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haystacks calhoun
« on: July 13, 2018, 08:29:47 PM »
My grandfather always talked about haystacks and made me interested in him alot. I liked a few cards Hogtrail did so i decided to expand on the idea further. Sephy helped me translate into raw deal language. Also was able to find some very clear nice photos for the cards. when they get made up ill post on here.

Haystacks Calhoun
Handsize: 10
SSV: 3

Legend Superstar Ability: You cannot pack high risk maneuvers unless they have splash in the title. Your arsenal may contain an additional 10 cards.
You can only play up to 2 cards during each of your turns. When your opponent plays a grapple or submission maneuver and he has more than 1 card in hand, he must then discard 1 card.
You are not considered a legend for your opponent's cards with shoot in the title. Replace the can only be played text on your maneuvers with splash in the title to can only be
played after a successfully played card or as a counter. You may pack the card titled No Sell Maneuver and As Big And Tough As Any Two Men.

Haystack Toss
Grapple / Reversal: Special

As a maneuver this card is +4d and when successfully played you may search your arsenal for 1 maneuver with splash in the title and put it into your hand.
As a reversal, reverse any strike or grapple. When this card reverses from arsenal you may put this card into your ring area.

F: 0
D: 4

The Lucky Horseshoe
Backstage Area Card

Before your draw segment you may reveal 2 random cards from your arsenal, if either of those cards have splash in the title you may add that card to your hand.
When your opponent's fortitude rating is +10 your fortitude rating you may hide this card to shuffle 2 cards from your ringside pile into your arsenal, draw 2 cards and then your opponent randomly discards 2 cards.


Sit-Down Finale
Mid-Match: Action

You cannot be prevented from playing this card and your opponent cannot prevent the game from ending after this card is successfully played.
Can only be played after a successfully played maneuver with splash in the title or a superstar specific maneuver. When this card is put into your ringisde pile or removed from the game
you may overturn 5 cards to put this card back into your backlash deck.

F: 60
D: 0

Haystacks Scoop Power Slam
Grapple+Grapple: Chain

As a maneuver your opponent discards X card where X= the number of cards in your ringside pile with splash in the title.
As a reversal, reverse any submission or high risk maneuver.
F: 8
D: 12

Seated Splash
High Risk+High Risk+High Risk

Can only be played after a 6d or greater maneuver. Can only be reversed by 3 reversal cards or Divine Intervention. You may search your arsenal for up to 2 cards with splash in the title and put them into your hand.
Your fortitude rating is considered to be +30 for your next superstar specific card played this turn.
F: 20
D: 10

Morgan's Corner, Arkansas
Pre-Match Venue

This card can still be played if your opponent has a venue card in their ring area.
Cannot be blanked.
Your hand size cannot be modified and you do not discard for card effects before the first turn of the game. When your fortitude rating is less than your opponent,
once during each of his turns when he successfully plays his 2nd card that turn you may put one card from your hand on the bottom of your arsenal, shuffle one card
from your ringside pile into your arsenal, draw 1 card and then end his turn.

Super-Heavyweight Attraction (The Big Show, Andre The Giant, Haystacks Calhoun Logo)
Action: Face
Your opponent cannot play reversals to this card.
Draw up to 10 cards.
Your opponent may draw 1 card for every 2 cards you draw.
F:5 D:0

Back To The Territories
Pre-Match Allegience: Territories

Cannot be packed when packing cards with McMahon in the title. Can only be packed by legends or WWF superstars.
At the end of all player's pre-match phases before the first turn of the game choose one. Blank a venue card in your opponent's ring area or
all player's reveal their backlash decks and discard all non-superstar specific action cards.

F: 0
D: 0

Haystack's Big Splash
Trademark Finisher+Trademark Finisher
Can only be played after a successfully played maneuver.
Can only be reversed by Unique reversal cards.
F:50 D:30