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: Raw Deal Managers List
: Buddha Dudley December 03, 2014, 10:31:19 AM
First off, on behalf of the RDPC, we apologize for the delay. We could tell you that "Real Life Interferes" and a bunch of other half-baked excuses, but we will do our best to be as transparent as possible.

In the interest of Raw Deal’s longevity and community, we've decided to do a COMPLETE rehash of the Managers list, completely starting over.  To remove any and all road blocks to getting on the list, we've decided that anyone who applies for Manager credentials will get them on an interim basis, provided they can provide proof of at least one tournament having been run.

To have the "interim" removed from your Manager title, and to receive any current or future Tournament Kits, it is your duty to post tournament announcements and reports on those tournaments held, here on TCO.  Because let's face it: without tournaments, there are NO Tournament Kits.

This is your lone job as a Manager: to cultivate your Raw Deal play area, and report to the Raw Deal Community on your play area meta. We love to see pictures, deck lists, meta... anything that helps elevate this great game that we all love.

Finally, whether you are on either the Manager or Interm Managers list, if you can not provide sustained proof of tournaments being run in your area, we will remove you from both lists.

A sample Tourney Report can be as simple as

John Smith Plays Al Snow
Frank Jones Plays Andre
Sarah Miller plays APA
Nate plays A-Train

R1: Snow Pin Andre
APA Pin A-Train
R2: Snow Pin APA
Andre Pin A-Train


As long as basic format above is followed and posted within 7 days of the event, further tournament kits can be ordered.

Groups that go so far as to include deck lists & / or more detailed results & / or post pictures are entitled to order multiple kits at once, or larger kits to support larger tournaments.

The link to the Tournament Announcement Forum can be found HERE (,7.0.html).
The link to the Tournament Reports Forum can be found HERE (,6.0.html).

We want a thriving community where we can all watch Raw Deal grow, and participation in enhancing tournament play of the game is the way to accomplish this.

Managers who go above and beyond will also receive special alternate art cards, similar to the promos of The Shield and Wyatt Family released at GenCon.  Here's an idea of what to expect:


In conclusion, we want to help those who help give their time to encourage Raw Deal group play in their area, as we appreciate all you do for the game.


As of the moment, unless you are a NON-INTERIM MANAGER, you can not order tournament kits.

But if you announce a tournament, post tournament results, and are an interim manager, you can order Tournament Kits for the tournament immediately after the event. 

At that point, after review, you can become a MANAGER, and can order tournament kits for a future event (assuming you've posted a tournament announcement.) 

Addendum: Starting October 1, 2015, and the first of every month, if you have not run a tournament in at least 3 months, you will be removed from the Managers list and on a case by case basis, you will either be demoted to interim or removed entirely.

: Re: Raw Deal Managers List
: Buddha Dudley December 03, 2014, 10:32:24 AM
Current Managers List

John Rush
Colorado Springs, CO

rated SRH
Scott Hulett

New Jersey
Scott Mackie
Roselle Park, NJ

Angelo Juarez
Houston Texas

Ontario, Canada
Eric Regier
Barrie, Ontario

Joshua Zhang
Singapore - SMU

Vincent Tang
Singapore - Jcube

Current Interim Managers List

Dante' Menard
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Brandon Fuller
Moline, Illinois

Mitchel Friederick
Dubuque, Iowa

Brandon Shy
Farmington, MO

Kevin Groff
Allentown PA 18109

Nicolás Leal
Chile - Chillán

Liam Noble
Fraserburgh, Scotland
Fraserburgh West End Bowling Club

Timothy Tang
Singapore- Millennium Game World Bukit Batok

Keith Lee
Keith Lee
Singapore - Battle Bunker @ Bugis +

United Kingdom
Chris Phillips
Somerset, South West of England, UK.

Mark Lockett
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
: Re: Raw Deal Managers List
: Buddha Dudley December 03, 2014, 10:33:48 AM
Please apply for Manager status in this thread.  Please post your IRL name and play area.

If the thread is locked, it is because a moderator is reviewing the managers list and removing posts requesting Manager status.

: Re: Raw Deal Managers List
: CreedP January 20, 2015, 06:46:00 PM
Please re-read the above information for clarification on ordering tournament kits.  Thank you.

: Re: Raw Deal Managers List
: VelaCards February 21, 2015, 12:34:06 AM
People,  please re-read the instructions. Stop with the "I wanna be a RAW Deal Manager" requests. It's been set up to be a very simple process. Hold events, post results and THEN make your requests.

Pretty simple.

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