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Raw Deal => Classic Raw Deal => : CreedP January 18, 2021, 10:51:34 AM

: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 18, 2021, 10:51:34 AM
Keeping the tradition alive, all credit to Neil Swint for designing and maintaining the rules, and continuing the yearly tradition for so long! It's an honor to fill in for him, thank you Neil! 

NOTE: Roster will be posted 1pm EST / 10am PST on Wednesday the 20th. Rumble results will be posted on Sunday the 31st.
Also, this is the "Men's Rumble".  Good luck Rumblers!

YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW OR DO ANYTHING TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS! YOU the players just have to pick some wrestler names (and maybe some power-ups), THEN DO NOTHING BUT SIT BACK, while I play out the 15th Annual TCO ROYAL RUMBLE! Since you won't be controlling things this is where reading the Royal Rumble match posting becomes very exciting and fun.

Here is the link to the last Royal Rumble held on TCO back at the start of 2020:,18937.0.html

2007 Online Royal Rumble Winner: BATISTA (Bender)
2008 Online Royal Rumble Winner: THE BRITISH BULLDOG (thedemonkiller)
2009 Online Royal Rumble Winner: RANDY ORTON (Randy_Trash)
2010 Online Mega Royal Rumble Winner: LEX LUGER (Phenominal1)
2011 Online Royal Rumble Winner: BIG SHOW (DogTheUnemployed)
2011 Online Royal Rumble Revenge Winner: RANDY ORTON (Anthony Lurty)
2012 Online Royal Rumble Winner: DANIEL BRYAN (Turd Ferguson)
2013 Online Royal Rumble Winner: RYBACK (Mitch!)
2014 Online Royal Rumble Winner: JOHN CENA (Suicidal_Sephiroth)
2015 Online Royal Rumble Winner: CESARO (WC Champ)
2016 Online Royal Rumble Winner: STARDUST (TimJR)
2017 Online Royal Rumble Winner: GOLDBERG (MrPeoplesTeam)
2018 Online Royal Rumble Winner: BRAUN STROWMAN (CreedP)
2019 Online Royal Rumble Winner: HULK HOGAN (Ekhari)
2020 Online Royal Rumble Winner: BRAUN STROWMAN (dilbert505)

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING carefully, as it will explain the EASY wrestler selection process that you MUST ADHERE TO.
YOU MAY SPEND UP TO 15 POINTS. You MUST select 1-3 wrestlers. After you have selected your wrestlers, if you have any points left you may spend the remainder of your points on the power-ups listed below the roster.
Sign up will be closed as soon as 30 WRESTLERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED BY ANY NUMBER OF PLAYERS. Any other players that end up trying to join in will unfortunately be cut off. DO NOT SELECT WRESTLERS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN SELECTED BY SOMEONE ELSE AND DO NOT SELECT A 31ST WRESTLER! It is your job to look over and correct your choices if need be, otherwise I will and you might not like it.

BRIEF GAME MECHANICS OVERVIEW (you don't need to know any of this, the link below leads to full Rumble mechanics),967.0.html
Wrestlers will be posted with 2 numbers, #/#. The first # is their hand size (HS), and the second # is their superstar value (SV).
- A wrestler's SV is determines how easy it is to hit and avoid being hit by other wrestlers. The higher the better!
- The higher the HS, the more damage a wrestler can take before having to make a save roll. Failed save rolls result in elimination.
- A HS 0-4 wrestler removes 1 hit from themselves at the end of each round, and have a slightly easier time with save rolls.
- A HS 5 wrestler can reroll all their dice once each round.
- HS 8+ wrestlers are a tank or very skilled athlete, and have a small chance to avoid making a save roll.
- Recoveries can happen, causing hits to be removed and/or Reroll Counters gained.
- Low SV wrestlers and/or HS 0-4 wrestlers have a better chance at recovering.
- HS 11+ wrestlers cannot reroll their Recovery Rolls.
- HS 0-1 wrestlers begin with 2 Reroll Counters. HS 3/6/9 wrestlers begin with 1 Reroll Counter.

You are allowed to spend UP TO 15 POINTS and you must select 1-3 wrestlers. Wrestlers with a legit injury, that make occasional appearances, and that have been inactive for 30+ days have been omitted from the roster. Or have they?
Frantic Finale: When 28 wrestlers have been eliminated, if there is a lowest SV between the two remaining wrestlers, the lowest SV wrestler hits at 5+ for the remainder of the Royal Rumble!
Factions: Some wrestlers belong to factions as listed below in the roster. A wrestler belonging to a specific faction cannot attack wrestlers of the same faction unless there are no other wrestlers to currently attack.

-Akira Tozawa 5/1 (CW)
-Blake 6/1 (Faction: The Knights)
-Cutler 6/1 (Faction: The Knights)

-Dominik Mysterio 5/1 (Faction: Mysterio Family)
-Drew Gulak 6/1 (CW)
-Gran Metalik 4/1 (Faction: Lucha House Party) (CW)
-Lince Dorado 4/1 (Faction: Lucha House Party) (CW)

-Mace 6/1  (Faction: Retribution)
-Ryker 6/1 (Faction: Elias)
-Slapjack 5/1  (Faction: Retribution)
-T-Bar 9/1  (Faction: Retribution)
-Tony Nese 6/1 (CW)
-Tucker 11/1

-Andrade 8/2 (CW)
-Angelo Dawkins 7/2 (Faction: Street Profits)
-Cedric Alexander 6/2 (Faction: Hurt Business)(CW)
-Erik 9/2 (Faction: Viking Raiders)
-Fandango 6/2 (Faction: Breezango) (CW)
-Ivar 9/2 (Faction: Viking Raiders)
-Kalisto 4/2 (Faction: Lucha House Party) (CW)
-Montez Ford 6/2 (Faction: Street Profits)
-Murphy 7/2 (CW)
-Mustafa Ali 7/2 (Faction: Retribution)(CW)
-Otis 11/2
-Pete Dunne 6/2
-Ricochet 8/2 (CW)
-Riddle 7/2
-Titus O'Neil 6/2
-Tyler Breeze 5/2 (Faction: Breezango) (CW)

-Adam Cole 6/3
-Aleister Black 6/3
-Apollo Crews 7/3
-Chad Gable 5/3 (CW)
-Elias 5/3 (Faction: Elias)
-Humberto Carrillo 8/3 (CW)
-Jey Uso 7/3 (Faction: The Bloodline)
-John Morrison 6/3 (Faction: Miz&Morrison)
-Johnny Gargano 8/3
-Keith Lee 9/3
-Lashley 9/3 (Faction: Hurt Business)

-MVP 6/3 (Faction: Hurt Business)
-R-Truth 7/3 (24/7: Surprise Power-up)
-Robert Roode 6/3 (Faction: Roode&Ziggler)
-Shelton Benjamin 7/3 (Faction: Hurt Business)
-Tommaso Ciampa 7/3
-WALTER 10/3
-Xavier Woods 6/3 (Faction: New Day)(CW)

-Cesaro 9/4
-Dolph Ziggler 6/4 (Faction: Roode&Ziggler)(Showoff: CARDIO KING removes 3 hits instead of 2 from Ziggler)
-Finn Bálor 5/4 (CW) (Demon King: RUMBLE ROYALTY can be allocated to Bálor)
-King Corbin 6/4 (Faction: The Knights)(The King: When RUMBLE ROYALTY is removed from a target, Corbin chooses where they moves and DOWN BUT NOT OUT)
-Kofi Kingston 7/4 (Faction: New Day)(comes with DESTINY power up) (CW)
-Jeff Hardy ?/? (select 5/3 or 8/4)
-Rey Mysterio 8/4 (Faction: Mysterio Family) (CW) (Giant Killer: READY TO RUMBLE can be allocated to Mysterio)
-Sami Zayn 6/4  (Master Strategist: 205 can be allocated to Sami)
-Samoa Joe 7/4
-Sheamus 9/4
-Shinsuke Nakamura 8/4 (Strong Style: 205 can be allocated to Nakamura)
-The Miz 7/4 (Faction: Miz&Morrison)

-AJ Styles 8/5 (The Phenomenal One: 205 can be allocated to Styles)
-Big E 5/3 (Faction: The New Day)(I Need Five: considered SV 5 vs. 5SV+ attackers)
-Braun Strowman 12/5
-Daniel Bryan 5/5 (Yes!: 205 can be allocated to Bryan, when Bryan is automatically eliminated, 205 is removed as if it were DESTINY)
-Drew McIntyre 8/5 (The Celtic Colossus: RING GENERAL removes 2 hits instead of 1 from McIntyre)
-Kevin Owens 8/5
-Randy Orton 7/5
-Roman Reigns 8/5 (Faction: The Bloodline)
-Seth Rollins 6/5 (The Architect: With 3+ PTS spent on REROLL COUNTERS, +1 becomes +2)

-"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt 9/5 (Firefly Fun House: Wyatt makes a RECOVERY ROLL when a DESTINY power-up is removed from him)

You may spend 5PTS to get 1 random surprise entrant from a predetermined pool of superstars. YOU CAN DO THIS 1-2 TIMES.
You will not know who you have selected until you see them in the Rumble!
You may allocate ANY power-ups to your surprise entrant. (Allocations that end up being illegal will be converted into equivalent reroll counters.)
Each surprise entrant is worth 4-8PTS, but the majority of the entrants are worth more.

These can be purchased all at once, and include the Team Player power-up:
5 PTS - Lucha House Party (also includes 205): Gran Metalik 4/1 (CW), Lince Dorado 4/1 (CW)
5 PTS - Street Profits: Angelo Dawkins 7/2, Montez Ford 6/2
5 PTS - Team Elias: Elias 5/3, Ryker 6/1
5 PTS - Viking Raiders: Erik 9/2, Ivar 9/2
6 PTS - Knights of the Lone Wolf: Blake 6/1, Cutler 6/1, King Corbin 6/4 (The King power-up)
7 PTS - Breezango (also includes 205): Fandango 6/2 (CW), Tyler Breeze 5/2 (CW)
7 PTS - The Hurt Business: Cedric Alexander 6/2 (CW), MVP 6/3, Shelton Benjamin 7/3
8 PTS - Miz & Morrison: John Morrison 6/3, The Miz 7/4
8 PTS - Roode & Ziggler: Robert Roode 6/3, Dolph Ziggler 6/4 (Showoff power-up)
9 PTS - The New Day (also includes 205): Kofi Kingston 7/4 (comes with DESTINY power up)(CW), Xavier Woods 6/3 (CW)

You can buy each power-up as many times as you want, points allowing. When you buy a power-up you MUST immediately allocate it onto one of your wrestlers.

#PTS spent (minimum of 1) gives this wrestler #+1 reroll counters. If this wrestler is a cruiserweight and 3PTS or more are spent, +1 becomes +2.

1PT: CARDIO KING (can only be allocated to a HS 3-10 wrestler)
This wrestler removes 2 hits from themselves if their RECOVERY ROLL sum is negative. (Cumulative with RING GENERAL)

2PTS: 205 (allocated to all your cruiserweights, you can only buy this once)
When your cruiserweight attacks normally, if they would hit only on 6, they hit at 5+ instead.
This wrestler removes 1 hit from themselves if their RECOVERY ROLL sum is negative.

Do not underestimate your chances of being eliminated automatically. Anything CAN and WILL happen in the Royal Rumble!
When this wrestler is automatically eliminated, one of these power-ups can be immediately removed from this wrestler. If removed, this wrestler is no longer being eliminated and is immediately moved to the start or the end of the ring and is declared DOWN BUT NOT OUT.

2PTS: TEAM PLAYER (allocated to all your wrestlers, you can only buy this once)
Your double team declaration roll succeeds at 3+ and each subsequent roll that round at 2+.
Your wrestlers can automatically double team with your other adjacent wrestlers. No declaration roll is made.
Your opponent(s) cannot use your wrestlers in a double team against your other wrestlers.
Your wrestler may skip their turn (decline to attack) and remove 1 hit from themself if the only attackable targets are your other wrestlers.

When this wrestler is eliminated (not automatically), one of these power-ups can be immediately removed from this wrestler. If removed, this wrestler is no longer being eliminated and is immediately moved to the start or the end of the ring and is declared DOWN BUT NOT OUT. This wrestler immediately rolls 1D6 that cannot be rerolled. If 5-6 is rolled then this wrestler gains a READY TO RUMBLE power-up!

3PTS: RING GENERAL (cannot be allocated to a cruiserweight)
Whenever this wrestler tries to Empty the Ring, the attempt succeeds on a roll of 2+ instead of 3+.
This wrestler removes 1 hit from themselves if their RECOVERY ROLL sum is negative.
This wrestler gains 1 reroll counter if they roll a BOTCH/SHOOT and they may reroll such a roll. (Even against HS 6-7.)

4PTS: LUCK OF THE DRAW (you can only buy this power-up ONCE)
This wrestler will enter the Royal Rumble in either the number 1 or number 30 spot. It's a 50-50 chance!

4PTS: RUMBLE ROYALTY (cannot be allocated to a cruiserweight)
When this wrestler is eliminated in ANYWAY, one of these power-ups can be immediately removed from this wrestler. If removed, this wrestler is no longer being eliminated and is immediately moved to the start or the end of the ring or to any hole within the ring and MAY be declared DOWN BUT NOT OUT.
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 18, 2021, 11:10:00 AM
Whoops, just realized I set up the roster, but it shouldn't be posted until it's time to sign up, my bad.... (sorry Dilbert!)

The Roster will be posted Wednesday, January 20th at 1pm EST / 10am PST.  Players can sign up at that time.

Also, I made a couple tweaks to Neil's rules, hopefully for the better.  Factions (including tag teams) exist to limit partners fighting each other, but to reap the full benefits, the Team Player power-up is recommended.  Also, Cruiserweights get a bit more to help balance out their challenge in surviving against bigger stars.

Oh, and to boost up the 'star power' a bit, there's fewer 'funny' surprise entrants (sorry, Duggan and Santino fans!) and more returning Superstars, so the cost is raised -- perhaps not by enough, but we'll see.

48 hours until the Rumble sign-ups!

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 20, 2021, 11:00:39 AM
The roster is live, let the games begin!

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Suicidal_Sephiroth January 20, 2021, 11:06:47 AM
Drew McIntyre - 5 pts
Ring General - 3 pts
Ready to Rumble - 3 pts
Cardio King - 1 point
Destiny - 2 pts
Reroll Counter - 1 point
 total = 15 points.
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Hogtrail January 20, 2021, 11:14:20 AM
Seth Rollins - 5 points
Luck of the Draw - 4 points
6 Reroll counters - 6 points
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: dilbert505 January 20, 2021, 11:16:12 AM
Surprise Entrant (5)
Luck of the Draw (4)
Ring General (3)
Destiny (2)
Cardio King (1)
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: mikeskizo January 20, 2021, 11:21:07 AM
The fiend Bray Wyatt - 5

Rumble royalty - 4
Ring general - 3
Destiny- 2
Cardio King- 1

Total - 15
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Daeva January 20, 2021, 11:22:45 AM
AJ Styles with DESTINY, 205 LIVE, and two reroll counters (10)
Surprise Entrant (5)

Edit: clarified what I meant by a "reroll thing" now that I'm not on mobile and people aren't SCOOPING MY PICKS RIGHT AS I POST THEM. YEAH, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: BigPimpin January 20, 2021, 12:03:20 PM
Surprise Entrant (5) with the following power ups:
Rumble Royalty x 2 ( 8 )
Cardio King (1)
Reroll Counter (1)
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 20, 2021, 12:35:16 PM
The first 7 entrants are in the books, the list above is updated (note that Luck of the Draw is no longer available).

All entries check out so far, who's next?

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Callisto January 20, 2021, 02:53:25 PM
Lashley 3 pts
2x reroll 1pt
3x cardio king 1pt
ring general 3pts
rumble royalty 4pts
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Queensryche January 20, 2021, 03:07:33 PM
Kevin Owens (5 pts)
Rumble Royalty (4 pts)
Ring General (3 pts)
Reroll Counter x 3 (3 pts)
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: ins9145 January 20, 2021, 03:32:19 PM
Samoa Joe 4 pts
Rumble Royalty 4pts
Ring General 3 pts
Reroll Counter x4 4pts
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: rachelmon January 20, 2021, 11:38:35 PM
Shinsuke Nakamura (4)
Reroll Counters (3)
205 (2)
Cardio King (1)
Ring General (3)
Destiny (2)
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 21, 2021, 12:30:43 PM
Great start so far!

One thing I changed that might have been a mistake in retrospect was to remove the option to purchase Teams all at once.  My concern was "What if they want Ziggler but not Roode, or Kofi but not Xavier?" Everyone is listed individually, which makes it a bit more tedious to grab a tag team or group if desired.

To help with this, a bunch of the aligned wrestlers are added above as a Faction for selection, which also includes the Team Player power-up thrown in at half-price (after Xmas sale, haha).  They can still be selected individually or as a group.

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Keith0913832 January 21, 2021, 05:49:36 PM
Kalisto (2)
Cardio King x 3 (3)
205 (2)
Reroll (4)
Destiny x 2 (4)

I'll update mine then. #LuchaLuchaLucha

Lucha House Party + 205 (5)
Cardio King (2)
Destiny for Lince (2)

Kalisto (2)
Reroll (2)
Destiny (2)
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Drywall January 21, 2021, 09:52:39 PM
Drew Gulak 6/1 (CW (1 Point)
x1 205 (2 Points)
x3 Destiny (6 Points)
x2 Ready to Rumble (6 Points)

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Neil Swint January 22, 2021, 07:08:27 AM
I made the hot tag to CreedP this year. There was no alligator arm.

I predict we finally get a two time Rumble winner.

Thanks to CreedP and all the players.
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 25, 2021, 10:15:38 PM
14 slots filled, a lot more to go, plenty of room to jump in!

NOTE: If we don't hit 30, I'll buffer the front end with NPC and move everyone (including Luck of the Draw's #1) to after the NPCs all enter.

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Shelan January 25, 2021, 11:02:57 PM
Knights of the Lone Wolf (6 Points)
Blake 6/1, Cutler 6/1, King Corbin 6/4

Destiny (2 Points)
Ring General (3 Points)
Reroll Counter (1 Point)
Ready to Rumble (3 Points)

All applicable power-ups to King Corbin.

15 Points
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CRASHER January 26, 2021, 05:52:45 AM
You know.... I've never done of these..... I'll do it with a pinch of GLORIOUS!!!

I'll take Dolph+Ziggler
Ring General
Cardio King
Re-Roll * 2

(I think I did the math right  8) ::)  )
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 26, 2021, 08:34:16 AM
Math is good (assuming 1PT for 2 Reroll Counters), just need to know who gets these power-ups, Roode or Ziggler.  You can mix and match, or load one guy with all of them, whatever you want.  :)

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CRASHER January 26, 2021, 10:16:04 AM
Let me load up Dolph.....just being glorious is enough for Bobby  :laugh:
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Buddha Dudley January 26, 2021, 10:23:21 AM
3 Adam Cole BAY-BAY!
3 Ring General (DUH)
4 Rumble Royalty
2 Destiny
1 Cardio King
2 Reroll Counters
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 26, 2021, 11:25:29 AM
Oh, it's on now!  haha

And that brings us to 20, great to see more sign-ups... ten spots remain!

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: WC Champ January 26, 2021, 12:59:40 PM
Mysterio Family (6 pts?)
Ricochet (2 pts)
205 (2 pts)
Ready to Rumble + Destiny for Rey Mysterio (5 pts)
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: WC Champ January 26, 2021, 01:07:41 PM
Didnt see a point total for Mysterio family, but if they only cost 5 pts then I'll add Cardio King to Ricochet.
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 26, 2021, 01:38:55 PM
6 points with the discounted Team Player add-in, yes.

Only seven slots left!

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 27, 2021, 10:37:12 AM
Posting for Rated SRH (Scott Hulett), who doesn't have internet access at work:

Ring General for Braun
Cardio king x2

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: VelaCards January 27, 2021, 11:17:32 AM
Keith Lee 9/3 (3 PTS)
Surprise Entrant (5 PTS)

Cardio King (1 PT)
Destiny (2 PTS)
Rumble Royalty (4 PTS)
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 27, 2021, 11:18:36 AM
Perfect, and as discussed, the Surprise Entrant gets Cardio King, while Keith gets the other two.

THREE TWO slots remain!  (whoops, miscounted somewhere)

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: TimJR January 27, 2021, 11:31:51 AM
Looks Like I can grab

The New Day (9 pts)

With Destiny and Cardio King upgrades for both! (total 6)!
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 27, 2021, 11:40:17 AM
And that's it, all 30 slots filled, phew!  I was getting a little worried there, thanks for everyone who jumped in to help load us up.

I'll get started on the set-up tonight and post the results on Sunday. 

Good luck Rumblers!

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 28, 2021, 01:01:48 PM
Now that sign-ups are closed for the 2021 TCO Royal Rumble, let's welcome to first time Rumble players: Crasher, Callisto, MikeSkizo, and Velacards
Full show/results will be posted on Sunday the 31st. Good luck to everyone!

#1 will either be Seth Rollins (Hogtrail) or a 5PT+ surprise (dilbert505). I feel sorry for #2.
Here is the line up for the TCO Royal Rumble!

Surprise Entrant - Reroll Counter x3, Rumble Royalty x2

Buddha Dudley
Adam Cole (Bay Bay) - Cardio King, Destiny, Reroll Counter x3, Ring General, Rumble Royalty

Lashley - Cardio King, Reroll Counter x2, Ring General, Rumble Royalty

Dolph Ziggler - Cardio King, Destiny, Reroll Counter x2, Ring General, Team Player
Robert Roode - Team Player

AJ Styles - 205, Destiny, Reroll Counter x2
Surprise Entrant

Surprise Entrant - Luck of the Draw, Ring General, Destiny, Cardio King

Drew Gulak - 205, Destiny x3, Ready to Rumble x2

Seth Rollins - Luck of the Draw, Reroll Counter x7

Samoa Joe - Reroll Counter x5, Ring General, Rumble Royalty

Gran Metalik - 205, Cardio King, Team Player
Kalisto - 205, Destiny, Reroll Counter x3, Team Player
Lince Dorado - 205, Cardio King, Destiny, Team Player

The Fiend Bray Wyatt - Cardio King, Destiny, Ring General, Rumble Royalty

Kevin Owens - Reroll Counters x4, Ring General, Rumble Royalty

Shinsuke Nakamura - 205, Cardio King, Destiny, Reroll Counter x4, Ring General

Braun Strowman - Ring General, Reroll Counter x3
Roman Reigns - Cardio King

Blake - Team Player
Cutler - Team Player
King Corbin - Destiny, Ready to Rumble, Reroll Counter x2, Ring General, Team Player

Drew McIntyre - Cardio King, Destiny,  Reroll Counter x2, Ready to Rumble, Ring General

Kofi Kingston - 205, Destiny, Cardio King, Team Player
Xavier Woods - 205, Destiny, Cardio King, Team Player

Keith Lee - Destiny, Rumble Royalty
Surprise Entrant - Cardio King

WC Champ
Dominik Mysterio - 205, Team Player
Rey Mysterio - 205, Destiny, Ready to Rumble, Team Player
Ricochet - 205

: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Neil Swint January 29, 2021, 11:13:19 AM
Thanks for CreedP for running this event this year and to all new and veteran players.

I will now make my Jerry Lawler-like predictions.

In order to get our first two time TCO winner, either dilbert505, Suicidal_Sephiroth, TimJR, or WC Champ has to win this event. I think if dilbert505 gets lucky and enters #30 he will be our first TWO TIME winner.

The first time player that I am rooting for the most this year has got to be Velacards, the prize support over the years was much appreciated.

And a special good luck to Buddha Dudley, a win feels overdue.

Good luck to all the rumblers!
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: CreedP January 31, 2021, 01:56:55 AM
Note: The number at the end of a line indicates how many wrestlers are in the ring when that turn resolved.

Now let us all find out who drew Number 1! (dilbert505)



Booker T enters #1

And introducing the man that drew number 2!
Representing the Lucha House Party... Gran Metalik!

Gran Metalik enters #2

A quick series of moves and counters ends in a Booker ax kick to Gran.
Metalik escapes a Bookend attempt and lands a Metalik Driver! (2)
Booker is up first and lands a flurry of strikes in the corner, dumping out Metalik
Gran Metalik is eliminated by Booker T (1)
Dominik Mysterio enters #3 (2)
Dominik charges in, lands a big drop kick, and nearly eliminates Booker!
Booker's Destiny saves him for now, he retaliates with a jumping side kick (2)
Dolph Ziggler enters #4 (3)
Ziggler and Dominik try a double clothesline on Booker, but he hangs on and saves himself
Dominik and Ziggler lands a double back elbow to stagger the Hall of Famer
Booker T fires back with a big kick to Dominik, and hits a Spinerooni to recover! (3)
Ziggler tries to help up Dominik for a double team but can't get it going
Dominik lands a kick to Booker T
Booker T ducks under a charge and back drops Dominik over the top!
Dominik Mysterio is eliminated by Booker T (2)
Bask In His Glory! Keith Lee enters #5 (3)
Lee with a huge Pounce on Booker knocks him over the top, but Booker saves himself
Booker returns the favor with a running clothesline
Dolph tries to team up with Keith but only gets a glare for his troubles (3)
Drew McIntyre enters #6 (4)
McIntyre lands a big running boot on Keith Lee
Lee tries to return fire on Drew but takes an elbow to the jaw
Booker gets a kick in on Lee as well
Ziggler lands a drop kick on Lee, but Keith is still on his feet! (4)
Drew Gulak enters #7 (5)
Gulak attacks McIntyre as he enters the ring
Drew shoves Drew away, and McIntyre slams Gulak and Lee's heads together
Keith swings wildly and nails Dolph
Booker dropkicks Gulak and Lee, Keith holds on for the save
Ziggler and Booker try to toss Lee again, but Limitless willpower saves Keith again (5)
McIntyre hits Gulak with an overhead suplex into Lee, both men are on the ropes!
Gulak saves himself and throws a kick back at McIntyre
Lee pulls himself back in, but walks into a lariat from McIntyre
Booker charges them all, the Scot moves, Gulak & Lee both have to save themselves!
Ziggler superkicks Keith Lee, but he's now Rumble Royalty and stays in again! (5)
Lince Dorado enters #8 (6)
Dorado shoves Gulak over the top, Drew managed to save himself
McIntyre with a Claymore to Lince and Gulak, but their Destiny is to keep fighting on!
Gulak rolls out under the bottom rope to catch his breath
Keith hits McIntyre with Grizzly Magnum, and fires back up
Booker grabs Ziggler for a scoop slam
Ziggler comes back with a scoop slam of his own (6)
Lashley enters #9 (7)
Lashley charges in and Spears Gulak & Dorado!
Gulak barely saves himself from elimination
Lince slumps to the mat
Lashley charges Gulak & Dorado again but both men slip away safely
Gulak retaliates with a lariat on Lashley
Dorado hits a handspring rebound stunner on Lashley!
Claymore on Lince and Gulak, this time both men go out to the floor!
Lince Dorado and Drew Gulak are eliminated by Drew McIntyre (5)
Booker T hits McIntyre with a spinebuster
Ziggler jumps on Booker's back with a sleeper until he's shaken off (5)
Blake enters #10 (6)
Blake charges Lashley with a big clothesline!
King Corbin enters #11 (7)
Corbin rushes to the ring early, he and Blake put the boots to Lashley!
The referees yell at Corbin but he's a legal entrant, so they have to let it go (7)
The Lone Wolf and his Knight pick up Lashley, End of Days!
Lashley tries to roll away, but despite his Rumble Royalty, they keep him from escaping
Keith drops Corbin with a spinebuster
Lashley gives Lee a look, and hits a spinebuster of his own on Corbin!
McIntyre blasts Booker T with the Glasgow Kiss head butt!
Booker fights off a follow up with a kick and staggers back up (7)
Blake surprises Lashley with a big back suplex
Corbin and Blake try to force Lashley out, but he powers out and shoves them away
Keith Lee pounces Blake!
Lashley clotheslines both Blake and Corbin! He roars back to life!
Drew tries to push Booker out but doesn't succeed
Bookend on McIntyre! Both men are down! (7)
Kevin Owens enters #12 (8)
KO tosses Blake into Corbin, Baron saves himself from going out
Blake fires back with a big forearm shot with Corbin's help
Corbin and Blake attack Lee and try to pitch him
Lee saves himself, he and Lashley lift Corbin up, but Blake is able to pull him back in
Lashley clobbers Corbin to the mat
Baron backs into McIntyre, Drew shoves him over but again Blake saves him
Booker charges Drew, McIntyre drops down and sends him over and out!
Booker T is eliminated by Drew McIntyre (7)
Ziggler lays out Lashley with the Zig Zag!
KO charges Blake and Corbin, Baron saves himself and Blake flies over the top!
Blake is eliminated by Kevin Owens (6)
End of Days on Owens! Kevin is Rumble Royalty, but Corbins whips him to the other corner
Lee and Lashley have had enough, they hoist up Corbin and throw him over!
King Corbin is eliminated by Keith Lee & Lashley (5)
McIntyre catches Lashley with a running boot
Ziggler slides out of the ring to regroup (5)
Samoa Joe enters #13 (6)
Joe catches Ziggler with STJoe, then rolls him back into the ring (6)
Joe whips Lee into the corner and hits an enzuiguri
Dolph convinces Lashley to help attack Samoa Joe, Joe covers up
Lee tries to break it up but Ziggler elbows him away
Lashley lands a neckbreaker on McIntyre
Drew charges but hits Lee instead, Keith shakes it off
Owens superkicks McIntyre and fires up (6)
Shinsuke Nakamura enters #14 (6)
Nakamura renews his feud with Joe, attacking with a series of powerful kicks
Joe retaliates on Shinsuke with punches
Ziggler surprises Joe, whips him into Keith Lee's back drop
Lee hits a lariat on McIntyre
Lashley hits a lariat of his own on Ziggler, looking meaningfully at Keith Lee
McIntyre catches Lashley by surprise with a big overhead suplex into the corner! (7)
BRAAAUUUN Strowman enters #15 (7)
Braun charges in and nails both Joe and Ziggler with punches
Strowman clobbers down Nakamura
Shinsuke trades shots with Braun
Joe wraps up Ziggler in the Cocquina Clutch! Ziggler's out cold, and Joe heaves him out!
Dolph Ziggler is eliminated by Samoa Joe (7)
Lee throws Joe into the corner and avalanches him
Lashley charges Joe with an avalanche of his own! He and Lee glare at each other
McIntyre and Owens trade shots in the corner (7)
Braun chokeslams Samoa Joe! He tosses him out, but Rumble Royalty keeps Joe alive
Nakamura drives a knee into Strowman's back
Lee misses Nakamura but slides out of the ring to clear his head
Lashley slams Owens's head into the turnbuckle
McIntyre charges Kevin, he ducks underneath and hits a Pop-Up Power Bomb on Drew!
Owens wants to send Drew out, but he hangs on (7)
Cole: It's time for one of our surprise entrants (Velacards), who's it going to be?
You Can't See Me, My Time is Now!
John Cena enters #16 (8)
Cena charges the ring, ducks a clothesline from Strowman, Springboard Stunner! (8)
Cena goes after Samoa Joe, rights and lefts, runs him to the ropes but Joe saves himself
Joe sends a receipt with a series of jabs to Cena
Braun and Keith size each other up, trading shoulder blocks but neither one goes down!
Nakamura charges at Joe.. KINSHASA!  Samoa Joe flies over the top but can't grab the rope
Samoa Joe is eliminated by Shinsuke Nakamura (7)
Lashley cuts the celebration short with a kick to the midsection of Shinsuke
McIntyre hits the Claymore on Lashley! He can't save himself!
Lashley is eliminated by Drew McIntyre (6)
Owens knocks a rejuvenated McIntyre down with a superkick! (6)
GLORIOUS! Robert Roode enters #17 (7)
Roode pitches Cena into Strowman, they pitch John way over the top, what a shock!
John Cena is eliminated by Robert Roode & Braun Strowman (6)
Cole: OMG! This crowd is STUNNED, Cena is gone already!
Strowman's not done, he picks up Keith Lee! Powerslam! Lee's in bad shape!
Nakamura peppers McIntyre with kicks, then slips out his his reach
McIntyre goes after Owens, hits a big slam on KO
KO reverses a whip into the corner, hits a running cannonball on Drew! (6)
BOOYAKA! Rey Mysterio enters #18 (7)
Keith's pulling himself up on the ropes, 619! Dropkick staggers Lee, but he shoves Mysterio
Lee with a big clothesline to Rey!
Roode wants Strowman's to help throw out Rey, Mysterio escapes and trades shots with Roode
Strowman charges Mysterio and knocks him into the turnbuckles
McIntyre runs at Owens but gets back dropped instead
Owens follows up with a big senton (7)
Kalisto enters #19 (7)
Salida Del Sol on Lee, he stumbles to the ropes and gets pitched out!
Keith Lee is eliminated by Kalisto (6)
Kalisto and Mysterio hit stereo dropkicks on Nakamura
Shinsuke fights off Mysterio with a kick
Nakamura charges into a double hip toss by the masked men, who hit stereo elbow drops
Roode slips out of the ring to recoup
Strowman hits a huge lariat on McIntyre, he's struggling... struggling... and barely slides back in
Drew is ready to rumble on, and trades shots with Owens until both men stagger back
(Familiar music hits)
Cole: Is that...?  It is! Another surprise entrant in the Rumble! (BigPimpin)
GOLDBERG enters #20  (8)
Goldberg charges in and spears Roode and Kalisto into the ropes! Kalisto's destiny barely saves him!
Robert Roode is eliminated by Goldberg (7)
Kalisto and Rey throw Goldberg into the corner and do a double lucha thing
Goldberg biels Kalisto and pitches Rey across the ring
Nakamura hits Strowman with a stiff kick
Kalisto's low drop kick takes Golberg down, and Mysterio hits a springboard splash!
Strowman sees McIntyre staggering and shoulder blocks him out of the ring!
Drew McIntyre  is eliminated by Braun Strowman (6)
Kevin Owens hits a STUNNER! on Strowman!
Xavier Woods enters #21 (7)
Woods goes to the top turnbuckle, walks the rope, and drops an elbow on Goldberg!
He celebrates too early, Goldberg's back to his feet - SPEAR to Xavier and Kalisto!
Mysterio misses a charge but slides out under the bottom rope
Nakamura with an elbow to Strowman
Braun rolls out to shake the cobwebs off, while Owens gets a second wind in the corner
Braun hits a running charge on Mysterio on the outside, knocking him into the ring steps!
Rey catches Strowman with a drop toe hold to the apron, baseball slide from Kalisto!
Woods nails Goldberg with a roaring elbow and a diving DDT!
Strowman's back in, Rey assists with a Salida Del Sol! Braun's stunned and gets pushed out!
Braun Strowman is eliminated by Kalisto & Rey Mysterio (6)
Cole: How was that even possible?! Anything can happen in the Rumble!
Goldberg hip tosses Xavier Woods into Kalisto with raw power!
Nakamura hits a running elbow to Kevin Owens
He tries for a second one, STUNNER!  Shinsuke staggers over and barely grabs the rope (6)
Mysterio hits a front dropkick on Woods, unlucky Xavier slips and flips back over the ropes!
Xavier Woods is eliminated by Rey Mysterio (5)
Kalisto and Mysterio take down Goldberg, Kalisto follows up with the hurricanrana driver!
Furious, Goldberg gets back up and levels both men with a big double clothesline!
Shinsuke with a flying knee to Goldberg, he stops from going over and roars at Nakamura
Owens with a surprise superkick to Shinsuke! (5)
Cole: This will be our final surprise entrant, who could it be? (Daeva)

CM Punk enters #22 (6)
Punk lifts up Kalisto, GTS! He tosses Kalisto out!
Kalisto is eliminated by CM Punk (5)
Cole: What a return! This crowd is going crazy!
Punk nails Mysterio while a roundhouse kick (5)
Rey fires back with a series of kicks and a splash in the corner
Nakamura hits Owens with a spinning heel kick
Kevin catches Shinsuke with a big neckbreaker into the knee! (5)
Kofi Kingston enters #23 (6)
Kofi goes right after CM Punk with a barrage of punches! (6)
Cole: A shame Xavier went out so quickly, Kofi could have had some help in there!
Cutler enters #24 (7)
Cutler surprises Kofi with a kick to the back
Kofi answers with a leaping mid-air double stomp to Cutler!
Goldberg grabs Rey, presses him overhead, and drops him into a power slam
Punk lands a big elbow drop on Mysterio
Rey's looks to be out of it, but kicks Punk away from a follow up attack
Nakamura kicks Goldberg, the bigger man just roars at him
Owens with a big lariat from behind to lay out Shinsuke (7)
Shock the System! Adam Cole enters #25 (8)
Cutler's still getting up, Last Shot by Cole - BOOM! (8)
Goldberg glares at Cole, who rolls out of the ring because he's ADAM COLE BAY BAY
Kofi evades Rey's grab with an S.O.S.
Goldberg tosses CM Punk with a butterfly suplex
Punk with a roundhouse kick to Goldberg and pushes him to the ropes, but he's finally shoved away
Mysterio leaps on Goldberg but he's swatted away! Can anyone stop him?!
KINSHASA on Owens! Shinsuke tries to lift him up, but Kevin slumps over
Owens pulls the ropes down but Nakamura slips back in under the bottom rope (8)
Cole and Cutler roll back in the ring, Cutler charges but Adam pulls down the ropes!
Cutler is eliminated by Adam Cole (7)
Kofi trips Mysterio and hits the Boom Drop. But Rey resists elimination
Goldberg lifts Punk up for a Jackhammer! Who's Next?
Punk staggers to his feet, Goldberg charges, GTS!  But Punk can't capitalize on the move
Mysterio with an enzuiguri on Kofi
Nakamura trades shots with Punk, but gets the advantage with a head kick
Owens blindside Shinsuke and pitches him out!
Shinsuke Nakamura is eliminated by Kevin Owens (6)
Red lights are on! The Fiend enters #26 (7)
Sister Abigail to Cole! Adam rolls out of the ring instinctively
Kofi leaps over Goldberg's charge but gets a spear on the return!
Punk with a knee strike to Owens
Mysterio hits a drop kick on Owens
KO roars and nails both men with a double clothesline, and both avoid elimination
Kingston hits a springboard body press onto Cole
Cole stands up, runs into Goldberg, throws a punch.. Goldberg just roars at him!
Goldberg double clotheslines Cole and Kingston!
Wyatt grabs Punk with a Mandible Claw!  He fights and struggles, but gets pulled over and out!
CM Punk is eliminated by The Fiend Bray Wyatt (6)
Mysterio rolls out of the ring and climbs the turnbuckles on the other side
Kevin Owens catches his breath in the corner (6)
"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles enters #27 (7)
Phenomenal Forearm on Kofi! Kingston flies out, Punk catches him while leaving, sets him back on the apron
Cole: He gets help from his first tag team championship partner to stay alive!
Mysterio with a drop kick on Kofi, who leaps to the barricade, walks over, and jumps to the ring steps!
Kofi slips back in, Cole charges him, Trouble in Paradise!
Cole back drops Kofi out, no! He does a handstand! Back to the steps, it's his destiny to stay in!
Cole: Are you kidding me?!  Crowd: Ko-fi! Ko-fi!
The Fiend charges Goldberg but gets shoulder blocked back
Goldberg slams Wyatt down, but Bray gets right back up
Owens takes a powder, he's been in this match longer than anyone so far (7)
Ricochet enters #28 (8)
Owens on the ring steps, Ricochet leaps up and hurricanranas him to the floor!
KO staggers up, tries to pull Mysterio out of the ring, but Rey gets to his feet on the apron
Styles with a big dropkick to Adam Cole
Mysterio runs along the apron and kicks Owens
Kofi gets a shot in on AJ
Cole sees Goldberg and Fiend, and rolls out of the ring instead
Goldberg with a spear, NO! Bray dodges and throws Goldberg out.. NO!  He's Rumble Royalty
Goldberg back in with a thrust kick to the Fiend, he's still standing! Both men are nose to nose!
Roman Reigns enters #29 (9)
Superman Punch to Adam Cole at ringside!
Cole hits a desperation drop toe hold and sends Roman into the ring steps!
Ricochet launches in and kicks Styles
AJ fires back at Kofi
Mysterio tries to send Kofi out, but Kingston saves himself quickly to the apron
Springboard attempt by Kofi - No! AJ shoves him off and to the floor!
Kofi Kingston is eliminated by AJ Styles (8)
The Fiend with the Mandible Claw on Goldberg!  He shoves him out over the top!
Goldberg is eliminated by The Fiend Bray Wyatt (7)
Burn It Down! Seth Rollins enters #30 (8)
Cole: That's everyone! So the wrestlers left in the ring are: Seth Rollins (Hogtrail), Kevin Owens (Queensryche), Roman Reigns (RatedSRH), Adam Cole (Buddha Dudley), Ricochet (WC Champ), AJ Styles (Daeva), Rey Mysterio (WC Champ), and The Fiend (mikeskizo).
Rollins springboards into the ring, flying knee strike to Adam Cole
Owens hits Reigns with a superkick and rolls him back into the ring
Kevin tries to follow up, but Roman locks in the guillotine clutch!
Ricochet sizes up the Fiend and charges, Wyatt just tosses him aside, under the bottom rope
AJ Styles tries but he's also shoved away
Mysterio with a low drop kick that finally takes the Fiend to one knee!
He charges again, Wyatt sends him over the top! Mysterio manages to save himself! (8)
Ricochet and AJ trades shots on the outside, then head back in the ring
Adam Cole collides with Rollins, both men stagger back
Rollins hits a ripcord knee to Cole
Owens manages to escape the guillotine and gets on the apron to catch his breath
Roman Reigns spears the Fiend! He finally takes down Wyatt!
Mysterio gets Reigns help, the Big Dog holds down the Fiend for a springboard splash
Bray gets back to his feet, and slams the heads of Roman and Rey together (8)
Owens hits a double jump moonsault onto Ricochet and Adam Cole!
AJ stomps on Ricochet as he passes by
Ricochet hits Kevin Owens with the Recoil!  He goes up top!
Cole with a straightjacket suplex on Styles, he's fired up BAY BAY!
Rollins catches Ricochet, hits a superplex and rolls into a Falcon Arrow
Roman tries to toss out the Fiend to no avail
Wyatt shoves Roman into Rey, Mysterio nearly falls out but he's still ready to rumble! (8)
Rey and Ricochet have an exchange of moves and counter that ends with a Mysterio kick
Styles with a barrage of strikes to Mysterio, ending with lariat that sends Rey out!
Rey Mysterio is eliminated by AJ Styles (7)
Ricochet gets a spinning slam on Rollins
Cole hops off the turnbuckles and hits a Panama Sunrise on Ricochet!
Rollins backs up, bumps into Reigns, throws a back elbow
Reigns fires back - big spear to Rollins, he's staggered but stays in the match
Wyatt hits Reigns with Sister Abigail, then pitches him out of the ring!
Roman Reigns is eliminated by The Fiend Bray Wyatt (6)
Owens scoops up Cole and slams him onto Ricochet
Styles kicks Ricochet, who rolls into the far corner
Rollins superkicks Wyatt
The lights go out for a moment.... "Let Me In!" is heard
Lights are back on, Wyatt is on the other side of the ring! 
Cole gets Owens help for a tandem throw, but the dark destiny of the Fiend keeps him in
Ricochet does a roll into a front dropkick on Owens
Owens collides with Rollins, they both fall back but Rollins saves himself by pushing KO out!
Kevin Owens is eliminated by Seth Rollins (5)
Cole: What a run by Owens tonight!
Styles Clash on Ricochet! He's dead weight, and AJ dumps him over!
Ricochet is eliminated by AJ Styles (4)
The Fiend with a double clothesline on Styles and Rollins
Cole helps Styles up, they kick Wyatt's legs out from under him, Cole hits a Last Shot!
Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Bray moves and Rollins takes the hit instead
Seth shakes it off and gets in a series of kicks to the Fiend (4)
Wyatt grabs Cole and tosses him onto Rollins
Styles hits a big dropkick on the Fiend
Rollins steps out onto the apron (4)
Seth hits the Curb Stomp on the Fiend! Wyatt stands back up, a rumbler to his core!
Rollins gets a Mandible Claw, pushed over the top, but Cole and Styles break it up
Styles starts a barrage of strikes until Bray pie-faces him away (4)
Rollins lands an enzuigiri on The Fiend
Wyatt retaliates on Rollins and nails Cole as well
Cole and Rollins pitch Wyatt over the top, but he lands on the apron like royalty!
AJ charges only to miss and hit Rollins again, Seth has to struggle to get back in the ring (4)
Rollins has had enough! Curb Stomp on AJ Styles!
Fiend nails a distracted Seth with a Uranage Slam
Cole pulls Rollins back up, they try again to throw Wyatt out, he barely saves himself
Styles hits a kick on Rollins! Seth shoves him away (4)
Rollins hits the Curb Stomp again on Wyatt, this time he falls back, and gets dumped out!
The Fiend Bray Wyatt is eliminated by Seth Rollins (3)
AJ cuts the celebration short with a Pele kick to Seth
Rollins throws a forearm shot on Styles
Cole helps Rollins hit a double superkick on AJ
Styles fights back with a sit-out facebuster on Rollins (3)
Rollins hits a Sling Blade on AJ
Cole and Styles attempt to pitch Styles out, but he lands on the apron
Styles jumps for the Phenomenal Forearm, Rollins kicks him down and out!
AJ Styles is eliminated by Seth Rollins (2)
Rollins and Cole go toe-to-toe trading shots!
Seth Rollins slams Cole
Adam kicks Seth away
Rollins throws a big right hand
Cole hits three superkicks to Seth and they both collapse!
Both men staggering, the Architect tries to pitch out Cole, he quickly slides back in the ring
Cole shoulders Rollins onto the ropes, Seth out and back in
Rollins throws Cole into the corner
Cole hits the Panama Sunrise! Seth is out on his feet, and he can't save himself!
Seth Rollins is eliminated by Adam Cole (1)

ADAM COLE Bay Bay! (Buddha Dudley)

Most Eliminations:
Drew McIntyre (4 - Suicidal_Sephiroth)
TIED ALL TIME RECORD (30 man): Batista (9 - MrPeoplesTeam), Seth Rollins (9 - Queensryche)

Most Player Eliminations:
4 - Daeva & Suicidal_Sephiroth
ALL TIME RECORD (30 man): 8 - TimJR

Most Saves:
Seth Rollins (5 - Hogtrail)
ALL TIME RECORD (30 man): Rock (10 - JDub), Punk (10 - Queensryche), Ryder (10 - Homeless)

Longest In the Rumble:
Kevin Owens (37 consecutive rounds - Queensryche)
ALL TIME RECORD (30 man): Luger (56 consecutive rounds - Phenominal1)

Rumble Length:
66 rounds
ALL TIME RECORD (40 man): Royal Rumble Revenge Match (73 rounds)

That was a wild ride, hopefully as interesting to read as it was to roll through. Cena going out quick was a shocker, as was the Fiend's nearly overcoming 3-on-1 odds. Loved the series with Keith Lee and Lashley, "Anything you can do, I can do better!" And watching 3 failed elimination attempts in a row on Kofi had me laughing out loud!
I hope everyone enjoyed the TCO Royal Rumble!
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Neil Swint January 31, 2021, 03:16:37 AM
Yeah! Great Rumble, excellent work! Dat Kofi!

Fav moment: Kalisto and Rey throw Goldberg into the corner and do a double lucha thing
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: rated SRH January 31, 2021, 03:43:25 AM
Always love seeing this every year!
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Keith0913832 January 31, 2021, 05:13:05 AM
Metalik and Dorado's performance weren't the best. But Kalisto eliminating Keith Lee and Braun as a cruiserweight was epic! I suppose that's a mini accomplishment for my first run. Will definitely participate in the future!
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Hogtrail January 31, 2021, 06:43:44 AM
Always a Bridesmaid...

Congrats Buddha!
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: WC Champ January 31, 2021, 07:56:16 AM
Grats on your first dub homie  8)
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: Buddha Dudley January 31, 2021, 11:13:02 PM
I’d like to thank my new rescue Cole B. (Short for Bay Bay) Jack for sitting in my lap during the 2021 Royal Rumble for the good luck. Then I come here and awesome sauce.

Thanks again Creed for keeping this tradition alive.
: Re: The 15th Annual TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble
: mikeskizo February 01, 2021, 11:39:18 AM
Not a bad outing for a first time, especially considering I had no idea what I was doing

Next year though....

Let me in
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