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General Discussion: Raw Deal / RD In Raleigh?
« on: February 19, 2019, 09:42:19 AM »
So my job is transferring me to Raleigh (probably April).

Is there anyone who plays Raw Deal in the Raleigh, NC area? 

Rules Forum / Gallows and Anderson question
« on: November 26, 2018, 08:53:33 AM »
Starting Hand Size: 6     Superstar Value: 3
Tag Team Superstar Ability: When your opponent plays a maneuver, you may overturn 5 cards and his maneuver loses any reversal restrictions from a card.
When you have fewer cards in hand and lower Fortitude, and your first card played on your turn is a maneuver, he can only play 1 reversal to it.
You cannot pack any Title Belts except the Tag Team Title Belts.

Can you activate the bolded even if the maneuver played does not have any reversal restrictions from a card? 

This was relevant at the time because the overturn 5 would have given me the 20 in Ringside to stuff the Maneuver of Doom, which had no card-based reversal restrictions.

Rules Forum / Lilian: Amazing Announcer Question
« on: April 17, 2018, 10:41:06 AM »
Lilian: Amazing Announcer
Action: Run-in
Name 1 non-Superstar-specific Maneuver card.
When this card is in your Ring area, no player can play the named card.
F: 8      D: 0

If I play Lillian and name Backslide, does it block Backslide from being played as a reversal as well?

Not sure if this has been answered, but a search came up empty.

Rules Forum / Voice of the Voiceless vs. Legendary Management
« on: February 07, 2018, 02:46:48 AM »
The Voice of the Voiceless     (CM Punk logo)
Pre-match Event
Cannot be blanked.  Your CM Punk-specific cards do not take up a Pre-match slot in your Ring.
Your opponent cannot Activate cards or play non-Superstar-specific reversals of D:3+ in response to your maneuvers with 'shoot' in the title.  When you successfully play a maneuver with 'shoot' in the title, draw 1 card.
When you have at least 5 lower Fortitude and your maneuver with 'shoot' in the title is unsuccessfully played, you may put I'm Straight-Edge from your Backlash into your Ring.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent

If I have VotV in my Ring and my opponent has Jimmy Hart/Legendary Management in his Ringside, can he use the effect of Jimmy Hart/Legendary Management from his Ringside in order to reverse a Shoot Headlock?  Or is that considered "activating a card" for VotV?

Managed by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart
Pre-match Manager
Can only be packed by a Legend Superstar.
When this card is in your Ring area, you may put this card into your Ringside pile to completely reverse any non-unique maneuver and end your opponent’s turn.
When this card is in your Ringside pile, you may remove this card from the game to reverse any non-unique maneuver and end your opponent’s turn.
 (Activated Card Effect Symbol)
Universally Unique
F: 0 D: 0

Rants Forum / Take that stethoscope...
« on: October 24, 2017, 07:12:55 AM »
OK, I have to get this off my chest (pun intended, you'll see why in a sec), and it's a little long-winded so sorry about that.

Some time ago now - 2-3 weeks maybe - I started coughing out of nowhere.  Dry cough, headache, normal cold stuff.  I self-treated it for a while with the usual over the counter crap, fought through the symptoms, and went on about my life.

It didn't get better. 

This past weekend, it got even worse - wet cough, more short of breath than usual.  Being a prototypical stupid male when it comes to my health, I ignored the symptoms (and my wife's urging) until Monday, including going to work in NYC. 

The commute home Monday may have been one of the 10 worst experiences of my life.  I legit thought I was going to die on that train, because I couldn't stop coughing or gasping for air.  By the time I got home, everything was closed but the hospital, but I once again tried to ignore it and sleep it off. (RPG rule 1 - sleep heals everything).  In retrospect, that was a really dumb decision, but I had felt better after a full night of sleep Sunday into Monday, so there was some (bad) logic here.

After getting precisely no sleep, enough was enough.  I went to a local urgent care facility because they have on-site X-ray machines, so I figured if they wanted to do a chest X-Ray, they could do it on the spot.

Show up, register, go through the pre-visit process, during which the intake nurse took a bit of extra time on my blood oxygen reading.  So I'm thinking something's wrong for sure, as she stood there and waited for the number to come up before leaving.  I explain to the attending doctor what the problem was (wet cough, trouble breathing), he puts the stethoscope to my lungs a couple of times, writes me an antibiotic prescription and gives me a cough suppressant, a statement of "you can go back to work tomorrow" and out the door. 

Tue through Thu I follow those instructions and actually get worse.  Thu was another day in which I was just beyond miserable by the afternoon.  So I get my family doc involved on Friday morning, and by that time you could have mistaken me for a zombie.  I couldn't walk more than a shamble or I'd start gasping for air, and all the coughing had caused me a headache that was just throbbing.  For accuracy, I brought in the prescription the urgent care doctor gave me since I could never remember the drug names.

Now I love my PCP for several reasons - 1) She's an independent practictioner, 2) She takes exactly 0 crap and gives 0 fucks about anything but treating her patients, 3) She's not afraid to reach a little bit out of the realm of PCP if it helps, and most importantly 4) She listens to her patients.  Hard to find all that in one doc these days.

She takes one listen to my story and says "you probably have pneumonia".  She follows up with some questions about the urgent care visit will examining me.  "What did the chest X-ray reveal at the urgent care facility?"  "What did they say when they looked into your throat?".  None of which they bothered to do, and every answer she gave me the same blank stare, like "what the eff was that doctor thinking?"  She looks at the prescriptions I had with me, and said "Yeah, this isn't going to help you, give them back to the pharmacy". 

Sure enough, the chest X-ray came back; I had pneumonia.

And it's amazing how quickly you feel incrementally better when you have the right medicine for the condition you actually have.

As I told QR a bit ago, I now have a really healthy distrust for urgent care in general - the two facilities in particular around me are 0 for 4 in correct diagnosis of my symptoms, and this last one almost literally killed me with the grand slam of laziness, ineptitude, failure to listen to your patients, and bad prescriptions, and he can, as the Rock would say, take that stethoscope, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it straight up his candy ass. 

I don't know if I want to proceed in any way against them - is it even worth my time to write a scathing online review or file a complaint?  I have a plan for them if they try to charge me anything, but it should be 100% covered at this point (I've hit my out of pocket max for the year). 

Rules Forum / Val's Towel and The Grind
« on: September 12, 2017, 07:38:24 AM »
Val's Towel
Backstage Area
When your opponent reverses your Val Venis-specific action, put up to 1 non-reversal maneuver from your Ringside into your hand.
When your opponent would remove any number of cards in your Ring or Ringside from the game, you may instead hide this card.

The Grind
When played after a successfully played card with either Stun Value or with 'diva' in the text, your opponent cannot play reversals to this card.
Shuffle this card into your Arsenal and he chooses one: he overturns 3 cards or he removes the top card of his Arsenal from the game.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique

If the opponent chooses to overturn 3 cards for The Grind and it is reversed on the overturn, does Val's Towel trigger?

Supershow Rules / Man from IT Gimmick
« on: August 27, 2017, 10:25:29 AM »
I am the Man From IT.

If the turn roll is a loss or bump and I roll Technique, do I look at the hand before or after the opponent draws?

Rules Forum / Because I Am The Miz vs. RMS Reversal
« on: July 29, 2017, 08:02:49 AM »
Because I'm The Miz…
Action + Action + Action
This card requires 3 reversals to completely reverse instead of 2, and ignore 'completely' on your opponent's reversal cards and effects.
Search your Arsenal for …And I'm AWESOME!!!!!, reveal it, then search for 1 card, put all cards searched for in your hand and shuffle.
Discard 1 less card for your Ability.
F: 11     D: 1     Unique     Multi     RMS logo

Does the RMS on the Miz prevent an RMS-granted Get the "F" Out from reversing this card completely?  For example, Frankie Takes Ho-llywood + Get the "F" Out

General Chat / General Marvel Questions
« on: May 08, 2017, 08:13:27 AM »
So, uh, I had some questions about the current MCU which don't necessarily have to do with Guardians specifically, so I figured I'd break out my own thread here.  Maybe some spoilers if you haven't seen the movies to this point, so spoiler space is below first.

1) The after-credits scene of Dr. Strange with Thor - when we last saw Thor, he was leaving Asgard to Odin (who was really Loki in disguise).  When Thor talks with Dr. Strange, he's looking for his father with Loki?  Do we know how that happened as yet, or are we supposed to be in the dark?

2) The Infinity Stones - where are they now?  Kind of a confirmation, but here goes.
-Tesseract aka Space Stone - Asgard vault.
-Mind Stone - Vision's head, on Earth
-Aether aka Reality Stone - Knowhere with The Collector (or maybe Thanos?  Per end-credtis scene from Thor: Dark World, it looks like The Collector is working with Thanos.)
-Power Stone - Xandar, NovaCorps possession
-Eye of Agamoto aka Time Stone - Earth, Kamar-taj Sanctum, Library
-Soul Stone - not yet appeared in the films

General Chat / Today
« on: May 06, 2017, 05:44:19 AM »
It's post-whore day!

Time to celebrate leveling up!  Commence the festivities!

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Shadowverse
« on: April 12, 2017, 05:12:49 AM »
Anyone playing Shadowverse?  I could use some friends on the friend list for the private match quests.

Rules Forum / <R> Powerful Resistance
« on: March 11, 2017, 01:22:58 PM »
Revolution Powerful Resistance
Pre-match: Event
Requirement: Revolution WWE's Powerhouses is in your Ring.
Your Pre-match Capacity is +1.
When your opponent plays a non-Superstar-specific maneuver and you have lower Fortitude, put this card into your Ringside: overturn cards equal to that maneuver's printed Damage, and it is reversed; when you are a Powerhouse: put up to 1 of the cards overturned for this effect on the bottom of your Arsenal.

When the Powerhouse player uses this ACE, does the other player's move go to Ringside or Ring?

Rules Forum / Point of Order (aka Santino Question)
« on: March 06, 2017, 12:42:38 PM »
Beware The COBRA!
Backstage Card
* This card is always considered revealed
Cannot be packed when packing cards with 'diva' in the text.
New Ability: "Once during each of your turns, you may overturn 3 cards and then put 1 card from your hand, 1 card from your Ringside, and 1 card removed from the game that is not a non-hybrid reversal on the bottom of your Arsenal; draw 1 card.
When you successfully play a Superstar-specific card, you may search your Arsenal and Ringside for COBRA!, reveal it, put it in your hand, and shuffle.
Replace "Antic" with "Unique card" in the text of your Superstar-specific cards."
Unique     RMS logo

On the bolded - is the order that I put back the cards specifically as listed, or can I do it the way I'd like to do? 


I have 3 cards in Arsenal and at least Divine in hand.  I use my ability (Overturn 3) and want to put Divine back in my deck from my hand.  Does the card from my hand always have to be the first card in the stack?  Or can I put my RFG'd card back to the bottom first, then the Divine from hand, then the Ringside card, so that I draw the RFG'd card with the conclusion of my SSA?

Rules Forum / Rev Regal and Frankie
« on: February 18, 2017, 10:28:13 PM »
<Revolution> WILLIAM REGAL
Starting Hand Size: 6     Superstar Value: 3
Superstar Ability:  When your opponent reverses your Strikes with "knee" in the title, Holds, or Assaults from his hand or Backlash, he discards 1 card and overturns 2 cards.
Your Revolution Knee Lift is now also "Reversal: Mid-match Card or Card that cannot be reversed".
You cannot pack Revolution 4ever: No Mercy.

How do Regal's Revolution Knee Lift cards interact, if at all, with Frankie Takes Ho-llywood?

Fantasy Cards / Hearthstone VALUE FIESTA!
« on: January 11, 2017, 01:12:52 PM »
We're Gonna Be Rich!
Can only be packed when you are packing It's Hard Being Original.  Your opponent cannot respond to this card.
Shuffle your Ringside pile and cards removed from the game into your Arsenal and end your turn.
F: 6   D: 0   Unique   Hearthstone logo

At Last, A Worthy Disciple
Can only be packed when packing It's Hard Being This Original.  Your opponent cannot respond to this card. 
Choose one: 1, 5, or 10.
Choose two: Shuffle # cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal, put # maneuvers from all Rings into their respective Ringside piles, remove # cards in your opponent's Ringside pile from the game, search your Arsenal for # maneuvers, draw # cards, or he discards # cards and draws half that many cards, where # is equal to the chosen number.
ACE: You may remove this card from the game and then perform the two chosen actions.
F: 4   D: 0   Unique   Hearthstone logo

Who Knows What Secrets We'll Discover?
When this card is in your Ring and you successfully play or Activate a Hearthstone card, you may perform the effect twice.
During your oppponent's turn, he may remove a D:4+ maneuver from his Ring from the game and then remove this card from the game.
F: 3   D: 0   Unique   Hearthstone logo

Embrace the Kabal
Can only be packed when packing It's Hard Being This Original.  Your opponent cannot respond to this card. 
Put this card in your Backstage Area.
When this card is in your Backstage Area, reduce the number of cards you would discard, remove from the game, remove from your Ring, or overturn to activate your Superstar Ability to 0. 
F: 5   D: 0   Unique   Hearthstone logo

Accidents - They Happen!
Cards played from under this card are considered played from hand (or Backlash).
Put any number of maneuvers from your hand and Backlash deck under this card.  When you play a maneuver from under this card, it is -1F and +1D
F: 2   D: 0   Permanent   RMS logo   Hearthstone logo

Your opponent's next non-RMS maneuver played does no damage.
When your opponent plays his next two maneuvers, shuffle # cards from your Ringside Pile into your Arsenal, where # is the maneuver's printed damage.
F: 3   D: 0   Unique   Hearthstone Logo

Rules Forum / Luke Harper Question
« on: November 14, 2016, 07:17:20 AM »
Luke Harper
Starting Hand Size: 7     Superstar Value: 1
Superstar Ability:  When you successfully play a non-Revolution maneuver with 'slam', 'bomb', 'clothesline', or 'lariat' in the title, you may Promo: 3 and then put up to 1 card from your Ringside on the bottom of your Arsenal.

If I have 2 cards left in my Arsenal and I hit a qualifying move with Luke, am I able to Promo with the two cards in my Arsenal even though it says "Promo:3"?

Magic: The Gathering Discussion / Magic Duels and New Players
« on: July 24, 2016, 05:58:20 AM »
So I've revived my Magic Duels account and I'm trying to get through the various quests that I've apparently missed.

My question is - once I'm through the Prequels, I'll have 2000+ gold to spend - what will give me the most bang for my buck?  Booster packs from a particular set?  Or something else?

Tournament Reports / Allentown July Tournament Report - Ladies' Night
« on: July 11, 2016, 05:57:05 AM »
So our monthly theme this time for the Allentown tournament was "Ladies night" meaning only Female Superstars allowed.

I had a pretty nasty X-Diva deck that I built that just removed all the cards from the game.  Dallas, nWo Poison, Volley Trait, and Superstar ability combined with Hello Ladies x a lot to survive the beatings and Edge on the Competition/DLB TB to get to the necessary 4F to sponge if needed.  My first impression on that was that if the meta was slanted heavily in the Diva move department, I would be able to crush decks, removing as many cards from the game as I would take damage for things like Mod Clutch.

But that was like the no-fun type of deck, and we're trying to have a more fun atmosphere at these Allentown tournaments.  I had two other decks, but one was Dynamic AJ Lee and CRASHER was running the OS Cage, so that tossed that deck out the window (though the side game I had was fun).  So that left me with one female option:  Molly Holly Chain.  This was a science experiment to see how useful Break You was (short answer: no) as well as test a Superstar I had been meaning to try out for a while. 

I think this could do very well in a real tournament where I would switch from FF to Cheater and from Step/Escape/Reach/Sell to Revo and toolbox cards, but planning for Diva moves I was Fan Favorite for Great To Be Back, and adjusted the deck accordingly.

Superstar distribution:
Molly Holly - me
Beth Phoenix x 2 - CRASHER and dilbert505
Nikki Bella TB - Mull (no TCO name)
Christy - RomeyTang
Sasha Banks - JarekMace4
Trish Stratus - king1050
Maryse - Omniuma06
Stacy Kiebler - Ray (no known TCO name)

Round 1:
Mull (Nikki TB)
Unfortunately Mull had to be DQ'd.  He had switched Nikki at the last minute from Heel to BASH, and he forgot to take Unscrup and Volley this out.  I let the Unscrup go, since it was still in the pre (I Want to Play The Game is t3h r0xxor for Molly), but the Volley This's were too much.  We fixed his deck and played a fun side game with AJ Lee vs. Nikki, where random is the name of the game and AJ falls down at the altar of McMahon-ism, but that was cut short by round 2.


Round 2:
Crasher (Beth Phoenix)
Crasher got out of the gate strong, but he exhausted his hand trying to keep me off the board.  I eventually punched through, but he had a Shoot on the board.  Molly's Face Stretch helped to reduce his hand even further, and I continued to chip away being careful not to run into Shoot Counter.  After all the Skirts were played and he had no hand left, he overturned Divine on his last card, and knowing I didn't have anything left to throw at him (and knowing he likely had a Trevor Murdoch or that Beth move that flies in from Ringside) and knowing he had a Shoot in ring when I had less than 6 cards in ring, I took the CO. 


Round 3:
Omniuma06 (Maryse)
Maryse cycles like a woman posessed - she basically got all the good cards she needed in her had by just constantly ability-ing.  But Maryse was also Hard Being Original, which meant one Once from hand, one Sloppy, and one of a couple of other cards that were relevant to my interests.  Maryse started quick - she jumped on me with the WIcked Slap and the TKO Kick as reversals - but I battled back slowly with Holly Family Values, Bald Is Beautiful, Calvary, and moves in general.  It also helped that his Blindside Tornado Strike got stuck on Hitting the G Spot, so he couldn't reset his reversals.  After the Skirt hit the table, Settle Down, Son wiped his hand out, and then he got Molly's Face Stretched to death.


Round 4:
Ray (Stacy Kiebler)
He gave me the win, basically locking us into a duel for top 2.


Ray (Stacy Kiebler)
He knew Break You was in the Pre (we had talked deck strategy pre-event) so he played around it.  I made the stupid mistake of reversing the Flawless/Quick Snap because I wanted to keep my Backlash deck intact (he was Cena enforcer), and he just ran me after that.


Congrats to Ray, first tournament back after a long hiatus and he rolled face.

My experiments proved that:
1) While Break You in Molly is "the dream", I'm not sure how real the dream is.  2 BASH decks, 2 Undisputed Title TB decks.  It just wasn't meant to be today.  BUT...
2) ...Fans Love an Underdog TB was the real-real.  Used it twice, and probably would have used it a third time if Ray knew that his Undisputed Title wiped out my Break You (he was playing around it in the Pre). 
3) All four games, I chose to dump Bald into my Ring for Hair Razing, and it was only a debate once, against Beth and her cavalcade of Multis (I still maintain I made the better choice by dumping Bald in).  The ability to swap into a useful ability is so huge - all three came in use today.
4) We have a lot of guys that are willing to go out on a limb and try something new and see how it goes, which is great.  HBO Maryse, Smackdown Trish, 2 Beth Phoenix's - in a tournament where I expected to play 4 rounds and see 12 Mod Clutches, I think it was closer to 3, which is awesome.  People thinking outside the box is always good for these kinds of fun tournaments.
5) Props to king1050 for his monthly contrubition to the local Raw Deal community - it is much appreciated.

Our next tournament will be announced by king1050, but the format will be Virtual NXT.  Hope to see everyone there.

Sports Discussion / Muhammad Ali dead at 74
« on: June 03, 2016, 10:33:28 PM »
Sad news from the boxing world.  RIP Ali.  I'm a bit too young to remember him, but the NFL network (of all places) is doing a lot of talk on him now.

Hero Of the Day / HotD: Jose Rodriguez
« on: May 24, 2016, 07:14:46 AM »
Sometimes it's the little things, and what you do when the chips are down that counts.

Jose Rodriguez evacuated 20 kids from his school bus before the engine fire consumed the bus whole.  No one was even hurt in the incident.

Pat on the back for a normal guy who just saved 20 lives and positively affected a bunch more.

Does either S.H.I.E.L.D. or We're Here interact with or prevent In The Interest of Fairness TB from performing its card text?  Or is the time in which Fairness goes off after the protection from S.H.I.E.L.D./We're Here has been lifted?

In The Interest Of Fairness
Pre-match Event
After all players' Pre-match phases, before the first turn of the game, all players reveal their hands. If you have fewer Reversal cards in your hand than your opponent has in his hand, he shuffles 2 Reversal cards from his hand into his Arsenal and you put 1 card from your hand on the bottom of your Arsenal.
Cheater Logo
F: 0      D: 0

Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta     (+Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns logos)
Pre-match Event
Can be played during any Pre-match phase.  Cannot be blanked.  Your cards with 'break you', 'interest', or 'switcheroo' in the title are blank.
Your opponent cannot move your non-Stipulation Pre-match cards from your Ring, prevent them from being played, or blank them (except with cards with 'shenanigans' in the title).  Until the first turn of the game, ignore his Pre-match card effects that would move cards from your hand.
When you play non-Cheater maneuvers with 'blindside' in the title as a Counter, you may ignore the 'When played from Ringside...' text.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent

We're Here     (+Harper, Rowan, Wyatt Family logo)
Pre-match Event
Can be played during any Pre-match phase. Cannot be blanked.  Your cards with 'break you', 'interest', or 'switcheroo' in the title are blank.
Until the first turn of the game, your opponent's non-Superstar-specific Pre-match effects cannot blank your non-Stipulation cards, discard cards from your hand or Backlash, move cards from your Ring, reduce your Starting Hand Size, or prevent you from playing Pre-match cards.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent

Rules Forum / On This Day question
« on: May 22, 2016, 07:36:12 PM »
On This Day, I See Clearly
Pre-match Event
Your opponent cannot prevent you from playing this card.
Your Unique cards are also titled Roll Out of the Ring and Big Slide in the Ring for your Edge-specific card effects.  Your non-Smackdown Edge-specific Actions are F: 0 and Permanent.
ACE: When your Edge-specific card is unsuccessful, choose either 2 non-reversal cards or up to 1 card in your Ringside and shuffle it into your Arsenal; when that card was a non-Smackdown action, you may put it into your Ring and then discard 1 card.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     RMS logo

The bolded words "that card".  Does that refer to the unsuccessful Edge-specific card or one of the card(s) chosen to be shuffled into your Arsenal? 

General Chat / Aren't I Leveled Up Enough?
« on: May 06, 2016, 07:18:16 AM »
Seriously, 27 was a good year, I'd go back to that in a heartbeat.

Ah well, commence the +1-athon!

Rules Forum / Rhyno Question
« on: May 03, 2016, 08:38:40 AM »
Rhyno's Extreme Intensity
Pre-match Storyline
Cannot be blanked.
Cannot be played when Extreme Warfare is in your Ring; you cannot put that card into your Ring.
ACE: Once during each of your turns, you may discard # cards, where # is the number of D: 2+ cards in your Ring +2; and then your opponent reveals his hand, choose 1 card, and he discards the chosen card.  This effect cannot be reversed.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     ECW logo

Raw Roulette Wheel - Throwback
Pre-match Stipulation
Your Pre-match Capacity is +1.
Reveal up to 3 different Stipulations (except Hell in a Cell Match) from your Backlash, immediately play 1 of them face-up on top of this card and put the rest under this card.  The card on top of this card is considered to be in your Ring.
ACE:  Once during each of your turns, you may discard 1 card and then put any Stipulation on top of this card under this card and put 1 random Stipulation from under this card on top of this card.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     RMS logo

If I play Extreme Rules on top of the Wheel and put Warfare under the Wheel (no other Stip) and play Intensity in the pre.  During the game, can I then spin the wheel and put Warfare on the Wheel and get the effects of both, or does the italicized text on wheel block me from ever putting Warfare on top of it?

Rules Forum / Timing Question
« on: April 12, 2016, 06:13:11 AM »
When does a reversed card hit the Ringside pile (or its intended target in the case of Banned OG/TB or similar redirect effects)?

Example A: If I'm Shelton and I play a Hip Toss and my opponent reverses it with Elbow to the Face, does it hit the Ringside in time for me to use the SSA to recover it?

Shelton Benjamin
Starting Hand Size: 7
Superstar Value: 3
Superstar Ability:
When your opponent reverses a card, you may shuffle 1 card from your Ringside pile into your Arsenal. When you successfully play a maneuver, search the top 5 cards of your opponent's Arsenal for 1 card, remove it from the game, and put the rest back on the top or bottom of his Arsenal in random order. You may pack the card titled It's All About the Benjamins. 

Hip Toss
F: 0   D: 3

Elbow to the Face
Reversal: Special
May reverse any maneuver that does 7D or less. End your opponent's turn.
F: 0   D: 2

Example B: If I'm Shelton and I play a Hip Toss and my opponent reverses it with Elbow to the Face and I have Banned OG in Ring, does it hit the Arsenal before or after my Superstar Ability?

Banned from Ringside (A) (RUMBLE PACK FOIL)
Pre-match Event
Your opponent's Starting Hand Size is -1.
When this card is in your Ring area, when your opponent reverses an Action or Maneuver from his hand, you may put the reversed card on the bottom of your Arsenal instead of in your Ringside pile.
SmackDown! logo
F: 0      D: 0

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