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Rules Forum / Carlton says vs. chain
« on: April 06, 2014, 02:38:23 PM »
How does carlito says, that's not cool react with the chain trait? Does it reverse the chain card without having to discard?

This stems from whether or not the chain trait is considered a printed reversal restriction. I said yes, but I want confirmation.

Rants Forum / A Rant and asking a Favor.
« on: March 22, 2014, 12:25:08 AM »
Good Evening TCO.

Actually, let's get the favor out of the way first: Go hug your parents / siblings / friends / loved ones. Do it. Now. Appreciate them for whatever they are to you, which is probably more than you'll even think possible.  Please.

Back in November, I lost my Dad to cancer. For 4 years, Dad battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma, going through terrible Chemotherapy treatments, clinical trials, experimental procedures. In the end, he died in his own home, in pain and incoherent. I ran away for the last two years of it. I had taken a job in California and was traveling for the better part of the last two years. I came back to the midwest a week before he died. He passed away two days before Thanksgiving. He always cooked Thanksgiving meals. He and I never really saw eye to eye. Different political, religious, and social views and beliefs kept us from really having a good relationship. I still love him.

After he died, I broke. Mentally, spiritually, and in parts physically. I still can't go a week without restless nights or the need to drink my problems away. Multiple times a week I need to self-medicate just to relax. Even then, I still can't focus on my own problems: Mom was also diagnosed with lung cancer back in October. We were really hoping that she'll last a long time.   

Two weeks ago, my Mom and I went to her doctor and received the prognosis: Her cancer has spread to her bones. She'll only have maybe 3 to 6 months. Last week, we had a second opinion from another doctor: Same result.  She'll go through another round of Chemo, She'll suffer more, but we're hoping to just extend that a little bit, but the doctors said she has maybe a 10 to 20 percent chance of even that, even less so of actual success. I don't think I've finished processing my dad's death, and I'm faced with my mom's.

I'm currently putting everything in my life aside to help her. I cook for her, I clean the house, we're moving her and her husband to a smaller place so they don't have to worry about it after she dies. She wants her life to be comfortable. The last few months have put a lot of my life into perspective; I don't have a job anymore, I've been turning down job offers, I'm digging into personal savings, but I get to spend time with my mother. I'm not going to sit on the sidelines this time. I tell her I love her every day. I hug her every day and I'll continue until the day she dies.

All I really want is for my mom to live a little longer. I know my wishes are pretty unrealistic at this point. So here's another wish: I want you to love your family. If you have family left, hug them. Give them a call. Don't do like I did with my dad and wait until it's too late.

This also extends to your friends. I appreciate my friends more than I ever have right now. They're an amazing source of comfort when my life is basically getting shot to sh*t all around me. Meyers, Jake, Mitch, You have all been an amazing thing for me to have and I don't think I'll ever be able to express my gratitude properly in person. Please don't change, you guys are awesome.

This also extends to TCO. Thanks for being here. I know our population has dwindled in the last 5+ years, but it's still one of the best communities on the internet.

Now do it. Hug someone. Tell someone what they mean to you. Show it. Please.

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
« on: January 15, 2014, 03:36:52 PM »
Just wondering if anyone from TCO is currently playing this game in the closed beta?

I'm tag Panda#11661

Find me and talk decks / strategy / play a game.  Usually on later nights and some afternoons, depending in what kind of time I have.

I wanted to write this down for myself as some notes when building Lackey decks, but thought it might serve better as an article on TCO, so here we go.  (and I'll try to keep this updated semi-regularly)

These were after discussions between some players and what has been talked about on this forum...

Raw Deal Classic Power Cards in the Virtual Environment (VAA or VC):

Frankie Takes Ho-llywood - Prematch Event

With the sheer amount of superstars able to modify your reversals, giving them RMS seems like a very strong move in today's meta.  With superstars ignoring 'completely' on your reversals to reducing your reversals' damage to zero, Frankie is here to save the day. Not to mention the old trick of packing a <r> corner card, and giving your superstar specific reversals RMS so they can't gain the requirement text. It really fits right in any prematch set-up and only is there as a protective measure, and a strong one at that.

Find Out How to Fight From Finlay - Prematch Event

Again another strong protection card.  Aside from the obvious Dynamic synergies, it also prevents your opponent from playing Prematch events with 'Old' in the title; notably The Old Switcheroo, Old School Raw, and Old School Psychology (when you have Old School Shenanigans revealed and your opponent hasn't dropped Back to Basics).  With the Old Switcheroo seeing more play due to the increased number of Unique prematch events (like ALL of the ones introduced in virtual sets) that make or break a deck strategy, protecting your fragile cards from being blanked goes a long way to getting a win.

Counter: None, really.

Your Town, U.S.A. - Prematch Venue

A more aggressive disruption card.  Not all decks are able to play this and get away with it, as you'll be hampering your design just as badly as your opponents.  The key is to make sure that your opponent comes off worse from being denied specific types of prematch.  A card like Your Town goes a long way to disrupt Back to Basics decks, Any deck that is reliant on a Belt or a Manager for a major part of their strategy.  

Counter: The only real counter to this card is to play a High Superstar Value Character, and drop a Venue first.  Unless you have a superstar specific way to blank Your Town. 

EDIT: As D2 was so kind to point out, Hometown Hero kills the first counter option at the cost of -2 HS.

I want to play the Game - Prematch Feud

This is also a very aggressive disruption card, and probably more so than your town. So many decks in the Virtual environment requires a certain Unique Prematch Event card to hit the table, and this card just allows you to rip it from their deck. Backed by Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero? Gone. Drawing a Blank? Gone. ECW on SciFi? Gone. Wrestlemania? Gone. Interview with Mean Gene? Gone.  

This is one of the strongest disruption cards in the game right now, but also one with the highest drawback: You can't rely on those same strategies. This is one of those strategies that you can't run with every deck, and doesn't ensure your victory from the get go, but if you can build an arsenal and midmatch that doesn't rely on what you play during your prematch, you can go a long way to tilt the game more in your favor from the get-go.

Counters: Your Town, Not relying so heavily on one card for your strategy.

The Old Switcheroo - Prematch Event

I spoke about this card earlier, and it still is a strong pick even though there is a direct counter to it. If you can catch your opponent off-guard, you an do a tremendous amount of damage to him with a well-timed switcheroo. Pair this with I Want to Play the Game to really mess with your opponent.

Counters: Find Out How to Fight From Finlay, RMS Prematch.

Not On My Broadcast TB - Prematch Event

This is a personal pick from back when Raw Deal was still in production.  The card has primarily 2 effects:
1 - Whenever any player plays an action or superstar specific card and it is not their first action or superstar specific card of the turn, their opponent gets to rip a card from their ring area.  A VERY strong counter to action heavy decks and some superstars that like to chain their specifics together.  You'll catch people off guard with this text on occasion, just don't let it happen to yourself.
2 - (and this is the big one) No player may play a non-superstar specific non set-up action when they already have a card with that title in play. This stops a lot of shenanigans from some builds (Interview with Mean Gene comes to mind immediately - Stopping your opponent from dropping multiple Turn the Tides in one game) and decks what like to drop more than one of any action of rely on actions to win.  
This card is also very strong because it is permanent, meaning once it's hit play, it stays there.

Counters: Honestly, not much. Stop playing so many actions and wrestle dammit!

I'm Gonna Break You - Prematch Event

An Oldie but a goodie.  This card saw an incredible amount of decreased play once Virtual hit, and rightly so: It got a swift kick to the privates. But this card can still rear it's ugly head on occasion in the right build thanks to our favorite feud: I Want to Play the Game.

Many of the non-superstar specific counters to Break You are currently Unique Prematch Events. Flanked, Premiere WWF superstar TB, etc. all stop Break You, but only if they survive to the Events phase. Some counters still exist (the Old School stips with Back to Basics in play, for example), and for those situations you have to just have a different strategy, and You'll know all the way back by the Feud segment to plan out your strategy.  I've played break you against decks that let me break them for 4+ cards before they even played their first event. It can cripple most any deck.

Now the downside to playing the IWTPTG + Break You Strategy is that you cripple what you can do even further.  Not only do you have all the downsides attached to IWTPTG, you also have to build your entire deck around not having a prematch. To really put the hurt on with Break You, you're looking at dropping 3-4 prematch cards at most.  Some superstars have that many specific prematch! It takes the right build, right superstar and making sure your opponent isn't packing any of the direct counters to the deck.

Counters: Back to Basics, BASH Feud, going first in the events phase and dropping your stopper first.

Get The 'F' Out - Reversal

Finally A non-prematch card! I was packing this card in 2's or 3's back in 2007 before Raw Deal stopped printing. It is incredibly strong especially now since a lot of decks are throwing non-trademark finisher Unique maneuvers and/or Multis.  At 4F, this card is an incredible bargain for the defensive power it brings, not to mention it is a non-unique, non-hybrid, 0D reversal, it gets around a lot of the reversal restrictions thrown around in today's meta.

Hell In a Cell - Prematch Stipulation

This card has always been strong. ALWAYS. It hurts so many decks and downright cripples others. Even with the introduction of Making my Escape, it's still strong.  Without Making Your Escape, it's Hell in a Cell, one of the worst stips to be placed in and as long as your deck can out-aggro your opponent and take more of an advantage in this predicament, you're going to be in an advantageous situation.  With Making Your Escape, your opponent has to continually rip cards from his ring area or overturn cards to make it blank (unless your opponent is the King of Kings).  It's a win-win.

Example Counters: GM Superstars, Your Town, Any Stip Blanking Prematch, Waist Lock TB.

Managed By Eric Bischoff (non-TB) - Prematch Manager

This one is pretty far down the list, but helps nonetheless. With people throwing around prematch cards willy-nilly, you'll inevitably run into a player running any combination of the McMahon prematch cards (Managed by Vince, Vince GRA, Backed by Mr. McMahon, etc).  This one card shuts down the whole shebang in one go.  And is also a prime way to protect your stipulation (like Hell in a Cell)

Example Counters: Your Town, Chase off Manager, Ring Removal.

Power Strategies:

Some things haven't changed much here since the heyday of raw deal, but some powerful strategies to think about for deckbuilding that are especially strong since the introduction of Virtual cards:

Prematch Discard / Prematch Denial

This has taken a rise in the game since people are playing more and more prematch. While lowering your opponent's starting hand size has taken a few hits, just outright forcing your opponent to discard prematch cards has gotten stronger.  Cards like San Diego, 3 Minute Warning's Feud, and Summer of Slam have gone up a notch in how strong they are.  And with cards like My Game, My Way to mitigate some of the damage you'll do to yourself, you're in good shape to do some damage to your opponent.

Early Ring Area Removal

So many decks rely on getting one or two maneuvers off early that are heavily protected. Let them, then get rid of it.  If you have access to early ring area removal, you'll put your opponent in a constant state of playing catch-up to you.

Strong Kill Mechanism

This is the point I can't stress enough when I build decks. I need a solid, strong kill. Either it's a combo, or a win condition, or multiple win conditions (I've had decks with upwards of 6 different win conditions, aside from 'do damage to my opponent').  This is kind of a throwback to Raw Deal back in 2006/2007 when you had to have a solid win condition or to purely outlast your opponent.  I played against Home Team quite a bit and that is the measure to which I gauge how a deck can fare.


Examples of Strong Win Conditions: RMS damage from a reversal, First Blood Match, Divas Win Condition, Unrelentingly hitting the opponent with hard-to-reverse high-damage maneuvers (like Trademark Finishers), Goodnight Everybody!, etc.

I hope some of of these ideas help you with your decks in the future!

Rules Forum / ECW Enforcer clarifications.
« on: April 05, 2013, 08:41:19 PM »
Okay, so we have this established ruling from the virtual FAQ:

-An nWo card is a card with the nWo logo anywhere on the card.
-Any color of nWo logo marks the card as an nWo card, cards with red, gold, or white nWo logos are all nWo cards.

I'm assuming the same applies to ECW and all cards with ECW logos on them (e.g. ECW one night stand, Hardcore Originator of ECW, etc.) and that they all apply to the ECW enforcer as an 'ECW card' so it can be revealed. 

am I right in making these assumptions?

General Chat / A Message From Your Iowa State Raw Deal Champion.
« on: May 11, 2012, 05:49:29 PM »

*Walks down to the ring*

Ladies and gentlemen, I have something very serious to talk about and would like your undivided attention.

For the last YEAR, I have successfully defended my title against all comers.  
For the last YEAR, I have done what nobody else has done.
For the last YEAR, I have been... YOUR Iowa state raw deal champion.  

This year, I was going to take my title and my skills further past Iowa.  The entirety of the United States calls out for me.  They call out.. for a champion.  But sadly, that's not going to happen.

My road to greatness at Gencon is blocked.  My road to the World Championship... has ended.

I have decided to go on a spiritual and professional journey of sorts. I have to leave Iowa for a time.  I am going to disappear.  

But the suits in the back tell me that I can't stay the champion.  
They tell me ... that I can't keep my title if I don't defend it regularly.

So with a heavy heart, I have to relinquish my title.  But I swear to you right now... I will be back.  I will take back my title.  And I will prove that I am the best at what I do and deserve nothing but greatness.

Now... this part goes to those same suits in the back.  Those interim general managers and ego-driven maniacs that think they can just do what they please.  I am asking you a favor:

I don't plan on raising hell about the fact that I have to give up my title.  I'm not going to leave as a sore loser that can't have everything his way.  That's not what a proper champion does.  I just want to stipulate how my competitors will fight for this very title.

Now what do you say?

Rules Forum / quick blanking queston
« on: April 22, 2012, 02:16:36 PM »
So, if my opponent stevie richards plays bwo, and I old switcheroo a prematch card to gain the text (but not blank the text), does the card become blank when the prematch phase is over and bwo's protection no longer applies?

Edit:  rephrase so it might be easier to understand:

Stevie plays bWo, making all of his prematch permanent and cannot be blanked until end of prematch.
Later on, Stevie plays Vince Mcmahon, GRA.
I play The Old Switcheroo on Vince Mcmahon, GRA to gain the text of the card, but currently unable to blank it.

Would Vince Mcmahon GRA become blanked beginning at the start of Stevie's first turn when Blue World Order's 'cannot be blanked' protection expires?

Tournament Reports / 2-19-2012 Dubuque Area Royal Rumble Tournament Report
« on: February 19, 2012, 10:01:51 PM »
Tournament report for 2-19-2012 Dubuque area tournament
Format:  Virtual Classic Format Double Elimination Tournament with normal bracketed format.
Players: 8

Superstar:  John Cena, Cheater / Face / Smackdown

Round 1: Vs. Jason Duggan playing Chris Jericho

Wasn't sure what to expect, so was pleasantly pissed off when Jericho goes Highlight Reel (I overturn 15, and don't see a reversal for it), Hell in a Cell, and Managed by Bischoff to stop my Vince. I kill da beat and he puts down his storyline.  I taunt once and that's it.  I felt bad going into the game, but the hand wasn't that bad.

My first turn:  Chain gang, Hustle Loyalty & Respect that goes all the way through. I also hit a 5 knuckle shuffle which gets stopped on overturn.

His turn:  Plays some strike, I backslide for the win.

I got lucky.

W 1-0

Round 2:  Vs. Bryon Rickertson's Rattlesnake

I screw up his prematch and surprisingly goes similarly to how my last game went:

I hit chain gang + Five knuckle shuffle and backslide his blindside hook for the win. He pops wrestlemania that I don't try.

W 2-0

Round 3: Vs. Jake Weires (Softcore Legend)'s Cactus Jack.

Cactus Jack donnybrook's my Ridiculously good hand onto the bottom of the deck. I can't keep up with 0 reversals in hand and he plays bang bang to my shoot forearm. I lose to a plunged cactus double arm DDT.

To the loser's bracket I go!

L 2-1

Round 4: Vs. Bryon Rickertson's Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake beats out Mitch!'s Dwayne the Rock Johnson deck due to Mitch!'s play mistake and gets paired against me... again.

This match goes a little differently than last time, and rattlesnake gets decently on the board while I am forced to keep hitting shoot moves and finish with a few TMF's.

W 3-1

Final Round: Vs. Jake Weires (Softcore Legend)'s Cactus Jack.

I don't have a crappy hand!  I let cactus get 2 fort on me with elbow to the face, I reverse his first move with revolution of the mind, and hit him with a Shoot Forearm, which his deck can't stop when below 5F.  I ramp up and red wall everything, keeping him a 2-3 fort all game.  Finishing it with an FU.

W 4-1

But wait!  This is double elimination, and I have to beat the undefeated cactus jack TWICE!

both of Cactus' feet don't hit the floor and he rolls back into the ring to continue the royal rumble!  John Cena is still ready to fight!

Round 6! Final Round!  Fight! Vs. Cactus Jack!

I play out my prematch, and all he gets is his donnybrook for an event.  We're in a double steel cage match, and we're ready to go!

I start off the gate with a chain gang: hustle, loyalty, & respect.  He double elbows me.  I reverse his first move with revolution of the mind and it turns out similar to the last game, as he can't stop any of my big shoot moves when below 5F.  I ramp up to 23 fortitude quickly and stall.  John Cena just needs a little more to get to his Trademarks! I play draw-go until hitting another shoot maneuver, leaping me past my stall, and start hitting chain finishers and his trademarks, as well as an Old School Piledriver, but cactus just won't go down!  A Shoot Double Arm lock puts Cactus away for good.

W 5-1


So i'm getting back into World of Warcraft.

I need a server to play on.

I'd like to play alliance side, but if there's pro's to going horde, let me hear it.

Fantasy Cards / a Set I'm working on. (WORK IN PROGRESS)
« on: April 28, 2011, 11:33:47 PM »
So I was watching some old ECW matches and thought about making a full set of these things.  Also, TimJR's post about classic versions of revolution extremists pushed this idea along a little further.

I'll keep addng to this list as I finish cards / superstars / sets.  I'd love to hear constructive critical feedback.  Thanks.


So here we go...

ECW: Barely Legal
??? Card set

Superstars -

Paul E. (Paul Heyman Remake)
The Human Suplex Machine (Tazz Remake)
New Jack
Rob Van Dam + Sabu
Lance Storm
Justin Credible
The Impact Players
Super Crazy
Shane Douglas
Jerry Lynn
Masato Tanaka
Balls Mahoney
Tommy Dreamer
Terry  Funk

+ Support for all ECW Alumni
+ non-superstar specific cards with classic ECW themes.

Paul E. (Paul Heyman remake) -  
HS: 1+
SSV: 1+
ECW ability: You may pack any number of different non-revolution superstar cards with the ECW logo in your backstage area, Reveal one of them and add their hand size, superstar value, and ability to yours.  If you are packing cards that the revealed superstar cannot pack or play, you may not play those cards and they are blank text. If the superstar allows you to pack non-Backstage area cards in your backstage area, you may not pack those cards in your backstage area.
During your turn, you may discard 3 cards: hide the revealed superstar, reveal a different superstar, and add their Hand Size, Superstar Value, and Ability to yours.
Your opponent cannot play any non-superstar specific card with "Heyman" in the title.  You may pack any cards with the Paul Heyman Logo, but you do not count as that superstar.

In your face shoot promo (Paul Heyman logo)
Backstage Area
ECW Logo

Search your arsenal for any number of different cards with 'shoot' in the title and put them under this card.  Your opponent searches your arsenal and backlash deck and if he finds any card with 'shoot' in the title, you lose the game via pinfall.  
You may play cards under this card as if from hand.

Extreme Interference (Paul Heyman Logo)
Reversal: Special
ECW Logo

This card is +5F and +2D for every superstar or enforcer card removed from the game.
To play this card from hand, you must first remove a superstar or enforcer card in your backstage area from the game.
When played from hand, Reverse any non-unique maneuver and end your opponent's turn.
During your turn, you may remove a superstar or enforcer card in your backstage area from the game to put this card into your ringside pile.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor (Paul Heyman Logo)
Midmatch Action
F: 0
D: 0
ECW logo

All maneuvers played by all players are +1D for each other maneuver in their ring area.
All players' card effects may not reduce the damage of their opponent's maneuvers.


The Human Suplex Machine (Throwback)(Tazz remake)
SHS: 5
SSV: 4
ECW Ability: your Maneuvers are +1 stun value for each different maneuver type in your ring.  Your cards with 'plex' in the title can only be reversed from your opponent's backlash and arsenal.  When you successfully play a card with 'plex' in the title and damage has been applied, end your turn.  Your cards with 'suplex' in the title cannot be played if your ring area already has a card with the same title.  You may not pack non-ECW revolution maneuvers, Allegiance or Faction cards.  You may pack maneuver and ECW cards with the Tazz Logo, but you do not count as that superstar.

Tazzmission (Tazz Logo)
Trademark Finisher + Submission / Reversal: Special
F: 40
D: 0
ECW Logo

As a maneuver, your opponent may not respond to this card.  
As a reversal, reverse any non-trademark finisher maneuver.
When successfully played, your opponent overturns cards from the top of his deck until he overturns 3 applicable reversals (if played on your opponent's turn, any 3 non-hybrid reversals), and then end the current turn.
Cards overturned in this way are removed from the game.

FTW World Title Belt (Tazz, + Sabu Logo)
Prematch Object
Superstar Value +0
ECW Logo

You may not pack any other title belts.
Whenever either player successfully plays a maneuver and damage has been applied, you may draw 1 card or shuffle 1 non-reversal card from your ringside into your arsenal.

I'm gonna Choke you Out! (Tazz logo)
Backstage Area
ECW Logo

replace "non-trademark finisher" with "trademark finisher" on your Tazzmission cards.  
During your turn, your Tazzmission cards are blank and +20F.
When you successfully play Tazzmission as a maneuver, your opponent loses the game via pinfall.


Rob Van Dam + Sabu
SHS: 0
SSV: 6
ECW Tag Team Ability:  Once Per turn, search your arsenal for a Superstar specific card.
Your Superstar Specific Prematch Cards do not take up a prematch slot in your ring.
Your starting hand size is +1 for each Superstar Specific card in your ring.
You may pack any non-Raw logo'd card with the Rob Van Dam and/or Sabu logo.  

Managed by the Manager of Champions, Bill Alfonso (Rob Van Dam, Sabu, +Tazz logo)
Prematch Manager
F: 0
D: 0
ECW Logo

At the end of the prematch phase, if you are not Rob Van Dam or do not have a Title belt in your ring, remove this card from the game.
This card may be shuffled into your arsenal, but only by unique cards.
When this card is in your ring area, you may put this card in your ringside pile to search your arsenal for 1 Foreign Object or Grapple maneuver, reveal it, put it into your hand, and shuffle your arsenal.
When this card is in your hand, you may reveal this card, put it on the bottom of your arsenal, and search your arsenal for 1 Foreign Object or Grapple Maneuver, reveal it, put it into your hand, and shuffle your arsenal.
When this card is overturned from your opponent's damage or card effect, stop the damage or card effect but your opponent continues their turn.


Masato Tanaka -  
SHS: 6
SSV: 3
ECW Ability: You may pack up to 3 cards titled 'immune to pain' and 3 cards titled 'Hardcore Style' in your backstage area and reveal them with your superstar card. When those cards are in your ring, double the numbers in their text, and they do not take up a midmatch slot.  
Whenever your opponent successfully plays a maneuver, you may put 1 copy of 'immune to pain' from your backstage area into your ring.  
Whenever you successfully play a maneuver, you may put 1 copy of 'Hardcore style' from your backstage area into your ring.
If cards titled 'hardcore style' or 'immune to pain' are put into your ringside, put those cards into  your Backstage area instead.
You may pack no-sell maneuver and you may not pack oversell maneuver.

Roaring Elbow
Midmatch Trademark
F: 10
D: 10
ECW Logo

This card is -3F for each card titled 'immune to pain' in your ring.
This card is +1 Stun value for each card titled 'Hardcore Style' in your ring.

Diamond Dust
Trademark Finisher
F: 40
D: 35
ECW Logo

Can only be played after a successfully played 5D or greater maneuver or the card titled throw into the corner turnbuckle.
Can only be reversed by Unique reversal cards.

ACtion / Reversal: Special
F: 6
D: 0

As an action, search your arsenal for a non-unique maneuver, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, then shuffle this card into your arsenal.
As a reversal, reverse any non-trademark finisher card.


Lance Storm
SS: 8
SSV: 1
ECW Ability:  When you have lower fortitude, your cards are -# fortitude, where # is equal to half your opponent's fortitude (rounded down).

Managed by Dawn Marie
Prematch Manager
F; 0
D: 0
ECW Logo
Universally Unique

Cannot be Blanked.
At the end of the prematch phase, you may blank 1 card in your opponent's ring or backstage area.

Canadian Maple Leaf
Trademark Finisher / Reversal: Special
F: 30
D: 20
ECW Logo

As a maneuver, this card is -10F, and if your next card played is Maintain Hold, ignore the 'Can only be played...' text.
As a reversal, reverse any submission or any Unique maneuver.

Incredible Athleticism
Midmatch Action
F: 0
D: 0
ECW Logo
ACE Logo

During your turn, you may discard 2 cards:  You are considered to be lower fortitude until after you play your next card. If your next card played is a maneuver, it is -# fortitude, where # is equal to half your opponent's fortitude (rounded up).


Jerry Lynn  
SHS: 8
SSV: 3
ECW Ability: When you have 4 non-hybrid non-chain maneuvers of the same type with different card titles in play, your opponent must discard 3 cards to reverse a non-chain maneuver of that type from hand or backlash.  When you have a non-unique, non-multi strike, grapple, submission, and high risk in play, your opponent cannot reverse a maneuver from hand if a card with the same title is not already in your ring.

Minneapolis, MN
Prematch Venue  
F: 0
D: 0
Universally Active

Whenever you successfully play a maneuver, you may search your arsenal for a non-hybrid maneuver of a different type, reveal it to your opponent, and shuffle your arsenal.

Cradle Piledriver
Trademark Finisher
F: 20
D: 20
ECW Logo

if you have a strike, grapple, submission and high risk in your ring area, can only be reversed from your opponent's arsenal.
If you have 3 non-hybrid maneuvers of the same type with different titles in your ring, Cannot be reversed from your opponent's arsenal.

The New F'n Show (Reversal)
Reversal: Special
F: 0
D: 0
ECW Logo

When overturned, reverse any non-unique maneuver.  Your opponent may then discard his hand, if he does, remove this card from the game.
When this card is in your ringside pile, before your draw segment, shuffle this card into your deck and draw 1 card.
When this card is in your hand, before your draw segment, reveal it to your opponent, then shuffle this card and 2 cards from your ringside pile into your deck.


Mike Awesome
SHS: 7
SSV: 4
ECW Ability: When you successfully play a set-up card, you may replace the word(s) Strike, Grapple, Submission, or High Risk in the text with any other maneuver type (except Submission or Hold).  Your opponent cannot play the card titled Road to Victory in response to your set-up cards.  You may not play any card with the words "you win via pinfall victory"

Managed by Judge Jeff Jones
Prematch Manager
F: 0
D: 0
ECW Logo
ACE Logo

During your turn, you may skip your draw segment to search your arsenal for a set-up card.
Whenever you play a set-up card, draw 1 card.
If you do not attempt to play a maneuver after a successfully playing a set-up card, end your turn and discard 1 card.

Awesome Mullet
F: 15
D: 5
ECW logo

When this card is in your ring area, ignore the words "skip your draw segment to..." on your Managed by Judge Jeff Jones.
Shuffle 5 cards from your ringside into your arsenal or draw up to 5 cards.

Awesome Bomb!
Trademark Finisher / Action: Set-up
F: 30
D: 25
ECW logo

As a maneuver, when successfully played after a set-up card, draw 3 cards.
As an action, You may shuffle 1 card from your ringside pile into your deck, put this card on top of your deck, then draw 2 cards.  When played, you may not play an action card with 'Awesome' in the title for the rest of the turn.


Tommy Dreamer -  
SHS: 7
SSV: 3
ECW Ability:  Once per turn, when you play a non-foreign Object maneuver without 'reversed' in the text, you may also choose a foreign object card (except 'Everything and the Kitchen Sink') in your ringside pile and remove it from the game.  Add the removed card's Damage, stun value, and text to the played maneuver until the end of the turn.  You may not play Drawing a Blank.

Innovator of Violence
Prematch Event
ECW Logo

Cannot be blanked.
At the end of the prematch phase, Draw 3 cards or search your opponent's arsenal for 1 maneuver and put it under this card.  You may play cards under this card as if from hand, and when they are either reversed or successfully played and damage has been applied, remove them from the game.

Dreamer Driver (Trademark Finisher)
Trademark Finisher
F: 30
D: 20
ECW Logo

This card is +2D and -2F for each foreign object card removed from the game.

He's Hardcore! He's Hardcore! He's Hardcore!
Reversal; Special
F: 10
D: 0
ECW Logo

Can only be played after a successfully played maneuver.  Blank that maneuver's text and damage, and you may search your arsenal for up to 3 foreign object cards and put them into your ringside pile, and then end your opponent's turn.


Justin Credible -
SHS: 5
SSV: 3
ECW Ability: Once Per Game, you may remove your backlash deck and any midmatch and prematch cards in your ringside from the game, search your arsenal for the card titled Egomaniacal, and put it into your ring.
if you have less than 10 backlash cards removed from the game, Your cards titled Egomaniacal are permanent and cannot be blanked.  

Nicole Bass Interferes!
Reversal: Special: Run-in
F: 20
D: 10
Reverse any card.
If the card titled Egomaniacal is not in play, search your arsenal for a Maneuver or Action, reveal it to your opponent, then shuffle your arsenal.

That's Incredible!
Trademark Finisher
F: 30
D: 25
ECW Logo

Can only be reversed from hand or arsenal.
If the card titled Egomaniacal is in your ring, this card is +10F and +15D.

Accompanied by Jason (Prematch)
Prematch Manager
F: 0
D: 0
ECW Logo

Once during each of your turns, you may draw 1 card or your opponent discards 1 random card from his hand.
IF the card titled Egomaniacal is in play, this card is blank.


Shane Douglas
SHS: 9
SSV: 4
ECW Ability: You may play Prematch Feud cards during any prematch phase.
You may not pack non-superstar specific Unique prematch events or WCW cards.
Once per game, during your turn, you may draw cards equal to the number of prematch feud cards in your ring area.

The Franchise
Prematch Feud
ECW Logo

Your maneuvers are +1D for each other maneuver in your ring area.
Whenever your opponent plays a face, heel, fan favorite, cheater, Raw, or Smackdown card, he discards 1 card.
Whenever your opponent plays a WCW card, he discards 2 cards.
When your opponent has a card in his ring area with the Ric Flair Logo, his ability is blank.

Pittsburgh Plunge (Trademark Finisher)
Trademark Finisher
F: 35
D: 30
ECW logo

When this card is in your arsenal, it is considered to be non-unique.

Belly-to-Belly Suplex
Trademark Finisher / Reversal: Special
F: 30
D: 20
ECW logo

As a maneuver, this card is -10F and when successfully played, draw 3 cards.
As a reversal, reverse any grapple maneuver or any non-superstar specific card played after a set-up card.


Terry Funk -
SHS: 5
SSV: 4
ECW Ability:  You may not play non-superstar specific, non-fan favorite prematch events.
Your opponent's prematch capacity is reduced by 1 for every superstar specific card in your ring.  
Your opponent's midmatch capacity is reduced by 1 for every fan favorite card in your ring.
You may not pack non-superstar specific revolution cards.
You count as a Legend.

There is still Wrestling, spelled W-R-E-S-T-L-I-N-G out there.
Prematch Event
F: 0
D: 0
ECW Logo

All Players' maneuvers are -5D.  
All Players' maneuvers are +1D for each different maneuver type present in all ring areas combined.

Hardcore Deathmatch Veteran (+ Cactus Jack logo)
Prematch Event
F: 0
D: 0
Fan Favorite
ECW Logo

Once during each of your turns, you may draw 1 card, overturn 1 card and then discard 1 card for each foreign object in your ring.
If you have 6 foreign object maneuvers with different card titles in your ring, your opponent loses the game via pinfall.

Funk's Flaming Branding Iron
Midmatch Trademark Finisher + Strike: Foreign Object
F: 35
D: 35
Fan Favorite
ECW Logo

Can only be played if you have at least 35 cards in your ringside pile.
Can only be reversed by non-superstar specific reversal cards of D:1 or greater or by the card titled step aside.
When successfully played, your opponent cannot play non-reversal cards during his next 2 turns.

Support for ECW Alumni:

ECW Alumni
Backstage Area
ECW Logo

Can only be packed by Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero, Mankind, Dude Love, Mystery Wrestler, Rey Mysterio, Bam Bam Bigelow, or if you have a non-revolution, non-enforcer card in your backstage area with the ECW logo not titled House that Hardcore Built.  You may not pack non-superstar specific WCW, NWO or Revolution cards.
When you play a card with the ECW logo, you may draw 1 card, Put 1 card from your ringside pile on the bottom of your arsenal, and then discard 1 card.

-Cactus Jack-
Anti-Hardcore Promos
ECW Logo
Backstage Area

You may not pack any cards with 'hardcore' in the title. Your ability is blank.  Your starting hand size is +2, your superstar value is -2.  Your cards with 'Headlock' in the title are +2 Damage for each card with 'headlock' in the title in your ring.  Once during each of your turns, you may put 1 card with 'headlock' in the title from your ringside and put it into your hand.  
(RMS logo)

Anti-Hardcore Promos
ECW logo
Backstage Area
Your starting handsize is +6.
You may not pack any cards with 'hardcore' in the title or Foreign Objects.
Your action cards are +2F and +1D for each action card in your ring.
Your action cards are -2F for every card in your ring area with the word 'headlock' in the title.
If you end your turn without playing an action, your opponent may remove one action in your ring from the game.


Big Sal Interferes
Reversal: Card: Run-in
F: 15
D: 10
ECW Logo

Reverse any card and end your opponent's turn.

Rules Forum / Everything and the Kitchen sink + extreme rules match.
« on: April 26, 2011, 06:44:19 PM »
so if I were to play everything and the kitchen sink, and have extreme rules match in play, can I ignore the "can only be played..." text on cards chosen from the ringside pile?

kitchen sink says they're "considered played from your hand" but they're technically played from your ringside pile... 

Also, for kitchen sink, can I choose midmatch foreign objects in the ringside pile?  or does it have to be a card I can play from hand?

just need clarification.

Rules Forum / <r> previously unannounced match
« on: April 20, 2011, 08:54:49 PM »
so..  how does this card work when combined with cards that increase midmatch sizes?

example case:

I have 1 prematch card out + previously unannounced match. 
My opponent has multiple cards in his ring area that increase his midmatch capacity.

does my opponent get 2 midmatch slots + whatever modifiers he has, or does my opponent get only 2?

the wording is awkward since previously unannounced match says "maximum", so i'm not sure if it just restates what the base number is, or if it puts a cap on the midmatch slots.

Deck Reviews - Classic / Mystery Wrestler deck Concept. needs help.
« on: April 20, 2011, 06:50:18 PM »
So... here's what I got so far:

Mystery wrestler:

Shenanigans x2
All Applicable Enforcers
House that Hardcore built
Pulled Some strings to get my match.

Reveal Rikishi + Mankind to start.  11 SSV almost guarantees you start prematch.


Extreme Rules Match *
Premiere WWF Superstar TB*
Screeching Car Crash *
Foley Is Good *
Wrestlemania  *

*7 Free Spots.

That's about all you need.  Survival is the most important bit.


Sustained damage
Dirty Low Blow TB
You Don't Want to Go where I've been...
Three Faces of Foley
Graceful as a Cow on ice.
The Road to Victory
Restricted Use
Enforcer Interferes
Get off my program!
*3 free Spots.

Again, need help getting initial Fort.

So here's the plan so far: 

Start with rikishi + Mankind.  When you play Extreme Rules Match, bust out the ECW guys, and switch to the dudleys + Mankind.  8 HS, 10 SSV, Search before your first turn for a foreign Object. Switch to whoever + Mankind (I'm personally digging lance storm or Chris Benoit depending on the final deck and matchups).


Chain Lashing
Steel Chain Shot TB x3
Struck by a Kendo Stick TB x3
Drive Opponent Through Announcer's Table x3
Tree of Woe


Get Hardcore
I'm gonna Put you through the ring.


Oversell x3
Raw and ready x3
... Stuff.

*Completely open ended.*

Pretty much here's the idea to the deck:

Soak up as much damage as you can pre-wrestlemania as possible.  You're not necessarily looking to go for the kill (but if you can, awesome).  Shift enforcers as needed.

The basic idea is that you get to 8F and start whipping Drive opponent through announcer's table (made unreversible by Eddie enforcer) until your opponent keels over.

I'm gonna put you through the ring + tree of woe is cool too.  I learned that trick from a friend ;)

Aside from a couple holes in the deck, i think it's a solid design?  yay?  nay?

General Discussion: Raw Deal / general observations.
« on: March 21, 2011, 01:21:45 AM »
 So I came back to iowa and played in a small tourney they had.  As I've been out of the game since revo3, I wanted to throw out some general observations.

1.  Games have slowed to a least at the beginning.  I don't know if this is true across the board, but with the prematch being the size it is amd the backstage being the size it is, the opening start to the game is taking a lot longer than I remember.  Not necessarily the resolution segment (at least not for all decks), but while playing prematch, tryinng to anticipate your opponent, and trying to figure out the best option for the moment.

During the actual match, the back and forth action is nice, but I'm seeing a lot of synergy in playing either a lot of small but incredibly difficult to reverse manuevers, which can slow down the game, as not a lot of damage happens quickly.

2. Unique and superstar specific reversals are king.  With the large amount of general reversal hate I'm seeing (e.g. drawing a blank coupled with there is no escape).   I kept thinking "I need more unique reversals".   Is this intentional and does this give unfair advantages to superstars with a lot of specific reversals?
3. Are control decks dead or dying? Just a general questions as building andplaying control decks in this environment looks difficult.

Rules Forum / timing ... german suplex plus reversals...
« on: March 20, 2011, 05:02:14 PM »
Quck question...

Player a plays a 0f 4d grapple.

Player b reverses said grapple with a reversal from hand that does damage.

Player a responds by activating sustained damage (already in his ring).

Player b responds with a midmatch ACE reversal.

Question:  player b wants to play german suplex TB.  Does the text take effect?

What card caused the end of turn?   If it was the reversal from hand, the german's text still applies.  Otherwise, the midmatch reversal does not.

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / video game roms
« on: November 05, 2010, 01:18:46 AM »
where can i score some video game roms without screwing up my computer with a virus...?

Rants Forum / work, and people's perception of it.
« on: July 31, 2010, 12:02:44 AM »
sidenote:  wow, i haven't been on here in a while, let alone post something. 

i've turned into a workaholic.  I have always had an obsessive personality.  I go home every night reviewing what I did wrong that day, and what I could have done better.  It's never about what I did right that day and anything positive.  I've always focused on the negative.  Even when everyone around me says what a good job I did or how hard I work, I always feel that it's not enough. 

It hit me tonight as I was driving that I put myself against impossible standards.  Every day I walk into work and feel that I need another whole day to finish what I want to finish, even though the people around me (including my boss) are pefectly happy with the work I put in that day. 

There's a lot more that i could and probably should put into writing, but I'm gonna end it here.  I think if i keep going down the way i'm going, I think it's gonna burn me out before i'm even 30.

General Chat / Lower hudson vally, new york
« on: August 20, 2009, 09:08:04 PM »
So i'm looking at possibly moving out that direction next year for some time, pending an internship and job.  Anyone out there in the wide interwebs know about how i can get to scoring a place to live out there (or at least a floor to sleep on for a week or longer...)

peace y'all,

Deck Reviews - Legacy / Deck Idea: Ryu chases rats around a hidden base
« on: December 21, 2007, 11:08:24 PM »
okay, so this is a deck idea i'm throwing around for block 2.

Characters: (10)
4x .:::Ryu
4x Universal Fighter

Attacks: (12)

4x Seichu Nidan Tsuki 5/2 4M6 Multiple:2
4x Hyakki Go Tsui 4/3 2M3 Throw +2M
4x Shun Goku Satsu 4/2 2M4

Actions: (4)

4x Shotokan Style 0/4 +1L

Foundations: (34)

4x Awakening 2/5 +2M
4x Hidden Base 2/3 +1H Split 2/3 1M3
4x Rat Chaser 2/5 +0H
3x Mortal Strike 3/5 +2M
3x Tendon Strength 3/4 +3L
4x Roam the World 2/4
4x TYPFG 3/4 +2M
4x Constant Training 2/5 +2H
4x Dark Hado (Ryu) 2/5

Basic Premise of the Deck:

Use Hidden base during the opponent's draw segment to force them to draw off the bottom of their deck, then R with rat chaser to draw duble what they draw.  (since the draw is now coming from a card effect (hidden base), rat chaser can target it)

Keep drawing a ton of cards until you feel comfortabel with killing the opponent using Ryu's E combined with Dark Hado either a throw (Hyakki go tsui), multiples (Seichu) or Shun Goku Satsu.

You should be abel to survive pretty well with all the damage redux in the deck (stacking Ryu, or awakenings, or shotokan style) and there are alot of blocks in the deck too.

If you go second and drop both hidden base and rat chaser (and assuming your opponent played 3 cards)  you would draw 6 during their turn.  combined with your already 4 card hand, you have 10.  Next turn, they play some cards and you again draw off their turn.  keep doing that until you have like 20 cards in hand, then go for the kill.  shouldn't be too difficult to get 20 cards by 4th or 5th turn.  but this is all theory.

Secret Wars - Virtual CCG / Runaways...
« on: December 18, 2007, 11:57:44 PM »
not official, but for fun.  This is the Runaways team from where i am in the comics (somewhere near the end of vol. 2)

Jake, you need to pick up runaways.

All cards (excluding superpowers) have the Runaways logo.

Nico Minoru
S: 3
F: 3
E: 5 
I: 4

the Staff of One
Cost: 1
When you are packing this card, you must reveal this card as your starting superpower
When this card is in your battleground, you may only play 1 copy of any card into your battleground/
when your opponent plays an attack, If this card is in your discard pile, put it into your battleground.
Once during each of your turns, you may remove 1 card in your hand that shares a title with a card already in your battleground from the game:  Search your deck for 1 card that does not share a title with a card already in your battleground, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand and shuffle your deck.

Chase Stein

Technical Guru
Cost: 5
during your turn, you may discard 1 card to put any 1 object or Ally card from your discard pile into your hand

Old Lace
Attack: Fighting
C: 0
D: 10

Molly Hayes
S: 6
F: 2
E: 2
I: 1

Princess Powerful
Your Strength attacks are -3 cost.  Whenever you play a Strength attack, you must overturn 2 cards.

Victor Mancha
S: 2
F: 2
E: 7
I: 3

Son of Ultron
Cost: 7
Whenever you successfully play an energy attack, you may put 1 energy attack from your discard pile into your hand.
During your turn, you may discard 1 energy attack to put 2 non-attack cards from your discard pile on the bottom of your deck.

S: 4
F: 3
E: 4
I: 3

Super skrull in training
Cost: 9
When this card is revealed, search your deck for 1 superpower with the Mr. Fantastic logo, the Invisible Woman logo, the Human Torch logo, and The Thing Logos, and put them facedown underneath this card.
Once per turn, you may put a superpower from your battleground underneath this card and put a superpower from underneath this card into your battleground.
If this card is removed from your battleground, remove all cards underneath this card from the game.

Karolina Dean
S: 2
F: 3
E: 6
I: 3

Majesdanian Energy
Cost: 6
While this card is in your battleground, you may counter any attack played by your opponent by removing 2 energy attacks from your battleground from the game.

Try not to die
C: 6
D: 0
Both players shuffle their discard piles and hands into their decks, and remove the top 10 cards from the game.

General Discussion: UFS / playing all 3 symbols on a character...
« on: December 17, 2007, 11:50:53 PM »
so i was reading someone's deck (i htink it was a morrigan deck on STG's forums) that ran all 3 of it's symbols.

so i got to thinking, my favorite character is *twelve*, i love all 3 of it's symbol's and thought "why not build a deck with all 3 symbols in mind?" 

so i got to working on the deck and wanted to ask if anyone had any pointers or ideas or anythin about running all 3 symbols.

the symbols i was working on are [life] [earth] [water]

there are great cards that share 2 of the symbols (shinobi tradition, battle disc system, clones, awakening, etc.) so i think i can make it work.  wish me luck.

well, i'll post the deck after i build it.

Marvel Secret Wars Tournament Floor Rules

These ruls are current as of 12/21/07.  In response to play issues and to keep this document as current as possible, revisions may have been made since this copy was released.  Please check www.Teamcanadaonlin for the most up to date floor rules.  This document overrules all previously dated documents and other rules sheets.

If you see anything that needs clarification or more explanation, please be vocal about it.  I can't help you players understand the game if you guys don't tell me you're confused.  Creed, Daeva, i'm looking at you.

Table of Contents

1. Generic Tournament Rules and Game Setup

- 100 - General Tournament Rules
- 101 - Starting the Game
- 102 - Winning and Losing
- 103 - The Golden Rules

2. Cards

- 200 - General
- 201 - Parts of a Card
- 202 - Game Zones

3. Game Rules and Playing the Game.

- 300 - General
- 301 – The player’s turn
- 302 – Playing a card (Timing Breakdown)
- 303 – Ending the player’s Turn

More to be added soon.

1. Generic Tournament Rules and Game Setup

100. General Tournament Rules:


101. Starting the Game

101.1 At the Start of the game each player reveals their character card, their location card (if they choose to reveal one) and their event card (if they choose to reveal one) and simultaneously puts them into play intot their respective "Headquarters" zones.  Once both players have done so, each player may search their deck for one (1) superpower card and places it into their own respective battlegrounds.  Both players then must shuffle their decks so the cards are in a random order.  Then players may cut or shuffle their opponent's deck. 
-101.1.1 If you choose not to reveal a superpower, you are considered to have a Cost = 0 superpower in play when determining who takes the first turn.
- 101.1.2 After both players have put out their starting cards (event, location, superpower, and character cards) randomly determine who resolves all of their effects first (in the order of their choosing)

101.2 Both players draw 8 cards for their starting handsize.  And the player with the lower printed cost on their superpower begins the game. In the case of a tie, the first turn is decided RANDOMLY.

102. Winning and Losing

102.1 If a player ends their turn and their opponent has 0 cards left in deck, that player wins the game and the opponent is KO'd.

102.2 If time is called and neither player has won the game, the round is considered a draw and should be noted as such.

102.3 When a player loses the game, they are removed form the game and all cards owned by them are collected up and leave the game with the losing player.  If after a losing player leaves the game there is only one player left in the game, that player wins.

102.4  A player  may conced the game and leave at any time.  Any conceding player automatically loses the game.

103: The Golden Rules

103.1 When a card's text directly contradicts these rules, the card's text takes precedence.

103.2 When one effect says something can happen and another says that it can't, the "can't" effect wins.  IE if there is an effect that says "draw 1 card" and another effect that says "players can't draw cards" the "can't" effect will win out and the player won't be able to draw cards.  Can't effects will not retroactively negate other effects.


200. General

200.1 When a card refers to "this card" it means the card the text is printed on and not any other cards.

200.2 When text on a card grants a bonus to "any card" the effect is granted to only one single copy a card.

200.3 There are SEVEN (7) types of cards:  Characters, Superpowers, Events, Locations, Attacks, Headlines, & Counters.  As well as having different colored title bars, their types are stated directly under the card title.

201. Parts of a Card

201.1 The parts of a card are: Title, Type, Cost, Text, Damage.
- 201.1.1 Title: at the top of the card, the card's title is shown.
- 201.1.2 Type:  Underneath the card title, the card's type is printed.
- 201.1.3 Cost: This is the amount of attribute points that have to be used to play this card.
- 201.1.4 Text: Contains rules text or abilities.
- 201.1.5 Damage: Certain cards have a number above 0 in their bottom right hand corner.  This is the damage of the attakc, telling you how much damage the opponent will have to take if this card is successful.

202. Zones of Play

202.1 A zone of play is an area where cards can be during a game.  There are Three (3) play  zones that exist in Secret Wars:  The Battleground, the Attribute Pool, and the Headquarters.  There are Four (4) out of play zones: deck, hand, discard pile, and removed from game pile.

202.2 If any card would go to an out of play zone, it goes to its owner's zone.
- 202.2.1 the order of the cards in a deck cannot be changed unless an effect allows it.  Cards in other zones can be arranged however their controller wishes, although who controls those cards or any cards attached to those cards, must remain clear to both players.

202.3 Cards may become attached to other cards as the result of an effect.  If the card that the card is attached to goes to another zone, the attached card goes to an appropriate zone as specified by the removed card. If there is no specified zone to remove it to, it remains where it is, but will have no effect on the game.  Cards that attached themselves to another card are not considered in play (or in the zone that they are in).

202.4 Each deck must be kept in a facedown pile.  Players can't look at the contents of either players deck unless an effect allows it.  Either player may count the number of cards remaining in a deck at any time.

202.5 If an effect puts two or more cards on the top or bottom of a player's deck, that player may choose the order in which those cards are arranged.  This order is not revealed to other players unless specified.

202.6 At any time after a player searches any deck, the deck's owner shuffles their deck after the player is done searching through it, and offers their opponents to cut or shuffle if they so choose.

202.7  The hand is where a player holds cards that have been drawn but haven't been played.  There is no minimum or maximum handsize in Secret Wars.  A player may arrange his or her hand in any convenient fashion as much as he or she wishes.  A player can't look at the cards in another player's hand but may count those cards at any time.

202.8 Any card that is discarded or otherwise removed from game is put on top of its owner's discard pile.  the discard pile start out empty.  Each discard pile is kept in a single face-up pile.  A player can examine the cards in any discard pile at any time, but cannot change their order.  If an effect puts two or more cards into their discard pile at the same time, their owner may choose the order in which those cards go into the discard pile.   

202.9  Any cards in any Removed from Game (RFG) pile are kept face-up and can be examined by any player at any time.

3. Game Rules

300. General Rules

300.1 When a phase, step or turn ends, any effects scheduled to last until the end of that phase expire.

300.2 No game events (playing cards, activating card effects, etc.) may happen in between phases unless specifically noted.

301. The Player’s Turn

301.1 The active player’s turn is split into 2 distinct phases, the Recharge Phase and the Main Phase.

301.2 During the Recharge Phase is further split into two separate steps: the Recharge step and the Draw step.  The Recharge step happens before the draw step and during that step, the active player un-uses all of their used attribute points.  This signifies the end of the Recharge step.  During the draw step, the active player draws 1 card and proceeds to their Main Phase.

301.3 During the Main Phase of the turn, the active player may do any of the following actions:  use an ability printed on a card in their battleground, play a card from your hand, or use an immediate ability.  During the opponent’s turn, you may only play counter cards or use an immediate ability (but only when you are allowed to).
- 301.3.1 An Immediate ability is like any other card effect, except that it can be played on any turn.  There are specific moments in which you may activate immediate abilities.  Usually, the immediate ability is not a very powerful one, but can save you in a pinch.

301.4 A player’s may pass their turn at any time, and play goes to their opponent, who starts their turn.  Also the opponent may counter a card played by the active player to end their current turn.

302. Playing a card (Timing Breakdown)

302.1 When you play a card, reveal it to all players and choose a target or targets for the card (if any).

302.2 Determine the Cost of the card, including modifiers, looking at the effects of the card’s player first, then his opponent’s effects (multiplication / division first, then addition / subtraction).  You may not play a card if you cannot meet its Cost; unless a ‘when played’ effect can lower the cost.
- 302.2.1 Determine that you can meet any of the other requirements of the card.
- 302.2.2 If any of these steps cannot be satisfied, the played card returns to the owner’s hand and it does not count as being played.
- 302.2.3 Apply any ‘when played’ effects from the card’s controller, then apply any ‘when played’ effects from the opponent.

302.3 Apply any damage modifiers from sources that you control (multiplication / division first, then addition /subtraction)

302.4 Apply any damage modifiers from sources that the targeted opponent controls. (multiplication / division first, then addition / subtraction)

302.5 The Targeted opponent may play a counter card or generate a similar effect.  (If he plays a counter card, that card follows its own timing breakdown (see below)).
- 302.5.1 If you played a card that is a “Combo” card, your opponent may play or generate a second counter after the first counter has completed all effects and damage.
- 302.5.2 If the card is completely countered, the timing breakdown ends.

302.6 If the opponent didn’t or couldn’t produce a counter card or similar effect to completely counter the card, the card is now ‘Successfully Played’ and enters the appropriate zone of play  (if it is not specified, the card(s) go to your battleground). 

302.7 Effects you control (other than this card’s text taking place when played or when successfully played) that trigger on a Successfully Played card take place.  In the event of more than one effect, you choose which order they occur. You may also activate or play any immediate actions at this time.
- 302.7.1 Effects your opponent controls that trigger on a Successfully Played card take place after all of your effects have finished.  Your opponent chooses the order in which they resolve their effects.  Your opponent may also activate or play any immediate actions at this time.

302.8 Apply effects listed on the card at this time, unless these effects take place ‘when played’ or ‘when this card is in’ a specified area.

302.9 Damage is overturned one card at a time.  If any appropriate counters are overturned, the player taking the damage MAY choose to pay the cost of the counter overturned to counter the card doing damage.  If he/she cannot pay the cost of the card, the card cannot be used to counter the damage dealing card.  The overturned counter is not considered played, so it does not generate any effects from being ‘Successfully Played’ or ‘Played’.
-302.9.1 Effects generated from resolving an attack’s damage may be performed by the player of the original card, then after all their effects are resolved, the opponent may do the same.

303. Ending the player’s turn.

303.1 At any time during your turn (except when resolving cards or effects) you may pass your turn and play proceeds to your opponent.  If you pass your turn, you opponent may (before his turn starts) play any immediate cards or abilities he wishes (as long as he has the means to pay their cost).  Alternatively, the opponent may end the active player’s turn by completely countering a card played by the opponent.

Secret Wars - Virtual CCG / Great Lakes Champions cards...
« on: November 29, 2007, 09:33:41 PM »
not actually for use in games, these are fun cards i designed after reading some GLA comics.

Squirrel Girl
(Great Lakes Champions)
S: 2
F: 3
En: 1
Int: 2
Reputation: Famous 0

Wrath of the Squirrel
Cost: 9
Your non-unique attacks are +X damage, where X equals the number of cards in all discard piles combined.

Squirrel-tastic rampage! (unique)
Attack (no type)
Cost: 0
Damage: 10

Mr Immortal
(Great Lakes Champions logo)
F: 5
int: 3

The Immortal One
Cost: 7
If you are about to get KO'd, randomly remove 15 cards from your discard pile from the game, and shufle the rest into your deck.  If you shuffled in at least 1 card, end the current turn and resume the game.

Homo Supreme! (Unique)
Counter: card
Cost: 5
Dam: 0

I'm going to post some answers to questions i've been asked and have been asked on the board here.  if you have a question, ask it.  and we'll answer it and put it up here so there is one resource for all the answers.

I'll try to get an Actual rule document down sometime with timing breakdowns and such similar to the great rules documents put out for raw deal.  I'm gonna use most of that as the basis for it anyway.  Also a Tournament Floor Rules if Jake and I ever get to talk for more than 10 minutes.

Combo Cards:
- Combo cards are cards that need to be countered TWICE before being considered 'countered'.  Both Halves of a Combo card has to be countered (Example:  a Strength + Fighting Combo Attack has to be countered by both a Strength counter and a Fighting counter before it is considered completely countered)
- the Card You're Trying too Hard counters HALF of a combo card, and when playing the card, you must designate which half you are countering.
- Cards that specifically state they "Completely" counter a card does not need a second counter card played to counter a combo card.

Damage Modification:
- If a Card has no damage box printed on the card, then it does not gain any damage modifiers.  (Example: Battleword used in conjunction with secret wars gives all of your cards +1 damage.  This damage cannot apply to cards without damage boxes printed on them, like superpowers).

Deck Construction:
- Decks are made of 60 cards, which includes attacks, headlines, counters, objects and superpowers.
- Aside from your deck, you are allowed 3 cards: a Character card, an Event card (which allows you access to other events in your deck), and a Location card)
- You may pack ANY card (regardless of logos) into your deck, but if you cannot play a card legally, that card is considered blank and doesn't do anything. 
- Example:  You can pack Wolverine's Berserker Rage in your deck, but if you cannot meet the requirements to play it (such as being Wolverine or having the wolverine logo.  Or playing Hired hit before playing the card) then it is considered completely blank and doesn't do anything.

Overturning Counters:
- When you are taking damage and you overturn an applicable counter to a card, you may pay the cost of the counter to stop the damage and end the current turn.  Any other effects of the card (text, damage, etc.) are ignored.

Power Cosmic:
- Power Cosmic is a type of attribute given to those with cosmic powers (such as the Silver Surfer, and Galactus) and those given power cosmic (such as through the superpower: Herald of Galactus)
- Power Cosmic is used like any other Attribute (Fighting, Strength, Intellect, Energy) except that It can be used to pay for ANY Attribute (So 1 power cosmic = Either 1 Fighting, 1 Strength, 1 Energy or 1 Intellect)
- Characters with strictly power cosmic as their stat (e.g. Galactus and Silver Surfer) do NOT count as having a specific amount in any attribute (they do NOT count as having 2 or less strength for Survival Strength, for example).  Also, these characters are not considered to have a Strength attribute (nor an energy, fighting, or intellect for that matter).

Lowering Costs:
- Certain cards allow for cards to be played for a lower cost (Examples:  Daily Bugle, Larveria).  When you pay for a card and it can get it's cost lowered, you may choose any part of it's cost to be lowered (even if it is of a specific type).
- Example: If you have Latveria in play, and you go to play Colossal Pounding,  because Colossal Pounding has a "D" in the title, it is -1 cost from Latveria.  So you would only use 4 Strength attribute points to pay for the cost instead of 5.

Specific Cards:

- ERRATA: his power cosmic attribute is 12, not 15.

"I'm Human Again! Human!" - Secret Wars Superpower

-  You may start the game with this card as your starting power, but you may not place it into your opponent's battleground to start.  The rulebook currently states that when you would search your deck for a superpower at the beginning of the game, it goes into YOUR own battleground.  Until further notice, play it this way.

Silver Surfer
- ERRATA: his power cosmic attribute is 12, not 15.

Secret Wars - Virtual CCG / Suggestions / Comments Thread...
« on: November 14, 2007, 12:56:20 PM »
hey all, while you're looking through the cards or playing games, if any suggestions / comments about the game arises, please post them here so we can get a good look at them and consider them. 

i'll be deleting posts on this thread as things get resolved or start to get resolved as to keep the clutter to a minimum.

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