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Title: Raw Deal Classic Tournament banned list?
Post by: Nicodemvs on November 28, 2019, 04:05:54 AM
I hope this is the right place on the forms for this if not I apologize.
I believe I heard that there was a Classic Tournament kind of recently ran by Eric or maybe it was TCO as a whole, either way I was wondering if there was a banned list at that Classic Tournament?

This had myself and a few others in my playgroup asking if they're had ever been a official banned list for Rawdeal from Baron and Creed for all the big tournaments? My group I was wondering for a few cards especially like Junkyard Dogs chain, it's all about the game, backstage attempts and or running a gauntlet. Not to mention some Superstars I know in Virtual there's answers for a lot of the classic BS cards but was just wondering if there was ever an official banlist or if it was just certain venues not wanting certain things played thanks in advance would love if Eric, deava, CREED, and anyone else who has experience what's a bigger tournaments of classic.

I personally assumed because there's lots of specific counters to a lot of the BS that there was never really a banned list and like I said certain venues might have just gone out of their way to be like yeah we're not having that here it's not fun but that was my thought on it. Slowly but surely trying to bring everyone around to at least VC XD

Thanks I hope everyone's having a great Thanksgiving holiday