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Title: Hello all some rules questions part 2
Post by: Nicodemvs on July 19, 2018, 05:53:30 PM
hi so my play group has some rules questions we've written down over the past few months, some of these are classifications to rules that seem basic but some people in the wanted a ruling on them to be 100% sure so thank you. im going to split this so its not like 30 questions in 1 thing. please keep in mind we only classic only. i numbered them to make it easier for answering and not getting lost let me knwo if there was anything i should have done to make it easier. Thanks Nico.

1... If somebody escape the rules's and you use Ref got in the way as your only reversal towards it will it be on the field legally for when Escape blows up your card to force them to discard?

2... Is the card ring steps ability considered a ace because you have to take it from your ring area and put it into your ringside pile and would similar abilities be considered Aces as the cost to activate them would be to put them in the ringside or would this not be considered an ace?

3... Can you use an ace only during your turn, Unless it specifically says otherwise or one way or the other?

4... If you blank Raw roulette wheel do the other stipulations leave the field do they stay on the field? Are they also considered blank? How does that interaction work?

5... During pre-match phase if a card says when you would play a card with raw or Smackdown you draw card even though it's during pre-match and you play one do you draw a card even though end of pre-match hasn't occurred and we haven't drawn our hands?

6... Do cards like bad blood and similar cards that do not say at the end of pre-match phase do you immediately search your deck for the cards or do you wait until end of pre-match as some of these cards haven't been updated?

7... Does Mankind's Superstar ability reduce the damage of cards with the RMS symbol I bring this up because Piper can remove RMS and I assume that Superstar abilities override a lot of the things in the game?

8... The old switcheroo the you cannot play pre-match cards does that mean if you play this as your last pre-match card it's still on the field and works correct? I assume what the last part of the text means is if you play that before
any other pre-match events you can't play anymore but if you play it as your last pre-match event you're fine right?

9... How does timing work in the game is it similar, if not the same as the stack in Magic the Gathering "stack" and technically cards don't count as being fully played until they're resolved? plays into my next question

10... Does elbow to the face or any reversal with damage when reversing a multi count towards your fortitude for another reversal towards that multi? Example opponent has 3 fort reverses my multi with elbow, counting the fort to give him the 5 to play Have a Nice Day! to completely reverse my multi just one
example of many in the past while. That just doesn't seem right.

11... One of our players who played way back in the day says in a tournaments two players cannot play the same character against each other so people would have to bring two decks is that true for tournaments and/or true for normal games? Or was this an area based "rule" thing?

12... In classic when playing against Piper does his ability turn cards like boot lace (Maneuver/actions) with reversing the text turn them into actions that deal damage bootlace as an example?

13... In classic can RMS pre-match cards be played against Kennedy or does the super star ability override RMS and they cant unless superstar specific? prematch like A no show as example?

14... This is more of a conformation but Armageddon Is Upon Us vs Edge his printed hand size would be is equal to twice his opponent’s Superstar Value (min. 6) right?

15... When my opponent has no more end of prematch effects left and i have like 2 or 3 more their end of prematch is done right, i dont pass back priority to them correct? Asking for the card A no show can i trigger it when they have none left even if i have more effects to play out? Example my opponent has none left i trigger it to reveal the cards add them to my hand and switch it out to continue with the other 2 end of prematch i had. opponent says i cant trigger it till i do my others cuz i have to pass end of prematch priority to them so theres isnt really done when they have no more effects to use/trigger.
Title: Re: Hello all some rules questions part 2
Post by: Daeva on July 20, 2018, 12:20:38 PM
First things first: it's not the field, it's the Ring.

Reversals go where they're going before the card that they were played to finishes resolving. The Ref Got In The Way will be in the Ring by the time that Escape the Rules' text starts resolving.

Ring Steps is an ACE.

ACEs will generally tell you when you can use them. If it doesn't specify, you can do it whenever.

Blanking Raw Roulette Wheel leaves the Stip on top, but that Stip isn't considered to be in the Ring and doesn't affect anything.

Premiere Smackdown Superstar, et al, will let you draw before you've drawn starting hands. There's no rule against drawing cards before you've drawn your starting hand size, and having more cards in hand won't affect how many you draw. If my SHS is 7, I draw 7 after my opponent and I both pass on Pre-match cards, regardless of the other 10 cards in my hand that I drew during the PM.

If it doesn't say "at the end of the Pre-match phase," you do it right away. Bad Blood immediately searches.

The only things that can override the RMS are things that specifically attack the RMS itself. Mankind can't make Shoot Headlock -1D. Superstar Abilities don't get a free pass to affect cards.

The Old Switcharoo means that you can't play any more Pre-match cards. Any that you've already played work normally.

There's a Timing Breakdown pinned to this forum to explain how timing works. It's not like Magic, there is no stack. It's also linked in my signature, because the Timing Breakdown solves a lot of rules questions by itself.

You fully resolve each reversal before you go to the next one. You can use the 2F from Elbow to the Face to play your second reversal to a Multi. (Likewise, if I have 2F and you hit me with a Backlash!, you can't play a second Backlash!, as you're ahead on Fortitude now.)

You don't bring two decks for tournaments, you bring one. The same Superstar can't pair against itself, this is part of the Diversity Rule. Adjust pairings accordingly. So if the only 3-0 players are playing Brock Lesnar and you're going into round 4 of Swiss, they'd both play against a 2-1 player that they haven't played against yet.

Boot Lace against Piper is a 2F 4D Action with no text if played as an Action.

Kennedy doesn't modify cards, he modifies player permissions. RMS Pre-match cards still can't be played, because you, the player, don't have permission to play them.

Edge's printed Starting Hand Size is whatever # is calculated to, at the moment that the SHS is checked.

There is no "end of Pre-match priority". This isn't Magic. When your opponent is done resolving his end-of-Pre-match effects, you resolve your A No Show. Then, if you would go on to resolve your end-of-Pre-match effects, you do so. Players resolve their end-of-Pre-match effects all at once, starting with the player with the highest Superstar Value and then going to the other player.
Title: Re: Hello all some rules questions part 2
Post by: W4RP47H on July 22, 2018, 06:43:36 PM
So what you are saying is that the player with highest superstar value has "priority" as he/she gets to resolve prematch effects first?
Title: Re: Hello all some rules questions part 2
Post by: CreedP on July 22, 2018, 07:37:31 PM
Again, the rules say that. It's not an opinion.

Title: Re: Hello all some rules questions part 2
Post by: Daeva on July 23, 2018, 12:26:59 AM
So what you are saying is that the player with highest superstar value has "priority" as he/she gets to resolve prematch effects first?

I specifically avoided using the word in quotes, because of the baggage that it carries from Magic.

When both players have passed on playing Pre-match cards and drawn (modified) Starting Hands, the player with the highest Superstar Value resolves all of his "at the end of the Pre-match phase" effects. Once he has resolved all of his "at the end of the Pre-match phase" effects, (this is the part where A No Show triggers, if applicable) the opponent resolves all of his.

If I had called that "priority," it could have implied that there is some sort of back-and-forth there, like I resolve 1 end-of-PM effect because I'm higher SSV, then you resolve one, then I resolve my second, then you resolve your second, etc, and that's not how end-of-PM effects work.
Title: Re: Hello all some rules questions part 2
Post by: W4RP47H on July 24, 2018, 02:08:56 AM
Understood. Baggage avoidance. Unfortunate that understood English words get extra connotations.