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Title: The American Dream (Heel/smackdown/cheater)
Post by: Naitchng on October 21, 2019, 02:50:19 AM
Dusty Rhodes

The American Dream
The Common Man
Hometown Hero
All shenanigans, signny & anniversary

Prematch 12
Rockchester NY
Smoking skull belt
Banned from RS
Classie... Maker of champions
Through all these years
1 of the big boys
Making yr escape
Frankie takes Hollywood
Wwf hardcore belt tb
Managed by sapphire

Midmatch 12
Sustained dmg
As graceful...
When u thought
Restricted use
Old sch brawl
Yr reach
Shoot counter
RTV/buying myself some time
Dusty's legendary longevity
Dlb tb/special guest ref

Arsenal 60

Actions 5
Common man boogie
Here comes the cavalry
Mania x2
Two time two time

Maneuvers 19
American bionic elbow
Dusty figure 4 leglock
Common man elbow
Pump kick x2
Bionic elbow
Poke x3
Shoot lockup x3
Classic claw
Blindside takedown
Back throw
Classic bulldog lariat x2
Boot laces x2

Reversals 36
Son of a plumber
Elbow to the face x2
Carlito says...
Divine intervention
U missed yr chance
Overshot yr mark x2
A revolution of the mind x3
No chance in hell tb x2
Manager interferes x3
Gtfo x3
Raw deal revo
Cowboy bob Orton interferes
Hold the phone
Jive soul
Shocking interference
In my day...
Volley this x2
Don't try... X3
Don't be a douchebag
Out of nowhere
Sidewalk slam tb x2

Very fun deck, but oso very situational
Die to oswm tb
Stalling power reduce when encounter Oscm
Rochester is there for recovery n controlling of yr own hand

Before anyone say it, yes goin face with product endorsement tb will ensure drawin power, however
Heel has better defence (overturnin n backlash wise)
N using belts with makin yr escape give u control over when to use cards from rsp ability but again depending on opponent.
Overall I personally enjoyed the heel build over the face build simply due to more flexibility and control.
Poke or mania are match ender @rachelmon
Title: Re: The American Dream (Heel/smackdown/cheater)
Post by: CRASHER on October 21, 2019, 04:01:17 AM
Heel also gives you 3* Classic Knee To the Groin should have those in the deck too

also there's no reason to not have classic claw *3 also

poke into the bionic elbow is kinda fun when they don't have an answer to plunge into play also :)

Heel Dusty is fun....if you weeeeeiiilllllll!

Also why no Sapphire and Legendary Defense? I find those a better long term reversal base since you can cycle them
Title: Re: The American Dream (Heel/smackdown/cheater)
Post by: Naitchng on October 21, 2019, 04:15:58 AM
Haha honestly classic knee to the groin dun do much, becos a, u dun reduce fort, b, it is unplayable unless as a counter n pratically do nth during mid to late game.
I took out classic claw for another mania, another win con is always better. & beside classic claw is only useful if u managed to flip sustain with 2x2x, if not 1 would rather put another classic bulldog lariat over it, can act as defend to precision haymakers n is gd for fort bridging.
Anyway Sapphire is there (typo) , since i am goin frankie route, revo is better. Went legendary def when i formed him face.
Title: Re: The American Dream (Heel/smackdown/cheater)
Post by: CRASHER on October 21, 2019, 09:03:25 AM
The way Dusty can pump up damage on Classics, I'll play a 0D "only from arsenal" move that makes you discard 3-6 cards's well worth it :)

Also if you put the step/escape/break back in and run the Heenan family all your uniques are plunge protected :)

why not swap out Rochester for the On One Arena stuff?? Lots of good extra recovery in there too, I like the hardcore title belt idea though ….not a fan of the boot laces, they don't amp up your fort curve much.... tb germans would be more useful if you really wanna go THAT way

I can see dropping the boot laces for germans
the two sidewalk slams for I've got one thing … and tb Backhand Slap

Adding in Heenan Family (maybe over Finlay?)

How many cheater cards get perked off blindside takedown too? Doesn't look like many
Title: Re: The American Dream (Heel/smackdown/cheater)
Post by: Naitchng on October 21, 2019, 04:53:55 PM
Lols i went frankie route for hidden killing with overshot. (killed so many opponent with this tech)
Boot laces over german tb becos a, wwf harcore belt makes it 0f, b, like i said u may not be able to play reversal in situations, i understand the legendary def route, (used in my face build rmb + 90%for my decks r oldies or legends) just sayin it's not a must to pack/run just becos the card tell u so, there's a reason why i go the frankie route.
As for rockchester, in the long run definitely benefit more then one arena, drew a divine/one/out of no where, use it to shuffle back to arsenal n do some recovery. Most late game are waiting for opponent to count out since u almost dun draw for draw segment.
Finlay is there to protect against switcheroo, again every card has it purpose
Honestly blindside takedown is just there to reduce fort for jive soul n back up maneuver for oswm tb
As for forcin opponent to discard to sustain for classic claw, really with most ss currently especially yr nxt kids, most pple have huge hands n are able to handle the discard. And like i said late game is a waiting game, gainin xtra fort really dun do much plus it is kind of useless against other stall decks.