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Rules Forum / So You Want To Pop Wrestlemania?
« on: September 15, 2020, 10:06:10 PM »
Pre-match Pay-Per-View Event
Can only be played when there is a Feud card in any Ring area.
The maximum number of Pre-match cards you may have in your Ring area is increased by 1.
If you are about to lose the game via Pinfall Victory, you may instead put this card into your Ringside pile and then all players put their hand on top of their Arsenal and then shuffle # cards from their Ringside pile into their Arsenal, where # is equal to double their Superstar Value. (This is not affected by the card titled Hell in a Cell Match.) End the current turn.
When this card is in your Ringside pile, before your Draw Segment, remove the top card of your Arsenal from the game.
Permanent  Unique  F: 0      D: 0

There are very few cards in all of Raw Deal that have resulted in as many questions as Wrestlemania, mostly revolving around two issues: "Do What You Can" vs. "Do It All Or Else", and "End the current turn." To clarify, I decided to put this down on paper, as the Definitive Wrestlemania Explanation (tm). (Note: This is not, in fact, trademarked, that is merely an affectation.) I plan to answer every question we hear frequently about Wrestlemania, so if something you need to know isn't addressed here, I will edit this post.

So, a couple quick and easy questions unrelated to the thorny ones to get us kicked off.

1) Can I play Wrestlemania if there isn't a Feud card out?
   A) Not normally, no, but there are ways to get around that, Madison Square Garden being the most broadly applicable.

2) What happens when Wrestlemania is RFG?
   A) Before your Draw Segment, you enjoy a moment of peace knowing you don't have to RFG the top card of your Arsenal.

3) What if I have 0 cards in my Arsenal, and I'm going to lose, but I haven't taken any more damage. Can I pop Wrestlemania?
   A) No, that's called a Count Out, and those aren't Pinfalls. You'll be wanting Duchess of Queensberry Rules Match for that.

OK, now the real ones.

"Do What You Can" vs. "Do It All Or Else"

4) Wrestlemania says that all players have to shuffle cards from their Ringside into their Arsenal. What happens if Wrestlemania's owner doesn't have enough cards?
   A) That player can't activate Wrestlemania. If a card requires a cost to be paid for an effect to occur, you must be able to both pay the cost and complete the effect to trigger the effect.

5) Wrestlemania says that all players have to shuffle cards from their Ringside into their Arsenal. What happens if the other player doesn't have enough cards?
   A) They are free to shuffle in as many cards as they have. All that is required is for Wrestlemania's owner to be able to pay the cost and fulfill the effect; their opponent's state of play is not their concern.

6) I'm popping Wrestlemania, and I have Heat cards in my Ringside. What happens?
   A) First, set aside your Heat cards. Do you still have enough valid targets to complete the effect? Yes? Good, then RFG your Heat cards and continue on. No? Then put everything back, you can't pop Wrestlemania, and you lose the game unless you have a different means of continuing it.

7) I'm popping Wrestlemania, and my opponent has Heat cards in his Ringside. What happens?
   A) Your opponent shuffles back up to the appropriate number of cards. He does not have to remove his Heat cards from the game, because you are forcing him to shuffle, and Heat only removes itself from the game if the player has the option not to shuffle and chooses to do so anyway. He may shuffle in Heat cards, because they are not being removed by the Heat trait.

End the Current Turn

Scenario A: Wrestlemania's Owner is Pinned on their Opponent's Turn

8 ) My opponent played a maneuver. I was pinned by damage, and I popped Wrestlemania. What happens now?
   A) The remaining damage is considered resolved as of the generation of the Pinfall Victory condition. Wrestlemania pops, it erases the Pinfall Victory condition, Wrestlemania's effect is resolved, and the turn ends.

9) My opponent played Shane O'Mac Delivers the BASH/Rock's Spit Punch/something else that resolves an overturn effect before damage (an Inferno Match's outside effect would also fit here.) I was pinned by the overturn effect, and I popped Wrestlemania. What happens now?
   A) The turn cannot end with effects pending. The overturn effect was resolved as of the generation of the Pinfall Victory condition, but the damage was not. Wrestlemania pops, it erases the Pinfall Victory condition, Wrestlemania's effect is resolved, but the damage must still be resolved. After that, the turn ends.

10) My opponent played G.T.S., which triggers a Pinfall Victory condition when successful and not reversed from Arsenal. I was pinned by the damage from the GTS, and popped Wrestlemania. What happens now?
   A) The remaining damage is considered resolved as of the generation of the Pinfall Victory condition. Wrestlemania pops, it erases the Pinfall Victory condition from the damage of the card, and Wrestlemania's effect is resolved. However, the second Pinfall Victory condition, from G.T.S., is still outstanding. If neither player has revealed Nostalgia Shenanigans, Wrestlemania's player may attempt to use another effect that continues the game, to eliminate the second Pinfall Victory condition; if Nostalgia Shenanigans is revealed, the game ends via pinfall, as the game cannot be continued more than once.

Scenario B: Wrestlemania's Owner is Pinned on their Own Turn

11) So I popped Wrestlemania on my own turn, and my opponent reversed the ACE...
   A) You lose. Good day sir.

11b) But...
   A) No. That's the risk you take popping an ACE on your own turn. (This is all to say "assume, in all other questions below, that the ACE of Wrestlemania is not reversed, so I don't have to explain that part.")

12) I have 4 cards in my Arsenal. I hide 5th Anniversary. It pins me. I pop Wrestlemania. What happens?
   A) Turns cannot end with effects pending. The overturn is considered resolved when the Pinfall Victory condition comes into play. You resolve Wrestlemania with the exception of the end the turn effect, you shuffle back 5 for 5th Anniversary, then the turn ends.

13) I have 4 cards in my Arsenal, and I play a Grapple. My opponent plays Spine Buster TB, and I take 4 damage before I am pinned. I pop Wrestlemania. Wha happun?
   A) The damage is considered resolved when the Pinfall Victory condition comes into play. You resolve Wrestlemania and the turn ends.

14) I have 4 cards in my Arsenal, and I play a Multi Grapple. My opponent plays Spine Buster TB, and I take 4 damage before I am pinned. I pop Wrestlemania. Wha happun nao?
   A) Turns cannot end with effects pending. The damage from Spine Buster TB is considered resolved when the Pinfall Victory condition comes into play, but your maneuver is not yet resolved. You resolve Wrestlemania with the exception of the end the turn effect, and your opponent may attempt to finish reversing your maneuver. Now, we enter the wonderful world of Multiple Possibilities.
   Scenario A) Your maneuver is successful. You return to Step 6 of your maneuver's Timing Breakdown, finish resolving your maneuver, and then Wrestlemania ends the turn.
   Scenario B) Your maneuver is successful. You return to Step 6 of your maneuver's Timing Breakdown, and your maneuver is reversed from Arsenal. You now have two "End the turn" effects. This matters if you plan to continue your turn using something like Rabid Wolverine; otherwise it is the same as the prior scenario.
   Scenario C) Your opponent completely reverses your maneuver. Resolve the text and damage of his additional reversals; if they generate a Pinfall Victory for your opponent, you may attempt to continue the game again if Nostalgia Shenanigans is not revealed by either player. If it is, or if you have no other means to continue the game, the game is over. If the additional reversals do not generate a Pinfall Victory for your opponent, you now have two "End the turn" effects, should you wish to continue your turn.

15) Something you haven't thought of already, Dilbert...
   A) Well, then I'll have to think of it before I answer it.

OK, there we go, that covers pretty much everything I can think of with respect to how Wrestlemania works, and how it does not work. Should anyone have other questions, you know where to find me. I will request that a link to this post be stickied in the Discord, and will link to it in the Virtual FAQ. Now go play cards.

Virtual Raw Deal / V11 "Spoilers": Keywords and Wording Changes
« on: July 19, 2020, 11:35:15 PM »
Hey, everyone.

Playtesting for Virtual 11 is still underway, but I figured I'd take a moment to provide a spoiler of sorts, so that people can get a small taste of what we have coming down the pike, and given my particular purview, it seemed fitting that the spoiler I would put out would be new keywords/wording changes. Sorry, no spoilers on the actual cards from me; I defer that to others, but this will let everyone get a handle on the wording, so when you see the new cards, you'll know what we're doing and why. These are all fairly straightforward, though; no major game changers like Counter or Promo. This is a long post, so for those who just want the rules text without the explainer, that's at the bottom.

Enough preamble, I suppose: on with the good stuff.


The first thing you will see is that, much like the Ringside Pile became the Ringside and the Ring Area became the Ring when we shifted to Virtual, the Backstage Area is now going to be the Backstage. We've used this terminology in the past, sporadically, and as far as I'm aware, most people just call it the Backstage anyway; we'll be using it consistently from now on. To provide an example of what cards will look like with this change, let's have a look at Hellraisers 'til the End, from Virtual 3.

Old Wording:
Hellraisers 'til the End
During your turn, when this card is in your Ringside, you may put it into your Ring or Backstage Area.  When this card is in your Backstage Area, your Ability is blank.
ACE:  Before the Draw Segment of each of your turns, when this card is in your Ring or Backstage Area, you may overturn 2 cards and then put 1 card from your Ringside into your hand.
When this card is in your Ring or Backstage Area, you have lower Fortitude, and your opponent's Fortitude Rating is 10+, your Brothers 'til the End is F: 0.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     RMS logo

New Wording:
Hellraisers 'til the End
During your turn, when this card is in your Ringside, you may put it into your Ring or Backstage. When this card is in your Backstage, your Ability is blank.
ACE:  Before the Draw Segment of each of your turns, when this card is in your Ring or Backstage, you may overturn 2 cards and then put 1 card from your Ringside into your hand.
When this card is in your Ring or Backstage, you have lower Fortitude, and your opponent's Fortitude Rating is 10+, your Brothers 'til the End is F: 0.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     RMS logo

It's a minor change, but it's still pretty clear, in our estimation, and it saves space on cards, which I can say with certainty is a goal of ours in any wording changes we introduce.


Second, we have what I call "XX" cards. Over the years, when designing superstars around mechanics that are not traits, we've had to be quite wordy to make them work. I don't even want to know how many cards ask for "1 card with the word "punch" in the title" and the like. This seems really unnecessary, and going forward, it will be.

Starting with Virtual 11, any effect triggering off of a certain word in the title of a card will simply list that word in quotation marks, rather than spelling out "with the word "XX" in the title."

To give a pair of examples:

Old Wording:

Luke Harper
Starting Hand Size: 7     Superstar Value: 1
Superstar Ability:  When you successfully play a non-Revolution maneuver with 'slam', 'bomb', 'clothesline', or 'lariat' in the title, you may Promo: 3 and then put up to 1 card from your Ringside on the bottom of your Arsenal.

Mick Foley
Starting Hand Size: 7     Superstar Value: 5
Legend Superstar Ability:  Once during each of your turns, you may shuffle 3 cards in your Ring with 'cheap' in the title into your Arsenal, and then put 1 card in your opponent's Ring into his Ringside.
For every 2 cards in your Ring with 'cheap' in the title, your Fortitude Rating is +1F and his maneuvers are -1D.
Your Superstar-specific Actions can only be reversed by Superstar-specific reversals, and his card effects cannot prevent you from playing cards with 'cheap pop' in the title.
You may pack Have a Nice Day!, Mandible Claw, Mr. Socko, Psychedelic Dance Fever, Three Faces of Foley, and Tree Of Woe.  You cannot pack Corners, Managers, Run-ins, or You Talkin' To Me?

New Wording:

Luke Harper
Starting Hand Size: 7     Superstar Value: 1
Superstar Ability:  When you successfully play a non-Revolution "slam", "bomb", "clothesline", or "lariat" maneuver, you may Promo: 3 and then put up to 1 card from your Ringside on the bottom of your Arsenal.

Mick Foley
Starting Hand Size: 7     Superstar Value: 5
Legend Superstar Ability:  Once during each of your turns, you may shuffle 3 "cheap" cards from your Ring into your Arsenal, and then put 1 card in your opponent's Ring into his Ringside.
For every 2 "cheap" cards in your Ring , your Fortitude Rating is +1F and his maneuvers are -1D.
Your Superstar-specific Actions can only be reversed by Superstar-specific reversals, and his card effects cannot prevent you from playing "cheap pop" cards.
You may pack Have a Nice Day!, Mandible Claw, Mr. Socko, Psychedelic Dance Fever, Three Faces of Foley, and Tree Of Woe.  You cannot pack Corners, Managers, Run-ins, or You Talkin' To Me?

This will work in combination with other keywords as well: "Arsenal Search 1 "Dynamic" Strike" would let a player find any 1 Strike in their Arsenal with "Dynamic" in the title, for example.

It is worth noting that there are two other situations where we will not be using this template, to avoid confusion. If a card is looking for a word in the text, or title and text of another card, rather than just the title, we will be using the old "card with "x" in the text" template.


Third, and perhaps the most significant across all cards, is that we are retiring the phrases "remove from the game," "removes from the game," "removed from the game," and "removed from the game area." We refer to this area, and this action, constantly, and again to the best of my knowledge, players almost never say the full term, so why should the card? Say hello to RFG.

RFG will be used in multiple scenarios, replacing the full term in each. It will be context sensitive, so "shuffle up to 3 RFG cards into your Arsenal" will read as "3 cards removed from the game," whereas "RFG 3 cards in your opponent's hand" will read as "remove 3 cards in your opponent's hand from the game."

One very important element of this wording change is that we are aware that many cards already printed in Raw Deal use the older wording, and we not only aren't interested in rewording every card, we can't. We don't intend to break functionality across sets, so any card effect that uses the new wording will be considered to use the older wording as well, and vice versa. If an effect would require Alberto Del Rio to randomly RFG cards, he may choose the same number of cards, just as if the effect said "randomly remove # cards from the game." If you have a question about how a card interacts with the new templating, you can mentally substitute the old template; it is intended to work the same way, every time.

Now, what might cards using this template look like? Let's ask some people who care very much about this sort of thing: the Million Dollar Corporation.


The Million Dollar Corporation     (Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, IRS, Bam Bam Bigelow, Sid, Nikolai Volkoff logos)
Pre-match Faction
You can pack this card regardless of Superstar.
You are now a Million Dollar Corporation Member.
When you have 10 or more cards RFG, your maneuvers without 'reverse' in the text are -2F and +1D, and your non-Superstar-specific actions are -2F.
When your logo is printed on this card, your maneuvers are -2F and +1D for every non-Heat Backlash card RFG.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent

You Will Be Bought!
Can only be played by a Million Dollar Corporation Member.
Choose one: blank 1 non-Enforcer Backstage card until the end of your next turn, or your opponent plays with his hand revealed until the end of your next turn.
When your logo is printed on The Million Dollar Corporation, this card can only be reversed by Unique cards, ACE: and during your turn you may RFG this card and then your next card played this turn is -1F for every non-Heat card RFG.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique

Tax Tips from I.R.S.
Action + Action
Can only be played by a Million Dollar Corporation Member.
Shuffle up to 2 of your RFG cards into your Arsenal.
When your logo is printed on The Million Dollar Corporation, before each of your opponent's Draw Segment, he may discard 1 card and overturn 1 card; when you have less cards in hand and lower Fortitude, double those numbers.  If he does not, you may put 1 card with damage equal to or less than your Fortitude from his Ring into his Ringside; when you are Irwin R. Schyster, you may RFG that card instead, then discard 1 card.
F: 7     D: 0     Unique

A Vicious Corporate Takeover
Can only be played by a Million Dollar Corporation Member.
Put up to 3 cards from your hand on the bottom of your Arsenal and RFG the same number of cards in your Ringside, and shuffle up to the same number of RFG cards +1 into your Arsenal.
When your logo is printed on The Million Dollar Corporation, this card is -5F, and when successfully played you may also RFG the same number of non-maneuver cards from your opponent's Ring.
F: 12     D: 3     Unique

The Beast Money Can Buy
Mid-Match Action
When you are a printed member of the Million Dollar Corporation and this card is going to your Ringside or RFG, put it into your Backlash instead.
The number of your RFG cards is considered double.
ACE: When you are a printed member of the Million Dollar Corporation and you have at least 4 cards in your hand, you may discard your hand, put up to # of your RFG cards on the bottom of your Arsenal, and then draw # cards, where # is the amount of Stun Value in your Ring and cannot be greater than 4.
F: 16   D: 0     SV: 1     Unique


OK, I know that was one hell of a lot of text being thrown at people. I wanted to put this out there now, so that everyone has a chance to digest these changes early on; that way, when the new set is revealed, we can skip the rules primer and get right to the games. One thing I'd like to clarify is that we're only using these going forward; we aren't going back and editing old cards to bring them in line with the new wordings (unless we do another Virtual Survivor Series someday, but I make no promises on that front.) If you have any questions about how these will work going forward, please feel free to ask them on TCO, Discord, or the Facebook page, and I will be happy to help (as will other members of the team, I'm quite sure.) Be on the lookout for more spoilers as we enter the run-up to V11!


Now, the teal deer:

1) Backstage Area renamed to Backstage.

2) "XX" cards: replaces "card with the word "XX" in the title"; this will not be used if a card is looking for that word in the text, or in the title and text.

3) RFG: Keyword to replace "remove from the game," "removes from the game," "removed from the game," or "in the removed from the game area," as appropriate. RFG is considered to be the longer term, so cards and effects that trigger when you remove something from the game will trigger when a card uses the RFG wording as well.

Tournament Announcements / OCTGN Frankenstein Tournament Signups
« on: July 08, 2020, 08:49:51 AM »
The next OCTGN Raw Deal tournament will be a Frankenstein tournament, with a live draw this Saturday, July 11, at 4:00 PM EST. (1 PST, 9 GMT)

Frankenstein tournaments work a bit differently than a standard event. Rather than selecting a superstar directly, players will be constructing decks with a given Superstar and Backstage, a different superstar's Backlash specifics, and a third superstar's Arsenal specifics. These three superstar assignments will be made with the assistance of a randomizer.

1 ) The player will receive a choice of two random superstars; they will use the selected superstar's face card and any Backstage cards. Note that this is specifically the superstar you are given: The Second Coming's logo does not appear on World Tour 05, so he does not receive permission to pack those.

2 ) The player may reject both options; if they do, they will be given the next superstar off the top of the deck. They MUST use that superstar, and cannot revert back to one of the rejected options.

3 ) This process will repeat for Backlash, and finally for Arsenal. Again, at any stage, a player may decline their two choices, but they will be locked into the next choice off the top of the deck, sight unseen. As before, you receive only those cards with that superstar's logo; The 8th Wonder of the World TB only allows the packing of Giant Braintrust in the Arsenal, not all Andre cards.

4 ) The player will then build a standard Virtual Classic deck using these specifics instead of the specifics normally packed by their Superstar. This applies to any superstar with blanket packing permissions from an Ability, as well: The People's Champ, who normally may pack cards with the Rock logo, may not do so unless the player chooses The Rock in another draw. HOWEVER, any superstar card that gives specific packing permission for individual cards may pack that card, and any non-Ability packing permissions are allowed. Nidia is specifically permitted to pack Tough Enough in her ability; she may do so. She may also pack Jamie Noble-specific non-maneuver, non-Backstage cards except Nidia Interferes, due to the text on Jamie Noble is in My Corner.

5 ) Any superstars not chosen will be returned to the randomizer deck for other players' consideration, however once a superstar has been chosen for any of a player's three slots, that superstar cannot be assigned again.

6 ) For fairness, if a player receives only superstar options with 0 or 1 card in the given zone, they may discard both options and receive a new set of options; however, this replacement will not apply if the player has chosen the random topdeck option.

7 ) Players present at the live draw will draft in the order of their signup in this thread; anyone who cannot be present can make arrangements for a draw at a mutually agreeable time after the live draw is complete.

8 ) Selections are public knowledge, and will be reported here when the draw is complete.

Registered players:
Dilbert5053 Minute WarningRhodes Bros.Skip Sheffield
mikeskizoMolly HollyMaryseThe Hurri-Friends
Davie_Stevie_87Lex LugerChris JerichoSgt. Slaughter
ScottyBoogeymanMickie JamesRight to Censor
Jfman89Babe of the YearR-TruthJohn Morrison
kaiten619The Blue Blazer (but definitely not Owen Hart, no sir.)Miz & MorrisonUmaga
HogtrailBig EDean MalenkoJohnny Nitro
niiiick (qchawk on Discord)Jerry LawlerStacy KieblerSting
CRASHERBilly & ChuckTestYokozuna
KrillinFinn BalorBritish BulldogD-Von Dudley
BigPimpin (MightyBP on Discord)Jamie NobleAsukaHart Foundation
ImaHeymanguy21 (easye2187 on Discord)Kevin NashThe Four HorsemenGoldberg
Keith0913832The Best Wrestler in the WorldEdgeRandy Orton
imc2002 MitchAmerican AlphaNew Age OutlawsLos Guerreros
NeptuneAndre the GiantMr. PerfectDoes it matter? (The Largest Athlete in Sports Entertainment)
BullNation of DominationCactus JackAlexa Bliss

Any other questions, please feel free to ask below or on the Discord. Once the tournament structure is settled and dates are finalized, this post will be updated with that information as well.

EDIT: There has been a question on how to deal with "NAMED SUPERSTAR-specific" references on cards, as opposed to "Superstar-specific." For example, The Lone Warrior TB's He Can't Be Slowed Down has text referring to Goldberg-specific Actions. This can be handled one of two ways in this tournament: either "Goldberg-specific" means exactly that, and The Lone Warrior will not benefit from that text unless he ends up with Goldberg-specifics in his Arsenal, or "Goldberg-specific" means "specifics with the logo of the superstar you have drawn for that zone", and whichever specifics they are, you may benefit. As in normal Raw Deal, in either case, "Superstar-specific" will apply no matter what. Please select a poll option at the top, and we will codify the rules with that.

EDIT 2: Slight oversight on my part, but the Gail Kim/Molly Holly superstar card will be a valid choice for SUPERSTAR ONLY. Should that card come up for a player's Backlash or Arsenal selection, they will be replaced for free.

EDIT 3: Per our previous poll, by a 9-6 vote, NAMED SUPERSTAR-specific will refer to cards with that logo only. There is a new poll, regarding the tournament format. Please vote as soon as you can.

Professional Wrestling Discussion / Howard Finkel, 1950-2020
« on: April 16, 2020, 09:18:13 AM »
The voice of my childhood has gone silent. Requiescat in pace, Fink.

Rules Forum / Submission Wrestling Specialist Replacement Effect
« on: March 05, 2019, 04:14:53 PM »
Submission Wrestling Specialist
Pre-match Event
Cannot be blanked.
At the end of the Pre-match phase, search your Arsenal for 1 non-Unique Submission without 'reverse' in the text, reveal it, put it in your hand, and shuffle.
When you would play a printed F: 0 Submission for Panic Grab, you may play a non-unique printed F: 0 maneuver instead, but you cannot put I Have 'til FIVE! into your Ring this turn.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent

Panic Grab
Mid-Match Submission

Can only be played when your Fortitude Rating is less than your opponent’s Fortitude Rating. Can only be played with a printed F:0 Submission maneuver of printed 4D or less from your hand. He cannot play the card titled Over Sell Maneuver immediately after you play these cards.
Unless both maneuvers are reversed when played, both are considered successfully played and both go into your Ring area. Unless both cards are reversed, your turn continues.

¶ (Restricted Modification Symbol)
F: 0      D: 3


How much replacing does the replacement effect on SWS do? There are three possible ways I can see to read this card, and I'm not positive I can tell which one is correct.

1) You may replace "a printed F:0 Submission" with "a non-unique printed F:0 maneuver." The non-unique must be 4D-, and played from hand. - If the replacement effect is only able to replace the specific part reiterated on SWS, this would be the correct answer.

2) You may replace "a printed F:0 Submission of printed 4D-" with "a non-unique printed F:0 maneuver." The non unique must be played from hand. - If the replacement effect can replace the card referenced, and all of the criteria inherent to the card, but not other play restrictions, this would be the correct answer.

3) You may replace "a printed F:0 Submission of printed 4D- played from your hand" with "a non-unique printed F:0 maneuver." The non-unique may be played from any zone. - If the replacement effect replaces every characteristic of the card specified on Panic Grab with the criteria listed on SWS, this would be the correct answer.

Which is the appropriate reading? I'm hoping it's 3, but 1 seems equally plausible to me. (2 seems possible, but not as likely as the other two; I suspect it's either "replace everything" or "replace just this specific thing.")

Rules Forum / KMA Club vs. New Nexus
« on: February 28, 2018, 06:09:35 PM »
Vince McMahon’s "Kiss My A$%" Club     (Vince McMahon logo)
Pre-match Event
This card cannot be blanked.
Your opponent’s Managed by Eric Bischoff is blank.
At the end of the Pre-match phase, he may randomly discard 2 cards; if he does, draw up to 2 cards or put 1 card from your Ringside into your hand. If he does not, before each of your Draw Segments, he overturns 1 card.
Your Zero Tolerance: Kiss My Magnificent A%$ cards cannot be reversed by Elbow to the Face.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique

Initiation into New Nexus
Backstage Card
Cannot be packed when packing I'm Gonna Break You.
Remove any number of Backlash cards from the game.  If you removed at least 3 cards from the game, you may increase your Starting Hand Size by +4.  If you removed at least 6 cards, you start the game. If you removed at least 9 cards, his effects that would make you discard cards are reduced to 1. If you removed at least 12 cards, he cannot respond to your first printed F:0 D:6- maneuver played of the game, and after its damage is applied, end your turn.
Unique     RMS logo

Bolding the relevant parts of the cards.

So, in a game last night, I ran into this situation. I was New Nexus, had removed 12 to Initiation, and he had out KMA Club. I wanted to randomly discard cards to avoid the burn, but Initiation reduces his effects that would make me discard to 1.

I saw two possible ways this could play out, and was unsure which was the intended result.

1) Initiation reduces the random discard of 2 on KMA Club to a random discard of 1, satisfying the cost and allowing me to avoid the burn.
2) KMA Club requires a discard of 2, but Initiation mandates a maximum discard of 1. Since 2 cards cannot be discarded, I cannot complete the effect, and have to burn every turn.

To get through the match, my opponent and I agreed that we would play as though the first option is correct, but I'd like to be sure we interpreted the ruling correctly in case I run into something similar in the future.

Classic Raw Deal / Superstar Spotlight Index
« on: December 19, 2017, 11:59:57 PM »
So, with Rated SRH bringing the Superstar Spotlight back, I decided to do something that I've wanted to see for a while now. I've created an index of all the previously posted Superstar Spotlights, and am going to dump them in this thread so that anyone who wants to find ones that have already been done will have an easy way of doing so. This may also save some time with people possibly suggesting duplicates, if they aren't aware of a prior one. So, here goes, and let's see if I formatted this monster correctly.

CLASSIC (A-M)                              
   3MB      Daniel Bryan      Jeff Hardy   
   3 Minute Warning      Darren Young      Jeff Jarrett   
   A.J. Lee      David Otunga      JeriShow   
   A.J. Styles      DDP      Jerry Lawler   
   Al Snow      Deadman Inc      Jinder Mahal   
   Alberto Del Rio      Dean Ambrose      John Cena   
   Andre the Giant      Dean Malenko      John Morrison   
   APA      Demolition      Johnny   
   Arn Anderson      Diesel      Johnny Nitro   
   A-Train      Doink      Junkyard Dog   
   B.A. Billy Gunn      Dolph Ziggler      Justin Gabriel   
   Babe of the Year      Drew McIntyre      Kaientai   
   Bam Bam Bigelow      Dude Love      Kane   
   Batista      Dudley Boyz      Ken Kennedy   
   Bayley      Dusty Rhodes      Ken Shamrock   
   Becky Lynch      D-Von Dudley      Kenny   
   Beth Phoenix      Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson      Kevin Nash   
   Big Boss Man      DX      Kevin Owens   
   Big E      Eddie Guerrero      Kofi Kingston   
   Big Freak'n Machine      Edge      Kurt Angle   
   Big Poppa Pump      Edge & Christian      Lance Storm   
   Big Show      Eric Bischoff      Lashley   
   Billy & Chuck      Erick Rowan      Latino Cheat   
   Bobby Heenan      Eugene      Lay-Cool   
   Booker T      Evan Bourne      Leader of the Edge Army   
   Braun Strowman      Eve      Leader of the Peepulation   
   Bray Wyatt      Evolution      Legion of Doom   
   Bret "The Hitman" Hart      Ezekiel Jackson      Lex Luger   
   Brie Bella      Fandango      Lita   
   Brie Bella TB      FBI      Los Guerreros   
   British Bulldog      Festus      Luke Harper   
   Brock Lesnar      Finlay      Macho Man Randy Savage   
   Brodus Clay      Funaki      Mae Young   
   Brothers of Destruction      Gail Kim      Mankind   
   Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake      Gail Kim & Molly Holly      Mark Henry   
   Buh-Buh Ray Dudley      Gallows & Anderson      Maryse   
   bWo TB      Gene Snitsky      Matt Hardy   
   Cactus Jack      Goldberg      Melina   
   Carlito      Goldust      Mexicools   
   Carlito & Primo Colon      Hacksaw Jim Duggan      Michael Cole   
   Cesaro      Hall & Nash      Michael Tarver   
   Charlotte      Hardy Boyz      Mick Foley   
   Chavo Guerrero      Harlem Heat      Mickie James   
   Chris Benoit      Hart Foundation      Mikey   
   Chris Jericho      Heath Slater      Mitch   
   Chris Masters      Heidenreich      Miz & Morrison   
   Christian      Hollywood Hulk Hogan      MNM   
   Christy      Honky Tonk Man      Molly Holly   
   Chyna      Hurricane      Money Inc.   
   Chyna Doll      Irwin R. Schyster      Moolah   
   CM Punk      Jack Swagger      Mr. Pay-Per-View   
   Cody Rhodes      Jake the Snake      Mr. Perfect   
   Cryme Tyme      Jamie Noble      Muhammad Hassan   
   Damian Sandow      JBL      MVP   

Fantasy Cards / The Snake
« on: March 02, 2017, 02:53:51 AM »
So, I'm a huge Jake the Snake fan, and I had an idea for an ability that feels like it'd be perfect for him. Then I made a couple other cards to go with it, to make him a proper promo superstar. They're probably too strong, but what the heck.


The Snake
SHS: 9
SSV: 4
Legend SSA: On your opponent's turn, when he plays a card, you may name hand, Backlash, Ring, Ringside, or Arsenal. Your D:3- reversals are considered to be played from the chosen zone.
You may pack Arsenal cards with the Jake the Snake logo.

Pre-Match Object
Before any Draw Segment, when your opponent's Fortitude is 10+ greater than yours, you may search your Arsenal and Ringside for Snap DDT, put it in your Ring, and shuffle. If you do, remove this card from the game.
When this card is removed from the game, your non-Throwback "DDT" is also Reversal: Superstar-specific Card, and when played as a reversal, your opponent shuffles 4 cards from his Ringside into his Arsenal.

Master of Psychology
Pre-Match Feud
When packing this card, your "Old School Psychology" is not Face. Your cards with "Psychology" in the title do not take up slots in your Ring.
When you have only 1 card with "Ring Psychology" in the title in your Ring, replace the word "arm," "back," or "neck" on that card with "DDT."

Fantasy Cards / The Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger
« on: February 18, 2017, 11:20:35 AM »
Finally, I found a superstar for an ability idea I've been kicking around for a decade now.


Tye Dillinger
Starting Hand Size: 1
Superstar Value: 0
Superstar Ability: Your Fortitude Rating is 10. The Fortitude cost of your cards cannot be modified, except by their own text.

The Numbers Don't Lie
Backstage Card
At the end of the Pre-match phase, your opponent reveals 10 cards at random from his hand. Choose any number of them, he shuffles them into his Arsenal, then draws the same number of cards.
His cards of printed F: 10 are +5F, and his cards of printed D:10 are -5D.

The Perfect 10
Pre-Match Storyline
Cannot be blanked. After all players' Pre-Match phases, draw # cards, where # is equal to the number of Pre-Match events in your opponent's Ring. You may draw 1 additional card for each D:1+ Pre-Match event in your opponent's ring. If you have more than 10 cards in your hand, randomly shuffle cards from your hand into your Arsenal until you have 10.

Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten!
Mid-Match Strike: Chain
Can only be played after a successfully played maneuver, as a Counter, or after Throw Into the Corner Turnbuckle.
If this card is reversed from your opponent's Arsenal, he overturns # cards, where # is equal to 10 minus the number of cards in his Ringside.
F: 10 D: 10

Tye Breaker
Trademark Finisher
Can only be played when the total Damage in your Ring is 35+.
Your opponent must remove 10 cards from his hand, Backlash, Ring, or Ringside to play reversals to this card.
F: 10 D: 20

Tye's Perfect 10 Facebreaker
Can only be played when the total Damage in your Ring is 25+.
You may search your Arsenal for 10 cards and remove them from the game. If you do, shuffle up to 10 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal.
When this card is in your ring, non-Unique cards cannot move cards removed from the game.
F: 10: D: 10

Tye's Running DVD
Can only be played when the total Damage in your Ring is 15+.
Look at your opponent's hand and Backlash deck. He discards all cards of F: 10+ or D: 10+.
F: 10 D: 15

Sign of the Times
When there are 10 cards in your Ring Area, your opponent cannot respond to this card.
Shuffle your hand into your Arsenal and draw 10 cards. Your opponent shuffles his hand into his Arsenal and draws 5 cards. Remove all cards in both Ringsides from the game.
F: 10 D: 0

Can only be played when the total Damage in your Ring is 10+, and after a successfully played maneuver of D:3+.
Choose one: either put a Pre-Match card with an Activated Card Effect from your Ringside or removed from the game into the ring, put a Mid-Match card from your Ring into your Backlash, or put a card of F: 10 from your Ringside into your hand.
F: 10 D: 0

The Dillinger Escape Plan
Reversal: Special
Completely reverse any non-Superstar-Specific card. If the reversed card is printed F: 10 or printed D: 10, shuffle 10 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal.
F: 10 D: 0

Classic Raw Deal / Strategy Question: Opponent's Arsenal Manipulation
« on: September 14, 2016, 09:23:19 PM »
So, I'm thinking of building a Parts Unknown Warrior deck. I really want to take maximum advantage of Punch TB, but to do that, I need to make sure that none of the top 6 cards in my opponent's arsenal can reverse me at low F. (0, 3, whatever they might have.) Basically, I'm at risk to Divine, IGSOoP, Hold the Phone, Revo, and a handful of other things on overturn.

Unfortunately, I'm just this side of out of ideas for how to go about doing this. Is there something really obvious I'm missing that would let me limit the odds of hitting a reversal on the overturn?

It's Spring Cleaning for the WWE, and the cuts are coming fast and furious. Two severe losses, too, in my estimation.

Wade Barrett
Damien Sandow
Santino Marella
El Torito
Zeb Colter
Alex Riley

All join the ranks of the fallen. Sad to see Barrett and Sandow go; I'm still awaiting the news of Ryback and Adam Rose joining them, which I fully expect.

Virtual Deck Reviews / Steiner Bros
« on: April 14, 2016, 10:38:46 PM »
So, I've never built the Steiner Brothers before, because I am a dumb and didn't realize until yesterday that the maneuvers they can pack are a subset of the B2B/No Escape package. Don't know why, just being dumb.

Anyway, now that I leapfrogged that mental hurdle, I realized "hey, these guys look like fun." However, fun doesn't necessarily mean I know how to construct a good deck with them. So, I appeal to the masses for the clue I so desperately lack.

Here's what I've constructed; what am I missing?

Backstage:  Steiner Brothers
1   Backstage Autograph Session
1   Backstage Signature
1   Raw Deal Tenth Anniversary
1   WWE Raw Deal Fifth Anniversary
1   WWE Signing Appearance

1   Really, That's Enough Shenanigans
1   Celebrity Shenanigans
1   Defeating Villainous Shenanigans
1   Enough Shenanigans!
1   No More Shenanigans
1   Old School Shenanigans

1 Best There Is, Best There Was
1 'Cause Adam Crites Said So

The usual routine so far: Sig/Sign/Session, 5th/10th, and the Shenanigans Six. Crites cards, unrevealed, to boost recovery from One Thing. Then, for spice, their maneuver base:

1   The Frankensteiner
2   Arm Drag
2   Arm Bar Takedown
2   Atomic Drop
2   Belly to Back Suplex
2   Belly to Belly Suplex
2   Body Slam
2   Drop Toe Hold
2   Hip Toss
2   Press Slam
2   Russian Leg Sweep
2   Snap Mare
2   Vertical Suplex


1   nWo T-Shirt (tb)
1   University of Michigan
1   There Is No Escape
1   No Disqualification Match (tb)
1   Managed by Eric Bischoff (tb)
1   Halloween Havoc
1   Survey Time! Who's Here to See The n...W...o...?
1   Zack Ryder: Guest Ringside Announcer
1   Lethal nWo Poison
1   The Dogfaced Gremlin
1   Backstage Shenanigans
1   For the Love of The Game

Thought process here: NWO Shirt reduces Run-ins by 3F. No DQ takes them down a further 3. Michigan and Gremlin are obvious. No Escape seemed an easier build than B2B here, so I went with it. Managed by Eric is there for the hand size boost, though I threw in the Backed by Eric to take advantage of the other part. Survey time and Lethal poison are free, so why not? Havoc is there for the heck of it, and Zack Ryder's there to let me clear my hand of the inevitable opening draw Divine. Shenanigans and Love of the Game can swap in for the True One Day Champion Story as needed; there's only room to play 10 cards, so that last slot's the one that rotates.

1   The Steinerline
1   Tandem Bulldog Finish
2   Panic Assault
1 Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
1 Dirty Low Blow (TB)

1   You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1   Restricted Use in This Area
1   The King Interferes!
1   This Is Going to be an Old School Brawl!
1   nWo Reinforcements Have Arrived!
1   Outside Interference
1   WWE Divas: The Next Generation
1   Classic Teamwork

Mid-match is mostly normal. The maneuvers are free slots, so is Reinforcements. King plays at 4, Outside at 5, Reinforcements at 9. Divas TNG is there as a backup win condition, since I'm getting all my run-ins at -6, so I can win as early as 8F if I'm stupidly lucky.

1   Michigan Pride
1   Beware of Dog
1   Steinerized!
1   nWo Comes to Ringside
1   The Horsemen Have My Back
3   Candice: Internet Icon
1   Eve: Dirty Dancer
1   Kristal: Broadcast Beauty
1   Ashley: Pretty Punk

1 Mickie: Fervent Fanatic
1 Jillian: Foxy Fixer
1 Sharmell: Sizzling Spouse

1   Lilian: Amazing Announcer
1   Maria: Ideal Interviewer
1   Melina: Naughty Manager
1   Christy: Curvy Cutie
1   Shocking Interference
2   Volley This!
1   Don't be a Douchebag!
2   Don't Try This at Home
1   Total Teamwork
3   A Revolution of the Mind
1   Carlito Says "That's Not Cool!"
1   Divine Intervention
2   Elbow to the Face
3   Get the "F" Out! (tb)
3   Hold the Phone!
1   I've Got One Thing To Say About That!
3   Manager Interferes
1   One!
1   The Raw Deal Revolution
1   You Missed Your Chance
1   You're a Jive Soul Bro!
3      Backed by Eric Bischoff

Viability Check #1: no maneuvers of any sort. Viability Check #2: plenty of Divas to enable Win Condition 2, plus they're a good amount of recovery if I get beaten on early. All the basics are here in pretty much standard quantities, with extra Hold the Phone because no Sidewalk Slam for me. Also, the only hybrid non-Specific reversals that reverse maneuvers are DBag, which ignores No Escape, and Shocking Interference, which still has utility even with No Escape modifying my opponent's maneuvers. That's Viability Check #3.

So, the big question: what have I biffed? I don't have a copy of Armageddon, IIRC, which is why that's not here.

Professional Wrestling Discussion / TLC Predictions Thread
« on: December 13, 2015, 02:39:37 PM »
Well, nobody else jumped on this, so I guess I might as well. Who's everyone got in tonight's PPV?

Le card:
TLC Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Ladder Match Triple Threat for the WWE Tag Team Titles
The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day

WWE Divas Title Match
Paige vs. Charlotte with Ric Flair

Chairs Match for the WWE United States Title
Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio

Tag Team Tables Elimination Match
Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno and The Dudley Boyz

Ryback vs. Rusev


My take:

TLC Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus - Can I just vote for a meteor to hit the ring and take them both out? Reigns winning the title this soon after Survivor Series makes no damn sense, so I have to give the edge to Mr. Lucky Charms in the Bank.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens - And here we have the WWE World Heavyweight Title match we would have had in the alternate universe where there is a just and loving God. I want both men to come out of this looking like absolute monsters, but with Sheamus retaining the big belt, your winner should be Dean Ambrose... but by disqualification, so that Owens retains his belt and his heat.

Ladder Match Triple Threat for the WWE Tag Team Titles
The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day - Can this one just be a battle of the crowd reactions? US-O vs. LU-CHA vs. NEW... DAY ROCKS? This is, no doubt in my mind, going to be the second best match on the card. I have to give the edge to The New Day here, both because they're one of the most enjoyable stables I've seen in years and because they are drawing by far the best crowd reactions.

WWE Divas Title Match
Paige vs. Charlotte with Ric Flair

Well, if you're going to have a bathroom break... do it with Flair. Charlotte wins, bladders drain, Nature Boy drops an elbow on his coat.

Chairs Match for the WWE United States Title
Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio


Tag Team Tables Elimination Match
Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno and The Dudley Boyz

Please, again, let's go to the alternate "Just and loving God" universe, and give the Wyatts a desperately needed win. PLEASE. The Wyatt Family. Survivors: Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan

Ryback vs. Rusev

This is a thing? *flips coin* Ryback.

Supershow Fantasy / Random Character Idea: Gavin Payne
« on: September 06, 2015, 10:19:10 PM »
Just had a random idea for a gimmick. Decided to make a cardset around it, but I have no idea who to give the gimmick to. I'll use an old character of mine from the wrestling RP fed we had on here, with some image ideas in case you want him for the LFF, but if anyone has a better fit for the gimmick, go for it.

Gavin Payne
POW: 7
TEC: 10
AGI: 5
STR: 8
GRP: 6
SUB: 9

GIMMICK: Once per game, bury your hand: all other players bury their hands, then all players draw 3 cards. (The thought process here was that once per game, he gets to balance the scales by forcing everyone back to the start of the game. Of course, depending on when you use it, its not so much a balance...  ;D)

Objection (Gavin catches an opponent's punch with his hand, and responds with a straight punch to their shoulder while still immobilizing their arm)

Discard up to 2 cards: your SKILLS are +1 for each card discarded.

The Verdict (Military Press into an F-5)

You may re-roll your FINISH roll. If you do, you must take the second result.

The Scales of Justice (Bow and Arrow hold, preferably with the knees in the spine instead of the shins)

Your opponent discards 2 cards before every BREAKOUT roll.

Just for completion's sake, a bio and physical description:

Name: Gavin Payne
Age: 23
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Gimmick: A wrestling prosecutor, obsessed with perfection, in the ring, the court, and his daily life. Everything about him is precise, pristine, and professional, but he has some difficulty with bombastic, effusive personalities. Despite being a bit of a stick in the mud, is genuinely a good person, underneath it all.
Appearance: Slate gray hair, cropped close, usually wearing a freshly-pressed three-piece suit out of the ring. When wrestling, removes the jacket and vest.
Biography: Payne was raised to believe in the cleansing power of justice from birth. His father was an attorney, and young Gavin watched many a case from the gallery. It was then that he decided to follow in his father's footsteps, and uphold the law himself. Dedicating himself to this goal, he cut out everything in his life that didn't propel him towards the courts. He skipped a few years early in his schooling, and entered law school at the age of 19, passing the bar at 21. After a few early cases, he came to realize that for all his training, he could never bring every criminal to justice. Some people never entered the courts, but were surely in need of correction, for the good of society. At this point, he applied himself to achieving physical perfection, to bring justice to those he could not reach as a prosecutor... starting with the CWA LFF  :P.

Rules Forum / Pre-Match Cards Played During Your Turn
« on: August 05, 2014, 09:15:34 AM »
This may be a self-evident question, but I figure it's worth asking.

When Back to Basics is in your Ring, does it interfere with cards that otherwise let you play Pre-Match cards during your turn? The two examples I'm thinking of here are Always Bet on Black and Bourne to Fly.

I presume that B2B prevents me from playing cards without Old School in the title under the conditions of ABOB, since it doesn't explicitly restrict its text to the Pre-Match phase. B2F probably is restricted the same way, because it doesn't say anything about cards or card effects not restricting me from playing it, and IIRC the Superstar logo only gets around pack restrictions, rather than play restrictions.

Is this correct, or is there a window here I'm not seeing?

#587/643 Back to Basics (D) (RUMBLE PACK FOIL)
Pre-match Feud
You can only play Pre-match cards with the words "old school" in the title.
*Irrelevant to the question*
� (Restricted Modification Symbol)
F: 0      D: 0

Always Bet on Black     (Theodore Long logo)
Backstage Card
When packing this card, your Starting Hand Size is +5 and you can pack up to 7 additional Pre-match cards, but you cannot pack Enforcers or I'm Gonna Break You.
Once during each of your turns, you may play a non-Set-up non-hybrid non-Unique non-Active Pre-match Event, and ignore the 'At the end of the Pre-match phase' text on it.
Unique     RMS logo

Bourne to Fly
Pre-match Event
Can be played during your turn.
Your High Risk maneuvers are -5F, and your Hurricanrana can only be reversed by Unique reversals when you do not have a card with that title in your Ring.
Your Spinning Heel Kick can be played as a reversal to a non-Superstar specific non-Unique hybrid maneuver when you do not have a card with that title in your Ring.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique

Online Play / Lackey Image Issue
« on: April 15, 2014, 05:43:56 PM »
Quick question about Lackey. I tried downloading the most recent plugin today (first tried with the auto update, then downloaded and overwrote manually), in an attempt to add V6 and VSS to my program. The cards added just fine... but for whatever reason, the card images for V6 and VSS won't load. The VSS cards are showing their previous images, and the V6 cards are just showing text. I've tried closing and reopening, I've tried checking to see if the files are there, I checked cardlist.txt to make sure the links are correct, but no matter what, nothing's showing up.

Does anyone know what might be wrong, and what I might do to correct this?

Sports Discussion / MLB Hall of Fame 2014
« on: December 09, 2013, 08:56:38 AM »
Well, guess it's time to start this conversation.

The Hall of Fame Veterans Committee (Expansion Era, this year) has voted, and we have three new unanimous Hall of Famers: Joe Torre, Tony La Russa, and Bobby Cox. None of the other contenders received more than six votes of the 12 required (and 16 possible) for election. Apparently George Steinbrenner received the six.

IMO, all three are completely deserving of the unanimous nod, and I'm pleased to see them all in the Hall (even if one's a Brave and another's a damn Yankee.)

Professional Wrestling Discussion / RIP Paul Bearer
« on: March 05, 2013, 09:43:43 PM »

I'm not the first to say it by any means, but if there's any chance of it, Vince McMahon needs to induct Paul Bearer into the Hall of Fame. I know they're probably waiting to induct him with the Undertaker and possibly Kane in the same year, but it would be nice to see him in there now.

This is a running list of all questions used in the TCO Dungeon of Doom.


1. If you could pick one wrestler to endorse a particular product, who would you pick, and what would they endorse?

2. There hasn't been a stable of no-name wrestlers around since both The Corre and Nexus split. That being said, the next time a group of jobbers bands together to cause havoc, what name would you christen them with?

3. The Osirian Portal won a match with The Runaways in a CZW Tag Team tournament by using hypnosis and having The Runaways (and the rest of the locker room) dance to "Rapper's Delight". If this situation could be recreated in any fed, which wrestler would compel the locker room to dance, and what song would everyone be getting down to?


1) Pick a wrestler and dream up a Ben & Jerry's flavor based on that wrestler. Give it a name, tell us what's in it.

2) CZW needs a new specialty match to drum up gate sales. Dream up something innovative that will help them break the $100 gate mark without killing the audience. (They keep getting so close to that $100 mark too!) Make sure to include who would be participating in the match (from any fed, because I don't expect anybody to watch CZW to figure out who their talent is).

3) TNA recently debuted its "open fight night" concept, where new talent can come in and challenge current talent for a spot on the roster. However, this is coming from Hulk Hogan. So, figure out which of his WCW buddies are going to crash TNA next and who they are going to go over. Describe the finish, as well. (Ed Leslie is off-limits. Way too obvious.)


question 1:As I was watching Are You Serious,a web WWE series about bad moments in WWE.
It got me to thinking about Bad Gimmicks such as Power Cat and Phantasmo. If you could repackage any Main event/mid card talent into a Bad gimmick who would it be what would they be called and what would their finisher be?

Question 2:if you could have a dream date with a female wrestler past or present where would you go and how would it turn out?

Question3:  If you could make an impassioned plea to the major wrestling companies about one topic in the hopes that they would take your advice. What would be the topic and who would be listening.  


1. People want to see the most talented, interesting, charismatic wrestlers holding the title. However, bookers aren't people; they have no interest in that at all. Vince McMahon keeps giving the WWE Title to big, lumbering oafs, Eric Bischoff wanted people who made him personally look cool as WCW Champion, Vince Russo... well, the less said about David Arquette, the better, and Jerry Jarrett's preferred champion was, naturally, his son.

I'm disqualifying you from the human race, effective immediately: You're now the booker for any federation you wish. What annoying, unpopular superstar are you putting the strap on, without any semblance of logic, and why in God's name do you want them holding the title?

2. You're standing in front of a massive buffet table. On the other side of you: Bastion Booger. How do you save yourself from being consumed?

3. Ah, WWE, the land of missed opportunities. They make a ton of money, but so much is left on the table by their constant turning of gold into crap. Your mission, should you choose to accept it*: take any angle in WWE history and fix it. What went wrong, and how do you stop it?

* Note: You actually don't get to choose.


Q) Radiohead's The Bends - Great Radiohead Album, or Greatest Radiohead Album? Why?

Q) With Cena being fired for losing the match At over the limit. It got me thinking about the massive amount of Future Endeavored superstars over the years. If you could take back one firing from the WWE who would it be and why.

Q) It's Final Jeopardy on Celebrity Jeopardy.  The answer is Where Are You?  Who are the wrestlers present and what are their answers.

Q) There has been some speculation that with Jericho, Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, and a number of the other Wrestlers currently on the WWE Roster, that the recent WWE PPV's have offered some of the strongest and finest wrestling consistently PPV to PPV.

When was the last time any wrestling organization consistently offered this level of quality wrestling through their PPV, and in your mind, what was the best era for "pure" wrestling on PPV?


1.) The Repo man shows up at your house and tells you he's repossessing your car. Now even though you didnt default on any payments, and even though the Repo Man's outfit is flat out rediculous, he's a smooth talker who can worm his way into or out of any situation. Bottom line: right or wrong, he's taking your car unless you figure out a way to stop him. How do you do it?

2.) Its the end of August, 1996. Youre Eric Bischoff. You recently signed Scott Hall and Kevin Nash away from the WWF, and brought your brillant idea of the NWO to life. Its been about 4 months annnnnnnd......the idea tanked. Big time. Youre still well behind the WWF in terms of rating and popluarity, and Ted Turner is starting to get angry. Staying true to the staff WCW had at the time, what is your next big idea to try and top the WWF, who's involved, and why?

3.) Kevin Nash, The Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair, and The Rock are all being honored at a random "Famous Wrestlers" event in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunatley, at this time, they are all located in New York City. So they decide to carpool. Who drives the car, why, and how fast do they get from NYC to LA?


1. Bob Backlund is on Password. The word that he is trying to get his partner to guess is "trophy". Assuming that his partner never guesses the word correctly, what are the three clues that Mr. Backlund gives?

2. Pretend that Mr. Excitement lost his match to John Cena and the GM spot is open. Who would be the best and worst choices for the spot? The only rule is that you're not allowed to use anyone who is under contract to another wrestling organization (no Vince Russo, sorry).

3. Name the greatest Japanese sports car of all time.


1.) Congratulations (sp?)! You've just been hired to the WWE Creative team! Your first assignment? At No Way Out, you need to figure out how to use 10 Minutes on Ryback vs Brodus Clay. And this isnt a skit, there HAS to be a match. What do you do?

2.) Pick a wrestler. Any wrestler. Now, turn him/her into a pokemon! Come up with an original name, 4 manuevers, and some flavor text describing this newly discovered creature.

3.) Using whatever clues/logic/information you please, tell us who the annonmyous Raw GM was. Anyone is game, i'll consider any answer possible, the key is going to be defending your answer.


Question 1: You are walking into a bar and-
I'm here to show the world, I'm here to show the world!

'Sup, kids. I got bored with hacking Ryder so I figured I'd hack the Dungeon of Doom instead 'cause I am so damn sick of being so damn sick. So here's what I wanna know: how would you turn me, Dolph Ziggler, the show stealer, the show off, face, without getting me shipped off to Ryderland... I mean Superstars. Later, marks.

Question 2: You're going out to the beach with Sergeant Slaughter and-

The following announcement has been paid for by the new World order.

Hey, yo. Time for a survey, and here's all I wanna know: ol' Vinny Mac decides that Raw isn't interesting anymore, and he knows what he wants to see: the n... W... o. Pick 5 people and make a new new World order for 2012. Score one for the good guys.

Question 3: Man Mountain Rock has just taken the stage and...

...and I have just received an e-mail from the anonymous Raw General Manager. And I quote...

"For our final question on this edition of the Dungeon of Doom, I have decided to come at things from a completely different angle. Pretend that all of the current championship belts spontaneously switch brands. Pick out new champions for each belt and defend your choices. Due to the unique cross-brand nature of the Tag Team Championship, it will be excluded from this exercise."


1) For many, Wrestlemania X7 is considered the best Wrestlemania.  What did X7 have that none of the others had?  A GIMMICK BATTLE ROYAL! The Gimmick Battle Royal featured 19 superstars with silly gimmicks such as Duke "The Dumpster" Droese, The Gobbledy-Gooker, and the Goon, although it also included legendary gimmicks like Hillbilly Jim, Iron Sheik, and Sgt Slaughter.  If Wrestlemania 29 has a gimmick battle royal, what three people would you include in it and what spot would you have for them to do?

2) Hornswaggle will be playing an evil leprechaun in Leprachaun: Origins coming out in March 2013.  How should the WWE use the character of Hornswaggle to promote the movie?

3) You may have heard that the WWE is trying to start its own network.  What show would you make for the network?  Who would be involved?  What would it be like?  


1. One of the wealthiest known wrestling fans is Ted Turner. It's been a while, he's got an itch to get back into the wrasslin' business, and he's got money burning a hole in his pocket. For whatever reason, he's chosen you to found a company. You get to hire a staff of 25 wrestlers, none of whom may be under contract to WWE or TNA as of now. You also may not hire more than 5 away from Ring of Honor. What is your fed called, what is it's theme or position in the market, and who have you hired?

2. The wrestling business has a storied history of announcers who, for whatever reason, are considered to be terrible. Yes, Don West, we did see that. No, Tony Schiavone, this is actually a fairly mediocre night, and Mick Foley does put butts in seats. No, Mike Adamle, his last name is "Hardy," not "Harvey." However, sometimes all a bad commentator needs is a great partner, with whom he has chemistry. Michael Cole started to come into his own when paired with JBL, and now that he's with the King, he's the grating, irritating Voice of the WWE. Pick a terrible announcer, then find a partner for them who can help them on the way to respectability, if not greatness. Explain what it is about this partner that plays well with the Awful Announcer's style, and how the pairing will improve the terrible one.

3. Beaver Cleavage. Why?


1) Following up from Dilbert's last set of questions about starting a federation, and his disdain for Batista, how and why do you feel about him, and using him <Batista> in a federation knowing that he has a major Hollywood movie coming out soon? Does that play into it? Feel free to either acknowledge or ignore his just announced upcoming MMA debut.

2) *spoiler* If you haven't watched the end of the MITB match, where Cena wins as the briefcase broke, while beating Big Show - Was that how it was supposed to end? Was Cena booked to win? Was the case supposed to break like that?

3) AJ - arguably one of the strongest and most interesting characters in a while. Is it because she's "Crazy" or is it something else? Do you think they're treating her appropriately? Do you think this is a positive step? Why or why not?


1. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Palumbo?

2. If not Neidhart, then Who?

3. Your phone broke. It still receives calls and texts, but every time it does, it blares out your ringtone at max volume, and you can't mute it. Which ringtone do you take: Vickie Guerrero's EEEEEXXXXCCCUUUUUUU UUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSEEE EEEEE MMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE EE!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Michael Cole's "May I Have Your Attention Please, I have just received an e-mail from the anonymous General Manager," Yamaguchi-San shouting "I choppy choppy your pee-pee!", or Steven Regal's "Real Man's Man" theme song?


1. As everybody knows, the greatest professional wrestling trio of all-time is Louie Spicolli, a bottle of Somas, and a pillow to the face. For everyone interested, this trio is managed by Jose Cuervo. However, it is up for debate as to what the second-greatest wrestling trio of all-time is. Who or what is in what you believe to be the second-greatest wrestling trio?

2. You've been lucky enough to spend a day each in the household of Lance Storm, CM Punk, and Samoa Joe. They hosted you as a guest and you spent the night over at each of their households. A week after you leave the last place, you've developed a case of Athlete's Foot. In your opinion, whose house was it most likely you got Athlete's Foot at because you showered there?

3. This upcoming WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan will be accompanied to the ring by Rick Wakeman. This obviously goes without explanation (If you need explanation, please kick yourself). His opponent will also have a famous musician accompany them to the ring. Who is Daniel Bryan's opponent, and which musician accompanies them?


Classic Raw Deal / Pre-Match Advice
« on: May 09, 2012, 03:52:47 PM »
I just put together a new deck, and I need to figure out how to get a key card from the deck into my opening hand every game. Problem is, I can't for the life of me figure out a way to guarantee it.

I'm working with a Face/Smackdown/Fan Favorite Colon Brothers deck, and the deck needs to start off with Face Stretch in hand, preferably without popping Carlito's Cabana and eating a DTTAH. My pre-match and other relevant cards:

Colon Brothers
First Unified Champions
Carlito's Apple
Signing Appearance

Handicap Match TB
Premiere Smackdown Superstar
Backed by Vickie Guerrero
Banned From Ringside
Smackdown Tag Title Belts (original, as I don't own the TB belts to do the Unified Champions trick. Offhand, is there any combination of Tag Titles the Colons can pack and play together besides the TB Raw and TB Smackdown Titles?)
Smackdown #1 Announcer Funaki
Carlito's Cabana
Second-Generation Caribbean Cool
Interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund
Unorthodox Style of Wrestling
High-Flying Style
Playing By The Rules

With that combination of cards, I can see something like 21 or 22 cards by my first draw segment, but for whatever reason, can't seem to muster a Face Stretch to save my life. The deck needs to be Smackdown, really, really wants to be Face, and Fan Favorite is preferable to give me Olé and Foley, but not mandatory.

I'd use William Regal, but my SSV is 5 by the time I get to the Manager phase. I can't go Heel for Taunt the Fans, and I don't want to go with Hard Being This Original if I can possibly help it. BASH is right out.

Is there a card, other than the ones I've mentioned above, that would let me search out and keep a non-unique Smackdown Submission? Worst case scenario, I can try to add in Managed by the WWE Divas and try to root through an additional 10 cards, but even then I'm not guaranteed to have a copy in the top half of my deck.

(My math for the "seeing 21 cards" thing, in case I'm missing something here, too: 0SHS + 1 SHS from Handicap Match, + 5 card draws off the 5 Smackdown-branded cards, + 3 cards seen for Funaki, + 3 cards from the discard/redraw effect on Mean Gene, + 1 for the Signing Appearance, + 1 off the Tag belts, +6 drawn off 2nd-Gen, +1 for your first Draw segment. Of those, you lose 3 from Funaki, 3 from Mean Gene, 1 from the Sig, and 2 from 2nd-Gen, and start with an opening hand of 12.)

If I'm cutting anything from the Pre-Match, it's likely Playing By The Rules and/or High-Flying Style, which I'm not making a ton of use of anyway.

Worst case scenario is I go into the game without it, hide the Apple to try and clear out any DTTAH, and pop the Cabana to search it out, but if they go first and get enough F to throw another ACE reversal, or have 2 DTTAH, I'm pretty well spinning my wheels at that point. I'd really rather have something solid, instead.

Sports Discussion / Tampa Bay Unveils New Uniforms
« on: February 01, 2011, 10:28:11 AM »
The Lightning have announced that they'll have new uniforms for next year and the following.

I have to say, the detail work's pretty good, though carrying around the lantern on the ice will be a hell of a pain.

OK, I'm kidding, but...

Seriously? The uniforms look great, don't get me wrong, but there's absolutely no way I can see them as anything but Blue Lantern Flash in that.

Sports Discussion / NHLPA Ready For Battle...
« on: August 25, 2010, 08:04:40 PM »
They've hired Donald Fehr as the new executive director.

Far as I can tell, this is bad news for Gary Bettman, because Fehr's going to be able to argue him into the ground on a regular basis. Good news for the players, though, and as long as they avoid a lockout, it's probably good for the league as a whole.

Archives / Go time (Dilbert)
« on: May 10, 2010, 08:45:37 PM »
We open on a dressing room door. Unusually, it's open, and we can see inside, where Dilbert is stretching and getting prepped. What for, who knows, since it's not showtime yet, but he's stretching nonetheless. Weirdo.

Dilbert: HEY! I heard that!


Dilbert: That's better. Don't let it happen again. Anyway, where's that idiot interviewer I called for? I don't have all day, you know. Five minutes tops, and I gotta make like a tree and get outta here!

As if on cue, a figure comes sprinting into view with a microphone and minimal stopping power. Good thing that door was open. Sort of.


Funaki: Ow.

Dilbert: Stop messing around and get in here. Don't ask questions, don't interrupt me, and don't steal the cookies from the cookie jar, and we'll get along fine.

Funaki: I...

Dilbert: I said, don't interrupt me. Now, I wanted to take a moment to deal with everyone's favorite rich pains in my ass, the DiBiase twits. Why, oh why, do you never learn? Every time I turn around, you're on my case like Inspector Javert. I barely have time to get here, and you cost me the tag titles. That was bad enough. But had you left it at that, we'd have gotten along just fine in the long run. Time heals all wounds, they say. But NOOOO! You had to jump me in a four on one assault. That made me mad. Then, you jumped me and cost me my match at the PPV. That gave me the reason I needed to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Funaki: What do...

Dilbert: SHUT IT! The grownups are talking here. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, you guys have no nutsacks, have to gang up on me, yada yada, time to bring out the big guns. My... associate and I decided to take care of business. You sabotaged my project. You cost me gold, and shots at gold, and now it seems only appropriate that I return the favor.

Oh, no, I can't take gold from you. You have enough in the bank, you greedy, arrogant pigs. But I can extract my price from you in medical bills. You better hope that Cadillac health plan covers rectopedal extraction surgery, because I'm about to offer you the a grand prize; a one way ticket to the nearest emergency room.

Dilbert's phone rings. picking it up, and seeing Funaki beginning to speak, he clamps a hand over Funaki's mouth.

Dilbert: I said no. This is a very important call, I'm afraid you'll have to piss off now. Later.

*Into the phone* Hey. Yeah, I can talk. What's up? Ready for Wired?...


Archives / With A Little Help From My Friends (Dilbert, Shockwave)
« on: April 26, 2010, 03:04:31 AM »
Back once again to the bustling office. The camera crew wends their way through officious-looking gentlemen in suits, slovenly engineers puttering through the corridors with their caffeinated elixir of life, and, for some reason, a guy in an allosaurus costume, before finally making their way through to Dilbert's cubicle.

Camera Guy: What's with the guy in the allosaurus costume?

Dilbert rolls his eyes. Evidently, he's heard that one before.

Dilbert: Take my word for it, minion. The less you know about Ted, the better.

Camera Guy: Ah. Gotcha, boss. Ix-nay on the inosaur-day estions-quay.

Dilbert nods. This minion is wise beyond his status. Not going to get a promotion, but still.

Dilbert: Anyway, with the Ted issue out of the way...

He looks around to see if there are any incompetents in the area, who've failed to take his hint. Fortunately for him, there are none.

Dilbert: As I was going to say, I appear to be in a bit of a pickle. I have a golden opportunity before me, with only John Bradshaw Layfield standing between me and the match I've been waiting for all my life; the chance to reign supreme as World Champion!

The Prince of Insufficient Light stares off into the distance, clearly mesmerized by the vision of himself with the belt. His idiot co-workers would finally be required to recognize his greatness, and once and for all, he would be honored as he so richly deserves! Alas, his reverie was to be shattered, by a very unfortunate realization.

Dilbert: Dammit. I have two... two and a half small matters in my way. JBL is enough for any man to deal with, given that any time he enters the picture, he brings a protective ring of sycophants and lawyers with him, to cover his ass. That, by itself, I can deal with. The problems are the DiBiase brothers and their little tagalong. Bradshaw I can beat. Bradshaw and his pansy goons? No problem. But throw in two self-declared so-called champions with pockets full of dough and delusions of grandeur, and the math becomes a bit more complex. Add a potential venereal disease to the mix, and the odds suddenly tip violently in their favor.

Dilbert pulls out a faded Rolodex. Clearly, for all his technological savvy, sometimes the old ways are the best.

Dilbert: When the ledger is balanced against you, only one thing to do: raise the stakes. I'm not a big fan of 4-on-1 odds, but if I could take it back down to mano-y-mano, victory will be mine. It looks like I need to hire an outside consultant, to handle some of these extraneous matters. Only question is, who?

Dilbert flips through his Rolodex. He starts at the very beginning, which is a very good place to start.

Dilbert: No. No. No, no... Hmmm... Blazing Phoenix. BP and I worked together quite well, back in the day. Has it really been that many years? I feel like a completely different person than I was back then. Of course, I was. Fortunately, I've suppressed that little bit of lunacy. Not good for your performance review to come in dressed like a preacher and smacking yourself on the forehead.

Perhaps I should leave BP out of this. I suspect the old, bad habits will come flooding back again. NORGLEBEEP!

Dilbert clamps his hands over his mouth in shock. This could NOT be happening to him now. His eyes roll back into his head as though he were addressing someone else in there.

Dilbert: NO! You are dead and buried, do you hear me? I am in control!

Co-Worker: That's what they all say, you lunatic. Play with your dolls or something.

The sudden interruption brings Dilbert back to his senses, though it makes him no happier.

Dilbert: Those are COLLECTIBLES, damn you, and they're worth more money than the total product of your pitiful little brain to date!

*deep sigh* Anyway, now that that unwelcome little interlude is over, I had best move on. I have business to attend to, and the report is due too soon.

Hastily flipping past BP's phone number, Dilbert settles on another name.

Dilbert: Ah, Mr. Hellmann. A sure sight saner than my other business associate, as was I when I worked with him. Not much of one with the fighting, though he certainly has the money to go toe to toe with either JBL or the fortunate sons in the business world. Sadly, my projections indicate that a simple hostile takeover won't relieve me of the problem at hand. Some other time, I suspect.

Pages pass by in a flash.

Dilbert: Now here's a possibility: Richard Warwick. For all he looks like a slob- for all he was a slob- he had what the French call a certain... I don't know what. Talent in the ring, the bulk to back it up,,, definitely the fighting spirit. He would do nicely.

It was just about then that Dilbert's eyes set on the picture of himself and his old tag team partner. Richard, to be specific, wearing his title belt as a bandanna. Dilbert could only roll his eyes and shake his head.

Dilbert: Ah, yes. Silly me. For a moment, I forgot he was an idiot. I'd best carry on, then.

Dilbert flips through several more names... until his eyes light up. This was perfect. He had his consultant.

Dilbert: Excellent! Now this is a man of substance. Calm, rational, intelligent, but with a bit of the fighting spirit. If any man can take care of the DiBiase brothers for me, it's him, no question. Now, the only matter for me is to focus on my core competency... namely, handing John Bradshaw Layfield his ass on a gold-plated platter.

Dilbert whirls around to his computer, and bangs out a few lines, before turning back around.

Dilbert: This damnable TTP Project Summary Executive Summary will drain the life from me yet. What was wrong with the first summary? Can they not handle a clear, concise 47 pages? But never mind that. JBL, you've had what I want. You've been a world champion, and I haven't. You're rich, and clearly, I'm not. But you're going to suffer at Shockwave, and I won't. I'll enjoy every last minute, as I tear you limb from limb. You rich punks make me sick, flaunting your money while you oppress the people who create your success. I want my slice of what you have, and I'll take it right out of your hide if I have to. At Shockwave, you will feel the fires of Heck rising, lapping at your throat. You will watch as the Prince dims your insufficient light. And you will be crowned, by the King of the Cubicle.

And Ted? Mike? Ashley? My consultant is coming. He has my back, and will plant the knife in yours. Funding's been cut, boys. Your project is about to be terminated.


Archives / The Best That Money Can Buy (Gavin Payne)
« on: April 12, 2010, 03:53:10 PM »
We find ourselves in a well-appointed office. One wall is taken up by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, laden with well-worn texts. The other wall has a small painting, a couch, and a collection of diplomas. Most interesting, though, is the cherry-wood desk in the center, behind which we find Gavin Payne.

Gavin Payne: It has often been said that money makes the world go around. The go-getters climb the corporate ladder to success, while the lazy reap the thin harvest of their failure. Any Objectivist historian would point to the remarkable capitalist icons of world history as prime examples of this creed: John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Cornelius Vanderbilt, J.P. Morgan... Such men had power unlike any military force in the world. Morgan alone, through sheer force of will, prevented the utter collapse of the world economy at a time when the US government did not have the capacity to do so. Amazing.

Payne folds his hands on the desk, and leans forward slightly.

Gavin Payne: However, for every J.P. Morgan, there is a Michael Milken. For every Henry Ford, a Kenneth Lay, and for every Cornelius Vanderbilt, a Bernard Ebbers. They say that money makes the world go round, but what it's actually doing is swirling around a toilet bowl. Greed, rapacity... these are the watchwords of the so-called "captains of industry." But every time your ilk overstepped their bounds, they were reined in. Take a guess who did that.

Payne reaches under his desk and pulls out a thick tome, with the words Corporate Law emblazoned on the front. He tosses it on the desk with a loud thump, leaving it laying in the camera shot.

Gavin Payne: The law. The one, true driving force of a proper society. Every time you thought to steal, lie, and cheat your way to the top, the law was there to bring you down. Every scheme you crafted, the law punished. Every time you counted on the public turning a blind eye, Blind Justice stared you down.

I have an opportunity, this week on Wired. The law has its limitations; as long as you don't leave enough evidence to prosecute, I cannot reach you through the court. But I can reach you in that ring. No cheap tricks. No doubt. Just rage, against you and your corporate machine. I do not need the protection of the law, when that bell rings. But you will be begging your crack defense team for just that, until I see fit to put you out of your well-deserved misery.

Payne cracks his knuckles.

Gavin Payne: I don't want to sue you, JBL. I want to end you. And I will do just that. JBL, you are guilty as charged. All that remains for you is the Verdict.


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