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But Heidenreich was just trying to help him save on car insurance!!!!

Heidenreich defeated Raven via count-out.

did he chase him to the back screaming "BUT I HAVE A POEM TO READ!!!" that would be amazing!!!!

So you wouldn't run with my Backed by Mama for Shelton request ;) haha jk

Win worlds and make it so  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

30 Reversals seems surprising. Is it mainly to stop damage when you're overturning cards?
It depends....I'll be a bit more specific here but you can change out cards when it comes to Face/Heel/Bash/FF/cheater preferences, but let's say I'm making a heel/cheater/non-legend deck, usually I will look at:

3 * Revo
3 * Elbow
2 * Leg Drag tb (for the atomic lariat and precision haymakers of the world)
Shocking Interference
You're a Jive Soul Bro
3 * Get the F Out
3 * Manager
2 * Volley This
2 * No Chance in Hell
2 * Nerve Hold (or always have a plan B if I'm Smackdown)
2 * Sidewalk Slam tb
2 * Don't Try this at home
D-Bag, Carlito and Counter Strike

See??? it adds up FAST  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Right on. Would you say 30 Maneuvers, 15 Reversals and 15 Action cards is a good place to start? We played a game yesterday with a starter deck and it seemed like it was 20/20/20, I had a ton of action cards and reversals but a minimal amount of maneuvers.

It also depends on the deck, but personally there's so many "gotta have" reversals it tends to be I have 30 reversals and split the other 30 cards based on the type of deck I'm trying to run....something like the APA or Road Warriors is pretty much 30 moves and 30 reversals, while someone like a Foley or a Heath Slater would be more 50/50 on the action/move split

Really loving this post! I guess question for the more experienced players, how many reversals, maneuvers, and action cards do you put in? Also, where do you classify Hybrids? Do you go off the main effect (i.e. Vertical Suplex as a Maneuver because it can only reverse Vertical Suplex)?

Personally it depends on the card..... sidewalk slam (tb) or don't try those are reversals to me, I'm NEVER playing it as a move, and it's way too valuable as a reversal, though some cards like d-bag or back throw have use as's also not as big a deal to look at your deck and say "well it's got too many reversals now"'s more a balancing act that only plays itself out when you play a few games with it

uummm....guys??? We alive out there???

Freakin Hero with the storyline gets to see the opponent's hand and +3D to his moves out the door, that can be helpful to get the submission train rolling....

Rules Forum / Re: Blue Blazer Qns
« on: April 20, 2018, 01:27:17 PM »
Wade Barrett has a similar effect that he makes his non FO, non-kick's into chain as well, but he's the only other one I can think of

edit: well add Hassan and the Hart Foundation to it as well

I feel your pain about Piper!! but the good news is that once a year things get upgraded and revised, so there's always hope :)

some decks are just better than people think too, it's just they're unused.....

funny you should ask  :laugh:

for the "worst list" I'd suggest taking a look at the recent lackey tournament we're running since we took an open poll to see who everyone thought was really bad (some aren't, and we weeded out some of the absurd but left the bottom of the barrel as is) it's a list of close to 25 but should give you some idea.....a top 5 is rougher, if I sat down and pondered it I could probably give you a top 20 of the top-tier guys, there's so many decks and options now a top and bottom 5 would be rough

Fantasy Cards / Re: Bobby Roode
« on: April 19, 2018, 05:53:30 PM »
...Look no TNA bit is getting made into a card before I get a 141 and 2/3rds percent card for Big Poppa Pump.

there ya go :)

Fantasy Cards / Re: Bobby Roode
« on: April 19, 2018, 05:47:57 AM »
This isn't TNA Raw Deal.  ;)

You've seen the main event scene on Smackdown lately ???  :laugh: :laugh: it's more TNA than TNA!!!

Fantasy Cards / Re: Bobby Roode
« on: April 18, 2018, 08:21:15 PM »
no Bobby Roode deck is complete without maybe the greatest theme song in TNA history..... we needs us some "I'm off the chaaaaaiiiinnnnnnn!!!!"

We magically got ourselves up to 22 people for this one....good job everyone!!!!

I'm going to allow extra time for this round since I'll assume not all people have their decks ready and stuff

Shelan: Bella Twins
Sean Taft: Brutus Beefcake
null1: Raven
Dizzy: Heidenreich
Eric RD: Usooooooo-average!
Matthardynotdie: Dean Malenko
Drywall: Michael Tarver
Bobino: Jack Swagger
nniiiccckkkkkk: Brie Bella
Brian: Rene Dupree
dilbert: Erick Rowan
ekhari: R-Truth
me: IRS
skuds: buh-buh dudley
Shappy: Jerry Lawler
Helda: Festus
John P: Sin Cara
Theren: Lex Luger
Monkeylord13: Roddy Piper
tutoman:  Seth Rollins
jokerfish: the Steiners
Mitch! : Sami Zayn
Round 1:
Shelan vs Sean Taft
Dizzy vs Null1
Drywall vs Bobino
nniiicccckkkkkk vs Brian
Dilbery vs Ekhari
skuds def. me
matthardynotdie vs EricRD
Shappy vs Helda
John P vs Theren
monkeylord13 vs tutoman
jokerfish vs mitch!

Let's try to get these done by April 30th!! (how cool would it be to start a round early for once??)

Looks like we're at 21 (still plenty of time to sign up and avoid those bye's people)

I'm probably going to post the first round on Friday and give the first round a full two weeks so people can still build and figure out the hell they want to do with their crappy superstars  :laugh: :laugh: ....but we will probably get this underway before #12 actually ends....hah!

we're back down to 21....anyone else wanna get these Lackey Hands?!?!?!

OOPS, your "no spoiler" tag was REALLLLLLLLYYYYYY tiny on my phone and I glanced over it!!!!

but yeah I had some issues with the tag match  :laugh:

I'm so thrilled that I have to on the fly figure out a chant that sounds like "frak you Chiampa" now for when we re-watch this with the kiddos :laugh:

best I got was "NOT YOU Chiampa!!"

 great show, [SPOILEREDIT], everything else was fabulous last night, good luck mani roster going after that!!

Sigh - I'm really out of it.  Replaced with Full Nelson Slam tb, though I don't have any grapples in here to search for when I drop that. Might be worth adding a Shake or something.

Face Stretch and the Smackdown HFS high risks might be worth ditching the Raw cards for.  Something like Poke into Perfectly Executed Tope sounds good.

Yeah I've run and tested enough HFS decks, I've never tried them Raw though....not much appeal in it....though you'd perk suicide dive!
Losing Shining Wizard kick would kinda succckkkkk though

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Andre's Giant Headbutt question
« on: April 08, 2018, 04:54:04 AM »
also don't forget, he can play Restricted Use in This Area to use the single GtFO to reverse the Giant Head Butt Also, since restricted will wipe off the "ignore completely" restriction

Is it too late to join the tourney? Jokerfish told me about this, and I finally signed up for a login. Many of you have seen me on Lackey, my login is BankOfShapiro.

You still have time.....give me a few minutes and I'll PM you your deck options

(this makes 21....we got one more in us folks?? )

Face Stretch is SD, you're Raw sir  :laugh:

Also not a big fan of shoot punch either

2   Back Flip
3   Back Throw
2   High-Flying Hurricanrana

These are uniques, you might wanna change that  8)

I'd still consider a tb DLB since it's a move to let you get to the top rope too (which I'd find a way to get some more and some from the middle turnbuckle too) and
don't forget the 5th 10th and backstage autographs too, since the signing appearance lets you add an SSV too and cycling is always good
I'd also take out the thrust knee lifts for shoot lock-up's instead....more reliable

what do you do when someone reach/grasps you and you lose the 3 always on top's?

Awesome!! once MonkeyLord makes his picks (and probably had a few drinks after his choices  :laugh: :laugh: ) ....I'll get around to you guys too! Only have him and five more pending, then I'll give everyone the next week to make their decks and we can get moving

(even though technically we're waiting on the finals of #12 still..... )

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