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Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Re: Smash Ultimate
« on: December 09, 2018, 11:26:19 AM »
I realized something, which I shared with other friends:

Joker is now in the game. You know who got in the previous installment? Robin.

Therefore, one of the remaining DLC characters MUST be Batman!

My logic is flawless.

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Re: Smash Ultimate
« on: December 08, 2018, 05:18:54 PM »
Given the fact that Joker got in and he was on the top of my (what I thought to be) unrealistic wish list, I've got the following on my wish list.

Geno from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is one I (and most Smash players) want in. He's an underrated character from a classic SNES game that many would like to see return.

If SquareEnix is going to get another representative, I would want it to be someone not obvious. For me, Sabin Figaro (FFVI) and Tifa Lockhart (FFVII) would be my picks. Sabin and Tifa make sense as martial artists, and also avoids the "too many sword users" complaint a lot of players have.

My number one pick however is The Doom Slayer (aka The Doom Marine, aaka Doomguy) from DOOM(2016). The rebooted DOOM utterly amazed me, and The Doom Slayer might just be the greatest video game silent protagonist of all time. Plus, it appears Nintendo wants to have a special relationship with Bethesda, and what better way than including the man that makes Hell collectively s**t itself?

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Re: Smash Ultimate
« on: December 07, 2018, 05:08:43 AM »
Previously, I'd talked with John (Dilbert) about a wishlist for Smash fighters. At the top of my list was a character from an ATLUS JRPG series. However, I considered this a pipe dream and not at all realistic.

I wake up this morning and see a text message from him. I interpret it as something else, but then after I get on my laptop and go to YouTube, I see a Smash trailer which suddenly shows what his text message was actually saying.

You, me, and everyone else never saw it coming.

Noted and updated.

Fantasy Cards / Aleister Black, presented by Dilbert (with input from me)
« on: December 05, 2018, 04:04:47 PM »
Aleister Black
SHS: 6
SSV: 1
NXT SSA: Your opponent's non-F:0 reversals to your Superstar Specific cards are +6F. You may pack Face, Heel, Cheater, and Fan Favorite cards in your Alignment Deck, but you cannot pack Face, Heel, Cheater, or Fan Favorite cards in any other Area.

No Man is Ever Truly Good... No Man is Ever Truly Evil...
Alignment Deck
This deck may contain up to 6 Arsenal Face cards, up to 6 Arsenal Heel cards, up to 6 Arsenal Fan Favorite cards, and up to 6 Arsenal Cheater cards. When you reveal your Superstar card, reveal either all Face and Cheater or all Heel and Fan Favorite cards in this deck and shuffle them into your Arsenal.

During your turn, you may reveal all cards under this card. Search your hand, Ringside, removed from game, and Arsenal for all Face, Heel, Fan Favorite, and Cheater cards, and place them into your Backstage area. Then shuffle the revealed cards into your Arsenal and turn this card face down.

I Do the Things You Never Could... And We Will Never Be Equal
Pre-Match Event
When you have less Fortitude than your opponent, your non-Superstar Specific maneuvers are -#F, where # is equal to the number of cards in your opponent's hand. When you have greater Fortitude, your non-Superstar Specific maneuvers are +#D, where # is equal to the number of cards in your opponent's hand.

Before your Draw Segment, if you and your opponent have the same number of cards in hand, draw 1 card and he discards 1 card.
F:0 D:0

Silent Contemplation
Mid-Match Action
This card is also considered to be titled "From The Top Rope".
When this card is your first non-Pre Match, non-Reversal card played of the game, you may discard up to six cards. For every two cards discarded, search your Arsenal for one non-Superstar specific card, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal.
When you overturn any number of cards for your card effects, you may shuffle up to one card from your Ringside into your Arsenal.
F:0 D:0

Release The Pressure
Reversal: Special
Reverse any non-Trademark Finisher maneuver and end your opponent's turn. If the reversed card was a Submission, and you have fewer cards in hand than your opponent, choose one: your opponent discards cards until he has the same number of cards in hand as you, or you draw cards until you have the same number of cards in hand as him.
F:8 D:0

Black Mass
Trademark Finisher/Reversal: Action
Can only be reversed by a Reversal card.
When played, you may remove up to six cards in your Ring from the game. Your opponent's Reversals are +2F for each removed card.
As a Reversal, discard this card and reverse any Action. You may play the reversed action as the first card of your turn as if you had your opponent's Fortitude. If it is reversed, put Black Mass into your hand.
F:25 D:20 SV:3

Blood Moon Stomp
High Risk + High Risk
Can only be played as a Counter or after the card title "From The Top Rope".
When played after the card "From The Top Rope", your opponent's Reversals with "Multi" in the text are blank.
F:15 D:20 SV:2

Arise From The Shadows
Pre-Match Event
This card can be played can be played during any Pre-Match phase and does not take up a slot in your Ring.
When you successfully play a Heel or Cheater card, put one card from your Ringside into your hand.
When you successfully play a Face or Fan Favorite card, look at your opponent's hand, choose one card, he discards the chosen card, and draws one card.

Perpetrate Your Propaganda
Your actions are Multi, and if completely reversed, put them back into your hand.
F:0 D:0

This card is considered blank for your card effects.
When this card is in your Ring, during your turn, you may overturn 2 cards to play this card.
When this card is in your Ringside, you may overturn 6 cards to put this card into your hand.
F:10 D:10

And Now I'm Calling You Out
Discard 3 cards and shuffle 8 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal.
When the card titled "Calling You Out" is in your Ring, double all numbers on this card.
F:0 D:3

Good evening everyone!

I'm posting this up because I will be on-stream during the event. Saturday, from 6 PM to 8 PM to be specific. I will be playing Blade Strangers, a fun little fighting game, giving an overview of the game as well as having random folks come on to play with me. And if you are able, donations to benefit Extra Life would be appreciated! Gamers Heaven has a Twitch channel where the event will be streamed.

Event info can be found here. GH's Twitch is located here.

For the first time, cards have been banned from Final Fantasy TCG.

As of December 1st, Gesper [5-034C] and Thaumaturge [5-040C] are now banned from Constructed format.

To explain the cards:

Gesper is an Ice Monster which costs 2 CP. While he's in play, on your turn, you can dull him to make each player discard one card. Thaumaturge is an Ice Forward for 2 CP which, when he comes into play, makes the opponent discard a card. He also gains +4000 Power if the opponent has two or less cards in their hand.

Turbo Ice Discard is something that has been prevalent throughout the last two sets. Considering you can have multiple Gesper and Thaumaturge out, and their cheap cost, it's fairly easy to nuke the opponent's hand and make them go into topdeck mode for the rest of the game. Now in playing, I will say that Turbo Ice, while annoying, is not an unbeatable monster. In fact, speaking personally, I've faced the deck multiple times and have won as much as I've lost against it. If anything, to borrow a Raw Deal term, this seems to be based on Turbo Ice Discard being an NPE for players, and SquareEnix making the move is not only to tone down the deck, but also remove the Turbo Ice NPE.

We'll have to wait to see if Turbo Ice Discard weakens significantly to open the meta, but this is exciting news.

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Re: Smash Ultimate
« on: November 05, 2018, 03:16:41 PM »
Ken and Incineroar have been announced for the Smash Ultimate roster.

We also got something completely out of left field with Piranha Plant. I'm fairly certain this is Sakurai sticking it to the ungrateful f**kers who piss and moan about everything regarding Smash, but I'll just say I like it.

We're also getting a new single-player mode called "World of Light", which looks pretty neat.

Honestly though, the thing that got me hyped most wasn't any of the above. It was the fact that the game has a VOCAL theme, and it's absolutely beautiful.

General Chat / The only video you need to watch for Halloween
« on: October 22, 2018, 05:08:40 PM »
Found this randomly and loved it.

Slashstreet Boys - I'll Kill You That Way

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Stardew Valley
« on: October 04, 2018, 07:40:47 PM »
Just randomly throwing this out there. I have some questions, specifically about the marriage candidates. If anyone here plays, I would appreciate your answers.

1. Who did you marry?

2. If you married Penny, please explain why she is best girl.

3. If you didn't marry Penny, why are you so heartless as to keep her trapped in that trailer with her alcoholic and emotionally abusive mother?

4. If you married Shane, please explain why he is best boy.

5. If you didn't marry Shane, why are you so heartless as to not be the support he needs to help him deal with his depression and suicidal thoughts?

*reads topic*

*reads post*

How long will you be there on Sunday?

Man that leaves just Bret from the Hart Foundation of the 90's still around.

Talk about a sad family story. The Hart family story is less tragic than the Von Erichs, but really only because they lived longer. They are still all dying pretty young.  :-\

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Stu Hart was anywhere close to as much of an asshole as Fritz von Erich was. Fritz shamelessly exploited the passing of David von Erich's death to promote a supercard, which is downright scummy. He also told Kevin von Erich that the only reason he was still alive while his brothers were all dead was because Kevin wasn't man enough to kill himself.

JESUS. I never knew any of that, good lord.

You should read what Lou Thesz and Irv Muchnick wrote about Fritz. It's enough to permanently destroy your faith in humanity.

Man that leaves just Bret from the Hart Foundation of the 90's still around.

Talk about a sad family story. The Hart family story is less tragic than the Von Erichs, but really only because they lived longer. They are still all dying pretty young.  :-\

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Stu Hart was anywhere close to as much of an asshole as Fritz von Erich was. Fritz shamelessly exploited the passing of David von Erich's death to promote a supercard, which is downright scummy. He also told Kevin von Erich that the only reason he was still alive while his brothers were all dead was because Kevin wasn't man enough to kill himself.

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Re: Smash Ultimate
« on: August 10, 2018, 05:44:31 PM »
That makes me wonder... why has Birdo never shown up in Smash, apart from being a stage hazard in Mushroom Kingdom II?

If we're gonna get another Mario character, Geno, Fawful, or Popple need to be at the front of the line.

I was at GenCon and I visited the Raw Deal guys several times. There were definitely prizes there, laid out and ready to be taken.

Either you didn’t see them Jokerfish or you did but didn’t realize you could take some.

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Smash Ultimate
« on: August 09, 2018, 04:17:30 PM »
Super Smash Bros Ultimate seems to be at this point Masahiro Sakurai giving fans whatever they ask for. Ridley being the first new character introduced was something long anticipated but never thought a reality. But now thanks to the Nintendo Direct yesterday, it seems "Give the fans whatever they want" is the primary factor for new additions. Proof:

There's tears flowing. But they're not bloody, that I can assure you.

Finally got his lazy ass off the Gangplank Galleon.

With that in mind, I have only one thing to say:


I try to avoid net decking all together. I like to be known for being original rather than just a rip off of anothers idea. In yugioh and dicemasters i won several big events and was wierd seeing the net deckers play the decks. Was funny that they couldnt play it or have no concept of my playstyle or why i make choices the way i do. Like in raw deal my deck choices are heavily dependant on everyone thinking someone is crap so i build on the idea and play it till i make it the best it can be.

The point of my article is to say that no, netdecking isn’t necessarily that.

The next article will be about what you should and should not do when netdecking.

Hey everyone! Just wanted to link you guys to something I did.

At the June 30th Zodiac Trial, I proposed to John Schreiner and Dan Cousillas, two of the top FFTCG players in New Jersey, and the owners of EXP+, an online FFTCG site, a series of articles about netdecking. John had said he was working on one, but welcomed me to submit it to him.

I did so, and John was so impressed by it, both the tone and formatting of it, that he decided to scrap his article on netdecking and gave me the go-ahead to write my series.

The article recently went up (The date it went up was actually July 25th, not July 5th.). You can find it here.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Quick opinion poll
« on: July 19, 2018, 08:25:45 PM »
I've just got a quick question for everyone: Would you agree or disagree that the TK support for Raw Deal back when it was officially running was a negative from a gameplay aspect, to the point of it being a major issue?

I'm asking because I got into a debate with some fellow Final Fantasy TCG players about the promo support for the game. The first three promos made were unique cards not found in any set, but after that, it was changed to alternate art versions of pre-existing cards. Some FFTCG players want unique cards that aren't printed in any set as promos/prize support, but I stated my opposition to this, because in my experience as a Raw Deal player, some of the cards in TKs became absolute necessities for decks, and not having them put you at a disadvantage. This created scenarios of players who won and had those cards, and players who didn't and fell behind as a result unless they shelled out cash for them on eBay or elsewhere. To me, this was a major problem, and it's because of that experience in Raw Deal I am against any sort of unique prize cards.

What are your thoughts?

Gaming Discussion (Everything Else) / Re: New ccg to play?
« on: July 16, 2018, 10:38:22 AM »
It’s not got the exact criteria you’re asking for, but the Final Fantasy TCG is an excellent game. A lot of strategy involved and opportunities for clever play. The great thing about it is that every card in your deck is a resource. Plus, while you don’t build around a single character, it is very character-based, as you attack the opponent with characters from the many Final Fantasy games.

Sports Discussion / Re: 2018 World Cup
« on: July 15, 2018, 02:44:03 PM »
France defeats Croatia 4-2 to capture their second World Cup. Luka Modric wins the Golden Ball as the tournament’s best player, Thibaut Courtois wins the Golden Glove for allowing the fewest goals, Harry Kane wins the Golden Boot as the tournament’s top scorer, and Kylian Mbappe wins the award for the tournament’s best young player.
...but did Tony Adams win the golden spool of barbed wire?  ;)


No, that goes to the very loud minority of Liverpool fans who whined about Harry Kane being named captain and openly rooted against England because of it. Their guy Jordan Henderson wasn’t made captain, so those idiots hoped England would lose. For that, they win the Golden Spool of Barbed Wire They Can Go F**k Themselves With.

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