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Title: <R> <ECW logo> Originals faction cards
Post by: TempestTenor on August 20, 2007, 10:07:26 AM
122/206 (PREMIUM RARE—Balls Mahoney, Mr. Pay-Per-View, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer logos)
<ECW logo> Originals
Pre-match: Faction
You may pack this card regardless of Superstar.
Any player plays a card with the same title as a card in his Ring: his opponent draws up to 1 card.
If your logo is on this card: you are a Member of this Faction and you start the match.

1) Since the wording does not specify "successfully" played, even attempting to play a duplicate card will allow one's opponent to draw a card, right?

2) This applies to playing reversals as well?

123/206 (PREMIUM RARE)
Death-Defying Maniac
Reversal: Card
Requirement: “Revolution ECW® Originals” Faction in your Ring.
If this card is overturned during your opponent's turn, you may discard 1 Reversal: put this card into your Ring and if you have 3 or more Superstar-specifics from “ECW Originals” Faction Members and/or cards with “ECW Originals” in the text in your Ring, put up to 1 Pre-match Event from his Ring into his Ringside and end his turn. If the card or effect is not reversed, resume overturning.
F:0 D:0

Okay, I can't be reading this right...
3) So this is a F:0 Reversal: Card that anyone can pack and use as a reversal as long as they pack the ECW Originals Faction, yes?

4) If it is overturned on your opponent's turn and you choose to invoke the card text (and you have 3 or more ECW Originals SS), it says that you end your opponent's turn.  Then in the next sentence it says that if the card/effect is not reversed, resume overturning.  The two seem to contradict each other.  If I invoke the card text and meet the >3 ECW Originals condition, does my opponent's turn end no matter what?  Even if I have not completely reversed whatever card/effect caused me to start overturning in the first place?

So assuming I meet the >3 ECW Originals SS condition, what happens when I overturn to the following cards/effects:
4)a) Momentum?
4)b) A Spirited Turn of Events?
4)c) Kane superstar ability?
4)d) Multi-maneuver (and it's the first applicable reversal)?
4)e) Irreversible maneuvers?
4)f) Clutch onto Opponent?

5) All the faction-specific cards count the Faction cards themselves as SS for the purposes of meeting the >3 condition, right?  So for example, I'm playing Sandman and I have The Extreme Icon and <ECW logo> Originals out.  On my opponent's turn I overturn Death-Defying Maniac.  Can I discard a Reversal, invoke the card text, and immediately qualify for the Pre-match: Event removal text?

6) This sh!t is bananas.
Title: Re: <R> <ECW logo> Originals faction cards
Post by: Daeva on August 20, 2007, 10:33:55 AM
1) and 2): Yes.
3): Anyone can pack Death-Defying Maniac, and anyone can play or make it work on the overturn as long as they meet the Requirement by having the ECW Originals Faction in the Ring.
4): The end-the-turn effect is delayed until the card or effect's overturn is done, either by hitting a reversal that reverses the card or effect or by overturning the proper amount of cards. Same with Two for the Show...
All subsections of 4): You keep overturning until you overturn either a proper reversal or the proper amount of cards (counting Death-Defying Maniac), then your opponent's turn ends.
5): All Faction-specifics count not only the Faction, but themselves as well. If you're Sandman with ECW Originals and Extreme Icon, you spin Death-Defying Maniac, and you choose to use its text to throw it into the Ring, it will be the third card and you will trigger the "kicker" of removing a Pre-match.
6) No, not really, it works like everything that came before. Playing The Road to Victory on I'm Making This Up As I Go Along... creates a similar situation to 4), where an end-the-turn effect kicks in before damage is finished applying, and the result is the same: deal with the damage before the turn ends.
Title: Re: <R> <ECW logo> Originals faction cards
Post by: TempestTenor on August 20, 2007, 10:48:37 AM
Hmm...why then is the phrase "and end his turn" put on the card?  Under normal circumstances, overturning Death Defying Maniac should reverse any card and end my opponent's turn by virtue of it being a Reversal: Card.  The addition of the phrase seems extraneous and confusing.  Am I missing something?  Why was that phrase necessary?

And by 6), I wasn't referring to the card being confusing...I was referring to it being really really powerful  :P
Title: Re: <R> <ECW logo> Originals faction cards
Post by: Daeva on August 20, 2007, 10:53:32 AM
Death-Defying Maniac will not reverse the effect under three circumstances:
A) the effect is not damage (Spirited Turn of Events)
B) Death-Defying Maniac is not F: 0 (Fans Love an Underdog, Bait Opponent, Get Crowd Support, etc.)
C) the Arsenal is not a legal zone to reverse from (Brass "Nuks" Shot, Lashley)

In any of these cases, popping it into the Ring will still end the turn after the overturn is done.