on packing cards like Thrust Knee Lift and I Can't be Reading this Right.

The idea is to start with Karate Kick protected by BFM's ability. Using the text for Karate Kick you can switch the enforcer to Finkel and that is where you discard your Thrust Knee Lifts, Steel Chain Shot TBs and I can't be Reading this Right. With NWO, each turn your opponent's deck gets 4 less cards. Inferno Match OG is packed so even when he plays reversals, he gets more overturns. The purpose of the other actions are stated, but the main gist of the deck is just to mill out your opponent slowly. Your handsize would be very small throughout the game and you'll be behind fortitude, so Undermine your Competition is extremely good for Eric.

To win the game, just seat behind NWO and Finkel's ability to deal consistent damage. To me, the way to overpower this deck is just to go super aggro against it before the damage starts to pile up. NWO's effect can be reversed, but Finkel's ability can't.

What other weaknesses or improvements do you have in mind for this deck?

Key card texts for reference:

Raw GM Eric Bischoff
Starting Hand Size: 0+     Superstar Value: 1+
GM Superstar Ability:  You cannot pack any card with the word "McMahon" in the title. You may pack Enforcers in your Backstage area. Reveal any number of Raw Enforcer cards and choose 1 Enforcer, then search your Arsenal for 1 card with the Raw logo, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal. Your non-GM opponents cannot play Stipulation cards.

Controversy Creates Cash
Backstage Card
When packing this card, your One Issue On My Mind cards are not Cheater.
You may put 1 card in your hand under this card; if you do not, put the top card of your Arsenal under this card instead.  Once during each of your turns, you may put 1 card from your hand under this card, and then you may discard 3 cards from your hand to switch to a new Enforcer.
Once during each of your turns, you may exchange 1 card under this card with 1 card in your hand.
Unique     RMS logo     nWo logo

Uncle Eric's Karate Kick
Strike + Strike / Reversal: Special
As a maneuver, this card is -5F, you may put 1 non-unique card from your Ringside pile into your hand.
As a reversal, reverse any non-unique Mid-match card and end your opponent's turn.
When successfully played, you may choose 1 different Enforcer.
F: 5     D: 5     Unique     Multi     RAW logo

Back Leg Front Kick
Trademark Finisher
Can only be played after a successfully played maneuver, or when you have greater Raw cards in Ring.
When this card is unsuccessfully played, you may discard 2 cards and then put it back in your hand instead.
F: 20     D: 15     SV: 2     Unique     RAW logo     nWo logo

One Issue On My Mind
Reversal: Action
Reverse any Action card and end your opponent's turn. Search your Arsenal for 1 Unique card, reveal it to him, put it into your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal.
F: 1     D: 1     Cheater logo

Coach, Cole, or Finkel?
Can only be revealed if your Superstar card says you can reveal an Enforcer card. Can be revealed by any GM Superstar.
•      Starting Hand Size: +4
   Superstar Value: +0
Superstar Ability: + Once during each of your turns you may discard 1 card and then your opponent names a card and then you name a card. The named cards cannot be played for the rest of the turn.
•      Starting Hand Size: +5
   Superstar Value: +0
Superstar Ability: + Once during each of your turns you may discard 2 cards and then name a card, look at your opponent's hand, choose 1 card you named, and he discards the chosen card.
•      Starting Hand Size: +6
   Superstar Value: +0
Superstar Ability: + Once during each of your turns you may discard 2 cards and then your opponent names a card. Reveal the top card of his Arsenal. If it is the card he named, he puts it into his hand. If it is not, put it into his Ringside pile and he overturns 2 cards.

No Way Out
Pre-match Pay-Per-View Event
Before every Draw Segment, all players overturn 1 card.
F: 0 D: 0

Virtual Deck Reviews / Beer drinkin' Home Comin' Sandman
« on: October 13, 2019, 09:55:07 AM »
Sooo... I recently experimented with Homecoming decks and sort of concluded the below.

Able to add 1 card to hand every turn at 0 cost

No backlash deck, so if your hand is discarded, you can only depend on your arsenal.
You are stuck with Fan Favourite, so no Shoot Forearms for hard to reverse maneuvers or Blindside Takedown to play from ringside after discarding.

1. Superstars that can reduce damage taken so taking damage isnt as painful.
2. Superstars that can benefit from adding 1 card to their hand every turn to generate other effects.
3. Superstars with strong recovery to sponge through all the damage taken
4. Superstars that can reverse outside of playing reversals

Sandman sort of had a combination of 1, 2 and alittle of 3.
Firstly, his Backstage does allow him to play Struck by a Kendo Stick TB (SbaKS TB) every turn by discarding 1 and playing 1 card face down. This means he doesn't really have to care about how strong or weak his maneuvers are (something Homecoming maneuvers are)
Secondly, his backstage allows him to draw additional cards during his draw segment if he has lower hand. This will help him stay afloat from the hand destruction. ECW One Night Stand gives him extra draw power.
Thirdly, although he doesn't have access to Sustain Damage, he does get a -2D from ECW Title Belt TB and mayb another -1D from Immune to Pain TB.
Lastly, Ambassadors of Extreme has a crazy recovery effect and makes your SbaKS TB multi and +1Stun. I threw in Ready to Fights since I had the slot in backlash.

Note my decks are usually formed on the assumption that my opponent doesn't disrupt my pre-match. Feel free to change things up to your liking.

The House that Hardcore Built
Politically Incorrect and Damn Proud - already able to draw additional 1 card from turn 1 from his specific Pre-match
Sandman's Singapore Stash
Struck by a Kendo Stick TB

Pre-match (in order of playing, * are free)
Don't Question the Fire That Burns Within
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - No preference as I don't have much choice, but I usually go with Take Care of your Own Medicine x 2 and Table.
WWE Homecoming
ECW Championship Belt TB* -  +2d for your maneuvers, -2d for opponent's maneuvers
Product Endorsement TB*
Old School Psychology* - cause more discard effects to go along with ECW ONS
I'm the Champ - Nothing's gonna change That!
Playing by the Rules
Wrestling in the ECW Arena*
ECW One Night Stand*
Banned from Ringside
Beer Can Smashing Entrance*

Immune to Pain TB
Hardcore Style TB
Ready to Fight x 3
Break it Out, Break you Down... x 2 - Either used to put Singapore Cane or reversals into ringside to re-use
See how it Feels TB
Victory Roll
Desperate Struggle
The Ambassadors of Extreme
The Original Beer-Swilling Foul-Mouthed Icon

Suplex x 2
Superkick x 2
Front Chancery x 2
Back Breaker Torture Rack x 3
Take Care of your Own Medicine x 3
Trash Can TB
Bitchin Leg Drop
The Rolling Rock
White Russian Leg Sweep

Singapore Cane x 2
Ring Steps
Stop Sign
Here Comes the Calvary
Candice: Internet Icon x 2
Technical Bear Hug - used as action to recover RFG cards
Ladder in the Ring TB - Just to protect his leg drop and rolling rock
Five Time ECW Champion
Blood, Sweat, and Beers
Can of Beer

A Revolution of the Mind x 3
Elbow to the Face x 2
Once is Enough x 3
Get the F out
Sloppy... Very Sloppy x 3
Volleyed Beyond the Edge x 3 (with the recursion from ECW ONS and actions, they can be reused from arsenal)
Volley this x 2
No Chance in Hell TB x 2
Sandman's Beer Spray
Don't Try this at Home x 2
Back Throw
Sidewalk Slam TB
Hold the Phone
Don't be a Douchebag
Carlito Says
Divine Intervention
You Missed your Chane
Out of Nowhere

Fantasy Cards / Alternate Art driven by the community
« on: January 02, 2019, 06:46:22 AM »
With the resurgence of demand for old school cards from the likes of Asuka and Nakamura, I believe this thread should be helpful for players old and new. Send me the pictures of the cards you want to see made, and I will post them here and on the facebook page.

This is a free service for the community, so don't expect instant replies and 100% fulfillment rates even though I will try my best! And please don't request for cards unless you have pictures of them!

Hope you guys enjoy this free service!

Revolution Deck Reviews / Virtual Revolution Superstar Review Index
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:25:34 PM »

Tournament Reports / SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5: Hell in a Cell 2018
« on: September 08, 2018, 09:18:19 AM »

We had a decent turnout of 6, although we were expecting 9 in the first place. That didn't dampen the overall mood as we saw more returning players this time round, and boy did they make an impact by taking both the 1st and 2nd place, and ALSO both lucky draw prizes. 4ever No Mercy and See Kristal Clear was this tournament's biggest threats that brought both of their decks up to the winning spots. Kudos to Zac for his attempt at playing the deck for the first time. If it wasn't for the last minute error, he would have won me as well.

Of the 6 decks, Goldberg, Jerishow, William were Mean heavy, while Ryback and Mark Henry went with Colossals. For my Khali, I went with Ring Psychology Arm and the Core Arms. With the release of the new Gencon promos, I am not expecting a huge swing in the meta, but there will definitely be some impact for Colossal decks like Batista Storyline and Ryback. All shall unfold when the promos are eventually released.

1st: Vincent Goldberg: 5-0
2nd: Tian Sheng Jerishow: 3-2
3rd: Joewi William Regal: 3-2
4th: Sheila Ryback: 2-3
5th: Keith The Great Khali: 1-4
6th: Zac Mark Henry: 1-4

Goldberg (P) vs Jerishow
Goldberg (P)  vs William Regal
Goldberg {P)  vs Ryback
Goldberg (P)  vs The Great Khali
Goldberg (P)  vs Mark Henry

Jerishow (P)  vs William Regal
Jerishow (P)  vs The Great Khali
Jerishow (P)  vs Mark Henry
Jerishow vs Goldberg (P)
Jerishow vs Ryback (P)

William Regal (P)  vs Ryback
William Regal (P)  vs The Great Khali
William Regal (P)  vs Mark Henry
William Regal vs Goldberg (P)
William Regal vs Jerishow (P)

Ryback (P)  vs The Great Khali
Ryback (P)  vs Jerishow
Ryback vs Goldberg (P)
Ryback  vs William Regal (P)
Ryback vs Mark Henry (P)

The Great Khali (P) vs Mark Mark Henry
The Great Khali  vs Goldberg (P)
The Great Khali  vs Jerishow (P)
The Great Khali  vs William Regal (P)
The Great Khali  vs Ryback (P)

Mark Henry (P)  vs Ryback
Mark Henry vs Jerishow (P)
Mark Henry vs William Regal (P)
Mark Henry vs Goldberg (P)
Mark Henry vs The Great Khali (P)

No pictures this time, but here's my personal tournament report to give a rough insight of the 6 decks.

Match 1: Great Khali vs Ryback (P)
I initially thought I had a fair chance against Ryback since he depends largely on Cores until it hits Colossal range. What sucks though, is the fact that I didn't draw into the correct reversals. To be fair, it was really due to deckbuild since I expected more people to play Holds so I packed less Throw and Assault reversals. This bit me back real bad since I couldn't reverse both Assaults, and Ryback just went hard on the Colossals. I eventually got a Desperate Throw in, but it just got worst after 2 Powerbombs and 2 STFs.

Match 2: Great Khali (P) vs Mark Henry
Henry got a good start with his Specific Headbutt, followed by another Core that I did not have a reversal to. Luckily, my Core Arm maneuvers went in pretty smoothly this time. By the 4th turn, he ran out of reversals and I managed to amass my Arms in ring.. But as he built his fort, he did managed to hit Torture Rack twice, giving him a total of 11 cards recovery since he had Hall of Pain in ring to change all targets to back. That was a sick move, since I ran out of Colossal reversals and he knew that. Knowing the Hold Reversals are likely to be for 4D or more, I saved my Short Arm Hammerlock (printed 3D) so I could avoid his reversals. With a +12D and no reversals from his arsenal, ended my turn since we weren't rushing for time. With just 3 cards left in my arsenal (2 of which are non-reversal antics which I shuffled back from Short Arm Hammerlock, he made a mistake to throw a Core instead of a Colossal. I managed to pin him with a One Solution, but victory would have been his if he hit a Colossal instead.

Match 3: Great Khali vs William Regal (P)
My luck probably went off for a long tea break after the game with Mark Henry. I drew 0 Hold reversals even though I had 5 in my entire deck. Scissors Hold and 1 Second Solution later, I'm just eating Knee Lifts and Dragon Sleepers. William's ability made me burn even faster, and the game ended before I could get anything substantial on the board. Even my Desperate Throw got Inertia-ed and went to the bottom of my deck with Gone Not Forgotten. That probably sealed my fate, as I ate his Momentum-ed Regal Stretch a few turns later.

Match 4: Great Khali vs Jerishow (P)
Probably the worst match of the day. With a bad starting hand and Jerishow playing See Kristal Clear, I had no chance of reversing any of his cores from the start. And the good thing about Tag Teams is that they can instantly bridge over to their Means. I had no chance, not because I didn't have the maneuvers, but because my opponent had 3 Second Solutions, and then Defense cards later on. There was no chance in hell I could have gotten anything on the table, apart from a Two for the Show. The game ended with 2 consecutive Means which my 1F couldn't reverse.

Match 5: Great Khali vs Goldberg (P)
Goldberg had a bad score prior to this game, with a win rate of 2 out of 15 matches. Surprisingly this match wasn't as bad as the previous, even though I got Kristal-ed again. I did get my initial Fort in, but I succumbed not long after to 4ever No Mercy. Although it makes the game really quick, 4 is still to much for a constant reversal. I would believe that the streak wouldn't have been achieved so quickly if we blocked that with out PPVs. Its a learning experience for everyone, so either beat them, or join them ;)

Till next month, onward with the <R>evolution!

Updated Excel:

Rules Forum / Blanking card moved from ring and then re-played
« on: September 05, 2018, 11:37:56 PM »
Curious about this 2:
1. If Rest Hold was used to blank Kick non tb and i play another kick non tb, is it blank?

2. If rest hold blanked my kick non tb but that kick was moved from ring to ringside and then to Arsenal and I drew it, it's the same kick non tb, but is it blank as well?

Submission: Chain

Your opponent cannot play the card titled Over Sell Maneuver immediately after you play this card.

When successfully played, choose 1: put 1 Mid-match card from your Ringside pile into your Backlash deck, put 1 non-unique card from your opponent’s Ring area into his Ringside pile, or choose 1 non-Pre-match card in his Ring area and when this card is in your Ring area that card has blank text.

F: 0      D: 0

Rules Forum / Poke vs Two Time Two Time
« on: August 10, 2018, 07:12:53 PM »
Not sure if this should be under Rules or Gen discussion, but it seems abit more rule-ish so it came here.
Why is it that Two Time! Two Time! is able to reverse Poke when Poke has an RMS that explicitly says it can only be reversed by Step Aside?

Does it
1. Qualify as a reversal because it explicitly says it CAN reverse Poke even though Poke say you CANNOT, or
2. Qualify as a reversal because card text naming specific cards will override any reverse restriction?

Two Time! Two Time!
Action + Antic / Reversal: Special
When you have lower Fortitude, can only be reversed by 2 reversal cards. This card is -2F for each D: 2+ card in your opponent's Ring. As an action, choose two of the following: draw up to 2 cards, shuffle up to 2 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal, remove up to 2 cards in his Ringside from the game, flip up to 2 D: 0 cards in any Ring over, he puts 2 cards from his hand on the bottom of his Arsenal, or he overturns 2 cards. As a reversal, this card is -22F; reverse Poke or Shake, and he discards 2 cards.
Unique, Multi, Permanent, RMS
F:22 D:2

Can only be reversed by the card titled Step Aside.
F:0 D:1

Revolution Deck Reviews / <R> Rob Van Dam
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:22:44 AM »
I ran this deck and went 6-1 in our Summerslam tournament with a special stip where only SSV4 or above superstars could be played. The stipulation was in favor for RVD to play Climbing the Ladder which is so important for RVD. To throw opponent off, this RVD tries to avoid playing Extremes.

Backlash (12)

Pre-match (6) Switch the * if you know you will have higher superstar value.
Climbing The Ladder* - Allows you to draw 2 when your Mean is successful, but its only playable if you have lower SSV at the point of resolving.
WWE World Heavyweight Title Belts - I chose this over Intercontinental Title to draw cards because refreshing 4 not so useful cards in hand is better than adding 2 more possibly useless cards
A Ruckus At Ringside
Filling In The Blanks
McMahon Family Jewels* - A back up to add a card to hand every 2 turns if Climbing The Ladder doesn't go through.

Mid-match (6)
Spinning Kick - In case I run out of maneuvers from my small hand
You Hit Like A Girl
Before This Gets Out Of Hand
Slow the Match Down to a Crawl
Talk is Cheap
In ECW, We Never Back Down from a Fight!

Maneuvers (22)
Scissors Hold x 3
A New Breed Unleashed
Double Leg Lock Crab x 2
Dragon Sleeper x 3 - only recovery in deck
An Extreme Assault x 3
Extreme Brutal Beatdown x 3 - Insanely strong card for RVD to boost hand, along with reversal restriction
The Whole F'n Kick x 3
Rolling Thunder
Five Star Frog Splash
Van Terminator
Desperate Throw

Core/Reversal Hybrids (17)
Wrist Lock x 2 - To reverse Scoop Slam
Standing Side Headlock x 2 - To reverse Snap Bulldog
Headbutt x 3 - Reverse Hammerlock, Arm Wrench and Scissors Hold
Fireman Carry x 2 - Reverse Chop to the Chest and Elbow Smash
Hip Toss x 2
Quick Grapple
Quick Submission
Judo Takedown
Only One Solution x 2

Reversals (21)
Try To Get Away x 3
I Won't Be Beat Tonight x 2
Masochist At The Heart
Outmaneuver x 2
You Telegraphed It
My Way
Why Don't You Kiss My Ass
Welcome To My World
Two For The Show
Off Your Mark
Head to Toe Defense x 2
Lateral Flank Defense x 2
Centered Defense x 2

The deck was built to have an much draw power as possible. That was why I went with the Blank Cores and Filling In The Blanks. They not only help with starting fort, but also to pump hand and get rid of useless cards. The choice of Core/Reversal Hybrids is largely dependent on the local playstyle. Locally, there are certain Cores that are more common, so maximising your damage could help you bridge earlier to your Means. Like I mentioned, the Trademarks are very useful for RVD because Trademarks are naturally difficult to reverse, and Extreme Brutal Beatdown brings it up a notch to have a reversal restriction. That was the reason why I wanted to skip the Extremes altogether, so my opponent has less cards to reverse my stuff. By focusing the maneuvers I have, your opponent's Lateral Flank Defense, Centered Defense, Outmaneuver, That's Extremely Unoriginal are rendered useless.

Some improvements would be to find space for Overexposure. That is something all Extremists should pack, but it totally slipped my mind until this point when I am typing this.

Revolution Deck Reviews / <R> Batista non storyline
« on: August 06, 2018, 07:39:32 AM »
Been quite awhile since there's a post in this section!

This Batista deck went 7-0 in the recent tournament using its original ability to drop opponent's hand, so the deck was formed revolving around that. That said, it wasn't completely filled with Throws as other maneuvers fitted better to the discard theme.

Backlash (12)

Pre-match (6) - played in order. Skip 1 RP: Leg and Mo1KM if opponent plays Royal Rumble first
A Ruckus at Ringside
Ring Psychology: Leg x 2
Man of 1000 Moves - Search for Snap Bulldog or Scissors Hold
WWE Heavyweight Title Belt

Mid-match (6)
You Hit Like a Girl
Before This Gets Out Of Hand
Slow The Match Down To A Crawl
Talk is Cheap
A Thousand Years of Anger
Arm Drag

Arsenal (60)

Maneuvers (27)
Scissors Hold - Back up just in case
Scoop Slam x 3 - Only recovery cards in the deck other than Demon Bomb
Snap Bulldog x 3
Leg Drag x 3 - This was the main reason I went RP: Leg. You drop 1, but opponent drops 2 random.
Jaw Jammer x 3 - Target Head and Leg always goes together since its reversed by the same defense card. Similarly, you drop 1, opponent drops 2 random.
Snap Mare x 3 - Best card for Batista. Opponent drops 1 random for ability and 2 for the card effect
Knee Breaker x 2 - Finding your painful leg maneuvers. Its a Throw too!
Double Leg Lock Crab x 2 - Almost every deck's must have, and its Leg too
Steel Chain Shot x 3 - Its Leg, and forces opponent to discard 2 if he reverses from hand or backlash
Desperate Throw
The Animal Clothesline
The Hanging Tree
The Demon Bomb

Reversal (33)
The Second Solution x 3
Only One Solution x 2
Try To Get Away x 3
I Won't Be Beat Tonight x 2
Masochist Of The Heart
You Telegraphed It
Inside this Pits Of Danger
Why Don't You Kiss My Ass
My Way
Welcome To My World
Outmaneuver x 2
Off Your Mark x 2
Two For The Show
Head To Toe Defense x 3
Lateral Flank Defense x 3
Centered Defense x 3
The Guardian Powerlsam
The Evolved Spinebuster

The deck is fairly simple. Whatever you draw and in your Fort range can be played. But keeping count of your opponent's handsize can help you make better decisions. Force discards like Snap Mare and Steel Chain Shot will put your opponent in the tough spot, and luring their Try To Get Aways with your Double Leg Lock Crab is good too since they have to discard 2 for that reversal.

The deck did lack in recovery and Extreme Reversals, but the best offense is the best defense. (other than the 9 defense cards of cause)

Tournament Reports / SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5: Summerslam 2018
« on: August 05, 2018, 09:37:45 AM »

It was a hectic pre-tournament because our venue host 'suddenly' had an event and there weren't any spaces left for us. Luckily we had a player that arrived early to check out the venue and sound out before the actual tournament started. We eventually got a venue, but we had to pay to use it, much to the dismay of players. That aside, we had our usual turnout of 8 players for our Summerslam Tournament, and congrats to Sheila for being a 2 time champ for this cycle. De Hao walked away with Lucky Draw 1 of an alt art Faction Set, while Zac walked away with a foil Alt Art VTK C Revo WWE World Heavyweight Title Belt.

This tournament had a special rule since it was a big 4 PPV, so we could only play superstars of SSV 4 and above. Overall, it was nice to see a tournament where half of the superstars are from the Comic Images printed era. Most superstars have been played a few times now, but thankfully everyone made the effort to play something they havent played before, and that is something I would like to commend about this playgroup. Although we have a rule set that we won't allow players to reuse the same superstar within the cycle, the players have thus far been exploring different superstars, and playing different styles. The amount of effort to do so clearly shows sportsmanship. There was even instances where a player lamented that his maneuver should have been reversed but he forgot to inform his opponent. I think that games are best played when the main goal was not to capitalize on opponent's lack of knowledge, but instead to have a fun time together.

End of the day, everyone walked out happy, because the scores were secondary, and what mattered more the 2hours+ of games. Looking forward to our next tournament in Sept!

Till next month, onward with the <R>evolution!

Updated Excel with all the score tallies and results from all our tournaments:

1st: Sheila Batista: 7-0
2nd: Keith Rob Van Dam: 6-1
3rd: Zac Undertaker: 5-2
4th: Calvin The Rock: 4-3
5th: Joewi Ric Flair: 3-4
6th: Wen Huan Chris Jericho: 2-5
7th: De Hao Rey Mysterio: 1-6
8th: Dhillon Sheamus: 0-7

Batista (P) vs Rob Van Dam
Batista (P) vs Undertaker
Batista (P) vs The Rock
Batista (P) vs Ric Flair
Batista (P) vs Chris Jericho
Batista (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Batista (P) vs Sheamus
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Undertaker
Rob Van Dam (P) vs The Rock
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Chris Jericho
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Sheamus
Rob Van Dam vs Batista (P)
Undertaker (P) vs The Rock
Undertaker (P) vs Ric Flair
Undertaker (P) vs Chris Jericho
Undertaker (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Undertaker (P) vs Sheamus
Undertaker vs Batista (P)
Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam (P)
The Rock (P) vs Ric Flair
The Rock (P) vs Chris Jericho
The Rock (P) vs Rey Mysterio
The Rock (P) vs Sheamus
The Rock vs Batista (P)
The Rock vs Rob Van Dam (P)
The Rock vs Undertaker (P)
Ric Flair (P) vs Chris Jericho
Ric Flair (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair (P) vs Sheamus
Ric Flair vs Batista (P)
Ric Flair vs Rob Van Dam (P)
Ric Flair vs Undertaker (P)
Ric Flair vs The Rock (P)
Chris Jericho (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Chris Jericho (P) vs Sheamus
Chris Jericho vs Batista (P)
Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam (P)
Chris Jericho vs Undertaker (P)
Chris Jericho vs The Rock (P)
Chris Jericho vs Ric Flair (P)
Rey Mysterio (P) vs Sheamus
Rey Mysterio vs Batista (P)
Rey Mysterio vs Rob Van Dam (P)
Rey Mysterio vs Undertaker (P)
Rey Mysterio vs The Rock (P)
Rey Mysterio vs Ric Flair (P)
Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho (P)

Sheamus vs Batista (P)
Sheamus vs Rob Van Dam (P)
Sheamus vs Undertaker (P)
Sheamus vs The Rock (P)
Sheamus vs Ric Flair (P)
Sheamus vs Chris Jericho (P)
Sheamus vs Rey Mysterio (P)

Some pictures of the event:

Updated End Cycle Score Tally:

On a side note, I just wanted to put this out there for all Revo The Rock Superstars to pack at least some Core reversals. My RVD got almost 30F from Filling in the Blanks and the blank text Core/reversal hybrids on turn 1. Rock still managed to get his starting fort but by then I hand a ton of fort and hit in 3 consecutive Extreme Brutal Beatdowns for the win.

Virtual Raw Deal / Does Revo Matt Hardy need to be relooked at?
« on: July 31, 2018, 06:56:28 AM »
Before I continue, just want to say that I respect the creators and playtesters of the game for everything, and that to me this is just 1 bad egg in the entire basket.

I am just sharing what I think about <R> Matt Hardy, and see if there is any chance for improvement in the next review in 2019.
<R> Matt Hardy
Superstar Ability:
Once during each of your turns, you may overturn 3 cards (when you have have fewer cards in hand, 2 cards): draw 1 card.
When packing non-Revolution cards: you can pack Matt Facts.
Having played <R> Matt Hardy and see other players play it locally, as well as feedback from other players internationally, we seem to conclude that the said superstar does not possess the ability and cards required to be on par with other well balanced superstars.
Looking at the ability to overturn 3 (or 2) to draw 1 seems ok if it’s a standalone.
It is optional, so players can choose not to use it at all, but that kind of defeats the purpose as well.
Compared to Terry Funk, Elijah Burke, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Sheamus and The Wyatt Family who can draw under conditions that do not hurt them, Matt’s ability seems like a drawback rather than a bonus to use.
Although there are many recovery cards (both Antics and Maneuvers) out there, it seems unfair that Matt has to do extra work and pay extra cost just to draw 1 card, when anyone with Climbing The Ladder, Ring Psychology Throw or McMahon Family Jewels can add cards to their hand on a regular basis (of cause with a cost), without getting hurt. Using his ability will give a -4 (or -3) from his arsenal, and that is contingent on the fact that the drawn card is of use to Matt.
<R> Version 1.0
Pre-match: Event
Your Superstar Value is +1 and your Pre-match Capacity is +1.
When you are Revolution Matt Hardy: you are an Extremist and when you play an Extreme: Follow-up, you may discard 2 cards and ignore the Follow-up, and when it is successfully played, shuffle 1 non-reversal card in your Ringside into your Arsenal.
Just my assumption, but his ability should be used to activate Version 1.0, allowing him to ignore follow-up for his ability.
Once again as a standalone, it doesn’t seem too bad because follow-ups usually cannot be played since the 1 st card is usually reversed. With this pre-match, he can skip pass that requirement.
Unlike other Follow-ups, Extreme Follow-ups actually get less reversals because the usual extreme reversal to pack, That’s Extremely Un-original, does not reverse Follow-up. That’s 1 less Extreme reversal to worry about.
That said, what costs Matt Hardy to get the effect is something other superstars get it for free or at lesser cost.
I am referring to Jeff Hardy who can totally ignore Follow-ups, or Kofi Kingston who can discard 1 to ignore Follow-up as well. Hardy Boyz get to continue their turn if required, while Jack Swagger can search for Follow-up but put it at the bottom of arsenal with his Pre-match if he can’t play it.
Setting Him Up, a non-superstar specific Pre-match, has the same effect although its unique and can only be played once.
Once again, Matt Hardy seems to fall short in this ‘advantage’ that he has.
<R> Incredible High Flyers
Pre-match: Faction
You can pack this card regardless of Superstar. Your Extreme: Follow-up: Maneuver cards are now Follow-up: Card instead, and when your antic with 'high flyer' in the text is unsuccessful, overturn 3 less cards for not playing a maneuver.
When your logo is on this card: your Pre-match Capacity is +1, you are considered an Extremist for your non-reversal card effects, and your Superstar-specific antics are considered to have 'high flyer' in the text.
Incredible High Flyers itself is an excellent card, changing Extreme: Follow-up: Maneuvers to Extreme: Follow-up: Card instead.
This lightens Matt Hardy’s load from using the Pre-match’s discard 2 effect, but he will still have to get his 1 st card to be successful.
The overturn 3 less is also beneficial, but that is an exchange that is just slightly more worthwhile. With his ability, his arsenal will be -4 or -3 and he has to discard 2 cards just to play a follow-up. That Follow-up can also be reversed as per normal. So essentially its costing 3 to 4 arsenal cards, 2 cards from hand, to play something that can be reversed as per normal.
Matt does have a strong reason to play Judgement Day, but that is usually reserved for superstars that do have storyline. Going a green wave after dropping that Talk is Cheap could be a good direction for the deck, but then again if any superstar can use the same tactic, it doesn't really make Matt very special too.

All in all, I am hoping that this gives the creators a reason to have a second look at this superstar again so that it is at least on par with the rest of the roster. Maybe, some superstars are just meant to be... BROKEN....


Good game to all 6 players for VR Extreme Rules! 3 last minute dropouts but that certainly didn't dampen the mood. We had a huge battle of Tag teams with Jerishow, Wyatt Family and the Shield, as will as well established world champions CM Punk, Randy Orton and Sandman.

As the dust settled, Wyatt Family prevailed with a score of 4-1, thus earning herself a Number 1 Contender status to cash in on any champion for the rest of the cycle.

Very high levels of sportsmanship seen as players proactively guided each other in their games. The champ walked away with an alt art revo superstar of his/her choice, while 2 lucky players will get 1 random TK and 1 alt art faction set. Needless to say everyone got a door gift for participation!

Looking forward to more people and more exciting games next month! If you are interested to pick the format up, do drop me a PM and we can work things out from there!

Till next month, onward with the <R>evolution!

Updated Excel:

The Wyatt Family (P) vs CM Punk
The Wyatt Family (P) vs Jerishow
The Wyatt Family (P) vs The Shield
The Wyatt Family (P) vs Randy Orton
The Wyatt Family vs Sandman (P)

Sandman (P) vs The Wyatt Family
Sandman (P) vs Randy Orton
Sandman (P) vs Jerishow
Sandman vs CM Punk (P)
Sandman vs Calvin (P)

Randy Orton (P) vs The Shield
Randy Orton (P) vs CM Punk
Randy Orton (P) vs Jerishow
Randy Orton vs The Wyatt Family (P)
Randy Orton vs Sandman (P)

CM Punk (P) vs The Shield
CM Punk (P) vs Sandman
CM Punk (P) vs Jerishow
CM Punk vs The Wyatt Family (P)
CM Punk vs Randy Orton (P)

The Shield (P) vs Jerishow
The Shield (P) vs Sandman
The Shield vs The Wyatt Family (P)
The Shield vs Randy Orton (P)
The Shield vs CM Punk (P)

Jerishow vs The Wyatt Family (P)
Jerishow vs Sandman (P)
Jerishow vs Randy Orton (P)
Jerishow vs CM Punk (P)
Jerishow vs The Shield (P)

Cycle 5 Score tally:

Tournament Announcements / SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5
« on: June 24, 2018, 07:28:13 AM »

By now you should be familiar with what we do. Each cycle will consist of 5 to 6 monthly tournaments held in Virtual Revolution format. Your position and participation in each of those tournaments will earn you points that you will rank you in our end cycle prize. Last cycle, a total of 47 superstars were awarded to our 14 participants as end cycle prizes, excluding each tournament's individual winners. Will you be one of them to receive alt art superstars this cycle?  ;)

Individual tournament prize scheme:
1. Door gift for participation (free)
2. Lucky Draw after each tourney (free)
3. Alt art superstar set for top prize(s)
    6 or less participants: 1st place gets top prize
    7 or more participants: 1st and 2nd gets top prize
    10 or more participants: top 3 gets prize

End cycle prize scheme:
As per last few cycles, players will be ranked and split to 1st tier, 2nd tier and 3 tier.
1st tier prizes: 3 Revo superstars or 2 Revo 1 Classic superstar
2nd tier prizes: 2 Revo superstars or 1 Revo 1 Classic superstar
3rd tier prizes: 1 Revo superstar

Scoring and Ranking scheme:
To spice things up alittle, ranking for each tournament will no longer be decided by simple win lost ratio, but instead by opponent strength, which is the sum of all wins that your opponent get. Therefore if the 1st place has a score of 7-1, and that 1 lost went to the last place with a tally of 1-7, the last place will get 7 points, which was the total wins of the player that he/she won. We will then tally that score to rank players accordingly for that tournament. This ranking will directly affect your end cycle score and ranking too!

After consultation with players, we decided to stick to the old scoring system, but we agreed to use this cycle as a test bed to see if the above is worth pursuing. Therefore, every player will earn a score equals to his/her wins per tournament + 1. At the end of the cycle, we will sum up the scores for each individual to rank as per above.

July Tourney: Extreme Rules

Where: Monarch Affinity @ Orchard Gateway #04/09-10
When: 1st July 2018
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Door Gift: Staple reversals (1 each)
Lucky Draw: ECW Originals Faction
Top Prize(s): Alt art of winner's choice


August Tourney: Summerslam

Where: TOG Toys Or Games @ Bugis+ Level 5
When: 5th August 2018
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Special Stipulation: Only superstars with Superstar Value 4 and above are allowed
Door Gift: Staple reversals (1 each)
Lucky Draws: 1. 1 random alt art faction set, 2. 1 Virtual Tournament Kit C Revolution Prize
Top Prize(s): Alt art of winner's choice

Updated Excel:

September Tourney: Hell in a Cell

Where: Monarch Affinity #04-09/10
When: 8th September 2018
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Door Gift: Staple reversals (1 each)
Lucky Draws: (1) 1 x random alt art faction set, (2) 1 x One for the money set
Top Prize(s): Alt art of winner's choice

Updated Excel:

September Tourney: Super Showdown

Where: Sanctuary Gaming #04-09/10
When: 13th October 2018
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Door Gift: 1 X Masochist Of The Heart TB
Lucky Draws: (1) 1 x random alt art faction set, (2) 1 x One for the money set
Top Prize(s): Alt art of winner's choice

Updated Score as of 8th Sep 2018

Just to be 100% confirmed, can Revolution Big Show reverse an Extreme:Colossal with Outmaneuver? Since outmaneuver is D:0 which is 2D-.

<Revolution> THE BIG SHOW
Starting Hand Size:  7     Superstar Value: 5
Superstar Ability:  Your opponent’s 15D+ maneuvers can be reversed by 2D- cards as if they were printed 2D Cores of the same type.
He cannot play reversals to your Mountain of a Man.

Revolution Outmaneuver

Reversal: non-Colossal Extreme

If your opponent is an Extremist: put up to 1 non-Unique non-Extreme Maneuver from your Ringside into your hand.

F: 2      D: 0

Rules Forum / Dean's rebound lariat
« on: January 11, 2018, 04:59:59 AM »
Dean's Rebound Lariat
Strike: Heat
When played from hand, this card is -10F and +1 Stun Value.
When your maneuver is unsuccessful, you may immediately play this card.
When you have lower Fortitude or fewer cards in hand, this card cannot be reversed from hand or Backlash by non-Unique cards.
F: 22     D: 6     SV: 1     Unique

1. I play kick
2. Opponent plays step aside
3. I play Dean rebound lariat
4. Opponent does not reverse, thus successful. Not reversed via overturn as well.

What happens after lariat successful and resolved? Does the turn end or can he skip the step aside's effect to end turn and continue turn?

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