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Title: Places to Play & Contact Info
Post by: MediumSexy on September 05, 2010, 08:32:55 AM
May as well update this, since it's being used. I'll try to keep it relevant and updated as new information comes in.

Here's what I need:
State, City (or Country/Province/City, as applicable to you)
Store Name (or group name)
Location Address (location, etc.)
Location Contact Information (in case it's needed when google maps doesn't do the trick)
Organizer's Name (Real Name & TCO name)
Organizer's Contact information (Website/phone/email address and if it's okay to give that out.)
(Remember, please update your information as you are able to that the list stays up to date.)
If you could, please let me know either via pm, in this post, or via email (

I will update the main post here and delete all replies in this thread to keep it uncluttered.



Fontana, CA
"The On One Arena" @ The Wrestling Guy Store (
RDPC Prize Support Available
6085 State Street
Huntington Park, CA  90255
Raw Deal Manager: Tony Vela (VelaCards on TCO)
Tournament Info: Annual ACMT (Adam Crites Memorial Tournament). Check the SoCal RAW Deal Facebook page for announcements and updates.


Coeur d'Alene (North Idaho)
Strategy & Games (in Silver Lake Mall)
200 W Hanley Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
(208) 762-7764
Organizer Contact -
Dante Menard
(208) 699-8096
Jay Prickett


Moline, IL
Store Name: Have Fun Collectibles
Store Address:
4327 Avenue of the Cities
Moline, IL 61265
Location Contact Information:
     Brandon (LawnMowaMan on TCO)
     Nick Brown (niiiiick on TCO) email: njbrown89
We also have a FB group: RAW DEAL: The Reborn (
Only requirement for tournaments is to buy something from the store!


Desloge, MO
K&A games
617 n cowling, suite B
Desloge mo, 63601
Phone# (573) 327-9969
      Manger Brandon shy. Tco hardcorepriest13
      Email Brandon.shy13
       Virtual classic


Plainview, NY
Legendary Realms
1163 Old Country Rd, Plainview, NY 11803
(516) 595-7088
TCO Name
Steve Resk


Allentown, PA
The Encounter
811 Union Blvd
Allentown, PA 18109
TCO NAME king 100
Tco messages, facebook:kevin groff


Houston, TX
Group Name: P6 PEEPS
Location: Varies
Organizer Name: Angelo Juarez (COMICDUDE1938 on TCO)
Contact Info: Cell (281) 682-9017
Email: angelo.juarez38


Charleston, WV
AFK Games
134 Goff Mountain Rd
Cross Lanes, WV 25313
Store Phone #: (304)-481-1503
Contact: Ric Pittman (MediumSexy on TCO)


Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Store Name : OMG Games
Location Address : 130 Bellfarm Road, Barrie, Ontario
Location Contact Information : (705) 721 4263
Organizer's Name : Jaz (Eric) or Scotty (Scott)
Organizer's Contact information : Best to use TCO Messages or join the Facebook group "Ontario Raw Deal" to keep up to date (We still post everything to TCO).


Somerset, UK
Group Name: The British Empire
Address: Minehead Road, Bishops Lydeard, Taunton, Somerset, UK
Organizer's Name: Chris Phillips (TCO: Dr_Phillanomics)
Contact Details: chris.phillips888
Title: Re: Places to Play & Contact Info
Post by: MediumSexy on September 26, 2015, 12:55:42 PM

I'll be updating this thread over the course of this weekend. That being said, I'm going to change the requirements to have the info listed here.

If there are any Raw Deal or Super Show friendly stores, groups, or locations out there where you can pick up a game or two, please post them in this thread, and I"ll update the main post. Again, these don't have to be official Tournament locations with prize support.

Have a gaming group and looking for more players in the area? Post here. Please use the template in the main thread. I will update the main thread and remove any replies to keep the thread uncluttered.

Title: Re: Places to Play & Contact Info
Post by: MediumSexy on September 04, 2016, 09:06:55 PM
Updated Aug 5, 2016 (added Moline, IL location.)

Keep 'em coming!
Title: Re: Places to Play & Contact Info
Post by: rated SRH on September 05, 2016, 04:24:22 AM
Indiana, Lafayette
Castle Comics & Cards
2133 4th street Lafayette, Indiana 47905.
Scott Hulett (Rated SRH)
Can get ahold of me on here,Facebook & Twitter @Scottystorm
Title: Re: Places to Play & Contact Info
Post by: W4RP47H on May 15, 2019, 10:42:29 PM
Anyone play in NorCal?