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Singapore / Serene Centre Tournaments
« on: January 06, 2008, 11:53:05 AM »
Happy New Year people!
Well its has been a year of rememberance. The last PPV has been held. Loadsa prizes given out.

This thread is to continue the friendly tournaments happening in Serene Centre.
If there ever need be which needed competitive tournements held, i could still hold it n the prizes can range from packs to whatever cards depending on turnout.

Players of Singapore or around the region can contact me or PM me anythin in regards to Raw Deal here in Singapore.

This thread onwards would probably be done like a friendly themed tourneys for every week. Just like how i did em last time.

Singapore / Serene Raw/SD (October - Number 1 Contender Match/Storyline)
« on: October 02, 2007, 02:06:04 AM »
And so it is!!! the REIGNING-AH DEFENDING-AH and long lasting-ah CHAMPION STILL has no challengers!!

That is probably why coz the belt is kept safe! well never again! like kurt angle always brings out his medals to the ring, this week the belt would resurface and be used!!!

BEWARE PEOPLE! a rumble will start! ARE YOU READY!!!!

WHAT?!? I SAID ARE U READY!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Singapore / Sealed Deck or other format tourneys in SG
« on: September 18, 2007, 10:53:37 PM »
Turnout for Revo 3 Sealed deck was good! most likely i would make this a regular thing for every new expansion released.

fee n amount of packs should probably be the same.

If there are new players or players interested in regular sealed deck, gather min 6 people and i can get the starters and packs n hold a tourney for ya.

Latest starters are obviously more expensive package and if ya lookin for older starters + packs would definately be cheaper. i could arrange with the comics mart (cheap pop).

Basically for any other format like, if there are min 6 people, let me know and i could arrange something to be done.

Singapore / Serene Raw/SD (September - Number 1 Contender Match/Storyline)
« on: September 04, 2007, 12:06:43 AM »
Since my enforcer won the title there is no contest from any competitior!! muahahaha.. no one dares to fight. and the title belt is still mine!!!!

Singapore / Serene Raw/SD (August - Number 1 Contender Match/Storyline)
« on: August 04, 2007, 05:25:07 AM »
The players had assembled.
Rumi and Xiu Bin came to contend the NEW champ belt!

and the NEW Winner CHEE XIU BIN with his KENNEDY DECK..

Music plays - *NO CHANCE.. NO  CHANCE IN HELL!!

Muahahahaa!! my Enforcer is the eventual winner of the champship match! fitting for someone who can back up this reign.. heh heh..

The RAW GM is scared and the SD GM is nowhere in sight!! my enforcer's opponent didnt have it HIS WAY either!! hahah.. he could better sing Sinatra's song in his shower!! and Edmund ran like a scalded dog heh..

Singapore / New Proposed Serene Champ Belt
« on: July 02, 2007, 01:08:46 PM »
as an added on to make the title belt better to use than juz pass around and also since people also seldom use the serene centre title belt's ability.

I was thinkin of making it slightly more useful but not impactful to a match.

so here it is
Name of Card: Serene Centre Raw Deal Champ Belt
Type of Card : Serere Centre Champ Belt
SSV: +0
Card Text: (Can only be used in Serene Centre Comics Mart.) Reveal this card with your superstar card. When revealed, this card is placed in the backstage area. Draw One card.

This is not a backstage card nor is it a Title Belt coz there is no "title" in the name nor text. Sounds better than "superstar add-on" from the previous serene belt. IT acts like a backstage card but not a backstage card and cannot be affected by cards that target ring area. In short, no cards in WWE are affected by this champ belt except the superstar face card owned by the person who own the champ belt.

SSV not affecting the superstar face card.

The whole idea is juz for the owner of the champ belt to draw ONE CARD from arsenal. Yes, the timing of the card draw happens beginning of prematch phase (eg of similar timing is stephanie or eric searching for a smackdown or raw card and put to hand)

Basically starting with ONE card in hand in beginning of prematch. this allows opponent to use a card to discard the card in hand via premier raw ss or revo heavyweight title belt(if anyone actually packs this card..)

the idea juz came from the RAW DEAL Title Belt. adding to handsize. one more card to handsize. without the added ssv. and only playable in serene centre comics mart

Singapore / Serene Raw/SD (July - Number 1 Contender Match/Storyline)
« on: July 01, 2007, 08:42:57 AM »
The belt has not been claimed. Number 1 contender match is still a free for all.

This month i might wanna try out some different themes see if people have a good suggestion for it.

Few ideas to come up with is the

(1) must have card segment theme: This is where a deck has to have a particular type of card or theme of cards to be used in the tourney for contendership. Eg. the arsenal has to have the card Superkick.

(2) contendership pack-o-war: winners of the top cut-offs would usually win tourney packs, these could be used for a pack-o-war games for the winner of the championship tourney

(3) rare card usage: maybe the pack-o-war theme not so good so i thought u could use the rare of the pack that was won and use it in a deck for the contendership

(4) Road to PPV theme: originally the 3rd week of the month theme i used last time for my weekly/monthly themes, a particular criteria is set for deck construction to be used at the contendership match. eg: only ssv 3 and above, only superstars with Raw brand cards, only non-gm non-legends, revolution format, afterburn format, common/uncommon decks, Steel Cage format, etc

i'm running out of ideas... so basically to spice up the contendership match instead of juz normal one-shot matches i would like to offer a theme or idea kinda match for this month's contendership. cast your votes or suggest one.
if all agree to it, the contendership theme match would start from the beginning of july.

Singapore / Benoit Tribute Tourney
« on: June 27, 2007, 02:01:30 AM »
RIP Chris Benoit. I was shocked to hear the news.. so as a tribute i have a suggestion for this sat's PPV tourney event.

To spice up the tourney, tournament players may pack only ONE of Benoit's MANUVER cards in their arsernal(kinda like a tribute broadcast where someone would use a trademark from a tributed superstar eg. 3 amigos by chavo to tribute's eddie or using eddie's frogsplash.. u get the point)

more diversed manuvers is encouraged.

I would be giving out 2 sets of tourney kits. and since its a special event, i would be digging out my old collection to see if there is anything interesting to give out as well.

let me know your views..

btw.. ok i realised it too. u may proxy one card if u do not happen to own any of benoits card.. this is so as to equalise the field. but it isnt required.

also benoit and crippler decks are not considered diversed. so two benoit decks can be brought to top qualify.

2 weeks ago in the road to PPV, Xiu Bin cashed in his money in the bank using his Kennedy deck defeated the champ Alvin using Piper. After which, Xiu Bin relinquished the belt to be a free for all in PPV week.

in last week's PPV, the number 1 player of the tourney would win the Serene Title belt and Xiu Bin won number 1 spot and Muhd rumi(who also has a money in the bank) cashed in and won Xiu Bin and title changed hands in the same day!

Current champion is 2 time Muhd Rumi.

let the trash talking begin.

Singapore / Trash Talking 101 - tutorials
« on: April 22, 2007, 08:41:35 AM »
This is the Standard.. <- gameplay-wise

In terms of trash talking, that is a whole other matter. U are talking to the master of the Mic(remember SGQ announcements), the trasher of trashers, ego of egos, spit in the face of kennedy that his mic would rust, the rock becomes dust!(and goes on and on.. u get the drift)

anyways heres a little 101 tutorials for beginners. all in point form and would further added in.

1) assume a particular character to roleplay

2) this character should usually be someone who is loud(coz i do not see any quiet trash talkers..)

3) you should oversell the character (egoistic, funny) eg. Rock, Ken Kennedy, Randy Orton

4) or nosell the character (serious and objective but not tooo serious if not boring) eg. Stone Cold, Undertaker, Chris Benoit.

5) stay within your character. do not get out of character often coz its not consistant

6) your character should have some quirks or some sort of habit. eg The rock always refers to himself as The Rock not Me or I, Kennedy would have his spotlight and his mic, taker would have his eyeballs rolled up, Stone cold would have his beer and talks in 3 syllable sentences - Do you think...(What!?) you're damn smart (WHAT?!).. running around (WHAT!?) like some cockroach? (WHAT?!)

Trash Talking
1) from above number 6, would have somewhat of a starting of some trashtalking but do not just type the words for the sake of typing em. it must have a purpose
and please do not quote Ron Simmons cause that is basically post whoring..

2) use words with colourful references like your superstar can fly like a chicken trying to save his life from a butcher. or " u call that a kendo stick or something u bought out of Toys R Us?"

3) use descriptive words so people would get the idea of how u can portray your character. eg. light dims "who turn the damn lights out!?", X superstar comes out of the enterance with a torch light hanging above him shining down.

4) do not use swear words..  u may use eh.. other references.. eg. "SEE THIS CARROT!?!? I would take a whole bunch of these and other cheap TCG cards and shaft it up yr Rabbit hole"

note: do not overwrite. we do not want an entire page of u describing your entire superstar history or life. give others a chance of reply the trash talk if not you are just talking to yourself. i know sometimes u need to talk loud to assure yourself that there are sounds inside your head instead of emptiness. echos do not count.

happy trash talking!!

Singapore / Serene Raw/SD (May - Number 1 Contender Match/Storyline)
« on: April 22, 2007, 07:56:35 AM »
For this month till the end of May PPV week, this thread would post the feuds storylines for the number 1 contender match for the Raw and Smackdown divisions of Serene Centre Comics Mart weekly tourneys

Update: Sat Apr 22, serene centre champion Rumi using his evolution deck lost to default number 1 contender Alvin using Doink.

It's like Singapore Qualifiers all over again as these two Giants(not literally but figuratively) clashed in our championship match. as ryuzaki and edheng were missing in action and Smackdown GM Teddy Xiong opted his newly signed superstar to be the number 1 contender and nobody else stepped up to the plate, Al the brain took the default spot for number 1 contender.

The championship match was supposed to be scheduled for next week's PPV but Rumi called Al out n challenged him there and then and the match went ahead!

now the NEEEEWWWWWW Serene heavyweight(light?) champion Al the brain!!

number 1 contendership would be contested. let the trash talking begin!!

Singapore / Serene ECW thread
« on: April 22, 2007, 07:44:56 AM »
This is where the ECW superstars would post their ravings and messages. Post about deck stratagies n others such.

Note: keep mindful of the RULEZ and another reminder not to insult other peopl nor belittle other brands.

Singapore / Singapore Rulez of the Forum
« on: April 03, 2007, 09:29:03 AM »
Keeping in mind the rules and regulations of TCO as well.

1) No Vulgarities nor extended flaming. Spread the Love Around

2) All Trash Talking are to be brought over to the Feuds and Storyline Thread.
Note: if u are willing to dish the trash, u must be willing to take the trash if not,your posts would be deleted.

3) Anyone could participate in the threads. all appropriate participation should be done in the appropriate topics.

4) No Post Whoring, any redundant posts would be deleted.

5) Anything outside of Raw Deal or the Feuds/Storyline should not be in the threads. take it out on your own time.

6) Do not post your cards selling things. do that in your own time and in PrivateMessaging. the posts would be deleted.

Last and most important note - all these topics/subjects are for the love of the game. Please keep this in mind.

When there are more rulez which the moderators could think of then we would list it up here.

Tournament Reports / Singapore and Asia Qualifiers 2007 Report
« on: February 05, 2007, 05:28:59 AM »
Raw Deal Singapore and Asia Qualifiers 2007

Report Part 1 by Singapore Commissioner Aaron Chong

(cheap pop)Every Sat I would hold a weekly raw deal tourney at Serene Centre and at the end of the month I would hold a tourney which I call Pay-Per-View Week. Aside the weekly tournament which I give out promos, misc tourney kit cards and boosters, Pay-Per-View week is where I would give out current tournament kits and loads of prize support, booster packs and promos and other prizes.

Sat 27th Jan 2007
On this Sat, the day before Singapore and Asia Qualifiers (SGQ), it was exceptionally quiet. My usual min 12- 35 max crowd is only at 11. I believed all of the usual players were preparing for the next day.
But just before round 1, our neighbours from across the borders, the Malaysian team arrived. They were also preparing and practicing for SGQ the next day and put up a great game this day.

Sun 28th Jan 2007
Arrived at Singapore Convention Centre Suntec City and encountered my first big problem, the assigned room is not 301. Room 301 was occupied by little children. I needed to find bigger children than that. Fortunately the signboard indicated which room is assigned. Arriving at room 306, I found players already settled in the seats.

Registration went smoothly as decklists were checked and collected. There were a total of 49 players including those from Malaysia and Philippines registered. Big thanks to the overseas visitors for making the time and effort to participate in this event! Much appreciated.

Superstars were

4 - Bobby Heenan
3 - Mr Pay Per View, Roddy Piper
2 - Batista, Big Freakin Machine, Carlito, Thedore Long, Ultimate Survivor, Triple H(Revo), Home Team, Ken Kennedy
1 - Al Snow, Andre the Giant, Booker T, John Cena, Deadman, D-X, Eddie Guerrero(RIP), Edge, Eugene, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Hurrifriends, Immortal One, Jake the Snake, Largest Athelete, Lashley, Leader of the Peepulation, Paul Heyman, Rene Dupree, Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin, Stacy Keibler, Victoria

Round 1 started with no further delays with another 5 more rounds of swiss after that before the cut offs to top 16.

Top 16 players were

Alvin Lee (Bobby Heenan)                         def     Oh Chai Hock Andrew (D-X)
Muhd Rumi (Booker T)                              def      Nicholas Ty (Hurrifriends)
Mark Wong (Roddy Piper)                          def      Jerry Soh (Theodore Long)
Muhammad Syahrul Hisyam (Immortal One)   def      Ti Jie Bo (Shelton Benjamin)
Chua Cheng Zhi (Largest Athelete)             def      Chee Xiu Bin (Carlito)
Frankie Ho (HHH (Revo))                           def      Ding Yu Ze (Home Team)
Kevin Qua (Paul Heyman)                          def      Benjamin Lam (Mr Pay Per View)
Herman Choong Teik Boon (Andre Giant)      def      Ang De Yu (Jake Snake)

Top 8 players were
Alvin Lee (Bobby Heenan)                def    Herman Choong Teik Boon (Andre Giant)
Muhd Rumi (Booker T)                     def    Muhammad Syahrul Hisyam (Immortal One)
Mark Wong (Roddy Piper)                def    Kevin Qua (Paul Heyman)
Chua Cheng Zhi (Largest Athelete)   def    Frankie Ho (HHH (Revo))

Top 4
Alvin Lee (Bobby Heenan)   def   Chua Cheng Zhi (Largest Athelete)
Muhd Rumi (Booker T)        def   Mark Wong (Roddy Piper)

Top 2
Muhd Rumi (Booker T)  def  Alvin Lee (Bobby Heenan)

Winner of Singapore and Asia Qualifiers 2007 is
Muhd Rumi with Booker T

Stay tuned for Part 2 : Semi Finals and Finals Play by Play

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