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Online Organized Play / Re: Lackey tournament #14 .... Take two???
« on: February 24, 2019, 08:00:52 PM »
probably. im off for 4 days after tomorrow

Online Organized Play / Re: Lackey tournament #14 .... Take two???
« on: February 21, 2019, 08:11:46 PM »
ill give it the ol college try. been a while. Asuka

Classic Raw Deal / Re: Discord Channel
« on: November 27, 2017, 11:03:49 AM »
just joined it myself...havent been around too much since i moved to Cali

Classic Raw Deal / Re: NXT as the fourth format for Worlds
« on: November 27, 2017, 11:02:34 AM »
Im all for NXT being added as an official format. I'm slightly biased being the two time two time nxt nxt gencon gencon champion champion, but I really like it as a format. With only 8 instead of 12 backlash slots you reaaaaalllly need to consider a lot of thing when choosing your midmatch. (90% of my decks nowadays have like the same exact midmatch. SPecifics + the same red. ). Yes, it's simplified to an extent, due to not having 25 backstage cards, but, I really do think it's a "think outside the box a bit" format.

I am fairly bummed I missed the top 4 despite going 3-1, but i had to take a countout in the first round due to time, but those are the breaks. I only lost about 4 total games the entire weekend so i was happy about that, and I am still the two time, two time reigning and defending NXt champion

Supershow Fantasy / Re: Create a Competitor Competition #3
« on: November 06, 2016, 10:16:07 AM »
The ones that are up so far look great! Can't wait to see the rest!

Supershow Fantasy / Re: Create a Competitor Competition #3
« on: October 27, 2016, 12:40:55 PM »
Inferno (Real name, Rhiannon Marshal.)

Gimmick: When you successfully play a maneuver, both players discard a card. (basically the hands are "burning away" ).

Backstory: Growing up, Rhiannon was always picked on in school. She was always bigger than the other girls, and in fact, she was bigger than most of the male's too. The problem with this was that Rhiannon quickly developed a very bad temper. A human can only take so much picking on before they snap. Because of her temper, she was always getting into fights (9 times out of 10, winning said fights, but that's beside the point). This caused her to be suspended VERY often from school, and on three occassions, she was even expelled (one time, she broke a girl's arm).

Her family, determined for her to get an education,even gave up everything to move to another city and try to get her a fresh start, however, it did not work. This caused a divide between her and her family, and she ended up getting abandoned by them while she was still in high school. They felt she was a lost cause.

She spent the next few months homeless, resorting to petty theft and so forth to survive. Eventually she found a group of orphans, and fell in with them, wanting to protect them. Over the next few years she would pick up odd jobs, just to feed and shelter her new group of friends (mainly in hotels and the like), never letting anyone know who she really was. However, most of these jobs ended up with her being fired, because as much as she tried to run away from it, she still had that fiery temper. 

It was then she realized her back was against the wall. She needed to find a way to channel her anger, or she would never be able to live a normal life. She sought out someone to help her channel her anger, and she ended up finding a back-alley Gym. It was run by a man known only as "Mace", and he trained her. He also introduced her to something akin to a fight-club, where she could pummel people, and get paid for it if she won. She did this for a few months, building up not only a reputation, but a bit of a bank account. However, she was not enjoying hurting people that badly. Mace understood, and handed her a flyer. On the flyer were the letters "L-F-L". Mace thought that she might enjoy being a part of the LFL. He told her to seek it out, and, with a smile, hugged her and sent her off. He had become somewhat of a father figure to her over the years (she was 23 now)

Look and Stature:
5'11, muscular, somewhat of a cross between Dana Brooke and Beth Phoenix. She has several tattoos, the most noticeable ones being a flame going down her right thigh, and a dragon coiled around her left arm and breathing fire onto the back of her left hand. Jet black hair, with red streaks in it that goes down to her shoulders. Both of her ears are pierced multiple times, and, while her ring gear covers it up, her navel is also pierced. Her natural eye color is icy blue, but she almost always wears red contacts to match her fiery temper.

Ring Gear/Entrance:
Inferno wears a one piece outfit (like Natalya, Beth, etc). It is a dark red in color, with some black, Matches her hair. The left arm sleeve is nonexistant, as is the right leg sleeve. She is proud of those two tattoos, and shows them off. The knee and elbow pads, which are black in color, with flames on them,and are on the outside of her outfit. Her boots are also black, with red flames going up the sides. They go up to about her shin.

As for her entrance herself, on the titantron, her name appears in the middle of flames on the top and bottom and sides of the screen. As she walks down the ramp the sides of the ramp catch fire as she walks by (of course it could just be CG fire for safety reasons). During special BIG matches, the fire extends to the stage.

Skills in the Ring:

Inferno is incredibly strong. She is far mroe likely to knock you out than to tap you out, however she has very good psychology in the ring, and tends to focus on one or two areas of the body with her moves. Everything she does comes off as brutal looking, even if it's not actually that damaging.

Power: 10
Technique: 8
Agility: 6
Strike: 9
Submission: 5
Grapple: 7


Blazing Phoenix - Top Rope Metora (She leaps form the top rope striking both of the opponents shoulders with both her knees simultaneously, driving them down to the mat. Hard.)
+2 Agility
+1 Technique
Both players discard their hands.

Burnout - Inferno throws her opponent backwards over her head, generally dropping them onto the top rope, and when they bounce off the rope she grabs them from behind, lifts them, in an electric chair, turns and slams them face first into the mat.)
+2 Grapple
+1 Submission
Both players flip cards equal to the finish roll.

Quelling Flames - (Straightjacket Choke hold, however Inferno presses a knee into the back of her opponent to add to the pressure)
+3 Submission
+1 Technique
Both Players bury cards from their discard pile equal to the number of cards in their hand.

Nick0 gets the win via i don't care enough because life is kicking my arse right now

edit: im not dropping, yet. Ill try again next round

The amazing 3MB pins the maachooo maaaann with some painful ehath slater eeversals :P

Tournament Reports / Re: Gencon 2016 Results Thread
« on: August 07, 2016, 05:02:51 PM »
Thanks everyone. I too will post my experiences in worlds once I'm back in my own home!

10x FTTR TB in backstage (might become like 6 and 4 middle turnbuckles) pokes and shakes to trigger fttr if you dont reverse from hand/backlash, into vickie protected high risks. ill post the deck and stuff for those curious after my WoW raid

GG again man I just abruptly left because i was mad at myself for not doing better in this tournament. I take losses hard haha.

The great Miz and Charlotte defats Stevie and his gals via DQ..The goddess tried to return to smackdown but forgot she was branded raw

Tournament Reports / Re: All axxess tournament
« on: June 06, 2016, 12:45:01 PM »
This tournament, surprisingly wasn't all that mad as far as AA goes. I still hate AA with the very fiber of my being but, People needed reps. I decided to run <R> John Laurinitis. The idea was to stuff <R> Edge Clipper and Unleashed Bomb under <R> GM of Raw and Smackdown, let them get to 10 then hit unleashed bomb to get started.

Round 1: Eckhari (The Showstopper)

This was a pretty back and forth match. It was a standard Showstopper deck, throw moves from ringside, keep pushing until stuff sticks. The first pinfall came when I Batista's Spinebustered one of his strikes. The fact that Mania popped on his own turn was a problem, since it blew up both hands (unfortunately I drew Shocking Interference which was kind of useless lol). Either way we went back and forth a little bit, and, in a fun twist of irony, I pinned him with Sweet Chin Music as a reversal :P.

Round 2: Omniuma06 - Tommy Dreamer

I honestly had no idea what Tommy Dreamer even DID at first. That said I completely forgot about Immune to Pain being there, so when I went to throw Edge Clipper, It got Elbowed. The fact that he could make his moves into Throw's also made it diffcult to me, at least until I got to 10 (but by then he has enough Fort for all his reversals ), but even then I don't have alot of recovery in this deck. I couldn't keep up.

Round 3: Mull (Stinger)
This game can mostly be summed up in one word. Sponge. He sponged SO Much (to a point I Batista Spinebustered him three times, since he removed it twice with off your marks). However, The way my deck is constructed, It has alot of painful reversals, and EVENTUALLY I was able to pin him with sweet chin music as a reversal.

top 4: Omniuma06 Tommy Dreamer

I decided to paly this game a bit differently, and It worked a bit better. Instead of Putting <R> Edgle Clipper and Unleashed Bomb under his pre match, I put Unleashed Bomb and Kanes 3 fort 4 damage Antic. My plan was to use my one shot at restricted use (he was a no escape deck), to sidewalk slam him and bridge into the antic. It worked, and this game ended up being much closer than the last one. I still couldnt deal with the wave of Throws/Holds he turned his moves into, and still fell in the end.

All in all, I think Johnny L is okay in AA. I think he kind of sucks in revo still, mostly due to only being able to play on average 2 corners (you could play 3...but that feels a bit much). In AA he can get 4 (I thought 4 was a good number.) I'm sure he would be better with a different set of corners/combination of cards, but I was okay with how it turned out

For the record, I used:
Batista - Unleashed Bomb, Batistas Spinebuster, <R> Guardian Powerslam, <R> The Demon Bomb
HBK - Grapple With your Faith x2, <R> Triumph, <R> Sweet Chin Music
Edge: <R> Leave it All Behind, <R> The Rated R Spear, <R> Everything Has Come to Life, <R>, Edge Clipper
Kane: <R> Kane's Big Boot, <R> Get Ready to Burn In Hell, <R> Nothing Can Stop Me, Big Freak'n Uppercut

Yeah that opening sealed it pretty much lol. Plus not being able to stop Done since i couldnt play reversals from hand.

Classic Raw Deal / Re: Best God pack.
« on: May 23, 2016, 11:22:48 PM »
Mine was Velocity. I pulled 2 Flaunt it's in one pack, 3 in the box.  and back then Flaunt it was a super chase UR so i got a LOT of store credit at dark tower for the extra 2 :P

You're deifntiely NOT holding the tournament up alot of people havent played yet. And you saw our cards jsut fine which means you're fully updated

The great miz and morrilette pins nikki bella by sneaking up on her and blindsiding her with a takedown

there has been contact with me and jokerfish, but he's been busy and sick, so hopefully we can get it done in the next few days.

The Great one defeats Leader of the peepulation via Disqualification (he had sidewalk slam + one thing to say), but to be fair he had 2 cards left in deck and there were sitll 2 wrestlemanias to go through

it's JarekMace not Jerk Mace :(

Classic Raw Deal / Re: Stall Decks
« on: March 24, 2016, 11:31:25 PM »
I think these days, stall decks have mostly been replaced by sponge decks, and/or redwall decks. Personally speaking I love playing compelete redwall decks that just shut down another person and makes them afraid to throw moves.(hell, i've even been nicknamed Captain Redwall by my play group, and i take pride in that) Sponge decks are fun, but I guess Sponge and stall are very similar. I do agree that most of the time they are not fun to play against, but, as for it being fun for the person playing it, I think it would have to be fun for them to even want to play it.

However, with that said, I do not think it needs to be changed. I do not think something should be done to prevent that play style, in fact, it's a breath of fresh air from the german suplex tb/atomic lariat/presciscion haymaker decks that so many people play, in my opinion, and i would not mind seeing it get a boost in the future.

Tournament Reports / Re: Cube Event (and some explanation) - 3/9/15
« on: March 10, 2016, 12:27:31 PM »
I ended up 2nd in the bidding order. I didn't want Raven (who went first) so I said why not, Ill bid on Shelton and I got him for one specific. Incredible athleticism is good, but the other cards were better. Worlds Greatest Upset, Greco Roman Specialist (it was modificed for the cube to pick up 2 moves, as well as able to put it in the backlash deck from anywhere), and 2 I've seen the light (in a format where can onlys are at a premium, these are way too good to give up)

The second I was offered him i started thinking about what was in the cube, and decided i would try to draft any hard to reverse to use my ability as much as possible.

I did the backlash drafting a little different than the others, it seemed that they all went for full backlash decks, but I just drafted enough to play my 5. I drafted 2 managers, though, Regal if i was lower SSV, Coach otherwise,  so i had 5 pre.; Managed by William Regal, Managed by The Coach (which had been modified to search out any non unique move, and then you could discard 2 to pick up any card), <R> WWE Championship Belt (modified to search out any non-unique card), World's Greatest Upset, and Frankie Takes Hollywood (reverses any ace now)

My Mid Match ended up being: Dirty Low Blow, Panic Grab, Cow on Ice, Backlash (Im always so excited to hit this card), Before this gets out of hand (reverse any mean or antic/action if its not the first card of the turn), Sustain Damage.

During the game, Generally speaking, I would let the opponent hit their first move, responding with either oversell if i had it, or sustain so i could cow them if they kept going. I would then DLB into Panic Grab + Modified Clutch onto Opponent, so now I'm at 8 and have access to most of my deck. From there, I had 2 of the 3 rakes, the nerve hold, and a bunch of other mid-range reversals to sit on, and I would throw protected moves or blindsides end grind you down, while pain reversaling you. I also had the preciscion sleeper, the shoot lockup, the preciscion haymaker, amongst other things.

First Round I beat <R> Flair, after Powerslamming him he couldnt really recover (i'm pretty sure he's going to Power slam me IRL if i hit him with one more power slam in the next few weeks :P)

Second Round, I beat Batista, somewhat surprisngly. He got rid of my Frankie Ho so my reversals went back to doing no damage, and his hand blew up really fast, (he had batistas spinebuster in his hand from the start of the game),so I had to resort to ONLY throwing protected moves he couldnt touch.

Third Round I ended up losing to <R> Stone Cold, This was a back and forth match, and surprisingly it was the first time Wrestlemania had gotten popped all night. I was content with letting him kill himself with Mania, but he eventually was able to find his flurry of strikes to get rid of mania from his ringside. And eventually I ran out of moves to throw.

All in all it was a fun cube. I learned what kind of stuff was at a premium to draft (Blindsides being the top because they have no downside in this format). I hope Crashers hockey schedule aligns so we can attend more in the future.

Tournament Reports / Re: Allentown NXT Format 3/6/2016
« on: March 06, 2016, 10:41:43 PM »
Personal Report and thoughts:

Round 1: The Bye (0-0)

Man this was a tough match. In the end I was able to pull it off. And then I went and got food :P


Round 2: Dilbert05 (The People's Team)

I did my standard tech of searching for face stretch, putting it under luck is for losers. I had an opening hand size of 4 vs him which worried me. He removed my Spinner Belt with Managed by Vince, but, lucky for me, he did not draw an opening move. So i played Face stretch, and surprisngly he didnt reverse that either, so I played perfectly executed tope,protected by vickie, since it was the first non f:0 smackdown move (face stretch was F:0) which also went through. From there it spiraled out of control. I spine bustered him, and at that point my ability was turned on (i had a grapple a submission and a high risk in my ring area), and I threw vickie protected moves, and kept my hand up to deal with the chain trait.


Round 3: Allentown Lou (Rock and Sock)

Rock and sock is really really strong. I was able to get my face stretch out, but other than that he was able to reverse my protected moves (he had alot of speciifcs and D:0 reversals), and relentlessly threw volely moves at me, which forced me to play things like spine buster and sidewalk slam as a move just so he didnt pick stuff back up. Eventually the barrage became too much and I succumbed


Top 4: Crashliner (JBL)

Once again I got my 8 fortitude, and clawed my way from there up. I got to 13 fort, and the deciding factor in the match was basically he played Preciscion Haymaker, I Power slammed it, next turn he 10 gallon hatted, picked up the haymaker, and I power slammed it again. (8 hours later he's still yelling at me that 2 power slams was overkill :P), then he switched and threw a grapple which got spine bustered. I felt pretty bad about it honestly. I pack 2 of each and got lucky to have them in my hand when i needed them.


Finals: Dilbert05 (The People's Team)

Part of me was really hoping that he drew an ass hand again, but another part of me was hoping for quite frankly a more fun match. And that it was for a while. An early highlight was Him playing  Flawless Transition + Scoop Slam, and me using my abiltiy on the flawless transition (because the belt he removed again was in my ringside pile), and then I had 2 reversals in my 4 cards for his scoop slam. The game started to get out of hand again, but he threw a very well timed preciscion kick, and I did not have a reversal in hand for it (since power slam doesnt hit kicks), which got him to 9 which let him play a shoot lockup only from arsenal, and then the hand part of his ability was turned on. At that point I couldnt win, since one of the major win conditions of my deck is pain reversals from hand.


All in all Daniel Bryan I feel is really good, I mean a lot of people can get that free fort, but Daniel Bryan also has some REALLY powerful low-mid fort support cards. I'm definitely looking foward to seeing more NXT tournaments, theres so much untapped potential in the format, even avoiding the NPEs.

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