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Classic Raw Deal / Re: Cardboard currency
« on: June 18, 2020, 11:03:02 AM »
I think it would be something for this Card to Be Thrownback w/ the Added thing when played All Players search each other's Aresenal for any 2 Cards and place them in their Backstage Areas which during any players Turn these 2 Cards can be played but if Unsuccessfully Played Get Banned from the Game as that would be a Fun Card to play. And the TB Pic could be a Cardboard Fort, lolz

Yep it will be 1 for the ages and heck this cause of the 2 nights thingy as essentially WM was a 4 nights thing already if ya count the RAW/SD! before and after it mixed w/ the Takeover Events as I think the WWE should just make WM a 4 night thing from Friday til After RAW as they could make that weekend as in the Usual Friday SD! and after WM RAWs a Supershows kinda thing where ya get RAW and SD! mixed w/ NXT Stars for them 4 nights instead of doing how they usually do it w/ SD!/Takeover/WM/RAW just make them all Supershows. As far as the Hall Of Fame if they don;t wanna do 4 Nights just do Sat/Sun/Monday as the 3 Night WM Thing and the previous Friday FOX could Air the complete non-edited Hall Of Fame Ceremony commercial Free til it's over then your local News/Whatevs as they Air Nascar, NFL & MLB Games for like 3-5 hours at least weekly why not give the WWE that notion as well. as heck the HOF Ceremony could be started at 6pm.ct-10pm.ct or whatevs area you live LIVE!
As far as WM 36 being an an Empty Area it will not be "EMPTY" as the ppl for that nights card will be there just no Outside Fans but w/ Gronk now working for the WWE I see Gronk, Mojo, and Riddick all being the CARDS Crowd as this will be the 1st WM where Paul will be running things hands on while Vinny Mac stays home to watch cause Paul will tell him to stay home cause of the Virus and how much Vince hates being around Sick ppl.

When playing DVS w/ SSI can a player still make an opponent do the text of the Straight Shootin Interview about
"When this Card is in your ring, If you successfully play a card w/ "Shoot" in the title, Remove the top card of your arsenal ot make the opponent remove the top 2 of theirs" even though On DVS states "All players Straight Shooting Interview cards are Active and and are considered not to have shoot in the title for their card effects" or does the text get Negated cause of DVS?

Giving 'em High Fives and one of the big boys allow you to pad your ringside pile and grab one back, they might be good options depending on what you're trying to do and with who (also Managed by William Regal is an excellent search tool in the pre as well)

I know this might be a Few Months old but when I was thinking of Awesome FACE combos like the Stupid Trash Tralkin Interview Combo that's got Christopher Nowinski which ya use the TTI TB Feud for that and then put 2 Ol Skool Heel TTI and the Backstage Interview w/ Terri which essentially lets ya Reg like at least 2x's w/ the whole Combo of all them.
Here's a Good Face Combo for a Pre-Match as you would have to Run the Stuperstar A RAW FACE would be 2-3 Giving The High 5's Original Face and also Managed by Miss Jackie where at the End of Pre-Match you would grab them 2-3 non-unique's for the GTH5's and then ya do Miss Jackie and shuffle 10 of them back in which if ya used 2 ya get 8 and if ya used 3 you would have to leave 2 of them in your ringside Pile unless if ya made you Deck a Chain/Heat/Volley Deck then your would Restart the match ot reshuffle the rest back in

Virtual Raw Deal / The Voice Of The Voiceless ?
« on: February 01, 2020, 06:39:55 AM »
The Voice of the Voiceless     (CM Punk logo)
Pre-match Event
Cannot be blanked.  Your CM Punk-specific cards do not take up a Pre-match slot in your Ring.
Your opponent cannot Activate cards or play non-Superstar-specific reversals of D:3+ in response to your maneuvers with 'shoot' in the title.  When you successfully play a maneuver with 'shoot' in the title, draw 1 card.
When you have at least 5 lower Fortitude and your maneuver with 'shoot' in the title is unsuccessfully played, you may put I'm Straight-Edge from your Backlash into your Ring.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent

Ok my ? say Punk throws a Shoot Kicker Hold, Shoot Slam, Shoot Headlock, Shoot Punch
On them can you OG Strangle Hold (Which does 3 Damage and makes them Discard 2) or The Kicker Hold or Headlock cause both of them have Restricted Mod Symbols on them which TVOTV modifies your opponents Reversals to them and I thought RMS mean nothing can modify anything add to that card also could you play like Backlash (Which Dose 3) to the 2nd Card if it's 1 of them 4 Shoot Cards but couldn't if it were like a Shoot Suplex, Shoot Lock Up instead cause these 2 haven't got a RMS symbol on them.
So ? is can a Strangle Hold OG or Backlash be used to reverse the 1st 4 cards I mentioned or what just curious

Virtual Raw Deal / Re: Strowman versus Lesnar
« on: December 22, 2019, 04:58:09 AM »
I know this is an ol Post as I was trying to also find out like say you play Sustain Damage or The Motor Pool against Braun as On sustained Damage I think it's where you can discard any number of cards to reduce damage and on The Motor Pool for slaughter you can remove any number of TB to reduce it Damage of a Successfully play card as this is on both my ? let's say Braun plays Scoop slam w/ a is a Chain: Grapple Grapple Multi and it's successfully play can I Sustain that Scoop Slam by using The Motor Pool to remove let's say a TB Lift A boot or any other TB card and reducing the damage by 2 and also Neither Mankind or Cactus Jack an reduce the damage on set correct?

Classic Raw Deal / Re: Two Feuds
« on: November 04, 2019, 05:29:27 PM »
Yeah you could play 6 Diff Feuds w/ him as he doesn't get them as Pre-Match as he can't play Face up cards so you play up to 6 diff feuds face down and also on the flipping part when you get to Flip them Face Up their Text goes off correct like you get to Flip a Card over and for example it's Trash Talkin' Interview the Feud where you get to look at you opponents hand and make him shuffle that card in and then yours as any pre-match text goes off when play Correct.

I think you're misremembering how he works. Here's his superstar text:

The Second Coming
Starting Hand Size: 7     Superstar Value: 5
Legend Superstar Ability: You cannot flip cards face-up.  Once during each of your turns, you may play 1 face-down card as if from hand or Backlash.   
Your Feud cards are now Active Events and can be played during the Feud phase.
You may pack Unique Chris Jericho Arsenal and Mid-Match cards and I'm Better Than You.  You cannot pack Corners, Managers, Run-ins, First Of All, or Back to Basics.

He CAN play cards face-up, he cannot flip them face-up if they've been turned face-down (such as with Turning Everything Upside Down). So in the prematch, you can play feuds as following the rules for Active Events, face-up as per normal (meaning they are played as Prematch Events, take up pre-match slots as normal, they follow the rules for the Active keyword), and leave them face-up. In fact, as Active cards, you are not allowed to flip his feuds face-down (because you cannot flip Active cards face-down).

While his ability allows you to play face-down cards, I do not believe that you could play a face-down Pre-Match card with his ability because the "as if from hand or Backlash" indicates that the card you're playing has to be a legal play. Using your ability during your turn is not the pre-match phase, when it would be legal to play a pre-match card. (Ruling seems to be confirmed here:,15787.msg184748.html#msg184748).

Again, this is irrelevant for The Second Coming's feud cards, because, again, the Active keyword that they gain from his ability makes it illegal to turn them face-down.

So my bad as I never read that part on him but as far as The Original ? the only 3 or 4 that can play that I can think of are Your Freaking Hero as cause if you play World Class Athlete his Pre-Match SS Feud is an event instead so you can play like a Bitter Rivals or Trash Tralkin Interview or any other feud and also w/ Jericho or Highlight Of Night as his Storyline puts I'm Better Than You into your ring at the end of the Pre-Match phase so them are the 2 Stars I can think of right now that can play 2 Feuds or have 2 Feuds in your Ring.

Classic Raw Deal / Re: Two Feuds
« on: October 22, 2019, 04:52:11 PM »
Play Second Coming, his feuds are now active events
Yeah you could play 6 Diff Feuds w/ him as he doesn't get them as Pre-Match as he can't play Face up cards so you play up to 6 diff feuds face down and also on the flipping part when you get to Flip them Face Up their Text goes off correct like you get to Flip a Card over and for example it's Trash Talkin' Interview the Feud where you get to look at you opponents hand and make him shuffle that card in and then yours as any pre-match text goes off when play Correct.

Classic Raw Deal / Andre ? w/ The Brain
« on: October 22, 2019, 04:47:46 PM »
Is there anyway for Andre to pack and play Managed Bobby Heenan as he can pack it as he is a Legend but is there any way for him to Pack and play him as in how can you make Managed by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan as Superstar Specifc for Andre? As I can pack and play The Heenan Family but it doesn't make Managed by Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan a Superstar Spec as I would love for him to Managed by Bobby Heenan but can't.

Rules Forum / Got a ? about Unorthodox Style Of Wrestling
« on: September 09, 2019, 03:24:08 PM »
On Unorthdox Style of Wrestling it reads:
"When this card is in your ring area, whenever you play a High Risk Maneuver after a Submission Maneuver, it cannot be reversed from your opponent's hand."

The ? is on Multi that are a combo of a High Risk and either Submission, Strike, Grapple, Trademark Finisher, Action, and the Revo Counterparts.
Ok I play Wraparound Wrist Lock which becomes successful as it's a Submission Chain and that means if a play a Maneuver, It Cannot be reversed from your opponent's Backlash Deck and the next Card I play is a High Risk+Submission a Flying Choke Hold which can only be played after a Successfully played Submission.
So my ? Is this means my Flying Choke Hold cannot be Reversed from Hand or Backlash Correct? And the only way to reverse it by like Backhand Slap or a Reversal that reverse's Cannot Be reversed if they have it in their Backlash or Hand and they only can reverse from Ring or Arsenal Correct.
And this goes for all High Risk+Any Non High Risk Card Type if I play it after a Submission Correct?

Rules Forum / Re: Heat Deck Question
« on: May 02, 2019, 10:58:40 PM »
Buddha is correct and it's not 5 Heat it's 6 Heats Cards need to e in your Ringside to play a Yellow or Blue but on the Reversals you don't need to have 6. As far a HITC w/ Heat you can still play them from Ringside but you can't Re-Gen any cause of HITC while it's out there so like say you played Stay Away from Daivari you aren't able to put 3 Cards from Ringside to top of your aresenal but you can still look for them 2 Action:Heat Cards.
Also Side Note Hell In A Cell works perfectly w/ alot of the Blindside stuff so you don't have to Lose alot of Cards when playing them.
But back to the HEAT thing If you were playing w/ 1 of the Superstars listed on Hell In A Cell and tried to Re-Gen same thing as all the rest nothing your Heat Stays but if Hell In a Cell was Blanked or Not Played then you could Re-Gen w/ like a Roll Out of The Ring but if you chose 1-2 all your Heat would be removed 1st then you can do that w/ ROOTR does this help ya.

Classic Raw Deal / Backstage Politics
« on: May 02, 2019, 10:48:29 PM »
Is there any way to blank that CARD in the Pre-Match Phase by any Non-Superstar Specific Card that everyone can pack as I find that card very FN Annoying when I play my Right 2 Censor deck. So any help would be appreciated.

I run my Savage Deck based off his Ability as I wish he could pack High Flying Style as mine is nothing but Cards w/ Elbows in the Title as far as Moves. The Reason for HFS is so I don;t eat damage and wish I knew a way not to EAT them on them.

One of the Big Boys should help a little with that. Alternatively, Backed By Vickie could help if you play Smackdown high risks after your irreversible From The Tope Ropes.

Macho cannot pack Vickie; he's a legend.

I wondered why I hadn’t tried that combo myself. Whoops!

What Set is the "One of the Big Boys" In? as The only card that would help his Non-Elbows is The Opening Volley which only protects me for Reversals on Volley to my Double Axe Handle TB's as all Method gets in non-hybrids so my Collar and Elbow is screwed as I think that Card should have on instead of "Non-Hybrids of 6D or less" Should instead "be Cards w/ Elbow in the title" instead

I run my Savage Deck based off his Ability as I wish he could pack High Flying Style as mine is nothing but Cards w/ Elbows in the Title as far as Moves. The Reason for HFS is so I don;t eat damage and wish I knew a way not to EAT them on them.

Classic Raw Deal / Re: looking at the top cards of opponents arsenal
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:51:39 PM »
Uhhh Managed By Bobby Heenan allows you to as does Anytime when Shelly B successfully plays a I think a Move Look at the Top 5 Remove 1 From the GAME then put them n top or bottom in any order. Also Waddyagot as well as it was essentially what it the TB Bear Hug is now.

Fantasy Cards / Re: New Card Type
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:48:37 PM »
I'd love to know how Dusty and Lawler are doing color on their own matches.

Well didya forget the matches where Lio Rush does his Own Commentary or didya forget when Rocky did his own during his Feuds back in the day. Also I guess you've never played the WWF/E Video Games and picked 1 of the PPL whom Commentate as I've picked JBL or Jerry Lawler before and picked their Arena they commetated and it was hilarious of them essentially talking about themselves. So It's easy for a Rassler to commentate while Rasslin lolz

Rules Forum / Re: Festus
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:42:26 PM »
Yeah this is kinda like w/ MNM as they can't pack Mid-Match Cards so I pack 3 For Love of The Games, 3 Backstage Shinnegans (Which both are Pre Match Events/Mid-Match Actions) and 1 My Game, My Way (Pre-Match Event/Mid-Match Reversal) As I pack all these 7 Cards as Pre-Match but am able to play them as Mid-Match as I could also Pack A Quick BASH-ing (Pre-Match Event/Mid Match Maneuvar) but won't cause my MNM decks has always been SD!/FACE/FanFavs/CHAIN so yep you can pack them as Mid-Match Deck Build but still play them as Pre-Match if you can play Pre-Match CARDS.

Fantasy Cards / Re: New Card Type
« on: March 08, 2019, 10:22:23 PM »
Not bad but I would add in on the Eric Bischoff 1 intsead of it only being WCW or WWE it would be instead when your opponent is not a nWo Superstar or nWo Allegiance instead on that +1 Hand Size thingy

Managed by regal - yes, you can search for the cards you mentioned, and also you can only find 2 cards if you'd like and you're guaranteed to get 1 in hand.

Eugene can pack hybrid specifics as long as they are part maneuver. However, in virtual he cannot play D:3+ specific reversals

yeah as I was kinda confused by the wording of the Cards by it saying Just Straight Color Cards and not like a Hybrid or non-unique card as I made a Fun lil Stupid Eugene Deck w/ my xtra Superstar Specifics of Maneuvers and glad I don't have to remake him now. As my buddy loves it as well as hilarious it is will post what is in the Arsenal in a seperate thingy.

On Managed by William Regal and other Cards of that Nature? when it says you can search for a Non-unique Action Card, non-unique Maneuvar Card, and non-unique Reversal Card can you go get 2 Small Packages and like a Volley This. And also is Eugene allowed to pack Hybrid Superstar Specific Maneuvers as can you pack or search you arsenal for a Hybrid Card if it has 1 of them types or not? This is my ?

Classic Raw Deal / Backstage Interview w/ Terri?
« on: March 04, 2019, 07:22:31 PM »
On Backstage Interview w/ Terri it says you can put that Card into your Ringside Pile and put any number of Cards w/ Trash Tralkin Interview from your Ringside into you Ring was this a Typo and does it mean Trash Talkin Interview instead. also what all Cards have Trash Talkin Interview in the Title or Text other than Chris Nowinski:GRA and Trash Talkin Interview Feud and Heel Pre-Match just Curious?

Virtual Raw Deal / Re: 30 Days of Raw Deal Christmas
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:21:44 PM »
Exactly!  And while Bo had become quite the heel champion, his #1 challenger chasing the title finally got his big chance in the first network special for the brand, NXT Arrival.

In the first-ever Ladder Match in NXT, Bo Dallas was defeated by this man:


So does this mean on the non-maneuver thing the non-Maneuver doesn't have to be Successful for him to get the bonus Crud on "The Man Gravity Forgot" or what as that seems kinda crappy on that by oh lookee I reversed your Recovery and now I can get Free Bonuses as I think it should be if your Opponent successfully played a non-maneuver on their turn then you get the bonuses.

Virtual Raw Deal / Re: 30 Days of Raw Deal Christmas
« on: December 13, 2018, 07:53:41 AM »
Ok why on MoJo is it his FACE Side and not his HEEL Side as he don't Stay Hyped anymore unless it's to Kick your Butt like he is now since he Killed The Bros of Hype. So are you gonna make him a HEEL Type card like you done w/ Randy by having the Managed by Sherri:HEEL and Miss Liz:FACE as that would be cool. As hopefully you also release a Support Card for Tyler called the FASHION FILES where also The FASHION Police/BreeZango and Fandango can pack it that would be awesome. But awesome Cards so far for V9

Rules Forum / Re: Plus damage to reversals
« on: November 23, 2018, 04:40:13 PM »
Uhhh unless that Strike does at least 5Damage then yes you can but if it does only 4D then nope you can't as you still have to follow that Reversal's Text as the # on Overshot Your Mark or like Big Poppa Pump's "Freakzilla Says: Boom Shaka Laka!" it's a non DAMAGE 0 Reversal that makes oyur opponent eat their own MOVE. So Nope you can't play Overshot Your Mark as a 0 Damage Reversal as it does Damage and has the #as Damage so it's not a 0 Damage Reversal. But you can play like Step Aside, Return BASH for Scotty's WORM, Mlamo...Armando Alejandro Estrada, and whatevs Superstar Specifics that have a Printed 0 in the Damage Spot as you can;t play any Reversals w/ the # as they aren't 0 Damage Reversals so that means also you can't Knee To the Gut as it's a #Damage Reversal as in kinda an UnderShot Your Mark for the Stike Half.

If Bobby Heenan also drew two cards a turn and got +3D on all of his maneuvers, yeah.

Well at least Bobby's can add in Rick Rude's, Andre's, or Brain Busters Enforcer Ability to his so IDK what cards wuld help him by getting that as Either:
"Your Grapples Moves w/ "Neck Breaker" in the title are -5F"
"During Your Opponents Turn, when he successfully plays a Second Card and Damage has been applied, you may put 1 Card from your hand on the botton of your aresenal, draw 1 card and he discards 1 card and ends his turn. You may not play non-superstar specific Mid-Match Cards"
"Before each of your Draw Segments, you may look at 1 random card in your opponents hand, and then may shuffle you arsenal"

So IDK if there's Pre-Match that would allow an extra Card Drawn but there's many +D Cards.

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