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Lackey Tournaments / TCO Lackey Tournament #12!
« on: January 04, 2018, 07:11:23 AM » shall we give this another spin???

I liked Drywall's suggestion of limiting this pool to the new VHS and a random virtual choice from each of the other sets as well and then randomly assigning superstars to people from that list (the "dice roll" feature in lackey is totally my best friend :) ) before we start up, is that format cool with everyone? And who's interested....all I ask is if you say you will....PLEASE give it your best and true efforts to get your game in within the 10-day period (I'm going to try to give two weekends per round to give people their best chance to get their games in), so let's see how many are in before I need to create the deck be ye in or nay?

Signed up:
niiiiiiicccccckkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
(crap I forget Lou's TCO name, so Lou!)

This tournament will be ran with the official TCO Discord server(, results are to be posted in the "lackey-tournament" channel, pairings will still be kept on TCO and also pinned to the tournament channel in Discord.

Round 1:
imc vs Drywall
Lou vs tutoman
Brian vs lotjx
Me vs rumpel
skudz vs niiiiicccckkkkkkk
Helda vs matthardynotdie
Mitch def. riothebeast
Shelan (count out) def. John P
Dilbert vs Jokerfish

Round 2:
Brian vs tutoman
Me vs Drywall
Heldacarite vs Jokerfish
Mitch vs Shelan
Lawnmower Man vs niiiiccccckkkkk
imc2002 vs lotjx
Lou vs Rumpel
skudz vs matthardynotdie
John P vs RIOthebeast
Dilbert the bye

Round 3:
Round 3:
Mitch vs tutoman
niiiicccckkkkkk vs lotjx
Brian vs Jokerfish
me vs Lawnmower Man
Dilbert vs Matthardynotdie
skuds vs rumpel
Shelan vs Dizzy
Helda vs. Drywall
Lou vs John

Round 4:
Mitch vs niiiiccccckkkkkk
Brian vs Drywall
Helda vs tutoman
Lawnmower Man vs matthardynotdie
Lou vs lotjx
me vs Joker
Dilbert vs Shelan
skudz vs Dizzy
John P vs Rumpel

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Why NOT Gen Con???
« on: December 28, 2017, 06:20:23 AM »
I don't mean this to be a slam on the Funk-Con tournament and the other ones in the area (as I've said elsewhere, I'd LOVE to have a big once a year event in NJ aside of these other cool Raw Deal events).....but it seems to me there's a lot more buzz and excitement for this con "West of Chicago" then there is for the annual trip to Indianapolis......a nd I'm just wondering "what makes that event more interesting or appealing to the people that are thinking of going to this and not Gen Con six weeks later??? This isn't intended as a flame war of this event vs Indy (I'm planning/hoping on both)....but I am curious into the decision process on both for people, and if there's something we can do to make Gen Con more appealing for people to come and join us at!

Lackey Tournaments / TCO Lackey tournament #11
« on: September 06, 2017, 09:09:08 AM »
Well now with Gen Con out of the way and a whole new....well....HALF play with and people getting al antsy to try out the new guys, perhaps it's time to run the next event?

I don't mind running it, it's not that hard

I'd also like to suggest, like we did for v7's release, perhaps a random draw of superstar for everyone (providing the entrants don't get more than the guys we have available, but I don't think it will), we'll need to enforce the "move the games along" rules better, but that can be who's in?? :)

Confirmed list:
1. me
2. dilbert
3. niiiiccccccckkkk
4. imc2002
5. jokerfish
6. mitch
7. Brian
8. MPT
9. Drywall
10. Stand BACK....there's a HURRICANE playing Raw Deal!
11. Shelan
12. Kevin (king1050) LawnMowerMan
13. Crazyfrogsy
14. Ekhari
15. Therien
16. Rumpelstiltskin
17. tutoman
18. matthardynotdie

v8 folk:
1. British Bulldog
2. bWo
3. Dusty Rhodes
4. Arn Anderson
5. Fandango
6. Hart Dynasty
7. Ken Shamrock
8. Nation of Domination
9. Summer Rae
10. Terry Funk
11. Tensai
12. The Charismatic Enigma (Jeff Hardy remake)
13. The Lionheart (Jericho premake)
14. Team X-Treme TB
15. The Brood
16. Val Venis
17. Kevin Owens
18. Rusev
19. Big E
20. Stardust
21. Xavier Woods
22. The New Day

In case Lackey is being a female dog, this is a Discord server made for TCO:

Round 1: (to be finished by Sept 25)
tutoman (Summer Rae)   pins ekhari (Dusty Rhodes)
dilbert   (Arn Anderson)  pins  KevinLawnmower Man (Terry Funk)
Drywall  (bWo)           wins via forefeit   therien (The Brood)
Me  (Rusev)             wins via forefeit   imc2002 (Kevin Owens)
jokerfish  (The New Day)    wins via forefeit      crazyfrogsy (Tensai)     
mitch (Stardust)   pins     MPT (Xavier Woods)
Brian (Val Venis)   pins   Shelan (Fandango)

rumpelstikin     (The Lionheart)      pins  Hurricane (Big E)
matthardynotdie (Team X-Treme TB)    pins     niiicckkkkkk     (British Bulldog)

Round 2
tutoman (Summer Rae)      pins matthardynotdie (Team-X tb)
dilbert (Arn)         pins Jokerfish (the New Day)
Drywall (bwo)         vs Rumpelstikin  (the Lionheart)
Brian (Val Venis)         pins Me (Rusev)
Mitch (Stardust)      pins Ekhari (Dusty)
crazyfrogsy (Tensai)      vs imc2002 (KO)
therien (the Brood)   wins   niiiiccckkkkkk (Bulldog)
Hurricane (Big E)      pins Lawnmower-Kevin (Terry Funk)
Shelan (FanDANgo)      wins MPT (Xavier Woods)

Round 3
tutoman (Summer Rae)   def. Brian (Val Venis)
Mitch (Stardust)         def. dilbert (Arn)
Rumpelstikin  (the Lionheart)        def.  matthardynotdie (Team-X tb)
Drywall (bwo)         def. Jokerfish (the New Day)
me (Rusev)                    def.  therien (the Brood) -- DROP
Shelan (FanDANgo)      def.  Hurricane (Big E) -- DROP
Ekhari (Dusty)            def. niiiiccckkkkkk (Bulldog) -- DROP
MPT (Xavier Woods)      double CO Lawnmower-Kevin (Terry Funk)

Round 4
Mitch (Startdust)    vs. tutoman (Summer Rae)
dilbert (Arn)      vs. matthardynotdie (Team-X tb)
Drywall (bWo)      vs. Shelan (fanDANgo)
Me (Rusev)      vs. rumpel (the Lionheart)
Brian (Val Venis)   vs. Ekhari (Dusty)
jokerfish (the New Day)   vs. LawnmowerMan (Terry Funk)
MPT gets the bye

Top 4:
Brian (Val Venis) Vs  Mitch (Stardust)   
tutoman (Summer Rae) Vs dilbert (Arn)   

tutoman (Summer Rae) Vs  Mitch (Stardust)   

Winner: Mitch!

Supershow Rules / Young Bucks + Ring of Fire Stip
« on: August 27, 2017, 11:08:11 AM »
so, if I am the Young Bucks....and I flip cards....and trigger my gimmick....which triggers ring of fire.....which triggers my gimmick..... see the issue here?

Does this cause an infinite loop or does this end after one sequence?

Say I play Superkick....I flip two, I scoop one, I trigger ring of fire....I scoop one more, does it stop there or am I dumping my deck into my ringside in an infinite loop?

Supershow Rules / Sage's gimmick
« on: July 06, 2017, 08:24:19 AM »
(I know this post won't survive the rollover but that's ok)

If Sage rolls Power and has less then 3 cards in her deck, can she still do her gimmick?? It came up over the weekend, and I let the 8 year old have her way with the gimmick....but wanted to be sure that was the legal play.....

Lackey Tournaments / TCO Lackey Tournament #10???
« on: April 18, 2017, 08:37:50 AM » what the hell is going on with this??? If we lost John to a Pokemon coma or something....I'll gladly run it....who's interested??

We had this question pop up over the weekend, if my opponent has the WWE Women's Title out and I choose to overturn 2 instead of discarding, would an effect like Carlito, D-Bag etc reverse that effect?? I'm curious on the answer here....

About 3 or 4 months ago when I was showing my GF Supershow one of her kids got out of bed like she does every night and came into the living room and normally we just yell GO TO BED and they go back.....this time one of the twins saw what we were doing and asked about it (guess it coulda been worse :p ) we made her a deal....go back to bed and next time I'll bring the game and we'll let you guys play too....turns out they LOVED IT and insist I bring it every time I go there (playing it between commercials during the Flash on Tuesday was an exercise in hilarity  :laugh: ) ....sooo anyway....I forget how they noticed, maybe I was building a playtest deck...or just looking through some cards ....and of course....nosey kids are nosey....and now they're clamoring to try "this other wrestling game"...oh boy.....I know better than to venture into Classic Raw Deal and certainly NOT AA, it would take them a DAY to read all the backstage cards alone...... I'm thinking Revolution (and I'm also waving the aggression rule, I am not sitting through eight year old rage because she drew a bad hand :p ) .....and I'm trying to think of some SUPER-SIMPLE decks (yes Brian I'm glaring at YOU with that one) get them into the game and give them a taste of what this game is like.....the few guys I am thinking of now:
the Shield
Kurt Angle

(notice all of these guys have basic abilites, a simple mechanic and will let them SPAM moves till it hurts)..... any other suggestions you guys can think of??

I may also limit the mid-match cards to bring them along slower too....which would wipe Angle from the conversation too.....

Rules Forum / There is No Escape vs Halloween Havoc
« on: October 27, 2016, 09:58:51 AM »
Ran into a little bit of confusion this morning, I play No Escape and then Attempt to use the effect of Halloween Havoc to play a non-unique 3D strike flipping the top card of my arsenal, is this a legal play, or does No Escape's restriction of "unique moves only" block this? I can see either one being the case, since you're not actually playing one, just doing a card effect considered to be said maneuver.....

Tournament Announcements / Feb 21, Roselle Park Tournament: MAMI Format
« on: February 08, 2016, 05:51:18 PM »
I was gonna post this over the weekend....oops!!! Well here we go anyway, I usually like to run these in January and August, but we wanted to kick the tires on the nXt format, so a month behind is fine know the deal by now....we have 13 decks from Mike's collection put on the side from his pick play it...and you wait for me to draw Too Cool and lose my mind :p

Anyway, it's a fun event and always a challenge to climb into someone else's Raw Deal Brain.....

Start Time: Probably 5pm-ish....depends on my hockey schedule that day (and not like people aren't coming for Fastlane anyway)

160 W. Westfield Ave, Apt A-1
Roselle Park, NJ

Looking forward to it!

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Gen Con, 3rd Annual MAMI event
« on: January 27, 2016, 03:39:12 PM »
Since it's at that time of year when we need to lock down times and events with the folks at Indy for events and a bit of a disappointing turnout for last year's Mike Anstett Memorial Invitational, I figured I'd ask the people going about it....I don't mind bringing the decks and having everything all set up for it....I just wanna be sure we have people actually coming out to play in it so two simple question:

1. If you attend Gen Con this year, would you be interested in playing in it this year?

2. If so, do you have a day you'd prefer? Thursday Night? Friday Night? Sunday after everything is done?

I do love and enjoy the event, but I want to make sure there's a demand for it within the Raw Deal Community still

Maybe down the road we can run a lackey event with said decks too if people are interested (it's been a thought in the back of my head since John started doing Lackey Events)....but this is more about focusing on running this again at Gen Con....please let me know ASAP if you're coming and would like to be involved since we need to reserve the space and time with the Gen Con folks soon (and by soon I mean tomorrow)

Tournament Reports / Roselle Park, Jan 17th nXt Format Results!
« on: January 18, 2016, 09:31:30 AM »
So we finally kicked the tires on the new nXt Format....and FINISHED AN EVENT IN ONE DAY (that's a record, the format certainly helped, pre-match was infinitely quicker)...when I have more time later I'll add some thoughts on comments on the format itself, but here's who was there and who they played:

Scott Mackie: Shield, 4-0
Lou Yontef: b2B Warrior, 1-3
Steve Laflamme: Sable, 2-2
Brian Paolercio:  Big Bossman,
John Ramos: JBL, 2-2

Round 1:
Scott (Shield) vs Laflamme (Sable)
Jesus Sable/Rock is a BEAST to kill (even with only 50 cards), Sable crawls to 10 and then starts spamming Cold Cocked (make your own jokes here), to keep you in volley lock and keep
you throwing moves from hand, than sponges them and puts the reversal right back to the bottom….game basically goes, Shield reverses Volley card, she gets two other volley moves back,
Sable sponges move on overturn, saves 2 reversals (a once is enough and a skirt) for the triple power bomb then gets the 3rd reversal on ONE..but eventually falls to of all things a WhirlWind
Kick with only one card left in deck and no reversals in hand….Sable put up a bigger fight than the Seahawks had to this point….heh
Winner: the Shield

Lou vs Ramos
An upset!!! I fully expected JBL with 12 cards + 2 for the limo and using dynamically inclined to get his hand set and rolling along to steamroll Warriors multis, the punch of course goes
through, it gets stopped on overturn. Lou crawls to 9, gets the self-destruction out and just guys JBL's ring and pulls out the HUGE upset!
Winner: Warrior

Round 2:
Scott vs Lou
Shield gets a little bit of a slow start and doesn't get all the reversals in hand (rare for the Shield), but the Shield does get the reversals finally, slowing Lou down with the vests in play
and just inches and pounds some blindsides through till Warrior runs out of reversals….Warrior flips break the hold on the last card and just to end the misery I took the count-out
Winner: the Shield

Ramos vs Brian
I was a bit preoccupied with the football and a bit of hockey stuffs for this week with Lou and didn't see this one, but DaB JBL is pretty damn good.....
Winner: JBL

Round 3:
Scott vs Ramos
Pump Kick goes through, but used Hounds of Justice to see his hand to see an 8D Full Nelson Slam TB would go through, used the 8F to throw some Vickie Protected Moves and Blindsides
while drawing tons of red to deny him fort after the Pump Kick, Seth's Enzigurl and Revo of the Mind officially end the game for him
Winner: the Shield

Brian vs Laflamme
Sable got a bad hand and damn Bossman beat her like he was Marc Mero…good God….Steve usually makes these decks good, but it just never got out of the blocks here….
Winner: the Big Bossman

Round 4:
Scott vs Brian
Brian gets the first handcuffed/panic off, but after that the Shield does what they do….reverse, ability, discard blindsides and then throw them, with the draw effect off the reversals,
the fort to play blindsides and Brian's hand not being able to keep up with mine I just outlasted and beat him down with countered-blindsides, Brian did goof and didn't reach/grasp the
Blindside Slam but I don't think it mattered at that point
Winner: the Shield

Laflamme vs Lou
Lou just had some bad deck luck in this game, Frankie Ho made his multi reversals useful, and switching between DMI and Rock to control his hand and ringside, plus the 8 card discard
(ouch) for the men who came to see me and Lou just never got out of the box, shoot promo got double-skirted and his own Old School Wrestling Match (TB) finished him
Winner: Sable

Round 5:
Brian vs Lou:
Warrior gets his starting F on the punch, but then Bossman's ability to un-multi and scoop moves from ringside was just too much, Lou used the undermine to try to come back, but Bossman just threw the same moves again that Lou removed and Law and Order prevailed!
Winner: the Big Bossman

Funny side comment was Lou a bit annoyed sniping about the fact that in "the real wrestling world" Warrior used to beat Bossman in 90 seconds....guess that Sable loss annoyed him too  8)

Laflamme vs Ramos:
Didn't see much of this, but I'm sure JBL's superior hand and searching powers served him well against a Sable deck that needs some tweaking (I didn't like most of the 6 specifics he packed in her,
but that's a debate for another day)
Winner: JBL

All in all a good day, solid turnout and a thumbs up to the nXt experience (though I do miss the signing appearance and the backstage auto session for hand cycling and the like, but I'm getting out of that habit the more I play the format)

...looking forward to the next one, though we might do a MAMI event since we didn't run it this month (I like doing one in January and one in August when possible for some obvious reasons)...we
shall discuss!!!

Rules Forum / Cobb County, GA + Handcuffed vs Undermine
« on: January 17, 2016, 02:12:47 PM »
Quick question here:

Brian is Bossman with 2 Handcuffed's in his ring
Lou Undermines a German Suplex TB him to drop him to 4F

the handcuff'ed read as D0 in his ring, but give Bossman an extra 6F, does Brian have to remove them to fulfill the effects of undermine?

Tournament Announcements / Roselle Park, Jan 17.... nXt Format!!!!
« on: January 03, 2016, 12:20:28 PM »
The future is NOW....and the future is HERE....time to kick the tires on the newest format in Raw Deal..... nXt!!! So shrink those backlash decks and find your old Raw and Smackdown tins, since your decks will fit again!!!!

Date: Jan 17
Time: TBA, but usually runs day long (since we usually have 6 or less and we like Round Robin format for that many people)
Prizes: If I get off my lazy butt and order them
Location: ....same as always.... 160 W. Westfield Ave, Apt A-1, Roselle Park, NJ
Hope to see people there!

Tournament Reports / Roselle Park Dec 20 (delayed) tourney results
« on: December 27, 2015, 04:35:48 PM »
Due to Brian and Lou having like an epic 2.5 hour game last week (it went almost through all the 4pm football games :o ), so we finished it up today and here's the results....other people can add in their own accounting if they wish but I took some notes as I played my games, so here's the results:

Me (Roman Reigns) 1-3
Brian (Nikolai) 0-4
Round 1 vs Lou (People's Champ)
Brahma Bull just OWNS the opening BASH moves and even my low end volley ones....I didn't even bother to play Quick BASHing (why make more moves Brahama Bull-eligible after all?), I never really got on the board and red-walled quite painfully


Round 2 vs Brian (Nikoali Volkoff)
My best game of the day, and false hope early in the event.... Brian gets the first few moves on the board with flawless/quick snap....I oversell the Bear Hug, and
just start swinging multi-BASH moves until Brian's defenses run that point Brian goes sponge/turtle mode, getting his chain moves reversed and stuffing reversals with Calgary....but I basically unload the ENTIRE arsenal on him (See how it feels, Superman Punch, everything but the kitchen sink that I'm not allowed to pack!) down to three cards in deck, I play here comes the Calvary, he knows I'm drawing a Volley move with it....and just says I can't win this (and I had Taunt/BASH to pin him if he dropped a unique)...but a good strong battle to make Roman LOOK STRONG....for once :p

Round 3 vs Laflamme (Steph McBroken)
Holy crap Steph is fraking broken, you discard two to reverse a chain move (or No Sell), then don't mess with the bosses daughter says "suck it the reversal doesn't count"
so you're basically killing your hand to do nothing, then Cena ability rapes your backlash....and yeah....nice game....I didn't even get into how abusrd the Billion $ Princess
card recycle is just asinine too...well until I again pack Not on My Broadcast TB in EVERY deck....a nice game of sticking your thumb up your ass and doing nothing....I could have just as easily watch my fantasy football team get smoked on stat tracker and had a better chance in this game

Round 4 vs John Ramos (the Viper)
Randy Orton in ANY form doesn't care about making Roman look STRONG, and Viper is kinda built to take a licking and keep on ticking so he didn't care much about
taking my moves since it lets him hit stuff like Ego Cutter out the door, game went back and forth with him getting moves on overturn, and then coming back with his own protected moves....last turn was my big recovery one BASH you till 5, here comes the Calvary, attempt to play Spinning Armbar move of DOOM....and it gets the Strangle Hold into the RKO....oh poor Roman

So what did we learn this week?? Roman is what he is...a nice simple beatdown deck with few tricks and some good recovery....but a deck built to survive and outlast him will make Roman look STRONG....then cash in and kick his ass, Sheamus-style.... fun day and good to see Lou is getting back into things again (his People's Champ was 90% him with me adjusting the moves to take advantage of his ability, like Shoot Forearm)....and we'll figure something out for next month, especially since the last two weekends are already out

Tournament Announcements / December 20th VC Tourney, Roselle Park, NJ
« on: December 06, 2015, 12:49:18 PM »
Since I have enough crap going on for my birthday next week, we'll save it for the week after....same as last time, virtual classic (Lou isn't caught up to learn Revo/AA yet), plus it will give people a good reason to avoid their families for a holiday weekend :D

Time to be figured out probably that day since I have nooo idea right now....hah!

General Chat / Flash and Arrow crossover...year two......
« on: December 02, 2015, 07:14:44 PM »
Holy God almighty that was the more awesome two hours of geektastic glorious TV I think I ever saw in my life.....comments???  8)

Tournament Reports / Roselle Park, Sunday Oct 25 results and report
« on: October 30, 2015, 03:24:19 PM »
So we finally aligned the stars and got everyone in the same place at the same time (the older you get, the harder that becomes) and had a five person round robin event at my place on Sunday....I kinda had my head in the football games and the Hell Cell Show when I wasn't playing my game, and I also got one of my hockey buddies who saw one of the pics I took when I was packing for Gen Con and he went "Raw Deal is still alive??" and we finally got him to come out and play and I gave him a nice simple deck to start with and a quick flight to Suplex City and away we went!

Scott: (CSF, Sting): 0-4
Brian: (Heel B2B, Erick Rowan) 2-2
Laflamme: (the obvious kick deck of Paige) 1-3
Lou: (Eat...sleep...Germa n Suplex....repeat)  3-1
John: (Face/Blindside/OS Cage, Macho Man) 3-1

My games went like:
Scott (Sting) Vs Brian (Rowan)
Sting loses key reversals to Donnybrook, Rowan jumps ahead in fort and the plunge on Foundation of Old School Wrestling keeps me from playing ANY useful reversals, Street Fight gets reversed first 3 times in a no baseball bat....nice knowing ya Stinger

Scott vs Laflamme (Paige):
Quite possibly the WORST "Deck Luck" in Raw Deal history, no matter what I overturned, no matter what I drew, if I did anything but look in my deck and find the frakking card myself and put in  my hand or ringside pile there was NO WAY IN GOD'S GREEN EARTH that goddamned baseball bat was coming anywhere useful to me, it would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic....conside ring the damned deck is built around that stupid bat.....yeah.....

Scott vs Lou (TBI):
It's scary just how good the whole "just throw multi German suplexes till it bleeds" can be for the Beast, it fits works....reverse Sting's Baseball Bat a few times, and then eventually F-5 a Stinger Splash...this Sting decks needs some tweaking, "throw the bat till it sticks" doesn't work quite as well.......

Scott vs Ramos (Macho Man):
Yay, a face deck and more 0F reversals to kill the bat with...I might be going at this deck wrong and maybe I should switch to surfer Sting and put more hybrids in the deck....just dropping Unique moves did a lot better in my lackey testings (given one deck was Total Package and he's just terrible) ...

Lou did well (and had a good deck)....he hadn't played Raw Deal since before chain/heat/volley, but got the idea of chain quick, and ACE's and how to reverse them (the Beast deck had the Chris Nowinski package in it for recovery and to show him when to and NOT to use the ACE's the added surivial and him falling in love with here comes the Calvary...hah), and even surviving a two hour marathon match with Paige in his first game (some of that was him learning the cards, what they did and what gets played where in the pre-match), but once you lay down the purple, the beast does what he does.....suplexes the piss out of you and dares you to eat an F-5, hopefully he can pester his brother (who I play with on Friday Nights, but that league doesn't start for two weeks)

So yeah Sting went 0-4 in the Round Robin.....I should have seen that coming, but I wanted to run Sting since Lou was a big Sting mark and thought he'd like seeing him in action (shoulda ran Warrior since we have a big goofy Ultimate Warrior face on our team shirts for the Wednesday league he's the captain of that team, yes this shirt REALLY exists)...Sting needs some help and the one unique per turn KILLS him when he's trying to make a comeback...and not only did I help Lou along here getting back to Raw Deal, but I scored the most awkward goal I've ever scored in all my years of hockey for his team....heh

We'll figure out a weekend for an event in November too, plus we'll have more free for all's during the month too as we try to bring him along and get his brother back into the game too

Weird.....I just tried to post this and it didn't go....heh that we're done playtesting this stuff we can actually play it for real, hooray!
Time to get back to having events again!!

Date: Oct 11 (we could change MAYBE to Saturday for the non-NJ folk who want to come by)
Place: 160 W.Westfield Ave, Apt A-1, Roselle Park, NJ
Time: TBD (I'm home all day watching football so I won't care)
Format: Virtual Classic

It will be fun to have actual events again and worrying on the decks at hand....hope to see people there (just remember I get priority on the football games we're watching....heh!) looking forward to it!

Sports Discussion / NFL Week Two!
« on: September 18, 2015, 10:10:48 AM »
It's amazing how fast this time of year flies by (I swear its the world taunting me that my birthday comes in December :p ).....though I bet last night felt like a million years passed to Chiefs fans....boy that was rough, you had it all in the palm of your hand, but couldn't keep your hands on the ball (5 turnovers including that brutal Charles fumble, I don't blame the Chiefs for getting JC the ball, you get your best guy a chance with the ball in the best way you can to make a play....but maybe some kind of pass into space would have been wiser, Andy Reid has never been a great adjustment coach, but least he knows how to use his talent better than that fool Kubiak does (to me a bad coach makes his players try to fit his system instead of making his system fit his players).....Denver might be the luckiest 2-0 team in the league come Monday Night....but time to take a look at the weekend ahead! (Yes I hate Thursday Night games and my picks tend to suck in those games, I'm already 0-2 in them actually) the games of the week to look forward to!

New England at Buffalo:
Winner here gets a big head start on the rest of the AFC East (2-0 and an in-division win), both teams looked pretty impressive last week, but I'm thinking Buffalo's success was more all about the match-up with Indy and beating up on a softer team and making the Colts play their game....the Patriots will have no issues in matching that, especially with Blount returning to the line-up, the one thing I'd be concerned with for the Patriots is DeAngelo Williams ran WILD on them last week and that goes right into the Bills bread, butter (and any other frakking snack Rex feels like feeding them today), but it's still hard to go against Tom Brady when the other guy is still starting game 2 and has never seen a Belichek defense like he will SUnday

Tennessee at Cleveland:
Once a week we look for a train wreck....and oh boy does THIS have the makings of it....yes the Titans rolled last week, but are they really good enough to do it two weeks in a row? Oh wait, it's the Johnny Backup-lead Browns with no running game and probably Dwayne Bowe moping about his sore yeah, the Titans will be 2-0 and probably score a thousand points....but I'm still hoping for a train wreck!

St. Louis at Washington:
This has all the makings of a CLASSIC letdown game for the Rams...big win at home over division rival, crazy ending....and awful team on the road playing against them....but if the Rams want to talk playoffs, then they better win this kinda game too....not to mention their front four has a MASSIVE edge over the mess that the Redskins call an offensive line, and just not a good team all around....I always fall into the trap of these letdown games....but hell I can't pick the Redskins here....I just can't......

Dallas at Phily:
Most of the time in the NFL it's now who you play, but WHEN you play them.....given the Eagles didn't look all world against the Falcons (in fact Julio gave them fits all night last Monday) but the Cowboys being out Dez Bryant totally changes how their offense is going to run for the next 4-6 weeks, Beasley is a nice slot receiver and Witten is a good possesion TE, Williams is nice deep threat, but none of these guys or the alleged "next man up" (I hate that term, if the next guy up was that good he wouldn't be the damn next guy), but Phily is just too healthy and at home....and Dallas is running "offense by committee" which could get ugly in trading points with the Warp Speed Offense.....

Seattle at Green Bay:
I know it's early in the year but this is kinda a MUST game for the Seahwaks....the Kam Chancellor chatter is getting louder, people are questioning (again) the game ending play by the Hawks, and the defense is looking a big more mortal....and now they have to go to Lambeau to play a team that owes them a thrashing or two from the last few seasons, Seattle should be able to ground and pound and dumb the game down, but I just don't like them on the road and against this Packer team that honestly owes Seattle one.....

Jets at Colts:
I'm curious to see how the Colts bounce back after getting beaten around by the Bills last week and playing a similar type team in the Jets, the Jets may have a bit of a better offense too, but I think last week's wakeup call serves them well and we get the A game from the Colts and both teams end up as 1-1......

Sports Discussion / NFL Week One!
« on: September 11, 2015, 05:25:47 PM »
We used to do these on another forum, but over the last year things have gotten a bit too ridiculous d heated (mostly over the Patriots discussion, frankly if you think they cheated or not, I really don't care, but it's gotten nasty enough over there to make me no longer want to discuss football on that board), but I did enjoy the in-depth breakdowns and discussions of the sport (I also used to preview all the games, a few of you folks on my Facebook are familiar with these too)....if there's enough interest and discussion here I'd gladly start writing them up here and just moving the tradition to a friendlier forum (part of the problem of being in AFC East Territory, there's a LOT of hate and blinders on and when you disagree with them you get very nastily told to go buy a Brady jersey and flip off..... since it's a bit late in the week to write it now, and let's see if anyone wants to read them, hopefully we can start a discussion about the week's games and I can resume my ritual next Thursday if people want to keep it going!

The main thing I took out of last night's game was NEITHER team could stop the run worth a damn, and Pittsburgh shot themselves in the foot early with that stupid trick play (why you try to get cute when basic football is getting the job done is BEYOND me), I know week one isn't always the best thing to base feelings on, but neither one of those teams look like Super Bowl teams, but it's so damned hard to out-cerebral Brady and Belichek.....

Couple of games I'm looking forward to on Sunday:

Jets and Brows (yes REALLY).....we have an old expression of when two awful teams play on Sunday it really becomes so BAD it becomes GOOD, we sum up those joyous type games as anti-football (and God Bless it all)....this is truly one of those games!

Chiefs at Texans:
This is one of those games you use to weed out which team is gonna be a Wild Card team and which one is gonna be on the outside looking in, I know it's week 1, but this has "tiebreaker in January" written all over it and winning it is gonna give that team a BIG edge when it's close and the Steiner-Math comes out to decide who's in the playoffs for the AFC....I love the Texans D, but with no Foster this offense is just pathetic (and I'm a Hoyer fan too)....I just think the Chiefs find a way and get set for a Wild Card run this year

Miami at Washington:
Again like KC, this ia BIG "show me" game for Miami....Washington stinks, the QB picture is a mess, the D is not very good, and the coach is not good either....Miami has EVERYTHING in place to make the playoffs this year and is out of excuses for the current regime, especially with New England looking a bit beatable this year, it's playoffs or ELSE for Miami....and when you're that kinda team you better jump on Washington early, get their fans angry and stomp them quick and easily....

Colts at Bills:
People are talking big about Indy (mostly because their division spots them six wins a year and locks them into cruise control for a bye week in the playoffs), and Rex Ryan always talks's his thing, the Colt O-Line is so-so and I expect that Billion Dollar Front Four of the Bills to give Luck and Company FITS this week....but it's this whole Tyrod Taylor thing....I'd love to take the Bills, but I'm totally expecting T-Mobile to make a big mistake and the Colts are too good and too experienced to not take advantage.....the Bills will be a scary team but the QB needs to get his feet wet and show me something before I go all in on him

Seattle at St Louis:
I LOVE the Rams in this one....Seattle's O-Line is having issues, the Rams have the best front four in the game, the pressure is all on Seattle, they're not as good on the road and they're starting to see the cracks in the armor (the Chancellor holdout, now Wilson got paid and everyone wants a piece and the pie ain't that big to feed them all)... Lynch is getting older too, this game just has upset written all over it.....

Bengals at Raiders:
The Raiders are actually for once a team the arrow is pointing UP on in a big way, their drafts are better, they have a QB finally, and the Bengals are that classic team that loves to come up soft in the big spot....I don't expect the Raiders to pull an upset here (but they will ruin at least one team's season in the last six games for sure), but they may put up a much bigger fight than people expect....

Giants at Cowboys:
Yes I am a Cowboys fan (if you didn't know).....and yes that sucks horribly living in this area (and explains my hatred for the Jets too), but god damn if I see that teflon-coated one handed sticky glove catch again one more time I'm going to go into the back of my apartment building and start kicking kittens (and Brian if you bait me I will walk down the block and hurt you :p ), its amazing how a catch in a losing effort and when his team didn't score again afterwards has been so blown out of proportion by the "Sports Center highlight" media....seriously. ...the Giants can't run the ball, have a crappy O-Line and look...hey it's JPP....high five!!! No? High four?? No?? High Three and a Half?? Alright!!!...and their defensive line kinda blew up with the fireworks this summer....there might be a thousand points scored in this one (the Dallas "we don't need no RB any fool can run behind our line" theory will be well tested this year....but it's gonna look damn good in Week One)

Phily at Atlanta:
I'm not on the Chip Kelly bandwagon (not because he's an Eagle, I don't have that whole Cowboy-Eagle hate thing down since I hate the team in Green that's closer....heh), but they are one way or another damned fun to Sam Bradford stay healthy all year (I might even make that my bold prediction!)....and how will this warp-speed offense keep up with the big weapons Altanta has, the Eagles do have a better defense, but they're always going to be on the field, won't matter in this game though.... Atlanta's defense is horrible also, and Phily might win this 52-48 or something nuts like that.... at least Gruden won't have time to prattle on incessantly between plays!!

....looking forward to hopefully a good season of lots of football talk!

This is the problem with starting a Raw Deal event during Wrestlemania.....on ce everyone started getting too involved with the actual show.....we kinda lost track about Raw Deal ....and it took five weeks to get most of our schedules lined up so we could try and finish the dang thing (mostly my fault and Rob's fault, but hey real life gets in the way's all good, and now it's all finished!), some amazingly long games also didn't help, but it was well worth the results!

Brian Paolercio: Rated RKO
Steve Laflamme: Kofi Kingston
Scott Mackie: John Cena
John Ramos: William Regal
Rob Tonnesson: Brock Lesnar
Chris McCabe: CM Punk

Round 1:
Scott (Cena) vs Laflamme (Kofi)
No one draws a second solution, but going first gets me the fort for one solution revolution. Laflamme
didn't pack hit like a girl and I steamrolled with with cores and means till he scooped.
Winner: Scott

Rob (Lesnar) vs McCabe (Punk)
In one of the most ABSURD comebacks in maybe all of our Raw Dealing history, Rob storms out of the box
hitting his first two core holds to stomp out in front, McCabe top-decks the new breed unleashed when all
Brock has the second solution (also Brock forgot to use the effect on the WWE World Heavyweight Title too, d'oh)
Brock pounds away until Punk overturns the 2 for the show, which gives him the defense cards, then Brock gets
a bit cocky, core gets the Second Solution, Brock's Full nelson slam eats Straight Edge and Punk gets rolling
and Brock and Rob can just sit there with WTF look as Punk makes the ridiculous comeback to pull it out!!
Unreal thing to watch....and unreal comeback by Rob to remind him that at least Lesnar was still wrestling...heh!
Winner: McCabe

Brian (RKO) vs Ramos (Regal)
In maybe the LONGEST match in Raw Deal Revo history, both decks hit all their moves that recover (this match
legit took 30 minutes), and of course after about every move...and of course after every move known to man is
thrown Brian pins Ramos with an RKO as a reversal....heh!
Winner: Brian

Round 2:
Scott (1-0: Cena) vs Rob (0-1: Lesnar)
Both draw second solutions, but Rob drew more early moves....much like their Summer Slam match, lesnar
throws and suplexes Cena all over the place, takes desperate hold two tries to get through, but Cena needed
one more turn to overcome the odds and be John Cena
Winner: Rob

Laflamme (0-1: Kofi) vs Brian (1-0: RKO)
Brian's first move reversed, Kofi hits 2 handed chop, Brian throws cores
to come back. Laflamme hits momentum mean, 2 for the show on the overturn
I am the legend killer removed Kofi's fort, Brian spams unique moves
since he's out of Off Your Mark Range and game over
Winner: Brian

McCabe (1-1: CM Punk) vs Ramos (0-1: Regal)
Ramos gets the first second solution, and jumps out early. McCabe makes a smart play on pushing the arm wrench through
and putting the second solution in his ringside on top of his deck. Next turn Ramos discards to get his scissor hold
to play it, so McCabe draws the second solution since he has tomorrow's legends out at that point Punk's ability to
fetch moves to keep the attack going despite losing cards for Regal's ability he gets to Overexposure range and
just beats down Ramos until the MEAN LEG CRABS (his words) finish him off
Winner: McCabe

Round 3:
Scott (1-1: Cena) vs McCabe (2-0: CM Punk)
And John Cena gets to look at the 20 worst possible cards in his deck....if only their real WWE matches went like
this Phil Brooks might still be in the WWE....Punk gets his first move through and the assault of holds and
trademarks was just brutal and painful.....Torture Rack puts Cena out of his misery....and the tourament, I agree
with every fan in every WWE Arena who screams CENA SUCKS (I'm a bit annoyed here)
Winner: McCabe

Laflamme (0-2: Kofi) vs Ramos (0-2: Regal)
Laflamme uses ability to hit the first mean, and just unloads an assault of means and Ramos has no answer for
it (not enough fort to play his reversals in hand) and it was another quick beatdown....
Winner: Laflamme (Kofi)

Rob (1-1: Lesnar) vs Brian (2-0: RKO)
Wow....for the first time ever.... Rob's perk doesn't kick in and it hurts to take hold cores and he only cycles 2 for
the WWE Heavy Title....this should be interesting....Rob's first scissor hold gets second solution, Brian swings a gut
punch and it gets stopped on 1....but it goes through, second Rob move gets a defense for its effort and Rob's already
starting to try to scratch and crawl....and then something ridiculous happened (almost on queue with Mick Foley talking
about Brockkkkkk Lesnnnnnnaarrrr) on the TV behind him.....the desperate hold went through...two scissor holds...used
It won't be tonight to get the Desperate Hold back and throw it AGAIN....and Ground and Pound....leads to a DOUBLE the odds on this are insane.....Rob gets a bit conservative and ends his turn fearing a pain reversal
to cost him the epic comeback win....Brian sees this....goes I can't win.....takes the Double Count
Winner: NO ONE (double count out)

Round 4:
Scott (1-2: Cena) vs Brian (2-0-1: RKO)
A rare case of good hand goes bad.....Second Solution his first gut punch, Scissor Hold goes through....but
he overturns 2 for the show....Orton Storyline asses my fort (and I had the desperate move in the hand *ugh*)
and I never climb back in the game
Winner: Brian

Ramos (0-3: Regal) vs Rob (1-1-1: Lesnar)
This was the classic case of the bad hand being insurmountable.... Rob draws ZERO red and forgets the pyro effect
of WWE Heavyweight Title (which hurt because the 4th card was the second solution he badly needed).... the only reversal
Rob played all game was before this gets out of hand....this game got out of hand....and Rob became the one in Ramos'
(eventual) 1-4.....heh
Winner: Ramos

Laflamme (1-2: Kofi) vs McCabe (3-0: CM Punk)
McCabe drew 3 0F moves, but NO reversals, desperate hold goes through first turn, but after that Laflamme starts
drawing second solutions and McCabe never really gets on the board and once Kofi gets going he can spin those
big damage follow-up pretty quickly and painfully and McCabe could not get back over that humps and that was
pretty much all she wrote to the 3rd follow-up Mean
Winner: Laflamme

Round 5:
Scott (1-3: Cena) vs Ramos (1-3: Regal)
Its amazing how when you look at decks to build you look at Regal and go "wow in the revo format that ability is
a real detriment to people wanting to play reversals".....and then you play against it, and you always have those 1-2
"i don't care about" cards to play with to discard and you don't mind reverseing....espec ially when you draw
as well as Cena can... ability + Double Leg Lock Crabs and getting second solutions let me whittle and beat him
down turn by turn and eventually take him out with the Dragon Sleeper....I'm kinda amazed at how suboptimal Regal
really seems to be....he just never gets out of the box.....
Winner: Scott

Laflamme (2-2: Kofi) vs Rob (1-2-1: Lesnar)
Well as long as the Lesnar, RKO game was long....this was quicker than a hiccup! Laflamme doesn't get second solution.
Brock hits the Belly to Back, and just steamrolls any attempts Laflamme threw at him, Rob finishes it with Here Comes
the Pain into the Full Nelson Slam for the quick pin, this match took under 2 minutes....seriousl y....
Winner: Rob Lesnnnnnaaaaaarrrrr r

McCabe (3-1: CM Punk) vs Brian (3-0-1: RKO)
Both decks drew second annoying thing in revo is the fact that if you don't draw a starting
move in your opening cards is you're kinda boned and you overturn six and start in the hole....this happened
to McCabe, he did a good job of keeping the hands even to keep Brian from scooping cards from his ringside for
the Edge storyline....and never got ahead for the Orton storyline to do anything, but Brian won the reversals
to hand race and eventually pulled McCabe in from countout to finish him with some random core to get the pinfall
Winner: Brian

Brian wins the event with a 4-0-1 record....and geesh Rated RKO is a LOT better than I expected....dang... . and I
found myself disappointed with Cena's draw engine....but you can only draw what's on the top of the deck....that's
kinda the problem....luck and fortune do come into play also....

With the next PPV being next week I don't think we're going to try for an event then, we'll figure something out soon
and announce it as soon as we can align some schedules!

Rules Forum / World Champion Athleticism
« on: May 03, 2015, 09:27:34 AM »
World Champion Athleticism     (Your Freaking Hero logo)
Pre-match Storyline
Cannot be blanked.  Cannot be played when you have a Stipulation in your Ring.
New Ability: At the end of the Pre-match phase, you may play Do YOU Live by the Three I's?, Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence regardless of Fortitude.  Ignore the "Can only be played..." text on your Kurt Angle-specific maneuvers, and your Just Hold On a Second, Mister! is now an Event instead.  Your Chain cards are not Chain, and your Angle's German Suplex cannot be reversed by cards of D: 1 or greater.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent

Do the chain cards no longer become chain when this card is played or when it's packed? I'd assume its when played, just wanted to know for the sake of possibly playing cards like Leaping DDT or Flawless Execution in a BASH deck, thanks!

Since we'll all be here all night during Mania and this Mania still looks like it's gonna come up short, and we're building a growing tradition here, why not divert our attention from the Wreslte-Crap and play some Raw Deal!! We're going to keep it Virtual Revo to help the noobs learn and grow along with us (and let them use the same decks and figure this out as they go)

Same deal as last time:
160 W. Westfield Ave, Apt A-1
Roselle Park, NJ

Time: TBD, but likely after 5pm (depends on when all can co-ordinate)

Prize Support is likely....but it's Wrassle-Mania anyway!

Tournament Reports / Feb 22-23rd Roselle Park Fastlane PPV Tournament
« on: February 23, 2015, 08:05:56 PM »
Brian Paolercio: CM Punk (4-1)
Scott Mackie: Angle (4-1)
Rob Tonnesson: Lesnar (4-1)
John Ramos: Regal (1-4)
Steve Laflamme: Santino (0-5)

Round 1:
Brian (CM Punk) vs Laflamme (Santino):
Brian wins, overturned scissor holds on damage, scissor hold goes through and ability kicks in and
Punk pounds Santino into oblivion

Scott (Angle) vs Ramos (Regal):
Drew 5 OF moves and TWO second solutions, throw after throw into an Ankle Lock Finish, one of those
revo games when one guy gets out in front and the other guy could do nothing about it

(bye for Rob)

Round 2:
Brian (CM Punk) vs Rob (Lesnar)
Brock's first move goes through, Scissor Hold overturns, spams Scissor Hold and just wins the
race to the better cards before Rob can get going...side note, every time Brock took reversal
damage a specific overturned! Live Fast Fight Hard into you can't hold my jock strap was pretty funny!

Ramos (Regal) vs Laflamme (Santino)
Santino ends up agression rule a LOT....ran out of hand, but he did hit a few hybrid cores
to start, Regal survives with 2 for the Show and Talk is Cheap, and throws moves to kill Santino's hand
and just holds him to death...Santino might be one of the worst decks in the Revo Format.....

(bye for Scott)

Round 3:
Scott (Angle) vs Laflamme (Santino)
Small SHS vs discard deck, I think he reverses one move from me (with the 0/7 throw reversal), Steel
Chain Shot him to death, the only reason Santino had a chance in this game was the 2 0 for 7 mean
hyrbid reversals (thank God I didn't play Sandman today....)

Rob (Lesnar) vs Ramos (Regal)
Ramos gets no Second Solution, and Rob just steamrolls him move after move, much like a real life Brock and
Regal match would be, Regal gets desperate hold....which did no damage...andddd not much else.....

(bye for Brian)

Round 4:
Scott (Angle) vs Brian (CM Punk)
Three turn beatdown, Brian drew no reversals, Angle's Medal to Desperate Hold, next turn Belly to Back, Grab
overexposed, play it to Scissor Hold, then throw 2 Steel Chain Shots for the quick win

Rob (Brock) vs Laflamme (Santino)
Rob gets one 0F move in hand, gets the second solution on the 7th card for Dressed for Succes, draws
just barely enough anything, eats 20D in reversals to his means, and STILL rolls Santino....again it looked
like a real match where Brock just laughed off all the silliness Santino was trying and stomped him with
his overhand belly to back

(bye for Ramos)

Round 5;
Scott (Angle) vs Rob (Brock)
Back and Forth, both first moves hit, but I draw NO reversals and just run out of steam, I found myself
VERY annoyed at this one...

Brian (CM Punk) vs Ramos (Regal)
Back and forth move for move action, until Punk gets enough cards in his ringside to make use of his
ability, Sharpshooter, Dragon Sleeper into Extreme Brutal Breakdown, Punk finishes him with ...
agression rule....disappointi ng finish to a back and forth beatdown...

(bye for Laflamme)

So only we can have 5 people and do a Round-Robin and end up with a THREE WAY TIE of 4-1's (*shakes head*)
So after sitting on it for a day (and since each lost to the other there was no legit tiebreaker to be found)
....I came up with a simple double-elimination idea...they take turns playing each other....lose twice and
you're out....and there can only be one (and we all wanted to watch the Bryan/Roman Reigns match)....soo

Playoffs, Game 1:
Scott (Angle) vs Brian (CM Punk)
Angle again gets the good hand, 2 Second Solutions and his trademark core....nickels and dimes at Punk
till Punk hits desperate hold, Angle Lock and Angle Slam reversed on overturn, Steel Chain Shot for the
kill....gets a Matt Striker Lesson Plan....Angle swings and swings, Punk overturns and survives, even
eats an aggression rule trying to use the Fire Still Burns to mount a comeback...Angle overturns 4 to play
the Full nelson Slam, Punk plays overexposed and discards his other card....draws a defense card and finally
falls to the aggression rule....Punk put up one HELL of a fight, it was just too big a hill to climb,
Angle had 78 Fort on the board by the time it ended....

Game 2:
Brian (CM Punk) vs Rob (Lesnar)
NEITHER deck draws a Second Solution (that was a first all day)....Brock goes first and the scissor hold
goes through, Draws a Card and recovers a throw with RP Hold, plays a second and gets hit like a girl, Punk
tries an Arm Wrench and gets One Solution: Revolution (saved by first turn Fort!), Three to get ready recovered
the red in Brock's pile, Double Leg Lock Crab gets Before this gets out of hand, Live fast Fight Hard gets
to Eat Brock's Jock Strap (AGAIN), the Fire Burns gets Kiss My Ass (double aggression rule....ouch, antics are
SO dangerous in Revo)....and Brock puts it away next turn with random move of finish

and CM PUNK IS with that in's winner takes all in Game 3:

Scott (Angle) vs Rob (Lesnar)
I'm hoping for a little payback here since I drew a hand of ass last time we played....and UNREAL, 2 Outmaneuvered
Angle Slam, Full nelson slam, and two defense cards....least I get a second solution drawing 2 for the IC
Title....(not going first I MUST keep Brock off the board to drop Gold Medal), Brock returns the favor
and drops 2 title belts, and gets a Second Solution with Dressed for Success, both opening moves get 2nd
Solutions... Brock gets his 2nd move through and one solution's my next move attempt....its now an uphill
climb....Desperate Hold goes through....because he forgot about  the backlash reversal (d'oh), didn't matter
though Rob spams Double Leg Lock Crab (I kept drawing to hope to reversals, only did once), the Leg Lock Crab
gets reversed on the very last card....count out win, as I was maybe one, two turns from the comeback

Congrats to Rob though, since the point of this was to teach our other friends Raw Deal, and we built them
decks that fit said theme (and Rob being the Lesnar mark was fitting....Brian played Punk because our
resident CM Punk mark, in fitting Punk fashion, wasn't able to make it....and we have a long running joke
with Ramos and Regal since his ringtone on my phone is Regal's "Man's Man" theme!)....I'm hoping we can do the
same for Wrestlemania....we'll probably keep the format as Revo since we're trying to teach the noobs and the
semi-returning Ramos back to Raw Deal, and Revo keeps it elegant and simple as they try to slowly get up to
speed (NOT EASY when all you know is some comments and un-proper comments as we played and tested against
each other)

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