Author Topic: Superstar Spotlight: The Fabulous Moolah  (Read 457 times)

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Superstar Spotlight: The Fabulous Moolah
« on: June 18, 2017, 04:34:10 AM »
Alright guys, I've noticed a few new people joining TCO. So I'll give a brief explanation how this segment works. Twice a week I will be posting superstars by request. So if you are stumped on a deck, can't make it work or just curious simply message myself or Drew with your request.
These are done in order of request. So if it takes a week or so please be patient. We promise we will get to your request as fast as possible.

Please keep those requests coming. Today's is another 'request' in The Fabulous Moolah!!!!!

1.)  How viable is this superstar?
2.)  Is there a Superstar Specific Card that you'd like to spotlight? 
3.)  How have you built said superstar?  How did it work out?
4.)  How well does the Superstar fare in whichever format you built them in be it VC/VAA/NXT/VR/Non-Virtual
5.)  Final Thoughts on this Superstar?


6.) Since this Superstar is a Legacy one (in that he was in the game before Virtual) can you elaborate a little on how Virtual has changed this Superstar?

The Fabulous Moolah
Starting Hand Size: 0     Superstar Value: 0
Superstar Ability: You cannot pack maneuvers of 3D or greater. Your Arsenal may only contain 45 cards. Once during each of your turns you may search your opponent's Arsenal for 1 card, remove it from the game, and your opponent shuffles his Arsenal.

Legendary Women's Champion
Backstage Card
When packing this card, you may pack D: 3 maneuvers and cards as if you were a Legend, but you are not considered a Legend.
You may increase your Starting Hand Size by 3.
Unique     RMS logo

The Moolah Whip
Trademark Finisher
When played, this card is +#D, where # is the number of your opponent's cards removed from the game.
Discard 2 Backlash cards, shuffle up to 8 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal, and draw 4 cards.
F: 10     D: 4     SV: 2     Unique     WWF logo

...The Sweeter the Juice
Reversal: Special
When you have no Revolution cards or Pre-match D: 1+ cards in your Ring, this card is -3F.
Reverse any non-Unique card; when The Older the Berry... is in your Ring, this card is -3F and reverse any card or non-damage card effect instead.
When you are Mae Young, and this card and The Older the Berry... are in your Ring, your opponent must discard 1 card or overturn 1 card before each player's Draw Segment.
F: 12     D: 3     Unique

The Older the Berry...
You may put 1 card from your Ringside pile into your hand, 1 Backlash deck card from your Ringside pile into your Backlash deck, and 1 Backlash deck card from your Ring area into your Backlash deck.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique
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Re: Superstar Spotlight: The Fabulous Moolah
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2017, 07:51:44 AM »
1. She is a fairly viable superstar, but she has situations where she just straight up loses.
2. Her ability is the crowning glory of Moolah hands down, being able to have a good idea of what is in your opponents hand by searching their deck and then removing whatever you want is huge.
3. I built her with the ability to recover and remove extra maneuvers from my opponent's arsenal(Stop the opponent from hurting the old lady). It worked out pretty well ran her to 2nd in a local tournament, with the finals match being an auto-loss.
4. I built her VC and if the match goes into the late game is where Moolah shines, the longer you spend in a match with her the worse off you are.
5. She has one of the BEST abilities in the entire game at a great cost(45 arsenal, very little offense)
6. Virtual gave moolah the gift of The Legendary Womens champion which gave her a nice boost making her a little more flexible, and evening up the odds helps a lot as she doesn't typically have much of a hand otherwise.
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