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Steve Blackman /topic

I know the plan is that older superstars are done for the time being but i would hate to see Steve Blackman and Hardcore Holly not get a chance. I think those are the last two from that era that are pretty much universally wanted. Will have to wait and see.

How many is "several"? A toploader can easily handle up to 5 cards without issue, and it's rigid enough that it should suit your needs.

If you're looking for something to hold more like 30-50, then I'd suggest a zip-top bag. 5 mil should be thick enough to not be flimsy but still not have a ton of bulk.

Im thinking 5-7 cards at most.

Would this be what im looking for?

Im trying to find a thing plastic holder, something not to flimsy but rather firm and thin to hold several cards for easy storage. Looking to buy a bunch of these so trying to keep costs low as well. Anyone have any suggestions.

I'd be far more interested in hearing who's enjoying what new Superstars, personally.  I'm sure there's still a lot of planning and strategy being done, testing and such.  But the hope is people will get as much time involved in using the new guys as we put into making them, heh.  :)


Put in an order for them to be professionally printed from Velacards last night. Been looking forward to using these cards for quite a while now. :D

Wow, 2 whole days before asking for more?

That's disappointing. 


Nothing wrong with throwing out ideas for what the future will hold. We greatly appreciate all the work you put into the last set and all the sets before. I didn't mean my post to have any ill intent and apologize if it came off that way.

So with V9 being recently released i know its extremely early and nothing is set in stone but who would you like to see in V10.

I think Ronda Rousey is the most obvious choice and from their i would go.....

Nia Jax
Bobby Roode
The Revival
Ember Moon

Would like some 205 to be added in the next set now that we have a 205 Live card.
Cedric Alexander
Buddy Murphy
The Brian Kendrick

Think those 10 would be a well rounded set.

Awesome looking cards. The Emma figure in the background does bother me a bit its like the Sid card all over again for me lol.

Can’t wait to see more :D

Well Gen Con is here so now the question is how soon till we see these cards

When i got back into RD in got several booster boxes. You can find some pretty cheap ones out there. I remember going with a RD Premier booster box, Fully Loaded Booster box and 2 Mania Booster Boxes.

Last two were revealed as Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin

Final Roster is

American Alpha
The Vaudevillians
Mojo Rawley
The Ascension
Tyler Breeze
Adrian Neville
Bo Dallas
Finn Balor
Shinsuke Nakamura
Alexa bliss
Samoa Joe
Baron Corbin

Hideo Itami and Apollo Crews?

I can't foresee either of those guys. Crews hasnt done much till he joined World Wide and even then that was fairly recent and as much as it pains me Hideo has been useless since coming to NXT/WWE. Im a Hideo fan but hes not deserving of a spot just yet.

Pushing for Elias and Joe myself

I would imagine soon if the idea is to release the set shortly after Gencon.

Well, not *ever* ever, but not any time soon.

If we make an exception, we'll let you know, and it won't take the place of new talent that warrants addition to the game.


I Need My WOKEN Matt Hardy in Raw Deal so i can DELETE my opponents and make them OBSOLETE

Corbin has been around for a while now so would be nice to see him. And really pulling for Samoa Joe.

Has there been any mention of when the set might be released? Around Summerslam maybe?

Didn’t realize there was any kind of demand for the Oddities. I wouldn’t be opposed to them but cant see them ever being done. There’s just so many new stars and even they go back to the nostalgia well there’s still plenty of bigger names that would be done before them.

Gives me more hope for Joe and Asuka :D

While its always nice to get new superstars I think I we we would be fine if we never get a Mojo, Bo Dallas or Accession set. Tyler Breeze on the other hand is a must, but i would prefer to get a Fasion Police set instead.

I've seen this type of sentiment come up before, and it irritated me then. Turns out it still irritates me now.

The development team's responsibility isn't to pick a single player of the game, ask them what they and only they want, and produce exactly those things. Not you, not me, not even Creed, and he's the guy doing most of the design work. Just because you personally would be fine without Mojo or the Ascension doesn't mean that everyone shares that opinion, and the opinion of those who want to see them in the game is just as valid as yours. And besides, some of my favorite decks were of superstars who I could take or leave, on TV. (The best example of this for me was Big Poppa Pump. I find him boring as sin, but his ability is awesome.) Sometimes, it's worth taking a look at those guys, because maybe a great deck idea comes to mind for a guy who you otherwise don't have an interest in.

We all have a choice here: be happy new superstars are being made, or be annoyed that they aren't exactly the ones we would create given our druthers. Why, when the choice is between happiness and annoyance, would you actively choose to be annoyed?

I never meant any illwill with that post. My intentions were more so pointing out my personal fav which believe me i know my preference holds zero weight here, but more so pointing out there are superstars in far more demand like Asuka and Samoa Joe that i would think we should get beforehand again thats just my opinion.

In the end the end i will be happy as well all will with the fact that we’re getting another fabulous set from CREED and the rest of the gang.

Yeah, Rich Swann is tricky, since there were a lot of allegations, and his wife is now denying a bunch of it.  That's a toughie, as much as I want to see him in the game from meeting him at PWG a few years back.  Ah well.

In the meantime, I'll spoil this much...  I had a plan to make a subset of NXT called Arrival, for those Superstars on that first card, either giving them a card or making that Superstar (except CJ Parker, cuz.. yeah.  haha)  So it's very likely you'll see some names that aren't in the WWE any longer, but hopefully they look and play well enough that people won't be too upset.  :)


That would give us these new Superstars.
Mojo Rawley
The Ascension
Tyler Breeze
Adrian Neville
Bo Dallas

As well as a card for:
Sami Zayn
Too Cool
Xavier Woods

Nothing to be upset about with this roster, including 6 more new Superstars. Very fitting with some logos we saw in V8.

While its always nice to get new superstars I think I we we would be fine if we never get a Mojo, Bo Dallas or Accession set. Tyler Breeze on the other hand is a must, but i would prefer to get a Fasion Police set instead.

Oh damn i forgot about Emma, shame they let her go considering how talented she is. She’s another one that would be awesome to get. Part of me says we wont get her cause she was released a while ago but then again we got a new Punk so who knows.

On a side note i think we can count out getting a Rich Swan set at this point as well.

Granted anything can happen but if we go by past sets the amount of superstars we get we should still be able to get a good chunk of new guys and still get WOKEN

"If" would be the important word in that sentence.


If you dont give us Woken Matt prepare to be.....DELETED!  :P

If we get Woken Matt can i please have a card titled “Chair of Wheels!? Mower of Lawns!?


General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Mixed match
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:04:08 PM »
To echo on others comments i just dont see this happening and really again as stated there’s so many other superstars that demand priority. You pretty much get your mixed match challenge doing tag matches and thats where it should remain.

I want to walk with Elias in the next set

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Raw Deal playmats exist?
« on: February 03, 2018, 07:08:04 PM »
I've tried doing some google searches with no results, i figured Raw Deal would be a no brainer to have like a wrestling ring play mat. Anyone know of any that have been made or released?

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