Author Topic: 2019 NAC Cesaro  (Read 314 times)

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2019 NAC Cesaro
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:00:47 PM »

King of Swing
European Style
Tenth Anniversary
All Shenanigans

Managed by Zeb
The Real Americans
Swiss Superman
NXT's Swiss Sensation
Undisputed Belt TB
Playing by the Rules TB
I Want to Play the Game
Old School Cage Match
Rulee Were Meant to be Broken
Making your Escape

The Paul Heyman Guys
I'm a Paul Heyman Guy
Very European
Shoot Counter
Don't Cross a McMahon
Turning Everything Upside Down
Ready to Fight x3

European Uppercut TB x3
Shoot Lock Up x3
Technical Bear Hug x2
Technical Lunging Lariat x2
Cesaro's Double Stomp
Cesaro's Gut Wrench Suplex
Atomic Knee Drop
The Cesaro Swing
Swiss Death
Dynamic Finisher
The Neutralizer

Ego Boost x2
From the Top Rope (TB)
Master of Five Languages
Paul Heyman's Shoot Promo
Andre the Giant Battle Royale Winner
Here Comes the Cavalry!
Two-Time! Two-Time!
McMahon Intervention

Revo x3
Elbow x2
Plan B x3
Once x3
Sloppy x3
No Chance (TB) x2
F out x2
Don't Try x2

Missed your chance
Unintended Consequences
Backhand Slap (TB)
Raw Deal Revolution
An Uppercut Above
We, The People!
Amazing Show of Power
Out of Nowhere
Armageddon for Raw Deal streams

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