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Title: Gen Con 2017 - non gaming related.
Post by: KD8ESU on February 13, 2017, 01:05:05 PM
So as it's already being talked about on here (mainly when talking about when to hold Raw Deal Worlds and other events), I figured I might as well start on here about the other ends, mainly logistics, as that's the big topic on both the Gen Con Facebook group and the Gen Con forums currently.

Thanks to a few things, I have the potential to get a Downtown room for the big 50.  Granted, it'll be over $2000, but that's not important for me.
Now, two things comes to mind because of that.
1.  This is especially good if you fly into Indy.  If you want to room with me and all of my offbeat shenanigans (not that you'd be immune if you're there), I am more than willing to house someone *legit* with me (message me privately so we can talk more details if interested).  Also, it'll be a few blocks out, but if you wanted to "rough it," that would be a place to shower to help out that deaden Con Funk.
2.  Since it would be close, I could use it as storage.  This one goes mainly for Drew (RDPC) and Steve (SRG).  You wouldn't need to carry a bunch of support and product from outside town each day.