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Supershow / The First Ever LFF World Championship title defense results.
« on: February 25, 2019, 05:23:04 AM »
Last night in Louisville Kentucky, Supershow held its first World Championship Title defense.
This was a historic and special occasion for us as a Traveling title has always been the goal for us.
Sammi “The Draw” Callihan, who won the first World championship on the Chris Jericho, rock and wrestling Rager at sea (playing Sammi Callihan), went up against 2018 breakout star of the year “ the Baanomenal “1 Kirk Polka. Polka earned his shot at the gold by winning a number 1 contenders event with AJ Styles.
After months of #notmychampion post from the SRG Universe, (many feel
John Polverino is the true heir to the title by winning a much larger GenCon event that pre dated the actual title), would have his chance to silence the non believers and defend his title.
General Manager John Calace he seemed to support Sammi throughout his tenure as champion, switch side when Polka was named number 1 contender. Calace who had bad blood with Polka had set aside there differences over a contract negotiation that among other things set the match to be a no dq match. This took away the draws champions advantage.

And the match underway.
The Draw (championship)  vs AJ Styles (champion of Kickstarter)
starts by locking the champ in an arm bar. He then sends him
Into the turn buckle and hits a splash in the corner. Sammi tried to rally back with a jaw jammer, but is stopped with a lock up. AJ drops the champ with the STYLES CLASH! Go for the cover and the champ NO SELLS breaking out before the 1 count. The Draw rallies back with an elevated arm bar, then slams the champ into the barricade. He goes for a blindside choke and get hip tossed by the challenger. Sammi grabs his trademark baseball bat and swings at the challenger, who counters with a single leg crab. The Champ rolled through the submission and locks in the Stretch muffler, the crowd chants Tap! Tap! Tap!, JUST before tapping out AJ Breaks the Hold. O-V-E chants break out,
Too sheep chants break out! Crowd is on there feet.
Aj battles back tossing a rolling forearm, but it’s counters with a snap headlock, the champ takes over with a ladder setting up for something extreme! The 2 take a huge bump, and Sammi Rises again with the baseball bat! This time it connects.

Your winner and STILL, you LFF World Champion. Sammi Callihan.

2129 MacDade Blvd Holmes PA!
Start Time 12:30
This Sunday.
Price. $5 entry fee with all players getting promo cards.

So far was have 15 players pre signed up. The event card features a full event for a number 1 contender spot as well as booked matches for existing titles.
Prizes include autographed spectacle cards, new promos, and store credit!
Join Us, for a Spectacle so GRAND it can only be called... the Supershow.

Supershow Leagues & Tournaments / GenCon 2018 Prize Support!
« on: July 31, 2018, 03:54:20 PM »
2018 GenCon Events are just 2 days away!
Grab your event tickets and get promo cards for entering! Generics will be accepted but you will not get the entry promos.

Some of the prize support includes.
Matt Riddle Autographs
Ricochet Autographs
Elite member Autographs
Ric Flair Autographed Robe
Ric Flair autographed action figure
Bret Hart Autographed Title belt (toy)
LFF Replica Title
Being Drawn onto a single card.
And much more!

Underworld Title singles event. Starts 5 pm on Thursday.
Tornado Tag Team Tornament 2 vs 2. Start 5 pm on Friday.
World Championship. Starts Saturday at 4pm.

All events hosted at the orange tables. SRG Booth is number 2637

Supershow Leagues & Tournaments / West Coast Supershow event
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:07:52 AM »
SuperShow Fans in the San Francisco/Oakland Area.
Here’s a message from CMON’s Ray Rappaport, he’s looking to run an event for this convention.
“I will be at Kubla Con Memorial Day weekend and want to put together an event on Friday or Sunday night.
Who's with me?”

Our team will Make sure to provide full prize support if the event is set up. Already a few confirmed!

Supershow / Supershow at the ELKS LODGE!
« on: March 25, 2018, 07:57:22 AM »
Welcome to WrestleMania! at the ELKS LODGE. Featuring a Supershow Event

Sunday April 8th Belleville Elks BPOE 254 Washington Ave Belleville, New Jersey

Entry $10 dollars,
Includes a hot buffet, soda, water and a cash bar.
Beer Wrist Band, $10 dollars, all you can drink. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. or GET 3D'D.
Doors open at 6.
PreShow: 6 MainCard:7

Join Us for A Spectacle so GRAND, it can only be called...the Supershow!

Supershow Leagues & Tournaments / Supershow East Coast 17th and 18th
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:58:10 AM »
Supershow is set for an event is Holmes PA for March 17th! Last time we had 13 players compete to crown the first store champion. Next month we plan to revisit for our second event and hope for an even bigger turnout.

Since we be in the east coast Saturday’s, we have Sunday avaliable for an event in the Allentown area if anyone was interested in getting together I think we have enough time to set something up.

Supershow / Supershow Set 4 The Knockdown
« on: February 23, 2018, 05:07:26 PM »
In just 1 hour Supershow's 4th release will be up on Kickstarter. We introduce 3 new boxed sets including our first ever inter-gender set a new promo pack, 2 kickstarter exclusive competitors, as well as lot of opportunities to promo's and more competitors. For me this set really parts the game where it is intended to be. The new boxed sets are very good out of the box, and the card pool will really allow deck customization. The promo's introduced as well will really round out the game in the best possible way!

We appreciate any support even a share of the link and post on social media goes a long way. Thank you all for the continued support and for helping my dreams become a reality. 8)

East Coast players! SRG Universe Invades Holmes PA!

When: Saturday Feb. 3, 2018
Where: 2129 MacDade Blvd. Holmes PA 19043. Alternate Universes.
Bell Time: 2 PM.
$5 Entry fee which will be given out as store credit and prize support. Promos for entering and full prize support including Autographed Spectacle Cards.

Also preview of the Release of Supershow set 4 the Knockdown will be in house.

Supershow / Supershow Royal Rumble Lottery!
« on: January 26, 2018, 04:47:23 PM »
SRG Universe is having a Royal Rumble Lottery! Purchase a ticket for $20 and get a limited edition promo card valued at $25. You also get a free entry if you spend $45 or more on product on Grand prize winner gets to create a competitor in Supershow or gets a promo set. The Main Event has filled up, this will be for the female rumble. The rules are simple! When you enter you’ll be given a number, if that number is the entry number of the winner of the Royal Rumble you win the grand prize!

This deal is a great time to catch up on new releasesis or to get involved in the game. We’ve released new SRG Universe competitors. Some new releases include Joey Ryan, Zach Sabre Jr., Matt Riddle and ACH. It’s also a great chance to grab guys who have been signed to WWE that may not be able to get reprinted. Some of which are EC3, Candice, Ricochet and Johnny Gargano. You have a 1 in 30 chance of winning some great prizes. Additional prizes will be awarded for most eliminations shortest time in the ring and longest time in the ring

Let’s Roll
Play it Forward

Supershow / 2017 CCC
« on: November 07, 2017, 07:27:02 PM »
The 2017 CCC is open, and round 1 is up! TCO’s own Crasher is in the mix.

SRG Universe! Our first round of SRG Universe's 2017 Create a Competitor is a TRIPLE threat match and it starts TODAY! From now till Thursday at midnight we need you to vote for who moves onto the next round! Our finalist will be one step closer to going over and making their way into the L.F.F.
Please visit to vote for who goes over and make sure to check back Friday morning to see the next match.

It's official, Origins 2017 will be SRG Universe's next host! Join Us for a Spectacle so GRAND, it can only be called... THE SUPERSHOW.

This is HUGE news as we are still in deep negotiations to get us a vendor position in GenCon this year.

Supershow Fantasy / L.E.D. Need playtesting and feedback
« on: April 20, 2017, 05:14:47 PM »
Power: 7
Technique: 10
Agility: 9
Strike: 5
Submission: 6
Grapple: 8

When your opponent rolls Technique for their turn roll, Flip one card. If it is a Follow Up you may immediately play it as if it were a lead.
(Your opponent may stop it as normal)
If it is not a follow up, add it to your hand.


Light Em’ Up – Strike Finish: Strike +3  If the crowd meter is at 1 or above +4 instead

Electronic Denominator – Grapple Finish: When this card is in your hand and your opponent rolled Technique for their finish roll you may bury this card to break out

Short Circuit – Submission Finish: If stopped put this on top of the deck.

Supershow Leagues & Tournaments / Singapore players?
« on: March 22, 2017, 06:24:39 AM »
We have KS backers from the South West, Dover area looking to start a playgroup. Anybody close to thag over in Singapore

Rants Forum / Movie Spoilers
« on: March 08, 2017, 08:00:07 PM »
Scrolling through facebook and someone has a meme that spoils Logan. Why is all I ask? What do you have to gain from this?

This rant helped. Thanks TCO!

« on: February 26, 2017, 10:05:18 AM »
As all ways, thank you to the Team Canada Community for being a second home to me, and for keeping the community I love alive and well. Here is a link to our latest Kickstarter, help us to continue doing amazing things.

We hope to see many of you at GenCon 2017 and everywhere else in between.


Supershow / Royal Rumble Give Away!
« on: January 29, 2017, 08:49:21 AM »
SRG Universe Royal Rumble Lottery! The First 30 people who comment #LetsRoll will be given a random number 1 - 30.  This number will correspond to an entry number in the Royal Rumble. If the person who holds your entry number wins the Royal Rumble, you will win an SRG Prize Pack!

Includes an Autographed Spectacle, 2 Blank Spectacle Cards,  2 competitors sets, an Alternate art promo card (1 of 50), and a full demo set!

All entries will receive a promo on their next order off

Numbers will be assigned at Random!

Good Luck Rookies.

Supershow Leagues & Tournaments / MidwinterCon
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:29:18 AM »
Join us at Mid winter Con, for a Spectacle so GRAND.

Daily promos showcasing SRG Universe new artist.

Sign up promos for each event.

Day 1 intro to Supershow, and Supershow event. Thursday

Day 2 Tag Team event Friday

Day 3 Singles Event to crown the 2017 Mid winter Con champion Saturday

Day 4 Supershow Event Sunday.

Sign up Promos for all Events, and awesome prize support.

Supershow Fantasy / Create a Competitor Competition #3
« on: October 16, 2016, 06:45:58 PM »
The Create a Competitor Competition is officially back. So let me be the first to welcome you to the Legendary Fighting Federation. Think you have what it takes to join the ranks of El Super Hombre and Snake Pitt? Here is your shot to impress the head of Talent Relations for the LFF. Mr. Rock Newman.

Here is what he needs to know.

Your Gimmick. Is your Competitor ruthless like Snake Pitt, or Maybe you earn your keep by selling buttery delicious pretzels like Merlin Von Berlin? Tell him all about your competitor, spare no details, this is your best shot to make a lasting impression on the man behind a Spectacle so Grand, it can only be called... The Supershow

Your Backstory. What brought your competitor into the life of underground competition? Did they have a wrestling background like El Super Hombre and Snake Pitt? Or was he sick of delivering Chinese food like The Rising Sun? Tell us why Rock Newman would look to track them down, or how they somehow found the Legendary Fighting Federation.

 Your Size and Stature.

Is the Competitor larger than life like the Big Shot with a physique that speaks for itself, or is he your average Mark, like the Shark looking to make a name for himself in the LFF? Tell us about the build of your competitor.

 Look and entrance

What does the ring gear look like? The mask, the tights, the pads, every little detail. What is the entrance like, is it simple and to the point like the Classic Competitor Scott Prime, or did you come straight from the ER like the Wreck?

Your Skills in the Ring.

 Is your competitor a Power House like El Hombre Super Hombre, a scrappy little fighter like the Masked Llama, maybe they are a vicious like Snake Pitt? What moves do they use and what is their fighting style like?

What are their Finishes?

Nothing sets a Competitor apart like their big FINISH! Please describe the moves the competitor uses to end a match.

Many competitors will be featured in storylines and card art, however only One Competitor will receive a personal invitation from Rock Newman and will Join a Supershow right away. The winning creator will receive 10 extra copies of his or her competitor and will work directly with our play-test team to create a Supershow Competitor. This competition starts right now and will be closed on November 20. The winning competitor is set to debut before the years end. Competitors will be submitted via email, Facebook post, and on t. We will consolidate all submissions and have a winner chosen via voting. Good luck Rookies. You'll need it.

Supershow Leagues & Tournaments / 9/20/16 Legendary Realms Event
« on: September 21, 2016, 03:46:15 PM »
12 players

Hammish MacDeath
Snake Pitt
Johnny Gargano
Rob Graves
Gropar The Great and Powerful
Masked Llama
Anthony Gangone
Night Terror
Dayna Might

Too Bump? Or not to Bump? That is todays question. Deny thy turn to replenish thy hand is the strategy.

Today at Legendary Realms, I am running the Hammish MacDeath, we have a great turnout for a Tuesday night of 12 players plus 3 new players learning Supershow.

Round One :
Since we have a player running late I'm put into a triple threat match, versus Johnny Gargano and the Mercinator. GM declares it will be an elimination match, he makes a special ruling that after any Elimination the Crowd Meter will raise 1. I have a unique advantage in this match, being Hammish MacDeath I can opt out of bumps, set my hand up, which gives my opponent the option to attack another player. This is extra effective when we triple bump, because I can force my opponents to target each other. Maybe even eliminate each other, while I safely build up my hand.
 I try to hit both my opponents with Exit, Hugged by a Bear several times before it gets locked in. It leads to a near fall on the Mercinator. He battles back into the match as I selectively opt out of turns grabbing my follow up stops. Gargano sets himself up for an Atomic Clothesline but Mercinator TKO's him with a Bullseye. The Mericnator and I battle back for a few turns before I drop him with the Scottish move.
Round 2
Vs Ricochet
3 Game Set

Game 1
James has been running Ricochet from his release, when there were just 3 flip cards in cards 1-27. Over time Ricochet would become a force to be reckon with. The first game, I jump ahead early with a falling powerslam, then I counter his 630 with a chicken wing Zack Sabre Jr. style. I hit the middle rope and nail the Horns of Falstaff. An 8 Finish roll puts this away early.

Game 2
James says this is how his last match went, and is confident he can come back.
This is a great match up, every time I opt to use my Gimmick I give Ricochet the opportunity to flip some cards and replenish his hand. So o must be very selective. He has a bunch of opportunities to put me away but I keep on breaking out. Eventually with 0 cards left in his deck he is able to push through an Argentine Stretch and force a tap out.

Game 3
Special Guest Referee Lorenzo Manicotti, which means both of us get to use Lorenzo's Gimmick.
Will Lorenzo call it right down the middle or will he favor one of us??? Turns out neither one of us pack ANY cards that shuffle the deck. So he calls it right down the middle.
This match will start at level one being that it's game 3.
Early on he sets me up with a belly to belly suplex to grab himself a press slam. He throws a back breaker and I let it hit since he has nothing significant in his discard pile. He flipped a 630, off the back breaker and nails it for the win.

Round 3
Vs Johnny Gargano
Game 1
We meet again after our Triple threat. This time my stage is a Cage!
The Steel cage shuts my whole Gimmick down, and only half of his. However my deck is heavy on flipping cards which could give me the advantage. Johnny tosses me around for a little bit. I cant seem to maintain any offense. I bump into a counter with a falling Powerslam, and hit him with the Scottish move out of nowhere! This game is over fast in shocking fashion.

Game 2
I've give my opponent the option of entering the cage again, and he accepts. This game has much more back and fourth as we race to exit. I hit the Scottish move early flipping 6 ( and removing them from the game). He kicks out, but I maintain the offense and put him away with Exit, Hugged by a Bear.

Round 4
At this point we have 2 undefeated facing off, and Iam set to face Max Bruder with the Masked Llama.

Game 1
Bruder is taking a break from the Mallot Swinging Freak D2, and boy the Llama is on the loose. Game 1 is a runaway. I managed to fend off a 360 Reverse Diving Hoof Tackle, but shortly after I get planted with an Alpaca Driver.

Game 2
Hammish is not going to take that beating lightly, my event is on the line and I am fighting hard. We have a solid back and fourth match up, but I manage to absolutely steal this one with a Horns of Falstaff.

Game 3
The GM decrees it will be a Strap Match. Both us are tied together with a leather strap restricting how much we can move. Our momentum is tied together on this one.

The Stipulation.
Max handsize 6.
Whenever a player wins a turn roll, all players draw 1 card.

You get to see a lot of cards very fast, however you hand is very restricted. This one is going to be a slugfest. I come out the gate swinging, and I don't stop. Masked llama has no answers for me in this one. Scottish Move. MacDeath 3:16 says. Something witty in Iambic Pentameter.

We are off to the semi finals match.

Ricochet is the sole undefeated and the finals are left with myself, Snake Pitt, and Liger.

The GM declares the following contest will be scheduled for 1 fall. Whoever pins an opponent or counts out both opponents will advance to face Ricochet for the number 1 contender.

The stage is set for great triple threat match, All 3 of us have excellent Gimmicks in a triple threat. Liger just needs 1 lariat against any opponent to pump up his Skills, Snake Pitt can pump up his Skills when he is behind ANY opponent and as stated before I can selectively opt out of the action. (Even though this is not as effective in a first fall match, as it is elimination it still would prove itself very useful).

My Strategy here, use my gimmick as much as possible to pick up a stop and a Finish. Liger jumps ahead with an early lariat and seems to be dominating. I insist on pushing through a Scottish move and can't seem to Hit it. Just when it seems to hit on Liger, Snake Pitt buries his hand to make the save. This puts him Gimmick in effect and he battles back. Liger begins his onslaught. Liger drops me with a Donkey Lariat and I manage to kick out. Snake Pitt and Liger go at it for a while, and I throw the Scottish move over and over. Finally it Hits on Snake Pitt. He breaks out right before the 3 count. Next up, is a Lariat Bomb for Snake Pitt. The Crowd is pumped up to Level 3 so this one ends it with a 13... But Hammish Makes the save and breaks up the pin. All three competitors have thrown everything they have in this one.  Snake Pitt begins to take control. This design is piloted by Thomas Giuliante. A design he calls Sui-Pitt. The tech is to combo with his Gimmick adds use cards to add to  his turns rolls. The fight is taking  to the outside of the ring, and we scramble to Finish one another. Liger goes for a Liger Tamer on me. With just 1 card in hand and 0 cards in deck, Snake Pitt comes in with the save and drops liger with  a Fallaway slam. Snake Pitt manages to slide into the ring, and scores the double count out.

Thomas Giuliante Snake Pitt.

Thomas Giuliante Snake Pitt vs James Canty Ricochet.

Since James is undefeated, as per the GM Thomas must win 2 matches to win the event. James must win just 1 to earn a shot at  William Wagner's  Amazing Red.

Final Round.

Just like that.
Ricochet is the number 1 contender.

Ricochet w/ Vinny the Voice

#1 Punch #2 Lock Up #3 Headlock #4 Kick #5 Hip Toss #6 Armbar #7 Knife-Edge Chop #8 Belly to Belly Suplex #9 Split Finger Lock #10 Headbutt #11 Arm Drag #12 Rear Chin Lock #13 Duck 1 - Take 1 #14 DDT #15 Bear Hug #16 Shoulder Block #17 Suplex #18 Sleeper Hold #19 The 718 #20 Press Slam #21 Leg Lock #22 Clothesline #23 Backbreaker #24 Strangle Hold #25 Dropkick #26 Fallaway Slam #27 Double Armbar #28 The 630 #29 Backslide Driver #30 Argetine Stretch.

Supershow / Evolve Spectacle Card Deal.
« on: September 15, 2016, 06:10:01 PM »
As we take the first steps in producing the next stages of the Supershow we are offering a special deal to help expand your collections. If you purchase any 3 promo cards you get 2 in stock promo cards FREE, (zero price restrictions apply). If your order is over $60 you get an Autographed Spectacle Card Signed live at Evolve!

More info here.

Let's Roll.

Colt Cabana is officially released EXCLUSIVELY on
If you message us your order number we will give you a pre-released competitor and 3 promo cards with your next order on

Supershow / 1 Day Labor Day Sale!
« on: September 05, 2016, 08:04:46 AM »
Happy Labor Day to Everyone! SRG Universe is hars at work today preparing for many existing things in the World of the Supershow!

One day only we are offering an insane sale, when you buy 3 competitors we will give you 2 additional competitors FREE!

If your order is over $50 dollars we will give you the Choice of an Autographed Spectacle Card, signed from House of Glory Wrestling High Intensity 5!

These include,
Broken Matt Hardy (2)
Brother Nero (2) 2 signed 1 available
EC3 (1)
TJ Marconi and Josh Glide the team of 2 Kliq (1)
TJ Marconi (2)
Former HOG Tag Champs Private Party (1)
Rage (1)
The Chosen 1 Drew Galloway (1)
Elite Champion The Rogue Anthony Gangone (2)

First come, first serve.
Let's Roll.

Raw Deal Online / Lackey Help
« on: July 29, 2016, 06:03:56 PM »
Each time I try to unzip the raw file i get an error, Unable to expand into downloads, no file or directory. Can anyone help with this. Thanks

Supershow Leagues & Tournaments / GENCON 2016 EVENT RULES
« on: July 21, 2016, 06:51:50 PM »
Ladies and Gentleman, with GenCon just under two weeks away, here is everything you need to know about A Spectacle So Grand, it Can only be Called....The Supershow!

Our event will determine who will be the 2016 World Champion and winner of the 1st LFF Heavyweight title belt. The last competitor standing in double elimination style event will achieve wrestling immortality as the new champion. The format is a standard 30 card deck with single Competitor.

First things first, whose side are you on? Have you fallen in line with Rock Newman? Or are you to Valiant for that? Where you loyalties lie just may effect who comes to your aid when you need it the most.

What to Look out for.

Having Allies in the LFF can make all the difference in the end, you might find yourself accompanied to ringside by someone on your team. If so you will be given 3 random competitors from your team to choose from. For that match, you add that gimmick to yours.
The LFF prides it self on its uniqueness, Mirror matches will be paired together in the first round (possibly round two depending on match-ups), to guarantee different competitors make the final rounds.

Your GM might play favorites and appoint a special guest referee to make sure things do or don't get out of hand. You will be given one random Competitor card as the special guest ref. You and your opponent can use Gimmick of the special ref competitors. And heres the kicker, the winner of the match gets to keep the special guest referee card.

At least the initial 2 rounds will be best of three the third match, should you not dominate your opponent, the 3rd match of a 3 game feud will start at CROWD METER 1.

No LFF competitor gives up that easily, when the CROWD METER is at 0, the maximum FINISH ROLL is 10.
Time limit: if any round goes over 40 minutes the GM has a right to adjust the crowd meter however he or she feels in needed.
SRG Universe Spectacle cards.You may Reveal one and only 1 spectacle card per ROUND! So choose wisely, when you need help.
Good Luck Rookies.... You'll need it.

Supershow / Long Island Heavyweight Champion Deck List
« on: June 25, 2016, 07:16:27 PM »
After years, I managed to win the LFF Heavyweight Championship with the Man Himself El Super Hombre. Well, I had a little help cashing in the Cookie's Fortune.

Redeeming The Cookie's Fortune allows you to request a NO DQ title match at any point in time. The Current Game state of your opponent remains the same, and you start with 10 cards. I cashed mine in to start a one on one match.

Since then, I have been reigning champ for over 2 months, defending my title at will, I even defended it in a fatal four way elimination match, where I single handedly eliminated all 3 opponents. The highlight of my Supershow Career.

Here's my list

El Super Hombre
Entrance card: LFF Title

Lock Up
Hip Toss
Arm Bar
Forearm Shot
Scoop Slam
Split Finger Lock
Arm Drag
Rear Chin Lock
Running Lariat
Bow and Arrow
Sleeper Hold
Elbow Strikes
Neck Breaker
Leg Lock
Running Face Kick
Flying Cutter
Strangle Hold
Superman Punch
Fall away Slam
Double arm bar
El Super Smash (I am a fighting Champion, no TRASH CAN)
El Super Slam
El Super Hold

When my promo's come in I will most likely drop the suplex for the stalling vertical Suplex.

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