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Hi Everyone

Our next tournament will be at GTG Warzone on 19th August.

This has a special rule of Virtual Superstar Cards Only.

You may also only pack 35 non common and uncommon.

Backlash is also to be 10/10 as no Allegiance Phase.

£2.50 to play all day in the store.

11 Players Turnout and Standing

Gareth - Hulk Hogan TB - 4-1
Irwin - The Great Khali - 4-1
Jamie - DDP - 4-1
Jack - Scotty 2 Hotty - 3-2
Brandon - Beast Incarnate - 3-2
Dave - Seth Rollins - 2-3
Weaver - Sting - 2-3
Steve - Natural Disasters - 2-3
Mark(Me) - Vader - 2-3
Duddy - Bray Wyatt - 1-4
Malc - Sasha Banks - 0-3

Round 1
Hogan beat Rolllins
Sting beat Khali
DDP beat Sasha Banks
Scotty 2 Hotty beat Bray Wyatt
Vader beat Natural Disasters
Bye to Beast Incarnate

Round 2
Hogan beat Vader
Khali beat Bray Wyatt
DDP beat Scotty 2 Hotty
Sting beat Beast Incarnate
Rollins beat Natural Disasters
Bye to Sasha Banks

Round 3
Hogan beat Scotty 2 Hotty
Khali beat Beast Incarnate
DDP beat Sting
Vader beat Seth Rollins
Bray Wyatt beat Sasha Banks
Bye to Natural Disasters
Sasha Banks dropped out. Malc didn't like his creation

Round 4
Hogan beats DDP
Khali beats Vader
Scotty 2 Hotty beats Rollins
Beast Incarnate beats Bray Wyatt
Natural Disasters beat Sting

Round 5
Khali beat Hogan
DDP beat Vader
Scotty 2 Hotty beat Sting
Beast Incarnate beat Natural Disasters
Rollins beat Bray Wyatt

Three players finished 4-1, after strength of schedule was calculated it revealed Hogan and Khali would wrestle again in the final

Hogan as always rises to the occasion in the bigger match and beats Khali for the Virtual crown.

The decision from our winner is that Virtual superstar specifics would be allowed but not anything else. This was also tagged with the line. Less reading, Reading is for nerds.

Well done to Gareth playing the only non virtual superstar without any virtual cards and winning.

Good to see Raw Deal still getting some play in Scotland

Hosted by the fabulous GTG warzone in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Fight for the Future or Protect the Past.

The stakes will be high. This will determine if virtual is removed from our decks and tabletops for the rest of 2017.

All non-Revolution cards are legal with the following packing rules. You may only pack 30 cards total that are not (comic images printed) common or uncommon.

Protect the Past
If you wish to join this team and banish virtual for 2017 then come to the tournament with a deck built of all non-virtual cards with the general restriction above. You may pack 5 extra non-rare cards. Good Luck.

To Fight for the Future
If you wish to join this team you must build a virtual superstar with the general restriction above and you have to announce in the event who you are playing on or before my actual birthday 6th May even if you aren't sure if you can make it. You may even announce a virtual superstar but on the day arrive with and play a Non-virtual superstar following the Team Past build rules.

The winner will decide if Virtual stays or not.

Hi Big Pimpin

This was a sealed deck event where the starters were provided and players made up three boosters worth of cards that they could add in to the starter to make a deck so the tech is probably not very optimal.

The Starter I created for Big Boss Man was the Lock Him Up Edition
Essentially anything remotely link to the police was in there so Handcuffs and FistiCuffs. Any card with lock in it and the rare in the starter was a cLaw

Hi everyone

Our first foray into virtual saw 6 players choose from made up starters and adding boosters to them to make a day and play. As we were only 6 players we played a round robin format where everyone played everyone else.

Our Players and Superstars
Jack as Scotty 2 Hotty
Martyn as Big Boss Man
Duddy as Rock and Sock Connection
Mark as Mark Henry
Mr Nikk as Kofi Kingston
Dave as Dolph Ziggler

Round 1
Mark Henry pinned Dolph Ziggler
Big Boss Man pinned Kofi Kingston
Scotty 2 Hotty pinned Rock and Sock

Round 2
Rock and Sock pinned Dolph Ziggler
Kofi Kingston pinned Mark Henry
Big Boss Man pinned Scotty 2 Hotty

Round 3
Scotty 2 Hotty pinned Dolph Ziggler
Mark Henry pinned Big Boss Man
Rock and Sock pinned Kofi Kingston

Round 4
Dolph Ziggler pinned Kofi Kingston
Scotty 2 Hotty pinned Mark Henry
Big Boss Man pinned Rock and Sock

Round 5
Big Boss Man pinned Dolph Ziggler
Scotty 2 Hotty pinned Kofi Kingston
Rock and Sock pinned Mark Henry

This left the standings after the round robin as
Martyn - Big Boss Man - 4-1
Jack - Scotty 2 Hotty - 4-1
Duddy - Rock and Sock Connection - 3-2
Mark - Mark Henry - 2-3
Dave - Dolph Ziggler - 1-4
Mr Nikk - Kofi Kingston - 1-4

We didn't play a final but equal standings were broken by the winner of that match up

Martyn and Big Boss Man wins our first Virtual tournament. Next time will see a larger usage of the virtual cards now we have a taste for it.

Venue is
GTG Warzone, 12 Brunswick Street, Stoke-on-Trent. ST1 1DR - 10.30 am start

Welcome back sports entertainment fans. We just got a whole lot bigger with a whole host of new superstars arriving in the squared circle.

Whether you wanna stomp over your opponents with the World's Strongest Man (Jamie) or time warp back to the good old days and team up with the Rockers. Raw deal now has them all.

For this tournament - I will be making a whole host of 60+ card starter decks for superstars new and old. Some Backlash cards will be included.

What you have to do is bring in your sealed boosters and your 'A' game.

You need to bring in 3 boosters worth of cards. A booster consists of 15 cards - 1 rare, 4 Uncommons and 10 Commons.
The following rules apply to what you bring. You can only have 1 of any rare, 2 of any uncommon and 3 of any commons (even set ups) across your 3 boosters with a maximum of 6 mid match. You also have to follow a distribution rule. You can't choose a card of the same type until you have included a card of every other type. The types are
Hybrid - No other choice may be a hybrid
Pre Match
High Risk

Bring a list of your cards so you take home the correct cards after the tournament. You'll probably want to bring sleeves too.

You may force a starter to be made and included by posting a comment below of the superstar you would like to see. You may choose two.

The winner of the tournament and rank will determine a draft order for choosing superstars from the virtual set I have. Those not attending but would like some superstars can send me their preferred draft order and I will draft them decks to play at a later date based on their order of importance.

Virtual Raw Deal / Re: Printing Virtual
« on: October 04, 2016, 04:47:32 AM »
Thanks All.

I picked our set up yesterday and the printers asked me if I could provide the individual images and they would create a full set of correctly aligned files for me so we don't have this problem again.

I'll mail Creed and see if this is possible as may help everyone as a whole.

Rules Forum / Re: Virtual Pre Match and Requirement
« on: September 29, 2016, 10:24:56 AM »
Going to look at virtual 3

Rules Forum / Re: Virtual Pre Match and Requirement
« on: September 29, 2016, 10:15:19 AM »
So Requirement: WCW for instance

Is that just the superstar has to be WCW in classic or do these cards only have a function in Revolution?

Rules Forum / Virtual Pre Match and Requirement
« on: September 29, 2016, 05:33:32 AM »

Currently pre-match and mid-match capacity is 6 cards? Does this mean backlash can contain 12 and 12.

Also Requirement: something
What exactly does this mean on a card? Doesn't seem to be in the glossary and I can't seem to find an answer.

Any help would be appreciated


Virtual Raw Deal / Re: Printing Virtual
« on: September 29, 2016, 05:21:06 AM »
Does anyone have a combined .doc file of maybe each set maybe instead of all the little .doc files.

Virtual Raw Deal / Re: Printing Virtual
« on: September 29, 2016, 05:19:22 AM »
The doc files seem much harder to combine and to get the better price I needed all pages together.

Thanks for the tips.

Virtual Raw Deal / Printing Virtual
« on: September 29, 2016, 12:23:59 AM »
Hi all,

We are only just starting to use Virtual so in a bid to catch up I merged all the PDFs into 1 and got a printer to print on card and cut which they are doing but they advise that some of the pages are aligned different so cutting is proving difficult. Does anyone have files that are , for want of a better phrase, printer ready and all aligned the same?

My printer also advised that some cards are smaller than others on he PDFs but we are yet to determine which.

Any help would be appreciated


Tournament Reports / Re: Raw Deal Olympics 2016 - 20th August - Stoke, UK
« on: September 23, 2016, 05:24:42 PM »
See our Winner's Wall of all tournaments since that day in 2009 when we started to flop cards again

Aug 2016 - Raw Deal Olympics 2016 - Irwin - JBL
Jun 2016 - Road to Hell - Mark - Rene Dupree
Apr 2016 - Wrestlemania III - Irwin - Heat Seekers
Feb 2016 - The Sorting Hat - Hubbard - Mr Kennedy
Jun 2015 - Great British Bash Off - Mark - Brother's of Destruction
Apr 2015 - King of the Ring - Duddy - HBK Shawn Michaels
Jan 2015 - Eddie's Invitational Birthday Bash - Jamie - Chyna
Jun 2013 - Money in the Bank III - Mark - Billy and Chuck
May 2013 - Oddville - Jack - Hurrifriends
Mar 2013 - Queensberry Rules - Duddy - Undertaker
Sep 2012 - Raw Deal Olympics 2012 - Jack - Shelton Benjamin
Jul 2012 - Bookerman Homecoming Invitational - Steve H - Bookerman
Jun 2012 - Sealed Slaughter III - Martyn - John Cena
May 2012 - Wrestlemania II - Gareth - Dude Love
Feb 2012 - Royal Rumble 2012 - Eddie - Phenom
Jan 2012 - WWE Rejects - Jack - Viscera
Nov 2011 - Balls of Steel - Jack
Sep 2011 - King Cheeseball Invitational - Jamie - JBL
Aug 2011 - Money in the Bank II - Steve C - Buh Buh Ray Dudley
Jul 2011 - Raw vs Smackdown - Jamie
May 2011 - S-Tag Team Tornado - Jack
Apr 2011 - Wrestlemania I - Gareth
Mar 2011 - Halfway House - Mark - Los Guerreros
Feb 2011 - Royal Rumble 2011 - Martyn
Jan 2011 - 20/20/20 - Jamie
Oct 2010 - Hassall Birthday Invitational - Jack
Aug 2010 - Sealed Slaughter II - Scott
Jul 2010 - Money in the Bank - Jack
May 2010 - Champion of Champions - Jamie
Apr 2010 - Old School Wrestling - Jamie
Mar 2010 - Wargames - Jamie
Sep 2009 - Tag Team Turmoil - Martyn
Aug 2009 - Sealed Slaughter I - Jamie
Jamie - 8 Wins
Jack - 7 Wins
Mark - 4 Wins
Martyn - 3 Wins
Duddy - 2 Wins
Gareth - 2 Wins
Irwin - 2 Wins
Eddie - 1 Win
Scott - 1 Win
Steve C - 1 Win
Steve H - 1 Win
Hubbard - 1 Win

Tournament Reports / Raw Deal Olympics 2016 - 20th August - Stoke, UK
« on: September 23, 2016, 05:18:43 PM »
Hi Everyone

First of potentially many tournament reports from me. My group in Stoke restarted playing Raw Deal 2 years after the game ended in 2009. We made things different each time by making Gimmick tournaments to stop the game from becoming stale. Eventually we came up with a build point system to try and balance all superstars and hopefully change the meta around a bit and get other superstars played. We banned Legends and BASH as they seemed to dominate more than they should. Then you had 100pts to build your deck, backlash and all. Superstar Specifics cost 5pts, Promos cost 4pts, Rares cost 3pts, Uncommons cost 2pts and Commons are free. Our play group are now venturing into a new age of virtual so we hope to learn from your experiences so far and see what we can bring to the table.

So there's a bit of background so shall we get to this specific tournament

Every 4 years I have run an Olympic tournament and changed the usual trophy we give out to medals. There has been different formats. The Triathlon in 2012 but this year we decided to make it a team event. Each team of 3 had to field a superstar of 2 value or less, a tag team superstar, and their captain a superstar of 3 value or more. Here was the final team line ups.

Team JBL
Irwin as JBL
Addy as Jeff Hardy
Jack as Edge and Christian

Team Cena
John as John Cena
Martyn as Al Snow
Truan as Team Angle

Team Booker
Mark(Me) as Booker T
Duddy as D'von
Steve C as APA

Team Rock
Dave as The Rock
Weaver as Viscera

and finally

Team Hogan
Dan as Hollywood Hulk Hogan (TB)
Malc as Rey Mysterio
Scott as Right To Censor

And this is what happened

Round 1
John Cena beat RTC
APA beat Rey Mysterio
Viscera beat Hulk Hogan
Al Snow beat The Rock
Edge and Christian beat Booker T
JBL beat D'Von
Team Angle beat Jeff Hardy

Round 2
APA beat Edge and Christian
Jeff Hardy beat RTC
JBL beat Team Angle
Viscera beat John Cena
Al Snow beat Hulk Hogan
The Rock beat D'Von
Booker T beat Rey Mysterio

Round 3
Booker T beat Team Angle
The Rock beat Hulk Hogan
JBL beat Viscera
Edge and Christian beat Rey Mysterio
D'Von beat RTC
APA beat Al Snow
Jeff Hardy beat John Cena

Round 4
John Cena beat Rey Mysterio
JBL beat Farooq(APA)
Jeff Hardy beat The Rock
Viscera beat Edge and Christian
Team Angle beat RTC
Al Snow beat Booker T
D'Von beat Hulk Hogan

Round 5
John Cena beat Hulk Hogan
APA beat Viscera
Edge and Christian beat The Rock
RTC beat Booker T
Team Angle beat Rey Mysterio
Jeff Hardy beat D'Von
JBL beat Al Snow

so the rounds ended with the following
Irwin - JBL - 4-1
Steve C - APA - 4-1
Martyn - Al Snow - 4-1
Addy - Jeff Hardy - 4-1
-------The Cut-------
Weaver - Viscera - 3-2
John - John Cena - 3-2
Truan - Team Angle - 3-2
Jack - Edge and Christian 3-2
Duddy - D'Von - 2-3
Mark(me) - Booker T - 2-3
Dave - The Rock - 2-3
Scott - RTC - 1-4
Dan - Hulk Hogan - 0-5
Malc - Rey Mysterio - 0-5

Team JBL won the Team Gold medals, Team Cena the Silver medals and Team Booker the Bronze Medals

And for the individual medal

Semi Finals
Irwins JBL beat Addy's Jeff Hardy
Martyn's Al Snow beat Steve C's APA

Irwin and JBL beat Martyn and Al Snow

Great tournament with a great turnout from around the country.

I look forward to reporting our first Virtual tournament to you soon.

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