Author Topic: 2019 NAC Heath Slater  (Read 251 times)

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2019 NAC Heath Slater
« on: May 28, 2019, 09:58:27 PM »
Heath Slater

Shenanigan set
Nxt breakout star
Hometown hero

Trash talkin interview (tb)
One man rock band
Mean gene
Givin em high fives
From nxt to wwe
Underrated (tb)
Playing by the rules (tb)
Corey graves
Nxt arrival
Technically sound & brutal
For the love of the game

Punch that'll take someone's head off x2
Reach exceeds grasp
Restricted use
Going to be an old school brawl
King interferes
Turn up the heat
Buying myself some time
Turning everything upside down
Ready to fight x2
I'm about to blow your mind

Heath's flying neckbreaker
Slater's rockin lariat
Backhand slap (tb)
Technical drop kick x9
Technical stomp x2
Technical bear hug x2
Technical lunging lariat x2
Technical power bomb x2

International house of hits
I got kids
You missed your chance
Once is enough x2
Divine intervention
I've got one thing to say
Revolution of the mind x3
Elbow to the face x2
Don't try this at home x2
Don't be a douchebag
Volley this x2
Get the f out x2
Carlito says..
Sloppy x3

Leader of 3mb
Social outcasts
Turn the tide
I'm sorry but you're boring me x2
Roll out of the ring x2
Who booked this match (tb)
Offer handshake
Pulp mania
Well deserved push
A few heel men
Brave h
Divas divas divas
Youthful agility
Armageddon for Raw Deal streams

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